WOAH: Ted Cruz releases birth certificate

For someone who seems intent on dodging questions about a 2016 run, this certainly doesn’t seem like something I’d have expected him to do at this point. Surprise! It looks like to me he is definitely considering a run for the presidency. After all, why would he release it unless he were planning a run for president and wanted to allay concerns that he is a natural born citizen?

I think he’s going to be getting this question a lot over the next few days:


THE HILL – Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) released his birth certificate to the Dallas Morning News on Sunday, a move that will undercut critics who say he’s ineligible to run for president.

Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother. The Constitution says only a “natural born” American citizen can become president, which includes those born overseas to American parents.

However, The Dallas Morning News reports that under Canadian law, Cruz’s birthplace of Calgary also made him an instant citizen of Canada. The Constitution doesn’t address whether someone with dual citizenship can run for the highest office.

Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier disputed the notion that Cruz was also a citizen of Canada.

“Senator Cruz became a U.S. citizen at birth, and he never had to go through a naturalization process after birth to become a U.S. citizen,” she told The Dallas Morning News. “To our knowledge, he never had Canadian citizenship, so there is nothing to renounce.”


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250 thoughts on “WOAH: Ted Cruz releases birth certificate

  1. Orangeone SophiaH8 kssturgis62  
    yeah  lets take  for an example
    Michelle the Martinet…
    or ask  another  nation  to  take  her  and  her  example

  2. OrangeoneSophiaH8Freedomlives 
    MOST  welkome!
    snicker here’s  a  GOOD ONE
    When were US women no longer the property of their husbands?



     Women had more legal rights in Ancient Egypt than in Colonial America.Women were denied a separate legal status from their husbands.A husband and wife were considered one person under the law and that one person was the husband. Women were denied rights of inheritance.Women were denied the right to own property in their own right.Men could be compensated for the loss of a wife due to another man’s negligence.Men paid a bride price to the parents of his wife in the same way he purchased livestock.
     The legal status of women varied in different regions in early America.
    Single women could inherit and purchase property in many states.
    However, if she married that property automatically came under her
    husband’s control. In Massachusetts, one can find ancient deeds that
    explicitly provided the property was to be held exclusively by the woman
    free from the control of her husband. Those restrictions were
    apparently followed. Also in Massachusetts, a woman didn’t become a
    legal heir of her husband until around 1904. Before that a man’s
    children inherited his property when he died.
    The common laws
    that formed the legal barriers to women acquiring their own separate
    legal status fell slowly in various states at various times. By the
    nineteenth century states began enacting laws that allow a married woman
    to own property in her own right and to write a will.
    See the links provided below for two excellent books on the effect of laws on women’s lives in early America:
    Women and the Law of Property in Early America by Marylynn SalmonInheritance in America by Shamas, Salmon and Dahlin

  3. DonnyBlackmore Orangeone  
    Dont  immediately  recall the  name  but hter are safe  covers  for  special  documents that do no  damage  and  keep the air out  like those  special bags or boxes for  wedding  gowns and  such
    A  search  will probably  turn up safe  storage for  sacred  documents
    Mine is a  copy  from the Archives  complete with  raised  stamp
    No one will accept  one if it has no  raised  stamp
    I have mine in a  cardboard box
    bet the  cardboard  sucks up  humidity
    that goes on the list  of  things to do ….

  4. OrangeoneFreedomlives 
     Colonial American women’s rights were restricted by the patriarchal view
    of English Common Law. As in England, women were viewed as chattel and
    had no individual legal rights. However, American frontier life and the
    small http://www.ehow.com/about_4571155_colonial-womens-rights.html# allowed some Colonial women to have more legal and personal rights in the Colonies than in England.
    Read more: http://www.ehow.com/about_4571155_colonial-womens-rights.html#ixzz2cXVeDsZe

  5. kurtUSA 
    ”  what difference does it make ”

    Then PLEASE  lets have  V. Putin take an eight year  turn and straighten our America for us.

    or  any  OTHER  what  difference  does it make  candidates?

  6. kssturgis62 
     This must mean Valerie  Jarrette  can be POTUS
    Jarrett was born in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shiraz,_Iran to American parents http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_E._Bowman and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbara_T._Bowman.
     Rahm Emanuel, a fierce partisan of Israel who volunteered as a
    mechanic in northern Israel during the first Gulf War, it is fair to say
    that process has already begun.
    For example, what does Abu Jayab, the young Palestinian in Gaza who was http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/node/10191, think about the fact that the president-elect’s first major appointment is a man who is being http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5g1_AtqZ-qfftpaFMQz43azADgyRA by the Israeli press as “our man in the White House?”
    father Benjamin Emanuel served in the Irgun, a Jewish terrorist group
    that targeted British and Palestinian civilians — most famously with
    the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_David_Hotel_Bombing and the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deir_Yassin_massacre
    — to advance the goal of creating a Zionist state. This week, the
    elder Emanuel has not exactly assuaged doubts about his son’s pedigree.
    “Obviously, he will influence the president to be pro-Israel,” http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1225910047157&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull the Israel daily Maariv, “Why wouldn’t he be? What is he, an Arab?”
    Oooooohhhhh  M G !
    when do we  stop this insanity
    giving  away with  a thank you all our  founders  achieved  for  our  posterity.
    Pitchforks and overalls  wont  work  anymore.

  7. marketcomp Excellent video of Cruz smacking down my lefty Senator, Chuck Schumer, while articulating his amendment with great prose while exposing the danger of the Corker-Hoeven Amendment.

  8. The lamestream libfag media just won’t know how to deal with this, or what to make of it….
    Its not a fake Hawaiian birth certificate!

  9. K-Bobkssturgis62That’s true.
    To bolster that statement, yesterday I posted;
    “To be a ‘natural born citizen’ both parents are to be citizens at the
    time of birth and IF born out of country must be born within a
    jurisdiction subject to the laws of the U.S. (i.e. a permanent military
    base or embassy).
    This is clever though, because in order to
    attack Cruz on his eligibility, the oCommiebots would have to admit
    oCommie is ineligible.
    There is no Constitution anymore, so at
    this point, to quote a well known wit of the commie assault on America,
    Which in its essence was simply a restatement of Sen. Res. 511
    while acknowledging that it doesn’t make a difference at this point since the current potus is serving and his lapdog media would be foolish to bring it up to open the whole issue once again and seriously we don’t live in a Constitutional Republic any more and I was savaged.
    I was surprised. I have really grown to enjoy RS. That was sad.

  10. As much of a constitutional conservative as I am, in my opinion, we are at war. At war with the communist left that wants to dilute and destroy America. Rarely do those involved in war play by the rules – that does not mean we should disregard our Constitution, but if we are to take back this country and save it, we need to bend the rules a bit – use the left’s weapons against them and hijack their narrative. You see, Cruz is the perfect candidate. The left had no choice BUT to deem him eligible because not deeming him eligible would mean that Obama is not eligible either – classic Catch-22. And by doing this, they have set their own death trap. You cannot attack Ted Cruz because of eligibilty – because you’d be a phony birther (by their own logic). You cannot attack Ted Cruz because he’s Hispanic, that would make you a racist. You cannot pin dirt on him because he’s always a step ahead of the MSM (see releasing his birth certificate). Cruz has a solid record, he’s consistent, he’s Christian, he talks like Reagan and he can articulate his point eloquently. All presidential qualities.
    His loyalties clearly lie with America, unlike the usurper-in-Chief. It will set a precedent, yes, but in order to take back the country – we will need to go by this. Led Ted run. At this point, he’s the only media-proof candidate avaiable.

