Wow, Donald Trump is LOSING IT on Twitter and you can thank Ted Cruz for it!! [UPDATED!]

Earlier we posted the frenzied tweetstorm that the Donald had flung at Ted Cruz, and how Cruz posted a pretty funny response, and Mark Levin warned Trump to cut the crap.

But this is Trump, so he ain’t taking advice from nobody:

Maybe because they believe in other things too? That’s kinda how you do politics – you prioritize your political preferences, because unless you’re an unthinking mindless zombie, you’re never going to agree 100% with a politician. Oh wait.. that reminds me of…

What the hell? Is he really saying Ted Cruz should be kicked out of politics? He’s going rabid foaming at the mouth!!! Call a medic!!!

Weird, he hasn’t asked this of Hillary.

This guy has flip flopped on nearly every conservative issue in the last ten years and he’s casting stones from the most fragile of glass houses. I think he’s trying to drag Cruz into the gutter because he thinks he can best him in a contest of who can be dirtier. I doubt Cruz will take the bait.


No, not that one, though that’s pretty stupid.

It’s the following one… behold the coup’d’crap:

Wow. I am just speechless. Thank goodness I don’t need speech in order to type.

This is blindingly stupid from the Donald. Everyone who isn’t from New York knew what values that Ted meant. It wasn’t those heroic ones expressed after 9/11 that we all honor, it was everything BEFORE then, and everything AFTER then. It’s the unbelievably high abortion rates, the welfare, the crime, the high taxes, the gun grabbing, and the erosion of freedoms. You have to be a pretty unabashed liar to pretend Ted Cruz meant 9/11. Oh look, we found one….

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