ZoNation: Herman Cain is black and he doesn’t smoke crack

This is a must watch. Zo breaks down the argument against Cain not being authentically black and slams Al Sharpton and Cornel West in the process. I think I’m going to watch it again. It was really fabulous.

From the YT description:

Zo is sick of people criticizing Herman Cain. What will it take for the race establishment to believe that Herman Cain is black? Will he have to start acting like a victim? Will he have to put chains on the brain, or worse, smoke crack? When will Rev. Al Sharpton wake up and congratulate Herman Cain for his accomplishments?

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65 thoughts on “ZoNation: Herman Cain is black and he doesn’t smoke crack

  1. Wow! Here’s one of those few occasions in life when a cliche is more than just a cliche and is actually quite appropriate: I couldn’t have put it better Mr Zo.

  2. WHOA! LOVE THIS GUY! He’s not afraid to NOT be the stereotypical black that follows the people that have created dependency for the blacks. He is an independent thinker and boy is that going to scare the liberals that bank on the black vote for still keeping them slaves! Listen to the President Johnson section. I remember that day! I knew what was ahead. Never thought I’d see a Charles Payne, a Herman Cain or a Zo!!! This is great hope for our America!

  3. Zo thanks for pointing out Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Cornel West promote the image that blacks are oppressed so they can continue to make money.

    1. The link I posted earlier is the actual article on Daily Caller.


      I know the Cain supporters don’t like criticism and are afraid of the truth, but that’s too bad.

      I’ve posted this info on other sites and had people ask me ” What’s the point ”

      I won’t reply to them if they can’t see that Cain was against The National Sales Tax just 11 months ago and now it’s part of His plan.

        1. I know that Beckel said on Five that he wants Cain to run against Obama.

          A plan that puts a tax against the 47% of the people paying no taxes now plus the die hard Obama lovers guarantees victory for Obama.

          I for one will not vote for a man that takes from the lower and some of the middle income and gives to the wealthy. I have posted the info and a way to verify my figures. I’ve asked people to do the calculations themselves, but they don’t want to know the truth.

      1. How true. I asked a simple question last week about the plan and got the most responses I ever received from a single comment.

        No matter how I look at it,
        it’s another tax.


      1. I don’t know how to respond that that. Except to have another beer and cigarette while I can still afford both.

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  5. Zo’s driving through ‘the hood’ at midnight with his bright lights on, his stereo blasting, while sitting on his horn.

    He’s saying, Hey! Wake Up!!! Can you see the truth? Can you hear it? Would you like to get run over by it?

    I love it. Every black man and woman that makes it in this country is a slap in the face to the Sharptons, Jacksons and Cornels. How long can you “leaders” keep placing your own in that little “black box” before that box explodes in your face? How long can you point your fingers away from the truth before those digits become gnarly stubs?

    Not much longer I hope.

    1. Speaking of Al Sharpton, I found this quote from 1994:

      “White folks was in caves while we was building empires… We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.” — Rev. Al Sharpton in a 1994 speech at Kean College, NJ, cited in “Democrats Do the Dumbest Things”

      Too bad the ancients didn’t add a course or two on teleprompter-reading, Al could have used it. Much.


  6. Very Well said! Sharpton, Belafonte, Jackson and alike’s are pure hate baiters and the networks continue to give them a platform to spew their bitter anger and propaganda. Mr. Cain will be a great American Uniter;unlike our present divider and chief.

  7. Cain article on Daily Caller 11/22/10

    The worst idea is a proposed national sales tax, which is a disguised VAT (value added tax) on top of everything we already pay in federal taxes.

    Here are three of the biggest reasons the national retail sales tax is the worst idea on the table.

    First, we have a spending problem in Washington, D.C., not a revenue problem. The Commission claims their goal is to reduce the deficits by $4 trillion over the next decade. The task force says its plan would save $6 trillion by 2020. It’s sort of like dueling promises that would never happen, because when has a proposed cut in Washington D.C. ever produced the intended savings over 10 years? Never!

    Even worse is reason number two: In every country that has established a VAT with the promise of reducing its national debt, the VAT has eventually gone up or expanded on top of the existing tax structure. After discovering many of the tax grenades in the recently passed health care deform bill, which is already driving costs up and access down, it would be real easy for an overzealous bureaucrat to insert the language in the legislation “national retail and wholesale” tax.

    More @ link


    1. “In every country that has established a VAT with the promise of reducing its national debt, the VAT has eventually gone up or expanded on top of the existing tax structure”

      Uh.. actually not true in Canada. Our VAT (GST- Goods and Services Tax) was introduced in the 1980’s to combat the national debt. Under our Conservative government it was reduced from 7% to 5%.

      But your point is well taken… they take money out of our hides from elsewhere. But that’s just the problem… great ideas are subject to manipulation. That does not make the idea any less valid. It’s a problem of politicians being political and bureaucrats being entrenched elites… not the ideas not being good ideas.