  11. wodiej
    all you have to do is google ted cruz and you will find out he is a giant in experience compared to oCommie’s resume
    make sure you scroll down to his legal experience
    here is one excerpt;
    Cruz has authored more than 80 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Supreme_Court briefs and presented 43 oral arguments, including nine before the United States Supreme Court.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Cruz#cite_note-RussLaw360MorganLew-3https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Cruz#cite_note-WashPostWeinerDershowitz-19https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Cruz#cite_note-HarvLawBulWilsonFall2012-17 In the landmark case of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/District_of_Columbia_v._Heller, Cruz drafted the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amicus_curiae brief signed by attorneys general of 31 states

  12. warpmine lawngreen   He could. That would be wonderful. We can dream, but the prospects aren’t good.
    However, at the least, Ted Cruz did what was right. Bravo for him.

  13. Almost every photo I see of this guy, he has his finger in the air pointing upwards.
    My 3rd grade teacher always did this and the imam’s in Iran always do the same thing. 
    Whats up with that finger?

  14. K-Bob wodiej no experience is a tiny drum? No, not caring is bizarre.  But you’re a man so of course you don’t care.

  15. poptoy1949  Unfortunately, the door was opened when people in positions of responsibility refused to vet obama’s presidential eligibility.  Under the framework that exists to analyze whether a person is a “natural born citizen,” cruz has a much stronger claim to the definition than obama.

  16. kssturgis62  
    Some people think winning an argument over the long-contested NBC clause is more important than restoring Liberty.
    That is what’s sad.

  17. poptoy1949  
    “as per selective definition” you mean.
    Since there are several “definitions” going clear back to before the founding, no clear, “offical” definition exists.
    Of course, many folks who have decided on one of the several definitions like to claim otherwise, but I prefer the truth.  The truth has no agenda.
    And I’d fully embrace a REAL definition (which would require an Amendment), even if it meant Cruz were not eligible.  But we don’t have one.  All we have is convention, and legal opinions handed down through the ages.
    As of this moment, he is completely eligible.  Not one of the only-my-definition-matters folks will keep him off a ballot.

  18. wodiej  
    You are beating a very tiny drum with this “doesn’t have the experience” mantra.
    It’s just bizarre.

  19. @wodiej I’ll take someone who likes the Constitution AS IS over the one who  thinks it didn’t go far enough.  🙁

  20. FreedomlivesOrangeoneWomen had ZERO rights in the US.  They were sold and families paid to marry them off.  The Constitutional amendment to vote was not until 1920, 50 full years after blacks. Women could not own property it went to their husband.
    Here’s an interesting link on women in college. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090204210857AA6XD8I
    It was also not until the 1980s that a woman could press sexual assault charges against her husband in all 50 states. 
    Perhaps George permitted Martha to retain her wealth, but that was not the law of this land. Check the Constitution, it only refers to men.  Now, women have not rioted for reparations and I do not support that. We have grown as a country and are a stronger nation because of our heritage.

  21. Orangeone  I have to disagree with you on that one.  Women were never considered “property” by law (excepting slavery) in this country.  There were plenty of monied and powerful women, starting with Martha Washington.  Her family had the money, not George

  22. vorlath Great argument!  Thank you so so much for letting me know.  (Do you care to elaborate or you are just following the herd? )

  23. badbadlibs  What is interesting in this country about the left is that they hang their collective hat on the 15th Amendment to grant citizenship by birth.  it clearly does not say that.  It says persons born in this country and subject to it’s laws.  The alien parents are not subject to our laws as citizens, and a newborn has the citizenship of it’s parents.

  24. Don’t care where he was born at this point.  He doesn’t have the experience to be president.  Look what obama has done.  Im not voting for another man for president until a competent, qualified woman is in the top spot on the conservative ticket.  Gov. Sarah Palin quality.

  25. kssturgis62 When you are correct you are correct.  I believe you nailed it. You are correct.  I love Ted Cruz and Ted Cruz should know that he cannot run for President.  Now according to the rules obama has made up he can…..

  26. True because he has an american born mother he is granted the right to being an American Citizen. However because he was born in Canada he is not Nautral born as per definition.  If this were true there would never have been a fuss as to where obama was born.  Don’t believe my words…..Contact Dr. Jerome Corsi that works over at World Net Daily and he will gladly  explain the ins and outs of this explanation.  The man is a master at these things.

  27. ellebb kssturgis62 yes why not, Drama queen all the time. I mean you know me so well and I have talked to you in extensive conversations um NEVER, so of course your definition of my statement would be that.

  28. Ted Cruz according to the Washington Post is going to renounce his Canadian Citizenship. 
    This is the Saddest day for me. First off I really like Ted Cruz. But I love my Constitution more. I am so glad all of you are saying he is Qualified to be POTUS. Thank you for the New Definition to Natural Born Citizen. 
    The New Definition of Natural Born, 
    YOU can be a Dual Citizen – a citizen of the USA and of another Country and be Natural Born. Why? Because the constitution doesn’t mention Dual citizenship. So that makes TED CRUZ now Qualified to be POTUS, and wow the founders must be so proud. I CAN HEAR, MADISON, JEFFERSON AND ADAMS SAY YEP THAT IS WHAT WE WANTED PEOPLE BEHOLDEN OR TIED TO FOREIGN NATIONS TO BE THE PRESIDENT. 
    New Definition of Natural Born – 
    You can be born anywhere, to anyone, either in the USA or abroad. You do not have to have parents who are Citizens. All Illegals are now eligible to be POTUS. All Dual citizens can be POTUS, Fathers and Mothers do not have to be citizens and can be beholden to foreign nations but as long as their children are on US Soil they are Eligible to be POTUS. (Rubio, Jindall and Haley)
    Good Going People for loving that constitution. because now you are saying to make way for Ted Cruz, that someone born in IRAN, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt can be President as long as they have ONE CITIZEN PARENT.  isn’t everyone just proud of themselves. I mean I can hear Madison having a party. John Jay must be saying what was I thinking of having a qualification to be beholden to the USA. 
    In one Swoop, everyone just changed the Constitution and they are Cheering someone they say holds the Constitution dear and near to his heart. 

    This is a very sad day in the USA.

  29. Heck If Obama can get elected despite all the controversy surrounding his birth certificate then Cruz should be able to also. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice to drive the liberals crazy over Cruz place of birth for the next four years.

  30. vorlath kurtUSA Women were property at the time the Constitution was signed, only given the right to vote in 1920, 50 years after blacks.  Says alot.

