Wow! Israel building 40-mile wall around Gaza….UNDERGROUND!

The other week we wrote about how Israel had found a solution to the Muslim terror tunnels coming from the Gaza, and now we know what it is:

AP – Israeli military officials on Thursday touted the secretive project as a major deterrent against what Israel has seen as a strategic threat since the last war against Hamas exposed the extent of the tunnels. Israel has made uncovering the tunnels from Gaza a priority and in recent months has demolished at least three through a combination of intelligence, infantry operations and hi-tech sensors.

Israel began construction of a 40-mile long underground wall last summer, aiming to prevent Palestinian militants from burrowing toward Israeli communities along the border.

“The technology really is groundbreaking,” Israeli military spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said in a briefing with journalists on the border with the Gaza Strip. “The message to Hamas is: ‘We now have this system which can detect and destroy terror tunnels that violate Israeli sovereignty.’”

Conricus said that the anti-tunnel barrier under construction “provides a significant challenge for anyone tunneling below,” without elaborating

The barrier — hundreds of feet below ground, studded with sensors and topped by a 26-foot metal fence — has an estimated price tag of $700 million and is on track for its slated completion in mid-2019, a senior Israeli military official said Thursday. Thus far, crews working 24 hours a day, six days a week have completed 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) of the 64-kilometer (40-mile) border barrier.

Wary of tipping off enemies, Israeli military officials were reticent to discuss particulars concerning the barrier’s tunnel detection capabilities, or precisely how far into the earth the wall goes.

“It’s deep enough,” a senior Israeli military official said. Cranes hoisted 25-meter-long rebar cages into the air, and the official said “several get welded together” to form the concrete wall’s reinforced spine.

I used Google Maps to measure the border of the Gaza strip in terms of straight lines, and the entire border is roughly 30-40 miles long. So in effect Israel is building a wall around Gaza. You just can’t see it and we have no idea how deep it goes. But I’m quite certain it will go deeper than the terror tunnels would go.

In fact I think Israel might have their 40-mile underground wall built before we even get started on ours that is above ground and no doubt easier to construct. Trump will be so jealous!

Here’s a video of Israel destroying a recent terror tunnel:

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