ZoNation: Privileged, white kids dominate Occupy Wall Street

From the YT video:

Ever notice how Occupy Wall Street is guilty of all the things liberals accuse the tea party of doing? For example, where are African Americans at these protests? Alfonzo Rachel has some good advice for OWS and the Oakland Police Department.

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20 thoughts on “ZoNation: Privileged, white kids dominate Occupy Wall Street

  1. I went to art school with these types. Users all. Now my hard earned tax dollars are supporting many of their projects via the endowment of the arts. Tax payers are their useful idiots.

  2. I’d mentioned that, earlier, and somebody started crying that I was pushing for violence. Well, looks like the 99%ers were the ones that wanted the violence, doesn’t it? I said it, earlier, and I agree with him when he says sic the dogs on them, tear gas ’em and hit ’em with the hoses. They think these are civil rights issues they’re whining for, and that they’re some kind of civil rights pioneers, then treat ’em like it.

    What’ll be more fun is watching them try running from dogs and hoses while inhaling riot control gas through a half meter of snow on the ground and a good 40kph, 0 degree Celsius wind chill spicing things up.

    1. That last paragraph was fun to imagine. 🙂
      It just couldn’t happen to a better group of mindless, yet dangerous idiots.

  3. This tactic of ,accuse your enemy of the very EVILS/WEAKNESSES you are guilty of ,FIRST is STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE for Lefty/liberals/socialists,to draw attention away from your IDENTICAL EVILS/WEAKNESSES.This whole pseudo movement is just like OBAMA/ liberal Dems. is TOTALLY HYPOCRITICAL!!!

  4. Hasn’t word got back to these spoiled brats that they’re making themselves look more ridiculous and hypocritcall than usual?
    Sure wish Mr. Rachel would go down there and point out their stupidity. Wow, that guy is just awesome!

  5. Butyric acid. Active ingredient of body odor and rancid butter. Won’t hurt if it gets on your skin, its a very weak acid and its not poisonous. But the smell, oh God the smell, it will make you puke. I assure you that if you pour some of that in the street they will be gone. After they leave just wash the street down with water.

    1. Remember stink bombs in school? Stick those in their ear then slap the hell out of them. Wishful thinking.

  6. Wait….

    Don’t give those ows useful idiots soap.
    That stuff was made by and sold by “corporations” for profit.
    We wouldn’t wanna force them to use any more corporate products now.


    Yeah, I’d pay to see that. The water hoses would be an added bonus. Kinda like the cartoon before the main feature.

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