  31. Conservator1 uncmetsgal No_BlahBlah Forgive me, but the constitutional experts back in the period of the late 18th century are the one’s that wrote the document and embraced the common understanding of natural born as being born on the territory of the USA to two citizen parents which incidentally was as Vattel described it two decades prior. Todays’s experts can if you’ll again forgive me, suck eggs as most of them bend the law to get around the constitution in the same manner as FDR, president for life, did by using the commerce clause and that my friend is utter bullspit and we all knoiw it and despise those that did it. Just look at the great expert sitting atop the SCOTUS, Justice Roberts, he couldn’t define Obamanotcare for what it was, clearly unconstitutional based upon his illegal reassessment of the law from a penalty situation to a tax in which case it was started in the Senate which is a no no.
     The great arbiters of the SCOTUS have invented rights time and again so I and others like me will not ever concede that their opinion is as archaic as Obama’s facts. Screw them all(meaning the ones that have twisted the meaning of the Constitution) throughout our history to benefit Satan and his evil minions!

  32. kurtUSA At the time the Constitution was ratified, it was not both parents. It was the father only as the wife was always the same citizenship as the husband. Citizenship has changed since then and it is Congress who defines citizenship. This has always been so. This means that natural born citizen must use the citizenship definition as used today. This is established law. No court will ever go against Congress’s right to define citizenship. That just leaves that Cruz had to have been born with American citizenship which he was. He was never a Canadian citizen according to Canadian law.

  33. Was anyone seriously questioning where Mr. Cruz was born or who his parents were?  I think the question with Mr. Cruz-whose policies and positions I like a lot – is does he meet the definition of a natural born citizen?
    As I understand it, to be considered a natural born citizens when the Constitution was ratified required both of your parents to be US citizens at the time you were born.  I am told, but don’t know for sure, that Mr. Cruz’s dad was not a US citizen at the time of his birth making him not eligible for the office. 
    If he is not a natural born citizen, what difference does it make that he has a birth certificate or where he was born?  Same with Obama.

  34. zeeshopper SurfinCowboy No_BlahBlah exactly. None of them dared to think ahead that in two centuries the populous wouldn’t be any smarter than thumbtacks

  35. SurfinCowboy No_BlahBlah If you think about that, none of the words in the document are defined. However, the most common uses are understood at the time of the documentation which was defined in Vattel’s “The Law of Nations” and in that work, it is defined and widely accepted. If we allow ourselves to adopt the left’s living breathing constitution, we can say that the document or clause means what we say it means in today’s terms and at that point who really gives a rat’s caboose what the constitution says, who it was written by, for whom and when.

  36. lawngreen He could run and win and then unseal Obama’s records, open an investigation that will certainly show his ineligibility and have those that perpetrated this crime and Obama, his entire administration arrested and tried for treason. Pelosi Galore, Harry Reid and even McShitstain, would all be tried for the crimes including and not limited to every freaking Federal judge that through out the cases of eligibility. 
    I can’t tell you how that would please me.

  37. This is why the good Senator is such a badass no matter what happens.  He doesn’t run away from anyone left or RINO.  Talk about poking a stick at Obama.  We so need as many Conservatives with his moxy as possible.

  38. arizonagolfer Orangeone DebbyX LIBERTYUSA I like it!  And with Rafael Cruz in Ted’ Senate seat the Senate will continue to get kicked by a Cruz!

  39. TimothyJacques kong1967 Orangeone Yup that’s why I said they are making strides.  Handguns are still banned.

  40. Who can believe anyone with the handle “objective analysis”???!!! Mwahaha!! This is a wicked hilarious discussion. U are dreaming. Go back and read the decision re: John McCain. And how in the Lords name did obozo get nominated??? This is very funny to watch everyone dance on this. I love it. In short he is most certainly eligible. And I hope I can vote for him. But keep up the comedy. We are loving it.

  41. PVG If Cruz runs and wins….Palin will be laughing with delight….revenge would be sweet.

  42. Orangeone DebbyX LIBERTYUSA Hey…I like it…Elect Ted as the Prez., then ask Canada if they want to join the union, only after we re-establish a true Constitutional govt. Then the northern borders we would be securing would be up in the arctic, Alaska would literally be attached to the US and they wouldn’t refer to us as the lower 48, all the environmentalist would have more wilderness than they could ever dream of to go and homestead…a win ,win situation for everyone…lol…ok so maybe I’m delusional but I’m allowed to dream too.

  43. Orangeone Are you sure that’s the only unwise policy?  Did you forget socialized medicine?  🙂

  44. DonnyBlackmore Orangeone Darn gov’t paperwork, I’m a tad older than you and my bc is still quite legible as are my parents from WWI era.  They are right, do not laminate it but you should at least image it and get another one and tuck it in your safe deposit box where it is less exposed.

  45. Liberals and Rinos are soooooooo afraid of Cruz, so they are trying desperately to discredit him.  Too bad their efforts will fail.  Cruz gets the base on their feet, unlike McCain and Romney, and the rest of the moderates the RNC have shoved down people’s throats..

  46. DonnyBlackmore Just how old are you?  “it’s black and white and the ink has just about faded”  Sorry Donny, just had to ask :}

  47. PaulMarek1 Oh Canada, what a wise nation, except for their gun control, but they are making strides there too.

  48. Canadians and American citizens (not illegal aliens) building the Keystone Pipeline under the Cruz presidency…..hummmmm….now that’s a winner :}

  49. DebbyX Orangeone I’m in MN and I’m in!  I’ll even help groom the horses :}  What say you Oh Canada?

  50. OrangeoneI’m willing to compromise!  If the Mounties came down and started in the northern States to make a clean sweep of it, we could definitely share him!
    I’m easy to get along with : )

  51. Susanb958  Maybe, but we can’t allow one party to follow one set of rules and not the other party as well.  This is what happens when the courts haven’t settled the matter and they allow there to be different interpretations even among lawyers.  If need be, the law could be explicitly defined where there are no controversies….and no exceptions.

  52. I was told some time ago that truth doesn’t need defence only lies.  Man what a contrast between the truth from Senator Cruz and the BO lies!!

  53. TexasPGRRider iaintlyin Why do you think the Dems REALLY hate voter ID?  Obama can’t produce a valid one :}

  54. DebbyX LIBERTYUSA Well we could share if Canada were to adopt our Constitution and help build the southern border at Mexico and run the illegals outta here :}

  55. TexasPGRRider iaintlyin  And it really pi**es me off that anyone who has taken it to court is told they don’t have standing, and that includes a Congressman.  Who has standing?  No one, evidently, so if fraud is uncovered….as it has been…..there’s nothing we can do about it.

