You won’t see this mentioned much – ‘Prince’ was a CONSERVATIVE and a REPUBLICAN!

This wouldn’t be surprising to those who knew how religious Prince was, but if you watch the hours and hours of admiration in the wake of his death, there’s very little mention that Prince was in fact, a conservative, and a Republican.

Watch below:

Of course, scumbag liberal Toure has to smear the guy with his own idiotic notion of what conservatism means because he just can’t bring himself to believe anyone would be a Republican without being greedy and rich.

This doesn’t square with how people keep talking about how he dealt with “blackness” and his “gender-bending” style, but that’s just because they’re too busy pigeon-holing and stereotyping conservatives. Maybe Prince was the funkiest conservative of us all!! I imagine him saying, “you people are seriously gonna nominate Donald Trump, aren’t you? F**k this, I’m OUT!!”

Rest in Peace, Prince.

[h/t NewsBusters]

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