ZoNation: Black History Month just another form of segregation

Once again this is Zo at his best, taking on Black History Month and telling us why he believes it is just another form of segregation. Here’s his YT description:

If a White History Month would be racist, then why is Black History Month OK? Why should Black Americans settle for a month of history when they are making history every day? Isn’t this just another form of segregation?

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158 thoughts on “ZoNation: Black History Month just another form of segregation

  1. As an american of south asian descent……I’m officially requesting a south asian tri-mester. Forget a small month. I want the whole damn quarter year. And I want it NOW!

    Y’all hear me. It’ll be 24 hours…..all south asian….all the time. Special guest speakers will include Governor Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, and director M. Night Shymalan.

    3 MONTHS! Nothing less.

      1. … and don’t forget a caddillac health care plan and a generous pension plan.

        Move over Tony Soprano, now you too can get a “no show” job.

    1. Every behavior (good or bad) involves a secondary gain.

      What do black people gain by using the race card?

      1. Great question 12grace. I’ve been thinking about it and cannot come up with an answer that makes any kind of sense.

        1. Simply stated:

          Some advantages of using the race card are as follows:

          1. Entitlements that often include monetary compensation.
          2. Opportunities ( Job, Education, etc.) aka Affirmative Action aka Affirmative Discrimination.
          3. Excuse for personal lack of success in life.
          4. Using White guilt to gain social and political power

          Can anyone think of any other secondary gains for using the race card?

          Personally,I think it is sad that the races can’t deal with their issues and stop the blame game and then come together as Americans and rebuild America according to the Constitution.

          1. Oh, yes. Like Obama, he has used race to now be the head on the most powerful nation on earth. You really think he did it alone? They also occupy US towns, no whites allowed. I went to apply for welfare, they laughed in my face, a black female. using words like freedom, other races have destroyed most of the USA freedoms. Faced with dominance, or equality, most choose domination. EXP. Obama now wants to strip the weathy of their wealth. Such open hatred turns my stomach.

            1. J said: Don’t you think most would not like to play cards at all?

              I don’t know if they would want to try to get into colleges w/out AA or try to get a job, given the economy, with-out AA. I do understand what it is like to look different than most of the people in your environment but you can still manage to assimilate.

      2. Walking in someone else’s shoes is difficult but it is good to try. I have many black friends and we freely discuss these issues and it is enlightening. Many don’t agree with playing the ‘race card’ as you call it. One friend was a Paint foreman in one city, he moved his family out of the city but could not get a job. (Pull himself by his bootstraps) He started his own business, walked door to door could not pay to paint someone’s house. He finally had to go to HUD to feed his family. HUD would set aside jobs for AA. But all their requirements kept him from making much on these Jobs. So he left HUD to try again on his own, this time he hired a white friend to make the calls in the same area he tried and he got lots of Jobs. He said it was humiliating when home owners would come to him and ask to speak with his boss not knowing he was the boss. How could such an experience not make you angry. Those white firefighters were rightly angry to be discriminated against.

        1. I empathize with your friends predicament. I am a minority so I have worn the shoes that you alluded to, I understand the ugliness of discrimination. I also understand that if I allow anger at the specific people that have discriminated against me (or those I love) to engulf me, I would become what my persecutors, are, racist. Or I could become bitter and hateful and demand that taxpayers owe me something. I urge your friend to forgive those who could not see behind color and focus on improving himself.

          I wonder if your black friends’, white friend, went into predominantly black area’s if they would have the same success as your black friend. It is not right, fair or kind but it is reality. They can make all the laws they want to make to legislate non-discriminatory policies but they can’t make people like or even respect those that are different than themselves.

          1. My friend is not bitter. He understand why things are they way they are. We know that the world under the control of God’s enemy will never solve these problems. We belong to a brotherhood that transcends these problems, it is truly a miracle on earth. Isa 2:1-4 shows what God can do to willing hearts. There are no boundaries (all man made) for true Christians. They love as Jesus said they should and it shows. No law except God’s can change hearts. The religions today are incapable of doing this because they compromise down to the level of their congregants instead of raising them up to conform to the kingly law.