  56. …..Obama did NOT acquire Kenyan citizenship at birth. He was born a British
    subject. Obama became (or at least acquired the right to become) a
    Kenyan citizen when Kenya gained its independence in 1963. Obama lost
    his Kenyan citizenship when he turned 23, but re-aquired it in 2010
    under Kenya’s new constitiotn.
    Likewise, McCain did NOT acquire
    Panamanian citizenship at birth. But he later became (or at least
    acquired the right to become) a Panamanian citizen when Panama adopted
    the jus soli principle of birthright citizenship and applied it retroactively.
    Obama and McCain were born under foreign jurisdiction, and no matter
    what steps they take to sever all political ties and interests with that
    foriegn country, they can never change the FACT that they were subject
    to foreign jurisdiction at birth, and have certain legal rights and
    benefits (not to mention emotional ties) as a result.
    During the
    1866 congressional debates over the 14th Amendment, the people who wrote
    the 14th Amendment made it very clear, repeatedly, that the word
    “jurisdiction”, as used the 14th Amendment, means the utter and
    complete absence of any foreign jurisdiction. If you were born in the
    United States but were born of a parent who is a foreign citizen, you
    were subject to foreign jurisdiction at birth, therefore you were not
    subject to US jursidiction at birth. The Framers made it very clear
    that, under such circumstances, you were NOT a US citizen (natural-born
    or otherwise) when you were born.

  57. …Rubio’s parents were allowed to stay in the U.S. under the terms of the
    1956 Cuban Refugee Act which SPECIFICALLY disallowed application to the
    “naturalization process” for those covered persons.
    The HOPE of
    many/most Cuban Refugee’s was to accumulate enough support and resources
    to return and re-take Cuba from the Socialists. Kennedy, along with the
    socialist wing of the Dem0rat party gave lip-service to opposing the
    communist-socialist advances around the world.
    Anyway, the
    Refugee Act was amended several times, one of which ‘paid” for Rubio’s
    parents relocation to Vegas and ultimately rescinded the proscription to
    Citizenship to those covered persons. Rubio’s father applied but
    Lil’Marco was born BEFORE his father completed the process. Also,
    Rubio’s mother never applied and RETAINED her Cuban refugee status. The
    1938 Act that covered the Citizenship Retention provision of women
    married to ‘foreign nationals’ would apply to her status. (She remained a
    “Cuban National” but her “political character” is murky lacking clear
    laws on the subject, given that she “renounced” participation in the
    Cuban socialist revolution but ALSO declined to apply for U.S.
    As for Hillary, well, she SHOULD be ineligible under Title 50;

    ( …” (a) Whoever knowingly and willfully becomes or remains a member of …(1) the Communist Party, or
    any other organization having for one of its purposes or objectives the
    establishment, control, conduct, seizure, or overthrow of the Government

  58. ellebb STEP 5: (Post amnesty) Have you ever dreamed of becoming a US citizen?
    YES?  Presto-chango……………………you may now proceed to the Gov. Office and pick up your first check and cell phone.

  59. JuanQ  Yeah, and I can see the liberals trying to say otherwise.  (To liberals) Good luck with that, commie bastards!  You set the stage !

  60. Leel004 
    … In 1790 the 1st Congress passed “an Act to establish an uniform Rule of
    naturalization”, as it was mandated to do in the Section 8 “enumerated
    powers provisions” of Article I.
    The 1790 Act provided that the
    children that may be born abroad to “married” U.S. Citizen fathers would
    be “considered as” (U.S.) natural born Citizens.
    The 1795 Act
    repealed the 1790 Act in whole then reiterated, with additional details,
    much of the 1790 Act, but provided that the children that may be born
    abroad to “married” U.S. Citizen fathers would be “considered as” (U.S.)
    Citizens; (and not otherwise).
    There have been several proposed
    Amendments over the years that WOULD have provided for the children of
    Military, and certain others, to be considered as (U,S.) natural born
    Citizens when born abroad during the service to the Country.
    PROBLEM that the Congress has had on passing an Amendment on (U.S.)
    natural born Citizens is that they 1st must DEFINE IT before they can
    “abridge, enlarge or otherwise modify” the circumstances as they exist.

  61. “After all, why would he release it unless he were planning a run for president and wanted to allay concerns that he is a natural born citizen?” — RS
    Maybe to stick a finger in Obama’s eye?  To point out how big of a fraud Obama is for refusing to turn his over, then suddenly producing it many months later?  Produced a fake one, anyway.
    He said he wasn’t thinking of running right now, so that’s the word I’m going to go by…..until he literally states otherwise.

  62. To pull hairs here…McCain…who is a failure in congress…was born as a military defendant on a military recognized territory/base. Be careful not to confuse the issues. Thanks

  63. This is so funny.  Watch the Libs twist themselves into knots explaining Obama.  LOL.  This is going to be very interesting. 

    Now we know a little more about the situation at Cruz’s birth.  It looks as if the family was there in Canada as a work situation and they were not permanent residents of Canada.  His father’s profession was a consultant.  In short they were up there to help find oil and it was not their premanent residence.  In fact no residence is listed on the BC.  I know mine has my parent’s residence at my birth.  It’s looking more and more like Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen.  We still have the dual citizen thing to clarify, but that isn’t mentioned in the Constitution.  It is in Indonesia, though.  No dual citizenships there.  You are or you aren’t.  This is so much trouble for the Libs.  They are going to lie and lie about this and just go crazy.  You can hide, Obama, but eventually you will be found out, you fraud.

  64. Objective Analysis Orangeone Might want to get a little more current. Again, are you saying that children that have unknown for father on their birth certificates are no US citizens?  If so, kick millions off of welfare.  That’s B.S.

  65. I wouldn’t care if comrade zero’s mother squatted in the middle of Main Street America and choked that rotten son of her’s out, this alone tells me where his loyalties have always been and makes him un-American to the core.
    “I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn’t speak to my own. It was into my father’s image, the black man, SON OF AFRICA, that I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself , the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela.”
    Senator Cruz on the other hand has loved and identified ONLY with America and Americas from the start. That makes Senator Cruz head and shoulders above the imposter in the WH, ALL. DAY. LONG.

  66. Orangeone Objective Analysis U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898) and Perkins v. Elg, 307 U.S. 325 (1939). Look it up.

  67. marketcomp Orangeone 
    The second best part of the video is Senator Cruz’s smack down of chucky shummer 🙂

  68. Freedomlives ellebb 
    Interesting info on Canada’s stringent regulations for citizenship. Why isn’t the left in their country bending every which way but loose to allow everyone born in their country to be automatic citizens? It’s getting to be in the U.S. if your parents even thought about coming here it makes you a citizen.
    Maybe even the leftist in Canada know something the left here refuses to believe.

  69. Objective Analysis So what you are saying is that children conceived by rape with an unknown father are not US citizens. That’s BS. You have to go to the court cases which interpret the law.

  70. … Senator Ted Cruz for Prime Minister of Canada (it doesn’t hurt to dream).”

    Glory and Praise to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ , Amen

  71. This’ll be hilarious listening to the libs assault this Patriot for not being American. I’m sitting here shaking my head in anticipation of these morons twisted way of looking at Cruzs citizenship as opposed to how they accepted the community organizers id or whatever. 
     Hey 35 years ago I could have been George Zimmerman  and I could have been patroling my local neighborhood for everyones benefit. I  can see myself,,……oh I’m sorry, excuse me.

