WTH Eric Bolling: Cruz should’ve picked a female guv VP instead of CARLY to get woman vote?

Eric Bolling continues to make an enormous ass out of himself on “the Five,” and today was a doozy.

Today he tried to stupidly maneuver through a criticism of Cruz choosing the awesome Carly Fiorina for VP.

Watch the moron flail:

I mean this is just so pathetic. First he has the gall to question Carly Fiorina’s conservatism, when the moron is advocating for DEMOCRAT Trump, and then, he whines that it was a bad decision. You can tell that he’s scared Trump-less of Dana Perino because as soon as she presses him on his idiotic opinion, he starts rambling like a moron. That’s when the idiot says that Nikki Haley and Susanna Martinez would bring in the female vote. What the holy hell is he talking about?!?!? Carly Fiorina is a woman too, you damnable idiot!

The incredible irony is that Bolling calls Cruz desperate when it’s clear that Bolling’s antics on “The Five” are made in pure desperation to prove to Trump that he adores him more than Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity do.

How are these morons on television?

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