    2. As much as I agree with this comment, it is not true. I am amazed at how much history is left out of our history books that show the AA contribution to technology or the country. You heard of the phrase ‘the real mccoy’ this was an AA man who held many patents on very important inventions. Read about Elijah McCoy born 1844. Imagine how knowing this information could lift some young black child to believe he can contribute. It is a disservice to the country not to include the mountain of information that could inspire a segment of our population to dream and make our lives better.

        1. Great question David.

          I would imagine if you are constantly told you are inferior and all the images you read about is slavery, it would make you fell good that you have some very intelligent people who contributed immensely to the development of this country .

          David, don’t you feel you can do anything. And you have proof, people like you are doing great things. For the AA child who sees only what whites have contributed and no images of what AA have done (just slaves) along with doubts of intelligence, it is constantly in the media (black test scores lag). I must say again, It is a disservice to the country not to include the mountain of information that could inspire a segment of our population to dream and make our lives better.

          1. After decades of this you think a patronizing month set up by white bigots is a good thing? The only reason race even matters to people is THEY allow it to. Personally I could give a flying fart in space about color. I am white and have lived as hard if not harder life than any person of color….So what? Does it make me more deserving of attention or less likely to do something? Nope. It is nothing but a datum in my life. We are allowing our children to be taught and raised on these faulty and down right insulting beliefs. Think it is a good thing for a young man to be told We finally stuck it to the white folks they gave us a month!? What does that teach? That A. White people hate them (lie) B. They need white peoples permission to make it in life (lie)

            This does far more harm than good.

            1. You must have been mistaken. I don’t agree with a separate month and you give some good reasons. History should be taught all the time no special month for one segment. But the objection is real history being left out or removed. Love your comment ‘Personally I could give a flying fart in space about color.’ that is good but you can go anywhere (except maybe a rap concert) without being conscious of your race. One of my friends said it is exhausting being conscious that you are different. He loves country music and has gone to concerts and he gets the odd looks or drunk people coming wanting to talk about race. I spent time in Africa and I know what he is talking about.

                1. what makes it great is things like today….My girl pre purchased mass effect 3 for valentines gift……And all got her was a stupid diamond ring LOL New favorite holiday and it doesn’t matter what color anyone is 😀

  2. Affirmative Action is an Abject Failure, just look at our President. Affirmative action itself is racism. To hire someone based on skin color alone is as bad as excluding someone because they are a certain skin color. I feel most racists are those that feel they are entitled to something just because they are taught to believe it by race baiters such as the likes of: Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and even Obama’s own Pastor of 20+ years Rev. Wright preached Black Liberation Theology. Democrats are the party of racism make no mistake about it.

    1. I think of affirmative action as affirmative discrimination for the very reasons you described, P.

      Personally, I think that everyone should be given the same test and told not to refer to their gender, race or religion in responses to the questions. No name would be put on top of the test, just a number or letter identifier. And the interviewer would not see the candidate and would hire or allow the candidate into a college program based only on their responses to the questions

      1. Just a small example. I went to school, 10 years, I attained MS in engineering. I worked for the Federal government. One day, a black recent high school grad, was given a job beside me, same salary. He was worthless. 6 months later, he was given a promotion, and a influenual position. He was 17 years old. Affirmative action, bah!

  3. OMG – that was so awesome. I about spewed coffee all over my monitor when he said he’s happy being black all year and Jesus already thought he was “to die for.”

    Sock it to ’em, Zo! Break those barriers!

    1. How did white people contribute to black equality? Maybe you mean the whites who alongside blacks fought for equal rights. They were already equal, they just did not have the same rights.

  4. I wonder what “Tawana Al” has to say about Zo.

    I wonder if “Tawana Al” can spell Zo.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Resist we much.

  5. Perhaps the promoters of black history month should include this interview by Samuel L. Jackson as an example of what it may mean to be black in America, now. Aka: Voting Race over Reason.

