ZoNation: The left’s blitz to sack Tim Tebow’s faith

Zonation takes on Bob Beckel and this other icky leftist:

Liberals like Fox News Channel’s Bob Beckel are giving Tim Tebow a hard time for his faith. Liberals openly express their love for the earth, so why do liberals object to others publicly expressing their faith? AlfonZo Rachel has had it with this liberal double standard.

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34 thoughts on “ZoNation: The left’s blitz to sack Tim Tebow’s faith

  1. I really don’t think that those who attack Tebow are real fans of football or the NFL. They’re just a bunch of liberal progressives who are threatened by Christ. It’s not Tebow they are attacking, but Christ himself. Tebow knows this which is why he is able to handle the attacks so well. Most football people I have heard criticize him have done so for legitimate reasons related to football.

    The NFL is about winning. As long as Denver wins and Tebow continues to play well nobody of any importance, particularly Denver Bronco fans, will care if they don’t share Tebow’s faith in Christ.

  2. C’mon. Let’s be fair here. I’m NOT a Bob Beckel fan but I did see the whole episode of Hannity from which this clip was taken. Beckel was offended that putting the name of Jesus on jerseys was cashing in on His name and he was afraid that it diminished Jesus to a money making propogandist logo. In fact, he has condemned the mocking of Tebow on “The Five”.

    Don’t get me wrong. I disagree with Beckel probably 98% of the time and have been tempted to throw my shoe at the TV when he’s on, but let’s not vilify the man for something he hasn’t done.

  3. Earthworm. Awesome. Greenies are the most dangerous folks in the world and need a good name. I won’t call them greenies anymore. Earthworm is it now. Thanks Zo for saying things more sarcastically than I could.

  4. It’s a great comparison using an earth worm as the liberal. An earth worm, that’s a single worm has both genders and literally can go Fi&* itself.

    1. Good lord! You may be on to something! Or, maybe it’s like the Clark Kent/Superman thing. Beckel IS Schultz’s secret identity! ZORX!

      1. That accounts for the similarities, overweight, always pissed off, brain smaller than his eyeball, bile spilling from his piehole. I think you’re right!

  5. I am so glad that Alfonzo Rachel has a voice here on TRS and in our nation! He’s da bomb! Once again, he nails it!

    1. I’ve always wondered why I didn’t like fruitcakes for Christmas. Now I have a visual.

      Edit: must be the Beckel nut in them.

  6. Been following the Zo for over a year. Love this guy…. never fails to get down to where this 70 year old American lives, works, thinks and plays. For a younger soul, he “gets” the vision of the country’s founders. Lemme hear an amen.

  7. A very basic part of the progressive movement is the replacement of family and religion as the center of one’s life with the government. They had that Tebow won’t fall in line and is a good role model for kids.

  8. I saw this interview when it originally aired and wanted to slap Jay Thomas on the upside of the head for his comments, not just about Tebow, but about how he treats women. All I can thing of (being the girl that I am) is what kind of values does his wife have to marry a bottom feeder like Thomas?

    Liberal values at their best!

  9. The problem is, as well, that Tebow is bound to lose eventually (only one team makes it to the end). Anyway, when he does, the detractors are going to start screaming how God let him down and use it to bash his faith. They never seem to get it.

  10. “The left goes nuts if a conservative professes their faith”

    Unless of course, that faith be islam, in which case the leftists roll over on their backs and wet their pants

    1. that there is not a pretty site to imagine…wet spots all over the place…get the paper down on the floor the libscums are coming over and if they see a islo-pig they will lay down and pee them selves…lol

  11. The left goes nuts if a conservative professes their faith, but it’s perfectly fine for liberal politicians to do it. Probably because they know the lefties are just faking it to get elected.

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