      1. “In every country that has established a VAT with the promise of reducing its national debt, the VAT has eventually gone up or expanded on top of the existing tax structure”

        That was Cain’s Comment.

        1. The lack of “quotation marks” is what got me. And I should have stressed that it is not really a VAT because the consumer pays it in the end instead of the producer. I mischose my definition.

          That’s what the Canadian GST did… it got rid of the 10% VAT tax all along the line in production and instituted a consumer tax at the end. This is closest to what Cain is advocating.

          What did not definitely go down, however, were the prices because the VAT was already in existing products… once new products came along without the VAT included, consumer prices remained the same old prices… but over time… the prices moderated without the VAT adding to the cost of the goods.

          Unfortunately in Canada… the income tax, the corp. tax remained… and on top of it the various provinces had their own provincial tax (unsure what it is in the various states). So in Ontario we have the GST (5%) and the PST (Provincial Sales Tax at 8% = 13%). When I lived in Holland the sales tax was 18%.

          1. There was no quotation marks because it was from the article written by Cain. I copied and pasted part of the article and included the link so you would be able to read the complete article. If I had said that Cain said something,I would have put what he said in ” “.

            I know that RS doesn’t want us to post the complete article and that makes a lot of sense.

  8. This may be the first of many awakenings for the Black population to the reality of the purposes of the Left. I hope and pray for the day that our follow Americans realize that not all whites are racists as portrayed the seemingly racist Left.

    Hopefully it catches on fast & furiously.

  9. I think the problem with discussing the race issue in the United States is that it is NOT an issue that can be meaningfully debated between a black man and a white man or brown man.

    There are sufficient laws on the books to protect black opportunity and even foster extra-racial success. The conclusion of a debate on whether these laws are fair are not is predictable and will have no value for either party.

    No the debate on racism in America must be held entirely within the black community. When both sides, Alonzo and Cornell have been heard, then a “consensus” might be developed. I would especially like to see Alonzo and Cornell have this discussion.

    If there is to be a race war, then let it come, spilling blood is infrequently a way to “clear the air.” If there is something further this government and the non-black population of this country can do to reduce “racism,” let it be said, let it be debated.

    It’s 2011–50 years after civil rights legislation, almost 160 years after the emancipation proclamation, more than 220 years after the founding fathers determined to end slavery in America forever.

    Seems like only yesterday, sometimes.

    1. Time to get color blind. racism has nothing to do with skin color. USA citizens are just Americans. The so called black american is just a drag on society. Cain shows you what an American can do. All you black brained fools can move to Africa.

  10. I admire this man.

    As far as socialism goes,
    how did Soviet Socialism benefit blacks and other minorities like the Jews?
    how did Chinese Socialism benefit blacks and other minorities?
    how did Cuban Socialism benefit blacks and other minorities?
    how has African Socialism benefited blacks and other minorities in Africa?
    (and how has Islamization benefited blacks in post-Qaddafi Libya?)
    So far, how has liberal Progessivism in the US, since Wilson, benefited blacks in America? Highest drug use rate, highest incarceration rate, highest AIDS rate, highest unemployment, highest abortion rate, highest single parent family rate… seems like a record performance in all areas of the Democrats’ “social justice” plan.

    This is not intended as criticism. Facts are on their own and must defend themselves.

    I really do not know how it feels to get out of bed each day and face a society who watches your every move in a store, who rolls up the windows when driving through your neighborhoods, who points out your racial origin at every opportunity. I really do not know what it feels like to be black in America.

    But I know this- that no matter what your race, creed, sexual orientation, age or gender is, you’ll have a fair chance to survive and prosper if you live in the United States.

    I was born here, and still I am grateful.

  11. We had a president who was “like” the first black american president. We have now had a for real African-American president 2/3 muslim 1/2 white all communist. Mr. Cain would be our first Real Black American President. You’d think the other blacks in our country would see that.


  12. Great video. I have to hold out hope that if more blacks hear what the likes of Sanger believed and planned and her modern day desciples (Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama etc) , that the 95% pro democrat Black America will wake up and open their minds. Abortion is a weapon against decency.
    I could make a 10 page post here, I’ll just say seeing the likes of Sharpton and Cornell West in the news so much makes me sick. I am white, and I have 1000X more respect to the sancitiy of Black American lives then those 2 tools ever will. Welfare/unemployment, drug addiction, violence and abortion, vulgarity and self pity, that’s what progressive policy delivers.

    And yes, let’s lump Obama in with Sanger, he said he wouldn’t want his daughters “punished” with a baby. He supported infanticide in illinois. ’nuff said.

    1. Unbelievable that he would think of having a child as “punishment”. Maybe to prevent your daughter from getting pregnant when she is unwilling or unready to be a parent you should raise them to abstain from sex before marriage or at least teach them the use of contraceptives. Unreal.

  13. This is one video you should watch every morning when you wake up. It’ll start your day off right. Then you can listen to liberal lies, known as the mainstream medial.