    Entertainment Samuel L. Jackson: ‘I Voted for Barack Because He Was Black’

    Samuel L. Jackson only voted for President Barack Obama because of the color of his skin, the Hollywood actor revealed in a profanity-laced interview in the March issue of Ebony magazine.
    “I voted for Barack because he was black. ’Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people — because they look like them,” Jackson said. “That’s American politics, pure and simple. [Obama’s] message didn’t mean sh-t to me

    1. 85-year-old, 110-lb grandmother strip-searched by TSA at JFK
      Vote for Obama and it’s a good chance that TSA agents will have the power to strip search Americans anywhere at any time for no reason at all.

      The fools that voted for obama because of his race, have only themselves to blame for the American brown-shirts that assault innocent Americans at airports, bus and train terminals . And if obama gets into office again, with the help of racists ( those that vote for Race over Reason) the power of the TSA
      ( obama brown-shirts) will expand.

      Obama Hurts Blacks The Most
      Black unemployment in double digits!

      Are America’s Black voters waking up – or do they need another 4 years of this?

      We know many of them thought they were voting for salvation and reparations. Many thought the MEssiah was the second coming. They saw his skin color and big city cool. They looked no further.

      But Obama has steadily scared jobs off shore, and turned venture capital dollars into hoards of gold and silver. It was predictable that Blacks would suffer quickest – and the most. Today official Black Unemployment is running at 16.1%, but actual Black Unemployment is 23%!

      Some historical hints:
      Stalin wasn’t a Russian, – he was Georgian. Guess how he treated the Georgians?
      Hitler wasn’t a German, – he was Austrian. How did he treat the Austrians? He was also part Jewish, – and you know how that worked out.
      So 2½ years into the Obama Era, – have Blacks begun to see the light? Are they able to see past skin color yet and judge the man by the ‘content of his character‘?


      1. It would appear that the black community has already judged the content of white character and found it wanting.

        In the 50’s and 60’s the Blacks fought against segregation and won. But, it appears that someone, maybe Martin Luther King himself forgot to mention that when you end Segregation, you get INTEGRATION. That is, when the laws no longer enforce separation, you have to live together. Your kids are going to get bussed to schools where the will learn and interact with white kids and you can’t prevent it. And you asked for it.

        The Black power model, communist and racist inspired, cannot tolerate an end to conflict. When suddenly there were laws prohibiting discrimination and remedies within the law that black people could use, the Black subversives, afro-centrist, anti-colonialists and communists went crazy. What happens to revolutionaries when the revolution succeeds? After Cuba, Fidel sent Che to South America where he was killed. After Lenin, Trotsky was sent to Mexico and murdered. After Lyndon Johnson placed black in servitude to the Democratic party, ML King was sent to Memphis.

        Martin Luther King and all his talk about the character of man and having a dream of a better tomorrow for every individual black person, did not sit well with a revolution which was falling apart. They had to murder him. They could not let the momentum of this racist movement die.

        When you think about it, which is more beneficial to the racist movement? A living Martin Luther King urging blacks to first consider the character of a man or a huge rock on the mall, standing forever like an iron fire plug, depicting a black man murdered by a white society? Which would have more value to Obama?

        For the purposes of the transformation of the United States, racial hatred cannot be allowed to wither. For the purposes of these “internationalists,” hatred of any kind must be fed, encouraged, celebrated —gender hatred, class hatred, religious hatred, national origin hatred— all hatred is good for the transformation party because they are so few, so driven and so pathetic.

        Now we see the character of the men and women Black activists and white communists would have us listen to: Barbara Jackson Lee, racist, Maxine Waters, racist, specializing in hatred, Jesse Jackson, child rapist, extortionist, Al Sharpton, con man, Charles Wrangle, tax cheat, Samuel L Jackson, arrogant, narcissistic, ignorant racist, Dan Glover, communist racist, and my ex-favorite actor, the erudite snob, Morgan Freeman–These are the models for black youth in the 21st century.

        I picture a movement among black activists in the 2050’s to bring back segregation. Maybe we won’t have to wait that long.

        1. WFM, I had to read your thoughts twice. Not because I couldn’t understand you, just the opposite. They spell out in crystal clarity the state of race relations today and, more importantly, the underlying cause. Control by division.

