‘You’re damn right I’m angry!’ – MARK LEVIN’s rant about the downfall of America

Mark Levin went on a incredible rant tonight about the border and the downfall of America.

Listen below:

You know what else is coming across that border undetected? Terrorists. How do you know Mark? Because terrorists aren’t stupid. They’re barbarian but they’re not stupid.

They’re coming across that border because our border patrol agents are busy changing diapers, feeding babies baby formula, ushering around Congressmen who want to look with their own two eyes at what they’ve done. That’s what is happening on the southern border.

And we’re going to get hit again. And we’re going to get hit hard again. And both political parties will blame each other.

If only they would have passed comprehensive immigration reform If only we had tweaked the 2008 George Bush law. If only this, if only that.

And what do we the people want? We want our border secured. And let me go even further. Let me make it absolutely clear to every foreigner outside this country.

This country belongs to us; it doesn’t belong to you. It doesn’t belong to the 7 billion other people all over the world.

You see the way it’s supposed to work is we decide who gets to come here. We decide the standards. We decide the requirements. We want to know who you are. We want to know what you’re going to – (ready for this one?) – contribute to this society, not take from this society.

You see because I want to make it very very clear to the left, to the media and even some ‘Repubicans’ and even some TV and radio hosts.

There’s nothing compassionate about the downfall of America! There’s nothing compassionate about the hollowing out of our society! There’s nothing compassionate about bankrupting our children and grandchildren, destroying our school system, destroying local law enforcement and hospitals, what’s been built up over 200 years.

It’s one thing to export our viewpoints, our economic ideas, our governing ideas. But it’s quite another to import the views, the culture and the destitution of the third world. Because that is national suicide. And any thinking person who is not playing politics, who’s not a demagogue, who’s not a propagandist, any thinking person regardless of party, ethnicity, or anything else knows I’m right!

This isn’t about voting as far as I’m concerned. This isn’t about pandering to this group or that group as far as I’m concerned. This is about preserving what’s left of this Republic.

And I know who that man is in the Oval Office! I know what’s between his ears! I know what’s happened to the Democrat Party!

And I know what’s going on at the Chamber of Commerce and the AFLCIO! They think they own this country!

And I know what’s going on within the Republican Party, a bunch of cowards, fat ass cowards at the top of the party!

That’s right I said it!

Mark are you angry? You’re damn right I am.

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