  14. Love it. There’s more truth and wisdom in that 5:55 than Al Sharpton has put together in his whole life. Al is either stupid or making money off keeping the black man down. Cain/Gingrich 2012

  15. Nuh-Uh…

    Did Alfonzo really say that blacks should “…think and live free?”

    Al Sharpton – nuh-Uh
    Jessie Jackson – nuh-uh
    Cornell West – nuh-uh


  16. Wonderful video. Great to hear the history that gets swept under the rug about folks like LBJ who is this supposed hero in the black community for his “great work” in the civil rights movement.

  17. It’s amazing. The Left has sent out the Race Police to check Herman Cain’s license to be Black. How much stupidity do the American people have to take before someone jums up and screams “Are we a bunch of 3rd-graders??”

  18. 9 responses to 9 false attacks on 9-9-9

    Read all 9 at WND
    >> http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=356825#ixzz1b5b9kfSJ

    Claim No. 1: The 9 percent sales tax, which is one-third of the formula, is regressive and hurts the poor, many of whom pay no federal income taxes now.

    Response: This claim ignores … .

    Claim No. 2: Creating a new tax is merely setting the stage for higher rates on all taxes, as untrustworthy politicians will surely raise them.

    Response: First of all, that is not a criticism of the 9-9-9 plan. It is a criticism of politicians. … .

    Claim No. 3: The plan redistributes wealth from the poor to the rich.

    Response: It does no such thing. It is fair and neutral, taxing everything once and nothing twice. … .

    Claim No. 4: The plan should have included a pre-bate to offset the sales tax.

    Response: The last thing we need is to establish another federal entitlement, … .

    Claim No. 5: The business tax represents a new tax on labor.

    Response: … the claim is bogus … .

    Claim No. 6: The numbers don’t add up. The 9-9-9 tax wouldn’t generate enough revenue.

    Response: … . Those who are making this claim should release their scoring so their methodology is as visible as ours.

    Claim No. 7: The 9-9-9 plan is a really an 18 percent value-added tax plus a 9 percent income tax.

    Response: That’s an argument? … .

    Claim No. 8: Some people (like Herman Cain) who may live off capital gains, would pay no income taxes. Is that fair?

    Response: First, one of the benefits of the 9-9-9 plan is … .

    Claim No. 9: It won’t pass.

    Politicians propose things that can pass.
    Problem-solvers propose things that can work. … .


    1. Under Herman Cain’s 999 plan, employers won’t be able to deduct from their taxes any of the wages they pay their employees (as they currently do), meaning that employers will have to pay an additional 9% on the wages they pay their employees. Employers have to make up that money somewhere, so they will just shift that 9% onto their employees in 9% lower wages, meaning that employees will end up paying an additional “hidden” 9% tax on what they earn. The 999 plan may abolish the payroll tax, but it simply replaces it with a hidden 9% payroll tax which employers will inevitably thrust upon their employees.

      1. Employers will be paying less taxes overall so where is there incentive to pass on the tax to their employees?? Although they may be taxed on their gross profit at 9% that is less than what they currently are taxed at.

        1. Someone has to pay it. Whether’s it’s the employer or employee(s) who pays it is irrelevant.

          What’s relevant is that it isn’t mentioned as one of the 9’s in Herman Cain’s 999 plan, and that he hasn’t been honest with us. If he was honest then he would have mentioned that there is an extra 9% hidden tax which acts the same as a payroll tax, and that employers may pass that 9% on to employees in 9% lower wages.

          Without total honesty about what his plan will do, his plan will get ripped to shreds, and you know it.

  19. The main problem with the 999 plan is that it only addresses how it is going to collect revenue. THAT IS NOT THE problem. The problem is the spending. Everyone – and I mean everyone is truly nit picking around the edges and not addressing the true issue – and that is we need to slash and burn the size of the Federal government. Whole beuracrcacies need to be completely dismantled – and NO ONE is talking about them except for THIS MAN:

    1. Cain’s 999 plan isn’t meant to spur Gov’t revenue or address the amount of money the gov’t currently takes in. It’s meant to spur and strengthen a weak economy and get people back to investing their money.

      Gov’t spending is another issue all together.

    2. Michelle Bachmann is talking about it. I heard her say she’d close down the entire Department of Education and then do the same for the EPA.

    1. Please don’t. We don’t need some producer getting in the way of his truth. We just need to forward his videos to everyone we know and post them in every place we can.

      Screw major networks, the new media is the place to get this kind of truth out to the ignorant.

      1. Good point. As FOX slides further left, it’s evident that anything “mainstream” is really “consensus” so the mainstream forum is less and less a venue for ideas from the right.

        We’ll have to do a (dare I say it)… a Nancy Pelosi (yech! ptooie)… we’ll have to go around, dig under, go over the top, to get the message out.

      2. I was going to like Matt Baba’s comment but then I saw yours and las1’s. Well done! Nail on the head.

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