          It is a shame that most people are not exposed to the truths that you express or if they are they are dismissed as just another racist rant when in fact they actually espouse a greater assimilation of differences and identify the agenda of those who would hinder it.

          Thank you for this great post.

          1. Gino you hit it on the head, Truth is simply truth. It can be ignored or buried or out shouted for a time, but it cannot be destroyed.

            “Black is Beautiful, Black Power, Black Pride”–these are the words which, history will record, condemned a generation.

            My heart is at one moment filled with pity and the next, empty of mercy.

    2. Congressional Black Caucus members have said the exact same thing. Point blank said that if it weren’t for the fact that he’s the first black President, they’d be marching on the White House. What difference does it make, folks???

  6. First of all, Black History Month is NOT a form of segregation, but was instituted as a way to fight against it in times where Black people were victim of that said segregation! In 1926, the “Negro History Week”, later Black History Month, was established in a spirit of remembrance of the marking events in Black History and the characters that helped make it, as they were nowhere to be found in history books since clearly history was written by the victors, so definitely reflects their values. It is to remember events like slavery, fights like the civil rights movement or the apartheid, people like Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. that we have this month! And clearly, it is doing a shitty job at it because we are still having this f*cking conversation to this day! Why do people feel so offended, huh? Are you that offended when you hear we have an international women’s day? When you hear we have a Holocaust remembrance day? Are they being segregated too, huh? So when I hear people say “black culture”, if there is even such thing as this, receives “special treatment”, it just pisses the f*ck out of me!

    1. Funny, I see not black history money in England, the instigator and shipping of 165,000 black slaves to the US, before 1776. Instead it is taught in their schools every day. Somebody has their wires crossed.

    2. Great Point. In keeping with your notion, it is time for Whites, Asians and other races of people in America to have their history months, so we can all appreciate the contributions of ALL racial groups to our rich history.

  7. We’re not supposed to “see” color yet it is used as a tool to encourage separation (BET, black history month, The Black Perspective etc). It’s like a woman who spends thousands for breast enhancement then is insulted if a man happens to notice. What is it you want?

  8. Message from the White House:

    “In honor of Black History Month, we ask that each American pay tribute to Black History by resolving to vote for Barack Obama this November. By supporting our first Black President, you are celebrating the contribution Barack Obama has made to the liberating Black people from the Republican oppression of the last century and a half. Barack Obama has done more to advance the Black cause than all of our nation’s greatest Black heroes combined, including Martin Luther King Jr, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Sheila Jackson Lee, Van Jones, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Chris Rock. Please remember the accomplishments of Barack Obama this November, and help defeat the racist, gun-wielding, fat-cat Republicans, once and for all.”

    1. It’s interesting that so many people voted for obama because he LOOKS full black when in reality we know he is half white.

      Barack Obama: The first Arab-American president

      Barack Obama 50% White, 44% Arab and 6% Black: the Proof, Gauged

      Obama is An Arab American

      Barack Obama Message to Arab Americans

      Limbaugh: Obama is of “Arab-African” descent.

  9. Black population apx 12%

    Apx 80% of NBA players, black
    Apx.60% of NFL players, black

    I want an investigation.

      1. Curling! There’s no black representation in the honorable Scottish sport of Curling. I see a class action suit in the near future.

    1. Sorry , racist, and probably ignored, but when blacks were enslaved, and brought to the USA, they were picked by their apparent physical endowment. The best of the best, endured. Just look to Africa, and see the ones left behind.

  10. I just love this guy….who ever we elect …this guy needs to be the WH spokesmen…can you see him out there answering the questions for the Lame Stream Media….lol

    1. How funny would that be?

      Zo: “No, I’m not trying to avoid your question, it’s just that you’re stupid and I don’t feel like lowering myself to your standards. Next please. And please make it a smart question this time.”

  11. Every American should love this guy. Virtually every historical event in US history had a black man there. If we could just reveal truthful history, people would celebrate all mankind, not just one culture. I am color blind. My life has taught me to value individuals, not races. Now, if we could get the racist Democratic party, to get it’s head out of the sand, we might progress futher. God bless you , Zo.

