Full Speech: Romney addresses the National Association of Latino Elected Officials on immigration

Mitt Romney gave a big speech on immigration to NALEO in Florida today. You can watch the full speech below:

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  • Ok, if gov. doesn’t pay for anything

  • FutureOnePercent

    Secure the border, and handle those here illegally in a rational way instead of trying to round them all up… I can live with that.

  • keyesforpres

    Secure the border and tell those here illegally that they have 30 days to get their affairs in order. After that, we will arrest you and put your info in a database where you will never be allowed back into this country.

    Watch the dust fly as they leave.

    You allow illegals to stay and it will only give us more illegal immigration. Reagan’s amnesty is what opened the floodgates.

    Securing the border isn’t enough. You give illegals legal status and they can petition to bring their entire family here.

    • hey, thats MY idea…. copyright infringer…… lol

      • keyesforpres

        Well John, I’ll give you full credit if it’s implemented! 🙂

    • Nukeman60

      Reagan’s amnesty is what opened the floodgates.‘ – k

      Reagan’s amnesty was only half the deal. Securing the borders was supposed to be the other half of that deal, and he got snookered on that. That’s why the borders need to be closed first. Obama’s little scheme will start a floodgate itself before this is all over.

      • keyesforpres

        Of course the borders need to be secured. Of course, Reagan was the president, he had the power to secure the borders himself.

        Even if you secure the borders, they can still petition for extended family to come and thru chain migration the numbers would soar. You can’t give mass amnesty. You reward lawbreaking you get more of it….not less.

      • Siobhan7

        The border was supposed to have been secured, but when “Mr. New World Order” George H. W. Bush became president, HE didn’t inforce it.

        • The worst part about that was that George W. Bush’s administration officials and the Republican party leaders started making noises about supporting an amnesty back when there were only about 8 to 10 Million or so illegals here. That’s when the rush began in earnest, shooting the number up above 20 Million by some calculations.

          That’s right at the time when Romney was shooting his mouth off about an amnesty program, too. That’s when Newt was on board with it, and Perry, too. They were ALL for it until the pre-Tea Party types started a massive letter-writing and phone calling campaign.

          It took a lot of hell-raising to just get them to shut up about it in the GOP (John McCain was never for doing a single thing about it, despite his stupid statement about building a G-D fence).

          The only way this problem is ever fixed is if we make noise about it and PRIMARY the ones making it worse or doing nothing.

      • CalCoolidge

        Snookered? More like he was lied to. (-:

        Point being, I know he wouldn’t repeat that mistake.

    • sDee

      “You give illegals legal status and they can petition to bring their entire family here. ”

      They WILL. But, of course we can trust them to only bring actual family – after all its not as if they they are illegals or anything.

  • Sheya

    Twitter is down, I’m going insane : (

    I’ve probably seen every Romney event since January. I can honestly say that this was his best speech. Romney is clearly growing into the part. He’s coming across sincere and passionate. he may be a good actor, but that is what running for president is about.

    I’m beginning to feel more and more confident about him as POTUS.

    Also his speeches are short and sweet, never goes over 18-20 minutes. Romney should make a campaign promise that his speeches will never be longer than 20 minutes and he’ll win in a landslide. How cool would it be if the State of the Union address lasts only 20 minutes.

    • hrh40

      Hmmmm …. speeches versus record.

      I’ll take record anytime.

      Of course, practice makes perfect. So if you practice saying something over and over again, you’ll get used to saying it. And making it sound more convincing.

      Problem is in the doing.

      And his doing in both private and public jobs has not been conservative. It HAS been HUGELY crony capitalist and Big Government.

      Please don’t get your hopes up. Unless you’re ready for the crash and burn when Romney actually starts … doing.

      • wodiej

        well the only other option is obama. take your pick.

        • You will find that at least the Libertarian Party is on your ballot. In many states you’ll also see the Conservative Party. Bringing either of those up to 5% of the vote is a decent goal for those who don’t want to support the GOP.

          • Karl Rogue

            Yup, thank you.

          • badbadlibs

            A vote for anyone other then Romney is a vote for bo….sad to say, sorry he’s not the ideal candidate and not the conservative/constitutionalist/liberatiarn of our collective and individual dreams, but it’s either him or bo…those are the real choices and who wins of those two are who we will have to live under for the next four years.
            Don’t support the GOP, then every vote that goes elsewhere might as well be checked off for bo.
            Just saying again and will until November.

            • I debunked that. A vote for A is a vote for A. End of story. Always was and always will be.

              If Romney can’t get enough votes to win, it’s his problem.