  72. Legal Definition of NATURAL BORN CITIZEN per the U. S. Constitution as defined in Art. II, Section 1, Clause 5 is (1) BORN IN THE U. S. MAINLAND (that is the person is born in one of the 50 states or District of Columbia) AND (2) BORN TO TWO U. S. CITIZEN PARENTS (Mother and Father have to be U. S. Citizens).
    Let’s apply the definition to Cruz shall we, Cruz was born in CANADA so he is not considered a Natural Born Citizen as defined by case law.  Now, let’s look at our President.  Question:  Where his parents U. S. Citizens at the time he was born if we believe he was born in Hawaii?

  73. Cruz’s father was Cuban, born in Canada to a US mother. Canada’s law makes him a citizen.-There’s a problem

    obamunist father was Kenyan, born to American mother. Kenya was part of the British Empire making him a British subject.
    McCain born in Panama- it was ok at the time.(As long as ideology equals that leftists)

  74. Laurel A Orangeone jdbaird And continue to reward with amnesty.  Time to finish the war with Mexico and build the wall put our well-armed military on the border. If mexicans are coming here claiming asylum that is a declaration of imminent danger to America.  Anyone voting for amnesty needs to be yanked from office under the 14th Amendment.

  75. I read that portion of the Law of Nations, I’m just demonstrating the absurdity of some of the arguments being made. When in doubt, think original intent and you usually come up with the right answer.

  76. Orangeone Laurel A jdbaird Yeah because we let them. We let the left hijack the narrative and push their pseudo intellectualism on the public with their multiculturalism and diversity garbage.

  77. Orangeone Freedomlives SheerPolitics ellebb For all I know, I read it here!
    But I remember my father telling me that he thought the same was true in Italy — you could NOT be enrolled in Italian schools (at least, back when he was in school! LOL) unless you were a citizen.  So, the whole thing made sense.  Only the United States accepts every urchin that shows up at the schoolhouse door, regardless of where they might have been born or who their parents are.

  78. Freedomlives SheerPolitics ellebb I’ve posted that I believe his mother relinquished his citizenship when she moved and married in Indonesia because they don’t recognize dual and do not educate foreigners.  But I don’t expect you to have memorized that :}:}:}

  79. Laurel A jdbaird And the kids of Mexicans have allegiance to Mexico as do their kids.  Wish the founding fathers would have built the wall :}

  80. Freedomlives SheerPolitics ellebb **THIS** is what bugs me about the people harping on Obama’s birth cert.  
    I always thought the more effective (and probably, most provable) argument was that he was adopted by Mr. Soetero, and was enrolled in Indonesian schools.  I recall reading that in order for that to happen, Obama’s mother would have to had surrendered hers and Obama’s passports, and Obama would have to have become a citizen of Indonesia.  
    THAT would disqualify him, regardless of the circumstances of his birth.

  81. Orangeone  That was the law in Canada in 1970.  The US is the only country that gives citizenship to people born here to foreign parents through a really loose interpretation of the 15th amendment.

  82. sDee jcrichichi Naturalized means something is given to you. The President and the Vice President should be Citizens by birth. That’s what it means. Not that they were granted it via some document.

  83. sDee jcrichichi Naturalized is when you apply for citizenship. Natural born citizenship is when you have citizenship at birth.

  84. jcrichichi  
    So why bother adding the prefix. “natural born”? Why is it only specified as a qualification for the office of President in the Constitution?  How is a “natural born citizen” different from a “naturalized” citizen?

  85. uncmetsgal Conservator1 No_BlahBlah I’m a little non-plussed at all the responses I have received when my initial post said exactly that.
    I wasn’t saying that was your argument, it was jack maskell’s argument in his article by the congressional research service which is every bit as infiltrated on all levels with progressives and the department of state, commerce, interior, education,,,,.

  86. jdbaird If you read the deliberations of the Federal Convention on the Constitution it somewhat comes to light.    Originally both parents had to be US citizens.  It was taken from a description found in The Law of nations.  You can Google that.  It was a body of international law in the 1700’s.  Where you are born never did matter.  today due to court rulings only one of your parents has to be a US citizen and lived here for at least 5 years beyond their 16th birthday.  Coincidentally that means age 21.  Think of it in these terms.  Mom and Dad both are citizens of US.  Dad works for an energy company.  Mom is 8 months pregnant.  Dad comes home from work one day and says he is being sent to Germany on business for 2 weeks.  Wife wants to go too.  The Dr. clears the wife to travel since the baby isn’t due for a month.  They arrive in Germany, and nature says Baby is coming now.  The child is a natural born US citizen.

  87. Conservator1No_BlahBlahsearch the web. sure.
    Personally I use books.
    Curious though, you consider “seriously? you trust jack maskell? you might want to research him a bit” to be a rant huh?

  88. Conservator1Which Constitutional ‘experts’ would those be? oCommie?
    So issues of Law are to be decided by a show of hands instead of legal scholarship?

  89. ellebb You are describing the definition of citizen. But those questions do not address what natural born citizen meant to those who wrote the Constitution.
    With all the things that those at the Constitutional Convention discussed and the limited items that were actually written into the Constitution, why do you suppose the Founders used specific language regarding the qualifications of being President regarding birth when those same qualifications of birth were listed for NO OTHER OFFICIAL DESCRIBED IN THE DOCUMENT?

    But you are exactly the audience the progressives have been preaching to that oCommie qualifies.
    Glad to see their strategy paid off.

  90. PeteGardner
    (2) Paragraph (1)(a) does not apply to a person if, at the time of his birth, neither of his parents was a citizen or lawfully admitted to Canada for permanent residence and either of his parents was…

    So Cruz was never a Canadian citizen.

  91. SheerPolitics Freedomlives ellebb There are reports that the mother’s second husband, a person named Soretoro actually adopted Obama, making him an automatic Indonesian citizen.  No one talks about this.  Obama also visited Pakistan in1980 when travel to Pakistan was forbidden on a US passport.  What passport was he traveling on.  Why ws he considered a foreign exchange student at Harvard?.. All questions never addressed.

  92. Freedomlives ellebb  That and he became a citizen of Indonesia which did dual citizenship was NOT recognized.

  93. PeteGardner Pete I just found this on Canadian law:  Apparently one of the parents have to already be Canadian.   Section 3(2) of the current act states that Canadian citizenship is not granted to a child born in Canada if, at the time of his/her birth, neither of his/her parents was a Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident and either parent was a diplomatic or consular officer or other representative or employee of a foreign government in Canada or an employee of such a person.

  94. Freedomlives ellebb   Well then perhaps the report is in error that he has a dual citizenship.

  95. I think that most of us in Texas knew that was his probable goal. And look, he HAS a birth certificate–no secret here. Unlike the megalomaniac in the WH that has to have one created on a computer.
    The only fly in the ointment is that he was automatically given dual citizenship, something we’ve only had in the modern age. But he can officially renounce the Canadian citizenship–although I’m sure that won’t quiet the Cruz haters.

