Wow: New Jersey will become a SUPER-SANCTUARY state for illegals….

The incoming governor of New Jersey says that not only will the garden state become a sanctuary state, but they will create an office just for the sake of defending illegals from Trump and ostensibly, from federal immigration law enforcement.

From Fox News:

When former Ambassador to Germany Phil Murphy takes office as New Jersey’s next governor, he plans to establish a state agency geared toward aiding undocumented immigrants, the Washington Post reported.

Murphy, a Democrat who held the ambassador post under President Barack Obama after several years as a Goldman Sachs executive, said the agency would be called the Office of Immigrant Defensive Protection.

Murphy previously vowed to make New Jersey a sanctuary state if President Donald Trump ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“DREAMers… are every bit as American as my four kids,” he said at a debate with outgoing Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno (R) in Newark.

“We will stand up to this president. If need be, we will be a sanctuary not just city but state. This is America… Mr. President, not in the state of New Jersey,” he said at the time.

Yeah no, if your kids got papers and citizenship, they’re much more Americans than illegals. Sorry, that’s the tough truth.

Here’s what his new office will do for illegals:

Murphy told the Post the new agency will be an office that undocumented immigrants could “call with questions about their status.”

“The rumors that swirl around communities are extraordinary, and it’s literally hard to get, particularly if you’re undocumented, the right answer to your question. That’s when people go back into the shadows,” he said.

Murphy added that he thought the term “sanctuary” had become tainted as a political “buzzword” – saying he preferred the term “welcoming.”

The Post reported Murphy supports offering state identification, driver’s licenses and education-related financial aid to illegal immigrants.

There’s a hair to split here. I don’t care if we provide some due process rights for illegals – if we truly really believe that these are God-given rights, then we need to respect them even if the subject isn’t a citizen. BUT, that falls short of paying for an office set up just for the sake of defending illegals from Trump and ICE. Illegals have NO constitutional right to be here just because they snuck in…

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