ZoNation decimates Occupy’s covetous logic

In light of the recent May Day protests, Zo takes a few minutes to show Occunuts how stupid their logic is:

The Occupy gremlins disrupted America on May Day, sending powdered substances to banks, and disrupting work days. Who do the OWS people think handles envelopes? Fat cats, or workers? Fat cats, or workers? AlfonZo Rachel gives you the answers.

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29 thoughts on “ZoNation decimates Occupy’s covetous logic

  1. No no no no!

    Zo, do not encourage the Occupy Leaches to migrate to Canada. We don’t want ’em. We’re no where near as socialist as they want the USA to be.

    Give us a break, man. There’s lots of conservatives up here, too. 😉

  2. He just makes too much sense for them to understand. You’d have to dumb that way down for “ocunuts” (love that) to listen.

  3. This is great,
    The words of wisdom stated in the video by Mr Rachel could lead to greatness.
    I hope Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson saw this video, there is a home for them in other parts of the world, but I guess they enjoy their evil lives here in America, where they can keep their heads attached at the shoulder.
    Cannibals are on the loose and after obamas statment about how tasty dogs are, you need to watch out for mans best friend, your dog (s). HEE!HEE!HEE!

    Thanks Afonzo
    Tea Party Patriot
    History is like the Tea Party Movement of America, it never forgets & stays the course towards freedom and liberty, even when the sheepers try to rewrite the truth, and facts of history.

  4. Zonation proves again to be a well thought out, Socratic place of reason. In other words, it rocks, it says the truth, it asks questions to be thought about, and it leaves the viewer going, “Hunh! The man’s got a point, there!”

    Way to go, Zonation! (ocunuts need not apply!)

  5. Thou shall no steal, though shall not covet what belong to others. Part of the ten commandment that leftist conveniently ignore

  6. He ended with logic that never even crossed my mind. If socialism is so great why do liberals scream bloody murder when we want to send someone back to a socialist state? This should trigger the left to ask why there are so many people fleeing socialist countries to come here, and no one is fleeing this country to go to a socialist one.

  7. Occunuts. That’s a good one. I prefer Occupunk. Little boyz who want to be little girls and little girls who want to be littler girls. All of whom never got their pair of big kid pants and are still wearing their little boys or little girl panties while living off their mommies teets. Some of them are 30 and 40 years old still hanging around their parents basements. Their only saving grace is that in Van Jones’s revolution they are the cannon fodder. Others are left over hippie cretins who live in the age of Obama but are still smoking the same crap that they did in the age of Aquarius.

  8. This guy is soooo full of awesomeness. I really hope his message makes it beyond TRS.

    1. Well, every time one of his videos comes out, I send it to many friends, like I just did with this one. (nobody tells me to stop 🙂

  9. I’ve said that for years. If socialism is so great then go to country x.

    Zo knocked that one to the moon.

    1. I’m for offering free tickets to country X and canceling their citizenship in the USA. I think that every time I hear the socialist or atheist arguments — let them go to Cuba or China or that socialist atheist paradise North Korea.

  10. ZO! Dude! Luv ya… but America’s Occunuts, which you would so love to be rid of, would have a harder time of it here in Canada. So don’t send them up here. Those whackos are getting their asses thumped in Montreal… and remember, Quebec is the entitlement capital of the universe… but even the average Quebecker can’t stand the foul smelling moochers.

    Remember… Canada’s the conservative place now, (in relative terms mind you). We are no longer the socialist Shangri La that you think we are.

      1. Who said Canada’s didn’t have socialized medicine? Actually 30% is in the private sector.

        The nice thing about RS is that it’s commentators can converse in fact without blanket absolutist statements and can acknowledge the nuances of fact that make up given realities; realities like, what is or is not socialist? I stated what is conservative in relative terms.

        Up until the 1950’s Canada definitely was a quintessentially conservative nation. We didn’t suffer the progressive era that America did.. Like all countries, that has changed. But Canada in many ways is becoming putatively more Conservative again through a conservative government and a cultural change. America under the Democrats is moving in the opposite direction. Nobody can deny that. One small example… America’s corporate tax rate hovers above 30%, while Canada’s is 15%. But both countries reel under the contamination of leftism.