  96. ellebb Found this interesting.  Cruzes parents worked for an oil company in Canada.  Neither was a Canadian citizen  The following is the Canadian law:  Section 3(2) of the current act states that Canadian citizenship is not granted to a child born in Canada if, at the time of his/her birth, neither of his/her parents was a Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident and either parent was a diplomatic or consular officer or other representative or employee of a foreign government in Canada or an employee of such a person.

  97. PeteGardner Fairly certain you need to reaffirm it before you’re 18 or you lose it. They’re changing it now. But Cruz in not a Canadian citizen.

  98. A natural born citizen is basically any persons who is born an American Citizen.
    And I don’t know what the big deal is with First Generation Immigrants. I’m 1.5 Generation Italian.

  99. Conservator1 uncmetsgal harrahrangers I wonder if they did apply for a US birth certificate when they returned from working in Canada.

  100. deTocqueville1 I think he is tweaking the left myself. I want them to challenge him so they get spanked.

  101. jdbaird They made the distinction because we do have first generation immigrants that become American citizens but FF’s knew that many first generation citizens still have way too much allegiance to their homeland. How many immigrants do we see that in right now? How many come from Mexico, gain citizenship, yet still have their allegiances to Mexico? Quite a bit I would say.

  102. ballloonatic yes and it was ended  by Ford  in 1975.  It was restarted by  Carter in 1980  but I was thinking in was during the Reagan term (1981-1985) when the law was passed  but Reagan was enforcing  Carter’s law.

  103. Reading all these comments I’m starting to get confused, who ISN’T a natural born citizen? I mean, both parents don’t have to be citizens, we’ve established that, only your dad (or only your mom if you really really like the candidate). And you don’t have to be born in the United States either, Canada or Mexico is cool (and Panama), but not Iran or Syria or one of those bad countries. If you’re born basically near here or not near here but one parent is a citizen you’re golden. Jeeze, why did the Founders even make a distiction between “natural born citizen” and “citizen?” It obviously doesn’t matter.

  104. zeeshopper Back in the days as you put it, the purpose of the natural born citizen clause was to protect the nation from foreign influence. Ted Cruz is not a foreigner; he’s an American.

  105. No_BlahBlah What law school did you study Constitutionalism? Rant all day long, but you are wrong. And resorting to “Commie” as part of your defense only illustrates your lack of knowledge on this topic.

  106. Conservator1 uncmetsgal No_BlahBlah Yes they do, with Alan Derschowitz, staunch Democrat, at the head of the line.

  107. SurfinCowboy No_BlahBlah You’re right, it doesn’t define “Natural Born Citizen”, nor “Born” nor “Citizen”.  The reason is that back in the days, they knew what a Natural Born Citizen is.

  108. Conservator1 uncmetsgal No_BlahBlah Oh, I’m not arguing it – at this point, I think that Obama obliterated any real NEED to argue the point.  LOL
    My only point was that I *believe* the founders intended something different from what current law prescribes.  And that I was even taught as much, but, clearly, that’s not the case today. 
    I would EAGERLY support Cruz’s run, make no mistake! 🙂

  109. marketcomp Conservator1 Let’s see his plan on how to deal with the illegal aliens in the US. So far he has maneuvered around that question.

  110. Cruz 2106!!  No turning back!!  I don’t care if he’ native or natural anymore.  The Dems owe us one!

  111. No_BlahBlah Your rants don’t make you correct. Search the web and see how many legal scholars agree with you and then compare to those who agree with me.

  112. ellebb”The Constitution doesn’t address whether someone with dual citizenship can run for the highest office.”  – true, so I guess the SCOTUS will have to decide….or not.

  113. uncmetsgal No_BlahBlah I still appreciate the information but I would point out to the Constitutional experts (@No_BlahBlah) that the vast majority of legal scholars who have studied the issue agree that Senator Crus is a Natural Born Citizen.

  114. marketcomp Orangeone PeteGardner Indonesia did not and does not permit dual citizenship, not sure about Kenya :}

  115. Amjean If it wasn’t this, it would be something else.  I think they call this a red herring.  Love Cruz.

  116. STEP 1: Were you born in the territory of the US?
    –if YES, STOP. You are a natural born citizen.
    –if NO, go to STEP 2
    STEP 2: Were both your parents citizens of the US?
    –if YES, STOP. You ARE a natural born citizen.
    –if NO, go to STEP 3
    STEP 3: Was one of your parents a citizen of the US?
    –if YES, go to STEP 4
    –if NO, STOP. You are not a natural born citizen.
    STEP 4: At the time of your birth, did this parent reside in the US for at least 5 years after attaining the age of 16?
    –if YES, STOP. You are a natural born citizen.
    –if NO, STOP. You are not a natural born citizen.

  117. “”However, The Dallas Morning News reports that under Canadian law, Cruz’s birthplace of Calgary also made him an instant citizen of Canada. The Constitution doesn’t address whether someone with dual citizenship can run for the highest office.””

    I heard that law in Canada did not go into effect until 1977.  Does anyone know if that is true?

  118. No_BlahBlah Conservator1 I have commented on this before, at the time the subject was Rubio, but Rubio, Cruz AND Obama do NOT fit the qualifications as were explained to me.
    In school, I had a teacher trying to explain this aspect of the Constitution, and he was only too happy to use my circumstance (Italian born to an American mother and Italian-nation (resident alien) father) as an example.  While my mother’s citizenship gives ME citizenship, it does NOT make me natural born (the child of TWO American-born parents, born either in the US or abroad).  I don’t remember the details, but I can tell you with certainty that he was using information he got from HIS teachers back in the day, and said as much.  He was very sorry to report that I could never run for president.  LOL 
    While I LOVE Senator Cruz, and I think the system will allow him to run (I mean, after Obama, how can it not?) I don’t believe in my heart he is TRULY eligible, as intended by the founders.

  119. marketcomp as the Brit’s might say, he’s bloody brilliant and hopefully will our next president.

  120. SurfinCowboy you mean it is up to oCommie to define it because if you accept that the meaning can be changed in 2011 from what it meant since 1788 that is what you are saying. Personally I will need more than that position paper by the oCommiebot jack maskell for documentation that indeed the Constitution was changed.

  121. uncmetsgal Conservator1 harrahrangers It does and I thank you for sharing the information. Since Cruz released a Canadian birth certificate, I assume he and parents did not apply for a US birth certificate. But as I read the law, he’s eligible to run for president.

  122. Orangeone PeteGardner I’d rather have dual citizenship with Canada than Indonesia or Kenya. At least Canadians are more aligned with American values for the most part.

  123. No_BlahBlah SurfinCowboy The Constitution did not define what “natural born citizen” means, therefore it is up to the federal government to define it. It is currently defined as having one parent who is a citizen, or being born in the country.
    That’s it. I know it is really broad and I don’t like it either, but this is how it has been defined for quite some time now.

  124. OrangeoneNo_BlahBlahBTW just so we’re straight on this,
    I didn’t say “,, any child unaware of their father and/or having
    “unknown” or blank on the birth certificate is not a natural born
    You did. I simply commented on the Constitution. I can quote it if you don’t have access.

