ZoNation: GOP has let Democrats define them

Zo says the core of our problems aren’t fiscal but that seems all the GOP is willing to make the argument about. He’s saying race has a lot more to do with it but Republicans don’t have the constitution to take on an issue like that and thus we always end up with McCainiacs and we lose:

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26 thoughts on “ZoNation: GOP has let Democrats define them

  1. Very instructive video. The GOP always playing NOT to “offend”…playing defense and appearing timorous and weak, like living in a make believe world…’cause they are. The conservative rank and file?…that’s a different deal…they are on fire and dedicated and able to debate, they just don’t have the “fire in the belly” leadership in congress…

  2. It’s a lot worse than Zo is saying here. Much worse. Conservatives do worse than ignoring it. They help it. They encourage it. And they not only fail to defend themselves and their most articulate role models, they lead the attack against them. Why?

    Because they want to be liked. They want to be seen as “reasonable”. They think if they “engage” with liberals they’ll be respected. Bull.

    Liberals must be defeated and they must be destroyed in the most brutal fashion possible.

    Oh, but make sure you’re polite and “respectful” while you do it.

  3. Is there any way RINO’s like Romeny & Boehner can be forced to watch at least one of Zo’s videos each and every day?

    …. Just wishful dreaming I guess.

  4. ‘Zo is correct. But it’s a very extensive problem: It isn’t just about race.

    Republicans seem destined to accept the framing of every issue exactly as the University Professors–the majority of whom are leftists–describe them. Then they spend decades wallowing about in these poorly-framed issues, trying to show Democrats how Republicans could make things better. It’s as foolish a task as trying to fix someone’s marriage problems by pretending to be part of their marriage.

    My usual prime example some of you have seen before. It involves the illegal alien problem facing our Republic.

    Too many Republicans accept the language of the left when discussing this issue. They fall prey to calling it “the immigration issue.” They lazily adopt horribly-formed arguments from the left about “illegal immigration,” and “a racist immigration policy,” also “barriers to immigration,” and “the rights of migrant workers.” This leaves them prey to all sorts of accusations of racism every time they try to provide solutions to the illegal alien problem. They fail to recognize openly–and loudly–that the illegal alien problem is not related to the concept of people choosing to emigrate to a new country to become citizens.

    It takes mental discipline to stop using the language of the left in dealing with these issues.

    This same phrase, “the language of the left” is the one Rush Limbaugh used when saying Newt Gingrich was framing his attacks on Romney’s time at Bain by using the language of the left. Again, the same problem. Poor mental discipline regarding the defense of capitalism is what leads to the problem Newt created for himself. The evidence of just how bad the problem is comes from all the calls Rush received from “diehard conservatives” telling him he was wrong. The fact is, he was totally correct, just as Mr. Rachel is in the video posted here today.

    Other areas where Republicans put on the clown suit Democrats have provided include: a generally weak understanding of the origins of the modern state of Israel; failing to keep current with science in the areas of climate, energy, and health; falling for the Democrat framing of the debasement of marriage as “gay rights;” and confusing “compassion” with “government assistance.” This list is by no means complete.

    A lack of mental discipline is what caused Rick Perry’s moment to evaporate. Arguably, it ended the Cain campaign and the Bachmann campaign. We need to do as ‘Zo suggests: learn what the Conservative-Libertarian way of thinking really means, and where the Constitution came from (not just what’s in it).

  5. Wow….100% correct. One of the best that I’ve seen from Zo. Although he always amazes me with his straight forward truth. He should be the press secretary for the next administration…pending it’s not Obama that is.

  6. Zo is the man!

    The GOP needs to listen to him. His opinions are always clear, concise and
    right on the mark.

    • He does not bow to political correctness
    • He does not fear leftist reprisals
    • He does not get tangled in bureaucratic minutia

    His advice is absolutely priceless in dealing with this corrupt regime – the GOP
    should follow it… before it’s too late.

  7. The accusation of racism has gotten to be like the boy who cried wolf. It may be a problem somewhere, they tried to make it a problem everywhere, now its hard to see it really anywhere. Well, except maybe in the democrat party.

  8. The problem is, as the saying goes, “A lie gets halfway around the world before truth has a chance to put it’s pants on.” We fail at communicating with liars. Our candidates, or should I say Romney, would rather spend his money tearing down his own than putting that money to use spreading the truth about democrats. Yes I know he is exactly who Zo is talking about.

    1. no need to tell rep A. West. he explained the history of democrates with just four S’s: slavery, sucession, segregation, and socialism

  9. “Just ignore it and it’ll go away..” Exactly. Liberals have been allowed to shove a sanitized, fake history down the throats of every one, painting themselves as the pro black, pro minority party, the pro civil rights because of liars like “rev’s” notsosharpton and jackson. When the heck are republicans ever going to grow some and tell the truth about where the KKK came from and who was pro civil rights? When are they going to show that MLK was a republican? When are they going to stand up and say, things like affirmative action is degrading because it assumes that black folks are somehow inferior and not as good as others?! Zo- I love you dude.

  10. Republicans should proudly proclaim their record on race issues. And point out the shameful Democrat history on the same, a history that’s been whitewashed and revised.

      1. The problem is that the Left is all about group identity politics. They herd people into groups and classes and pit them against one another, playing on the baser natures of men.

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