        So the point is that while Zo can slag Canada as socialist (which is not the case) it’s dumb for him to compare it to Cuba and and other hell holes. His statement belies an ignorance. A better person to detail the nuances would be Steven Crowder. He lived here and as a popular conservative can attest to what is “socialist” and what is not. Canada has all the same freedoms which made America great, and was a magnet for immigrants in the same way as America over the last hundred years. We have the same rags to riches stories that are told south of our border.

        So if you heard someone compare America to the dung holes that comprise real socialist nations, you would not stand for it either.

        And as a patriotic Canadian, as much as I like Zo, I’m not in agreement with him when he says something about Canada which is not true.

        1. A socialist nation does not have to be completely socialist to be socialist. The United States is a socialist nation in my mind because conservatism is losing. People get ahold of those handouts promised by politicians and they won’t let go. That’s the problem with elected officials….they bribe people for their vote and it’s disgusting. They care only for their career and not a damn about the state of the nation. As long as they get theirs it’s all good. They need to make it illegal to make any promises of handouts, but even then people would figure out which party will give them the goodies for votes. The only solution would be to write into the Constitution what the politicians cannot get involved in…explicity.

          By the way, there is no way to compare socialist nations in a single sentence when your only point is to say they have a heavy amount of socialism. I have talked to Canadians who say Canada IS a socialist nation, some that can’t really classify it, and some that say it’s capitalist. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. North Korea and Cuba are communist. Both Canada and the U.S. are tilted in that direction. Maybe Canada will not go any further, but it’s not looking good for the U.S. because Marxists have taken over the Democrat party and it’s very easy to fool the idiots who believe communism is a good thing.

          1. Good points.

            The only solution would be to write into the Constitution what the politicians cannot get involved in…explicity. That’ll be some mighty long list. The Constitution as is, is fine. It just has to be followed and there will be no problem.

            If Canada is a socialist nation, it is socialist in the exact same way America is a socialist nation. It’s just that we already have the decrepit healthcare as a cherry on top. But America has all the same burdensome entitlements which Canada has.

            I’m not a big fan of this “socialist” meme. I know what socialism is from looking at the Soviet Union, East Europe etc. We are not there…. yet. But we are moving in that direction… but it is more apt to say that we are moving toward fascism. Obama fits that description in the same way Germany’s National Socialists fit the description.

            1. Yeah, I know we can’t put all that in the Constitution, but we have gotten where we are because government doesn’t pay any attention to it unless it’s something that’s way over the line. Problem is, liberalism creeps up on you. They push the limits of the Constitution one day, then later on they push it a little further. Next thing you know you’re thinking “how did we get way over here?” and the new lines have already been drawn.

              We will be the next nation to have socialized medicine if we lose this battle. You said your corporate tax rate is only 15%, but what about the tax rate on individual wage earners? Years ago I heard people were paying 60%.

              1. Ugh!

                We have a “progressive” sliding scale.

                15% on the first $42,707 of taxable income, +

                22% on the next $42,707 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over $42,707 up to $85,414), +

                26% on the next $46,992 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over $85,414 up to $132,406), +

                29% of taxable income over $132,406.

                Which works about to 22% for 130K plus provincial taxes plus about 10-12%
                Plus Provincial taxes for total of about 32%…. then we have Harmonized Sales Tax etc etc.

                So we work for the Government up till July 1st… the rest we can keep till New Years.

                Isn’t it great!

                1. Lol, that was great. I wasn’t expecting you to be an IRS agent with all the details.

  11. PJTV is the 2nd best thing that’s come to the internet since TheRightScoop.com. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow… that made total sense! Which is why those babies won’t get it.

    Alfonso pointed out so many valid points that those idiots really don’t have a legitimate leg to stand on. But of course, if they don’t act like morons, then they don’t get paid (as we found out – again). Find their masters, cut off the head and the body will dissipate.

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