  125. Orangeone No_BlahBlah my argument?
    you can argue with the Constitution;
    Art. II, Sect. 1, Cla. 5.
    Have fun

  126. You must admit that Senator Cruz is demonstrating a shrewd media savvy in manipulating the press. Yesterday, everyone was talking about Christie being the frontrunner among Republicans seeking the presidency.
    But with one clever move — releasing his birth certificate — I’m certain the media will focus their lefty ideology on Cruz who will dominate the news while diverting attention from Christie.
    Ted’s my guy…………………………………………………………

  127. No_BlahBlah Orangeone Your argument is hogwash.  You are saying that any child unaware of their father and/or having “unknown” or blank on the birth certificate is not a natural born citizenship. That’s B.S.

  128. harrahrangersIt’s the certificate of live birth.  Look at umcmetgal’s post above, born in Italty.

  129. He knows the media, they don’t want to talk about real issue when they have him on and will continue to bring this up…so being a straight shooter he just put out now and not play games like Obama did…well maybe Obama need time to get a Birth certificate created, which is why there was a delay :oP

  130. uncmetsgal Conservator1 harrahrangers Thank you for sharing!  I hope your family kept a copy of your Italian birth certificate. One day you might want to do the same as Ted Cruz!

  131. PeteGardner Orangeone I was adding to your great post sir from the US perspective. We’ve long had dual citizenship with many countries including Canada and Switzerland (Michele Bachmann)

  132. Conservator1 No_BlahBlah this is the specious argument made that uses the 14th Amendment which was only meant to give former slaves citizenship.
    The people who WROTE the Constitution used a specific phrase which actually had meaning in 1788 and the notion that phrases can be redefined based upon sophist arguments about what the meaning of is, is flies in the face of Law.
    If you want me to make a choice of sources for defining terms I will choose the Founders’ definition rather than a congressional research service published in 2011.

  133. DINOright Sure made me think about something. Wouldn’t it be awesome if his dad ran for his Senate seat when Ted is potus?

  134. Conservator1 harrahrangers I am Italian-born to a (then) Italian-national father (now a US citizen) and an American-born mother.  At birth, I was issued an Italian birth certificate.  When we (as a family) came to the states, my father acquired his green-card, and my Italian certificate was surrendered to the Italian consulate in NY (and then sent to Washington, D.C. — presumably, it is in some sort of archive there) and was issued a “Certificate of Birth Abroad”, which names me a US citizen by virue of my mother’s citizenship, but lists my birth place as Italy.
    I hope that helps!

  135. As a Canadian, I can tell you that Sen. Cruz does indeed have Canadian citizenship by being born here.  But unlike some other countries, this in no way effects how other countries view his citizenship.  Therefore dual citizenship is possible.  Canada doesn’t care about that.  It’s the USA that can say “either you’re with us or you’re with them.”  And America doesn’t seem to be saying that, so that’s the way it is.

  136. Objective Analysis You’re mistaken; based on a recent study by the Congressional Research Service:
    “…The weight of legal and historical authority indicates that the term “natural born” citizen would mean a person who is entitled to U.S. citizenship “by birth” or “at birth,” either by being born “in” the United States and under its jurisdiction, even those born to alien parents; by being born abroad to U.S. citizen-parents; or by being born in other situations meeting legal requirements for U.S. citizenship “at birth.” Such term, however, would not include a person who was not a U.S. citizen by birth or at birth, and who was thus born an “alien” required to go through the legal process of “naturalization” to become a U.S. citizen.”
    Ted Cruz, as Catherine Frazier stated, “never had to go through a naturalization process after birth to become a U.S. citizen.” Thus, he can run for president.

  137. Orangeone No_BlahBlah What child would that be? Are you creating a hypothetical? or is this some comment about oCommie’s birth?
    Provide your argument against the Constitution or are you saying the Constitution is hogwash?

  138. SurfinCowboy No_BlahBlah WHEN?? was Article II, Sect. 1,  Cla. 5 of the Constitution changed? I know it is ignored but if you want to talk about the law then provide me with the Amendment.

  139. No_BlahBlah Please provide proof that “to be a ‘natural born citizen’ both parents are to be citizens at the time of birth.”
    That’s NOT the findings in a recent study by the Congressional Research Service:
    “…The weight of legal and historical authority indicates that the term “natural born” citizen would mean a person who is entitled to U.S. citizenship “by birth” or “at birth,” either by being born “in” the United States and under its jurisdiction, even those born to alien parents; by being born abroad to U.S. citizen-parents; or by being born in other situations meeting legal requirements for U.S. citizenship “at birth.” Such term, however, would not include a person who was not a U.S. citizen by birth or at birth, and who was thus born an “alien” required to go through the legal process of “naturalization” to become a U.S. citizen.”

  140. My guess is he is doing this for a few reasons:
    1. He is WAY more transparent than Obama, and is willing to release his personal documents – i.e. he has NOTHING to hide.  And, he meets the definition of “natural born citizen” as he has ONLY been an American citizen from birth.  Move on!

    2. To stop the idiotic chatter about his eligibility, so people will focus on the ISSUES, not minutiae or trivia.  The left ALWAYS distracts so they can pull off nightmare legislation (like Amnesty), while low information voters are not looking.  FOCUS!

    3. Because, if he does choose to run, it is clear he is a “citizen at birth” and thus is a natural-born citizen, without dispute – no matter what any naysayers may want to gin up (i.e. leftie hypocrite-“birthers” who rejected ANY questions re: Obama as raaaaaacist!).

    4. Because he is a straight-up guy!  He is open and frank about who he is, unlike some who make up “composite” people in his mythical past……

  141. harrahrangers I’m no expert, but I believe the only way to get a U.S. Birth Certificate is by being born in the United States. However, I don’t believe he need’s one based on a recent study by the Congressional Research Service:
    “…The weight of legal and historical authority indicates that the term “natural born” citizen would mean a person who is entitled to U.S. citizenship “by birth” or “at birth,” either by being born “in” the United States and under its jurisdiction, even those born to alien parents; by being born abroad to U.S. citizen-parents; or by being born in other situations meeting legal requirements for U.S. citizenship “at birth.” Such term, however, would not include a person who was not a U.S. citizen by birth or at birth, and who was thus born an “alien” required to go through the legal process of “naturalization” to become a U.S. citizen.”
    Ted Cruz, as Catherine Frazier stated, “never had to go through a naturalization process after birth to become a U.S. citizen.” Thus, he can run for president.

  142. No_BlahBlahThat is not the current requirements to qualify for “natural born citizen”, I don’t agree with it – but if you want to change the law, that is what you should talk about.

  143. marketcomp harrahrangers Actually, yes, Canada does hold to that law. You could be born in Canada and leave three seconds later and you would still qualify. They almost mirror the U.S. law.

