WOW! Even Democrats don’t really care about ‘Global Warming’

One of the funnier things to see is Obama and Democrats in the liberal media sound the alarm on Global Warming, when most Americans really could care less. A recent Pew poll report shows just how little they care about the issue:

The center asked a nationally representative pool of Americans which policy issues they believe should be a top priority for the Obama administration and newly appointed Congress this year. Only 38 percent of people said they thought global warming qualifies, which is almost low enough to make the issue the least important to the American public out of 23 responses. Only global trade, which 30 percent of respondents said was a top priority, was lower.

Here’s their chart:

pew report climate change


Another surprising finding in the poll – even Democrats don’t seem to care much about it:

Defending against terrorism, strengthening the economy and improving the job situation rank among the leading priorities for both Republicans and Democrats. But strengthening the military and reducing the deficit rate as more important for Republicans than Democrats, while improving education and dealing with the problems of the poor rank higher for Democrats than Republicans.

You’d think with all the outrageous claims about Global Warming causing a worldwide holocaust, toppling the skyscrapers, eradicating every living thing and running out the battery in your smartphone, that Dems might actually put it in importance above jobs and education, but NOPE! Even they know it’s a hoax.

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