Word on the street is Trump SET UP Sessions with that NYT leak…

Yesterday a pretty impressive New York Times bombshell fell on Jeff Sessions saying that he actually did discuss campaign issues with a Russian ambassador before the election. He hasn’t denied it.

BUT… a lot of people immediately began speculating that perhaps this wasn’t a “deep state” leak, but instead an attempt by Trump himself to set up Sessions.

This of course comes after Trump publicly belittled and scolded Sessions for recusing him from the Russian investigations, and causing the appointment of Special Counsel Mueller.

Yes, most of these are from Trump critics, but they make an intriguing point, don’t they?

To add fire to this speculation, I noticed that official Trump cult generals like Sean Hannity and Eric Bolling are now trashing Sessions, even though they were singing his praises a month ago.

Notice this tweet from Trump too:

Doesn’t that sound like he’s confirming the leak? He’s not calling it “fake news” like he usually does. Is this a case of “the prezzy doth protest too much”?

Then there’s this one:

Didn’t they already argue that Trump could tell the A.G. to investigate anyone? SO why is he whining about it on Twitter instead of just commanding Sessions to do it?

Place your bets – how soon before Sesshy is out?

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