ZoNation has some Common Core questions for you…

ZoNation discusses three questions from a Common Core survey and one of them, he says, is race-baiting:

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11 thoughts on “ZoNation has some Common Core questions for you…

  1. I’d like to see him debate Pinocchio , with him right is right , unlike Pinocchio right is wrong , and wrong is right , and like Pinocchio if things go wrong you did it not HIM PERIOD

  2. Another outstanding video. Maybe it’s just my own short attention span, but I wish Bill Whittle could say it in four and a half minutes.

  3. Have you noticed that the Obama Administration just gave a 30-year waiver to the Big wind companies so that it’s okay that the windmills kill bald eagles and all these other birds, as well as bats. I guess that it’s okay that tens, if not hundreds of thousands of birds die as long as they can push their environmental extremism on everyone. Meanwhile we have billions, if not trillions of barrels of oil from drilling and fracking, if the Government would just just get out of the way! (I know, dreaming).

    1. Blatant crony capitalism…payola for the big donors. The $$ just shift back and forth between corrupt politicians and exploitative fat cats. A sick game!

  4. Folks, read this about common core. Seems Glenn Beck was right
    about OBAMA and Bill Ayers all along….4 YEARS AGO !!!
    Remember when they (left media) claimed he met Bill one time at his home when
    his Senate campaign launched? Which Senate campaign would that be, State Senate back in early 1990’s?

    So the LEFT (and some REPUBs like JEB BUSH) are pushing ideas that the roots came from OBAMA AND BILL AYERS in the 1990s?????
    Info keeps dribbling out, and the DEMS are freaking out I am sure.


  5. Zo is a great translator of leftist hypocrisy. If I could only get the elementary skool to pay attention to facts outside the PC speak that surrounds them.

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