ZoNation eviscerates Juan Williams over ‘code words’

This is Zo at his absolute best. He tears apart Juan Williams for alleging that Republicans are using ‘code words’ like ‘food stamp president’ to promote racism, and points the finger right back at Juan Williams and his own insecurities about being black.


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64 thoughts on “ZoNation eviscerates Juan Williams over ‘code words’

  1. Very well done. I’d also say, when Newt Gingrich calls Obama the Food Stamp President because a record number of people are on food stamps, you never hear Democrats talk about reducing the number of people on food stamps, they just call him a racist. They consider more people on food stamps a success, it’s a goal they have. Remember when Bush was President, and the Feds were advertising food stamps, trying to get more people to sign up? More people on food stamps equals more bureaucrats needed to run the program equals more SEIU members sending in dues.

  2. I felt bad when NRP fired Juan but I do not care for his opinions at all, he is a liberal. Fox is using more libs all the time. I shut the television off most of the time now. Great, the Christian Scientist democrat seems to be the most “fair & balanced”

  3. More men like this are much needed in the bla ck community.
    Send him down to Memphis to confront that disgraceful disk jocky who attacked the conservative bla ck woman.

  4. Back in the ’60s, Cracker Jack had a jingle that went, “Lip smacking, paddy whacking, peanuts and a prize, that’s what you get in Cracker Jack.” Irish Racism! Oh no! It’s a direct attack on our dear Barry O’bama.

  5. That was awesome. Man, if a white guy says that stuff he’s a racist and if a black guy says it he’s an Uncle Tom. You can’t win with these jokers. Good use of common sense and pizazz by Zo.

  6. Any time juan is on radio or tv, off it goes. The man is a complete liberal fool. Hey juan: that’s code word for an idiot.

  7. So that’s why the clerk at the mini-mart refused to sell a box of Cracker Jacks to the black guy in front of me.

    Man, I gotta get me one o dem decoder rings, all this time I been winging it.

  8. Absolutely awesome! He nailed it right smack dab on the head. Juan Williams is only one of a whole buncha race baiters that are ‘working the crowd’ on behalf of Obamao.

    1. Hey, I really like that “right smack dab on the head”. I talk like that but don’t think I’ve ever typed it out ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes, this was very good.

  9. Zo
    Outstanding work, loved it very much. As you showed on that clip, racism is alive and doing well but it it is mostly coming from the left. I am sure you get this kind of garbage all the time.
    Thanks, keep it up.

  10. Ok, guys. The games up. They got us. I’m turning in my code book:

    Dumbo Whatshername Schmutz — brain-dead

    Pelosi — idiot

    Reid — senile

    Obama — slick willy

    Biden — ignoramus

    Barney Fwank — Barney Fwank

    Now I’m burning it. Hu-wan is on to us.

    1. you forgot madcow, crissy tingles, mslsd, communist news network…. ok, yeah, there’s kind of a long list in that code book huh. I think we’ll need a few more matches, or maybe a flame thrower.

  11. Remember a week ago Chris Matthews was saying the things that Newt said to Juan were a dog whistle for racists. If that were so why is it that Chris could hear it?

  12. hope it’s not too late i’m tired of doin jumping jacks trying 2 wake EVERYBODY UP………!!!!!!!

  13. Thanks Zo, keep telling it like it is and you will help more blacks than the Democrap Party ever has. I love PJ Media.

  14. “Obama” is code for “dilusional Half-Black who buys into elitist White socialist Ideologies in the attemp of appearing post-racial and enlightened”. I better not hear any of the Republican racists using that epithet in the presidential campaign.

  15. Code words. That’s funny, so Juan is trying to say (its a metaphor) that Repubiks are cacking up their grids but Blacks are intercepting the actual numbers without a CEOI? That about sum it up?

    Well Juan, here’s a code word for you: cram it dipweed. You know what a dipweed is don’t you Juan? By the way Juan, that’s code for you’re a jackwagon.

  16. I remember when every conservative blog jumped to Juan’s defense after the NPR fiasco and it made me sick. Juan Williams is a typical hate spewing liberal and to see so many conservatives celebrate this lying piece of scum made me sick.

    But that’s what conservatives do. And that, more than anything else, is why we are so doomed. When more conservatives respect Juan Williams than they do Mark Levin there is no hope left. But that’s the world we live in.

      1. The leftist scum have been calling conservatives scum or other derogatory synonym for years. It seems to be working pretty good for them. On the other hand, lefty’s aren’t trying to win a battle of ideas, they’re trying to force theirs on us by stealth.

        1. You know toon… you’re just calling it like it is. I think what you are engaged in is what could be called “shoving back”. A lot more of it is in order because they are not getting the message any other way… and time is preciously short. And you are right… the battle of ideas is an “idea” totally foreign to them. Like outraged practitioners of the religion of peace, it’s all screaming, yelling and name calling. Fingering their behaviour and outing it is the only way now.

          1. Offense is zero’s best and probably only weapon in this campaign. We know that Romney is going to be kept on defense with Romneycare, not caring about the poor, being a nintynine percenter, and questionable business practices (whether or not they actually were). Romney is going to get cut off at the knees as soon as he is christened the republican nominee.

            Newt on the other hand, has shown a willingness to stand up to zero and if he is able to take the offensive from the get go he will stand a chance. Yuri is right, we don’t need to start name calling but we do need to be aggressive, take the fight to him, don’t let up, do not let him see you sweat (people liked that about obama in 2008).

            The challenge for Newt will not be just obama, but the democrats, the media, and the republicans. The unions and OWS will also lend their skills but it is the American people he needs to impress. It will be a hard fought battle but Newt will win if he stays committed and most importantly have his facts ready.

  17. Yay for Zo.

    I’ve thought for a long time that it is really insulting to black people and kinda racist for the Dems to claim that any criticism of KingBarry’s policies is ‘racist’.

    Because what they’re saying then…is that all of Barry’s bad ideas and tyrannical way of governing, is representative of black people as a whole.

    1. Me and my family were on food stamps for a short time and we were glad to have them. I approve of a basic safety net so people don’t starve.

      Saying it’s racist to talk about food stamps assumes that all recipients must be black…pretty awful thing to say, ain’t it? Especially for a black man.

    1. As I was watching the video, I was thinking exactly the same thing!

      He would be a terrific asset to GBTV.

      Not sure if there would be enough material for 1 hour each night. Once a week would give Zo time to write and rehearse.

  18. This is precisely what our country needs. We need minorities turning the lights on the democrat cockroaches.

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