    1. I might agree. But your comments throughout this topic conflict with the beautiful statement you just make here. In fact i had to look back to see if this is the same person. You sound very bitter. It is sad, some of the comments here. I agree with the sentiments here, it would be nice if we were all color blind, but the fact is we are not, no one is color blind. We see the differences and we behave accordingly.

      When people say I am color blind, they are misleading themselves, unless they are literally blind. It is impossible to be color blind. What you want to work hard to be is impartial. And that is hard. (I think there are very few racist and I hate to see people labeled with that tag). But we must be honest and admit that we are partial. It is natural, you are partial to your family, to people like you. People will gravitate to familiar people.

      If you had to hire a person and you semi-qualified best friend applied and a well qualified AA applied who would you choose? Even if the well qualified person was white it would still be a difficult choice. That is why we must work hard to be impartial. I think God helps with that, he sets things straight between people (Isaiah 2:1-4). That is why religion is an utter failure, because it was supposed to produce a brotherhood that transcends these differences.

      The world will never solve these problems, ever! This is a fact. It takes individuals to change their own mind and hearts. Making laws to force people only buries it. Throwing money at people is also not the answer. I love how God dealt with the haves and have nots in the bible. The haves were never to strip bare their crops during the harvest, they were to leave a good amount behind for the have nots who would have to work to gather the remaining crops.

      This is better than anything both parties offer. Yes the haves should not be so greedy as if to believe they made it rain and made the sun come out to grow their crops. Nor will the have nots be given hand outs, they must work hard and feel good about their hard work. Of course the poor is not a white and black issue (more poor whites than blacks by population). Laws will not change what people are inside only God can do that for a willing heart.

  12. I’m surprised there’s a black history month, too. Affirmative action dictates that minorities receive proportional representation. As of the census in ’10, blacks make up 12.2% of the population. There’s no month that makes up 12.2% of the year. In order to adequately pander to the black community, this year’s black history “period” should last 44.53 days, running from 12:00 a.m. on February 1st through 12:31:56 p.m. on March 17th.


  13. It’s really a shame that the blacks don’t get behind him. They don’t even realize they’re the new slaves–on Uncle Sam’s Plantation! (thank you, Star Parker!)

    1. And futher, other races do not see the Uncle Sam plantation, where they live. I, white eyes, have been throw out of more towns, than any black. It was truely shocking to have a US city policeman tell you to leave town, although you have broken no law. Hang together or hang seperately.

      1. Oh man – that would be magical! Can you even imagine!?! (BTW, “Like” Zo on Facebook – he’s got lots to say!)

      2. I think Bill Whittle is the best anywhere in breaking down liberal lies. I always make my teenager nieces listen to him, to counter-act all the liberal propaganda being shilled at school!

          1. At first I thought it wasn’t(I would get eye rolls) but one day last summer I came across my niece arguing with her pal about poverty. Her friend was saying that the welfare system was not working, that the poor needed more money, and Samatha said that the poor in North America had 10 times more than the poor in other countries and that it if it wasn’t enough that they could always try working for a living instead. I wanted to rush over and cheer her, but I just smiled and walked on..Thanking God for Bill and his kick-butt videos!

              1. Ahh thanks…I am sure they think of me as the annoying auntie sometimes, but I don’t care…it is important for them to know the truth! My three year old and 18 month old will be learning it all the way till they are out the door and into the world.

  14. Unfortunately Zo makes this about black vs white also to make his point. To delve even further you should ask yourself the question, is there any other ethnic minority that has a culture month in America? Do we have asian american history month? Do we have hindu american history month? Do we have jewish american history month? Do we have hispanic american history month?
    Zo is right, by segregating themselves to a history month they seperate themselves from every other member of american society and also claim themselves to be incapable of succeeding without it. Or are only blacks the victims of racism?

    1. None of the above. And don’t even THINK about having a “European American” club. You’ll get sued. It’s ok for African American, Mexican American, Asian American, etc. Those of us of European background aren’t “allowed” to be proud of OUR heritage. It makes us racist!