  144. Objective Analysis 
    If this is going to be enforced under the Constitution, I demand to see Soetoro’s legitimate birth certificate.  I’m not going to sit here five years in, knowing the Soetoro was not born in Hawaii, like he claims, and remains an Indonesian citizen to this day, and then have people say, Ted Cruz is not eligible.  
    Ted Cruz has more patriotism in his little finger, than anyone on the left side of the fence.  This isn’t going to fly.  I want proof of where Soetoro was born.  That thing he put up on the internet was a fake, and everyone with an IQ above 2 knows it.  He’s a proven liar.  Just because he’s five years in, doesn’t mean it still can’t be checked.  We have to demand that Zero release his birth certificate that he claims is in a vault in Hawaii.  I want it checked by a forensic specialist.  His word and the word of the left proves nothing.  I don’t think we need to count the lies, for example, a youtube video caused the terror attack orchestrated by him and Morsi in Benghazi.

  145. Objective Analysis Still not current law. Repeating it does not make it so. I don’t agree with the law, but Cruz qualifies as a citizen under the current law. You should be writing about how you want the current law changed.

  146. No_BlahBlah So you are saying the child conceived by rape when the rapist’s identity is unknown is not natural born. Hogwash.

  147. Still not eligible to be POTUS under the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Sec. 1, Clause 5 because he is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.
    But that did not stop Chester Arthur and [WILD GUESS]…

  148. He is such an honorable man.  We know that Soetoro was born in Kenya, and his true father is Frank Marshall Davis, avowed communist.

  149. Stoptheusurper PicklePlants In addition, it was proven that Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery given how birth certificates were and continues to be administered in Hawaii.

  150. Desjardins He had a really funny line about gangs when discussing the gang of 8 immigration bill once. He said, ” my mother always told me to stay away from gangs.” :D!

  151. harrahrangers Canada doesn’t hold to a law that says just because a person is born on Canadian soil as the US does, even if the parents have allegiance to another country, then that child is a citizen of Canada. All of these illegals who step foot in the US to have their children do have allegiance to either Mexico or some other South American country.  He’s not a dual citizen but a citizen by birth.
    Sen. Cruz’s mother and father were working in Canada for an energy company but that does not make him a Canadian citizen just because he was born there. Moreover, diplomats who work in the US if they give birth in the US does not make the baby a US citizen because the parents have allegiance to another country.

  152. ballloonatic   There still is a selective service.  It was during the Viet Nam era that it was last utilized.  When a boy turns 18, he is still required to sign up for the selective service.

  153. Was Cruz also issued a U.S. Birth Certificate since his mother was a U.S. Citizen? Does anyone know how that works?

  154. Um, selective service was in force during the Vietnam Nam war. Maybe you should do a little more research.

  155. To be a ‘natural born citizen’ both parents are to be citizens at the time of birth and IF born out of country must be born within a jurisdiction subject to the laws of the U.S. (i.e. a permanent military base or embassy).
    This is clever though, because in order to attack Cruz on his eligibility, the oCommiebots would have to admit oCommie is ineligible.
    There is no Constitution anymore, so at this point, to quote a well known wit of the commie assault on America, “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!!!!”

  156. Ted is a smart, savvy politician and honest as well. What a great idea to put to rest any questions about this now. I really like him and hope he runs in 2016.

  157. ok doing some more research…the present  Selective service law was signed by Carter in july  1980.   It was enforced by Reagan  which is why I remember Reagan being the face of the law.   So yeah I guess depending on the date of the documents in 1980   Obama could have been  acting illegally.

  158. Stoptheusurper PicklePlants   obama is ineligible about six different way, I think. Not to mention having committed treason and destroying the American economy every way he can think of and prying open the borders as fast as he can and etc.
    obama is living proof that the devil takes care of his own. Until the Judgment Day, anyway.

  159. Maybe this is the obvious: Cruz clearing the way for a run at the presidency in 2016.
    Maybe he’s taking a swat at obama. Stirring up the birther fire. If not for obama’s deceit and secrecy regarding his origin (and school records), this might not have been an issue for Ted Cruz.  We might just have said, “American mother, American citizen. Big deal.”
    This is what obama  claims, but both the “notice of live birth” he tried to fake us out with and the alleged “real” birth certificate were denounced as faked by those with knowledge about document authentication. Maybe Ted is giving us an excuse to bring up the eligibility issue. Cruz is a lawyer, after all. It would be a natural thing for him to inquire into very basic, crucial legal issues.

  160. Stoptheusurper matthewhieb303 I don’t think there was a selective service in 1980  could be wrong  but I remember Reagan started it  during hi term.

  161. PicklePlants Right, he and Lee are the ONLY people that have the guts not to cosign everything Obama does like the rest of the turncoats, he should be left alone on this subject.

  162. unseen  Oh c’mon! He could lead a pony procession into purgatory. Ponies often follow horses asses.

  163. matthewhieb303 Obama fraudulently registered with the Selective Service in 2008 because he refused to register in 1980 as an Indonesian citizen when he applied to Occidental.  That is why he has sealed his college records.  By refusing to register he refused to denounce his Indonesian Citizenship thus he was never eligible to be POTUS.

  164. PicklePlants I pray someone in Congress has the balls to point out that Obama refused to sign up for the draft in 1980 in order to maintain his “foreign student” status as an Indonesian citizen.  Because he acted “stupidly” he was forced to fraudulently register with the Selective Service in 2008 which is punishable by a $250,000 fine and a 5 year prison sentence.  The Arpaio 22 month criminal investigation stumbled across this crime while proving that the April 27th, 2011 PDF created 9 layer document with a moving seal is a forgery.   We have a usurper in the White House.   One would think the Right Scoop would take this opportunity to investigate this scandal of the century.

  165. Bac Si68 Obama had an opportunity to renounce his Indonesian citizenship by signing up for the draft, he refused to do so in order to qualify for “foreign student” status in applying to Occidental.  He could clear this up but he sealed his records.  Because Obama didn’t sign up for the draft that caused problems when he decided to run for POTUS.  In order to run for President one has to be registered with the Selective Service, Obama wasn’t.  Apraio’s 22 month criminal investigation discovered that Obama fraudulently registered with the Selective Service in 2008 NOT in 1980.  That is a crime friends.  This is a Fraud in Chief.  I would like to know if Ted Cruz signed up for the draft?

  166. Wrong, in Canada they do recognize duel citizenship.  Mr. Cruz only needed to make a declaration in writing to the court that he is an American Citizen and renounce any other status that he may claim, after he became 18 years of age.  Obama, fraud, con artist

  167. see how easy that was.  Now I  still wonder  why Obama  never did this  basic  thing.  It’s almost like Obama wanted the whole “birther” thing to  go  on and on.  Or he had something to hide.  If it was the former it showed a person who  wanted  to divide the nation   if it was the latter he wasn’t qualified to be POTUS.  Either way it showed a person who wasn’t and isn’t fit to lead.

  168. matthewhieb303 like sausage into a tube; a square peg into a round hole; new wine into old wineskins…..in short, he doesn’t.  He is a FRAUD.

  169. I pray we conservatives avoid shooting ourselves in
    the foot, stumbling over Senator Cruz’s eligibility to be President.

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