WOW: ESPN host says critics are ‘Chicken-s**t,’ MOCKS people boycotting channel

Scott Van Pelt really laid into critics of ESPN, saying that they’re a bunch of “chicken-sh*t” phonies online. I take offense as a phony online Mexican. He said it in an interview with Sports Illustrated recently.

Here’s what he said:

“This make-believe world where everyone wants to talk s**t … this s**t-talking … poke-you-in-the-chest virtual whatever … it’s just there’s nothing more chicken s**t than that because it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. And again, if that’s how people really felt, somewhere along the line … I would’ve intersected with someone that felt that way and would come up and say, ‘Hey, you know, I think your show sucks, I think ESPN sucks and I think you guys are doomed.’ … Never. Not once.”

If that’s his experience, then he’s got a point. But I have a feeling that if he was actually accosted by people personally in real life over ESPN’s left-wing spin, he’d be whining that the rhetoric is too heated.

Anyway he continues on to mock those who are saying they are boycotting ESPN:

“If you truly wanna boycott the NFL or you wanna boycott ESPN, the notion that some guy sitting out there, or gal, and they decide, ‘You know what? I’m gonna go ahead and cut my entire cable package because ESPN gave an award on a made-up show in July — because there’s no sports — to a woman that used to be a man, so I’m now gonna not have any cable TV at all, and I’m gonna sit around at night and read books by candlelight like olden times because of that,’ … that’s not happening. And if you did that, then you’re so dumb that I can’t even pray for you because you’re beyond hope. If that was your reaction to this — to deny yourself the ability to watch television — I mean, that just hasn’t happened and didn’t happen …”

I kinda agree with him on this one – people talk big on social media about boycotts but I have yet to see any of them be successful apart from people beating their chests on social media.

[h/t the Blaze]

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