          1. Since Germans were instrumental in founding much of this south central TX area, we have HUGE Oktoberfests. The big ones are in Fredericksburg and New Braunfels. Lots of German influence in the area.

            1. I never had a chance to go to south central Texas when I lived there, but I always wanted to go to New Braunfels. I’m not German (that I know of) But I always like to learn about other cultures 🙂

              1. I am part German–I can’t remember if I put that on my pedigree list or not–there are so many! LOL. When I lived in CA, the local Scottish games were across the street from my house, and I did go to the Highland Games in Pleasanton, CA–those are the largest Highland Games outside of Scotland.

                1. They are quite amazing!! I loved the calling of the clans. It’s HUGE in Pleasanton–they come from all over the world. I’ve never seen/heard so many bagpipes in one place in my life. I love the pipes!

                2. Very good! Have you ever read Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series? I think you would love it! It’s an amazing storyline. Scotland and Ireland are on my bucket list of places I MUST go before I die!

                3. I haven’t read that series, but I’ve heard of it. Thanks tvlds, I’ll put it on my list of “need to read” 🙂 I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland and Ireland too. I have no idea if I have any of that blood in me, but pictures look so beautiful, and I love the music and history of both countries. Another place I always wanted to go is Florence Italy. Michaelangelo is my favorite artist, and I love Italian food 😉 I think I may have some Italian blood in me as I talk with my hands all the time (or that could be Jewish, oy vey!) but I do have a bit of a Roman nose 😉

                4. They’re very long books, but well worth the read.

                  To my knowledge, I have no Italian or Jewish, but I’ve had people tell me that if I broke my hand, I couldn’t talk! LOL!

                5. My great grandmother was born in Scotland and migrated to Canada before she came to the US…I think Nova Scotia, but wouldn’t swear to it. I’d have to ask my mom. Also a lot of Scots on Dad’s side of the family. They were among the early settlers in VA and Looney’s Ferry exists to this day.

    2. Did you know that there are a lot of groups and individuals that are up in arms because black history month is February, the shortest month of the year? They see this as an attempt to demean blacks. Go figure.

      1. I guess that is offensive when you think about it, and don’t consider that there are the ONLY ones that have a whole month dedicated to them.

        1. Hey Cracker. (thought that would be an appropriate salutation considering the topic of this thread). Hope you’re doing well.

            1. People around the country are going to realize how spoiled we are here when I tell you I’m freezing in this 41 degree weather, brrrrr!

              1. LOL- it’s 46 here right now. Never made it out of the low 50’s (it was 49 when I got home from church at 12:45!) No worries, I just turned the oven off, and turned on my ‘lectric blankie. I’m off to zzzzz here in a minute. Night my favorite fellow Floridian! Have a Blessed week my friend! 🙂

      2. I think it’s time for the federal government to come up with a truly beneficial program. All Occupiers plus all these special interest complainers need to be put in a program where they are sent to any 3rd world nation of their choice with no money and let them fend for themselves for a month.
        I think they will come back with a renewed frame of reference and perhaps not be complaining about having to pay tuition fees or having a history month that is the shortest, etc..etc…

  15. As an American of Mexican and Native American decent I totally agree with this vid. I hate Hispanic month. First and foremost and all I really care about is that I’m an American. I love where I came from but this is our country. We Americans need to protect our country. Don’t let the few in charge try to separate us by ethnicity for we have strength in numbers. God Bless America

    1. Amen. I’ve always said that hyphens divide, so that makes hyphenated Americans divided Americans. I’m part Cherokee, English, German, French, Scottish, Irish, and who knows what else!

      We have become a nation of tribes – by design, by and for the liberals. All they have is the race card.

      1. We must be related….. Americans ! What makes progressives so slow on the take up unless it is to try to separate the races, and religions, and ethnicities, and classes? They must believe that they profit from it greatly, (I think that they do).
        Zo is a terrific proponent of Americanism IMHO.

        1. Yep we’re related–AMERICANS! Yes, the progressives profit and they get a lot of votes by pretending to care….all they’re doing is creating a modern day class of “slaves.” Totally dependent on Uncle Sam for their every need.

          1. Yup, “Totally dependent on Uncle Sam for their evey need” , That IS the antithesis of Independence ! , The Biggest thing our nation was founded on ! There’s where our FU attitude comes from, and IMHO why we will not fail in keeping our freedoms in the long haul. In our histories, we have always had to fight for our freedoms and independence, ( throughout our lineages ), just read the history of any of them, from the Cherokee to the more recent immigrant antecedants. That will fortify us in our quest to keep the promise of freedoms and rights as laid out for us in our founding documents. !!!

            1. The sad thing is they don’t realize it. White, brown, black, doesn’t matter-if you’re living on Uncle Sam’s Plantation, you’re a slave.

              1. Yeah, I agree with you again. We do have to figure out ways to keep our kids and grandkids out of the plantation ! Motivate and educate !

  16. He is so awesome! My hubby loves him and always asks me if Scoop has put another video up! Thanks Scoop!

  17. As usual Zo’s right on. If I were black all of the ‘helping hands’ offered up by Democrats would be demeaning. As I’m not black all of the ‘helping hands’ offered up by Democrats are infuriating. Maybe we start calling them Commiecrats – because that’s what they are.

  18. He spoke my mind… I’ve always thought it was riduculous to set aside a month to celebrate black history. Nothing more to say… brilliant as always!

    1. I posted a tweet saying the same thing a couple of days ago. If we’re going to have a black history month, why not white, yellow, red and every other color out there?

      1. We have yellow and “brown.” “Hispanic” isn’t even a race. They fall under Caucasian whether they like it or not. There are 3 races–Negroid, Caucasoid, and Mongoloid. That’s it.

            1. Don’t forget just so you do not mix any one up the make believe category, black or white must be specified. Our first affirmative action pres. isn’t working out that well. It always seems like a waste of time every year every government agency looks for a black individual to make a presentation. Imagine inviting Mrs. Obama, what on earth would her torture segment cover. I may be a technicolor American but the only answer I give to inquiring “minds” is American. End racism now–no more “voluntary labels”, affirmative action, or democrats.

    1. powerful, I will be using that in the future(would it be wrong to pretend I came up with it?) Darn, yes it would..especially with Jesus is the sentence. Sigh I can never fully be a bad ass!

      1. You’re cracking me up Nibble!! Actually, Zo didn’t coin that phrase either. I’ve seen it on various Facebook posts & such. A good one, for sure. I’ve got a son who lacks self-confidence in many areas & I always tell him that God doesn’t make junk – He sent His Son to die for him so he must be pretty amazing in God’s eyes and yes, Jesus thinks we are to die for. Praise Him!

          1. Yes, we need to arrange a place to “friend” each other. I don’t really want to post it here, with 12K+ of my bff’s. Ha ha. However I do love many of the folks here & definitely consider y’all “friends.” (you too toongoon!) ;~)

        1. God is so cool! I will be praying that God shows your son His purpose for his life. Once we know that God has put a purpose in all of us, then we can’t help but be filled with confidence and promise. We are fearfully and wonderfully made!

  19. I would like to see Alfonso take on the black liberal left and teach them about prominent black Republicans from the past and how the Democrats have always been racist and continue to be racist to promote an agenda and keep themselves relevant.

    1. What a good idea. Get ZO to do history videos, actual, factual history about great Americans, directed toward black students. Gradually, through a series, he could lift the level of diction/English, but that could be a really effective special history program. Probably the schools of this nation would refer to it as “alternative history” since it wouldn’t be part line history.

  20. Everything he just said, is what I’ve thought ever since I heard of such things as Black History month, the Black Caucus, and the NAACP… but then again, I’m white, so I must be racist. Then again, I knew that already. I love Zo!

    PS- I teach my son about some great people, George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington among others… according to the rules, should these guys only be tought during one month out of the year, or are you free to teach about them any time?

  21. This is why Liberals don’t even know they are projecting. They constantly accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. But they don’t know that what they’re doing is whacked. They think taking care of others at the expense of everyone is better than letting each individual have control of their lives. It’s simple why they think this. They have no comprehension of what “have control of their lives” means. If you do know what it means, you can no longer be a Liberal.

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