              People need to just chill the heck out and do what they think is right. The Unprecidented Depression isn’t going away before November. Obama has to run against that. A pile of flaming poo would do well against Obama in November.

              But people on the right should not stay home. That is petulance, not strategy. It’s especially silly in light of the fact that there are other constructive ways to vote if they can’t bring themselves to vote GOP this year.

              • badbadlibs

                Just two things. Respectfully, it’s not just Romney’s problem if he doesn’t get enough votes when people will stay home or vote for someone who doesn’t stand a chance, it’s all our problem since we all will face another four years of bo and his marxist policies.
                A vote for someone other then then Romney is only constructive for bo and that’s just the way it is. But, I hope you’re right and that a pile of flaming poo could beat out bo.

                • Here’s the problem with that “A vote for A is really a vote for B” claim: it’s based on exactly the same fantasy as “what if enough people wrote in Sarah Palin?” or “Operation Chaos” -style crossover voting in the hopes of disrupting the election. All of it is just wishful thinking. The outcome is what it is, just like the stock market is what it is.

                  Boycotts are a kind of vote strategy. Sometimes, people who threaten to boycott a company can scare it into accommodating their wishes. It’s never because the actual boycott is so bad (a product people want will sell). It’s always because the company fears the boycott will be bad. Same thing with any other “voting strategies.” Most of them are shown by analysis to have little impact on the actual VOTE. They can, however, scare candidates into shifting positions or making mistakes (my opinion is it’s always a mistake to let some threatened vote strategy or boycott alter your basic plans–you may have to hire more security or more PR flacks or something, though).

                  (And by “voting strategy” I don’t mean tricks you can play when you control a bloc of voters explicitly, like the nasty trick Huckabee used to end Romney’s chances in 2008. That’s more like combat with actual game pieces doing what you tell them to do, within a rules framework.)

                  I think this poor old dead horse is pretty well beat, though, so I’ll stop boring everyone with this!

        • Karl Rogue

          That’s how we got here, wodie

      • Sheya

        I used to go after Romney just like many Romney bashers. But that was before he was the nominee. Once he sealed it up I decided to think positive and actually listen to the guy instead of blaming him for every thing one of his surrogates said that I didn’t like. I quit being a hypocrite, and started treating him in the same way I was demanding others to treat other people I used to support. I started listening to what HE has to say, instead of believing every thing others said he said. I examined his record and didn’t just accept everything others told about his record.

        Romney is not the solid conservative and no one can kid you that he is, but the tendency to go after him on his record is getting a little old. As governor there were a lot of things he did that I don’t agree with, but there a lot of things he did get good.

        Romney was the Governor of Massachusetts not exactly the most conservative state in the nation. Considering he had a 70% democratic legislator, comparing his “conservative” record in that state to what he’ll might do as president is not really fair.

        Now, I’m not saying that I’m convinced he’ll govern as conservative as I want him too. But I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Obama is an ideologue who has an agenda to lower the USA to the same level as other countries. Obama doesn’t believe America is exceptional.

        With all his faults, Romney does believe in American exceptionalism, he does believe in capitalism and he does know that it’s the private sector that creates growth.

        Romney has flip flopped on Abortion, but while he may not actively pursue over turning Roe vs Wade he won’t stand in the way should the possibility of overturning it arise. I believe that Romney will defend DOMA.

        In normal circumstances I would be more concerned. But this cycle, Romney is well aware of the implications of his actions. He knows the country is at a brink and he knows it’s now or never, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that for the sake of the future he’ll put country first.

        And for that, yes I am hopeful. I’m hopeful that Romney after travelling the nation and seeing and hearing from people will get the sense of urgency. I’m hopeful that we’ll finally get that amateur out of the White House. And if Romney screws up there is always another primary down the road, at least until than he’ll do less damage than Obama.

        Maybe that’s what we need for more people to be hopeful, pull themselves together and be less bitter.

        • Sheya I agree Romney is not as conservative as some of us would like on certain issues. But Romney is a smart business man and quite frankly I would like someone with some BUSINESS experience!! Crip ourt nation is falling apart economically, the numbers continue to worsen, jobs are few and far between, foreclosures through the roof, EPA regulations destroying business, more taxes and quite frankly people are just miserable. Obama has turned this country against itself with his class warfare, class envy and Marxism. He is a disgrace!! Romney has faults and as Governor of Mass he did govern more moderate than some of us would like but that is the POLITICAL reality of that state!! I do believe more than anything Romney will be very good at freeing businesses from burdensome regulations, over taxation and governmental interference!! Which will help families and individuals find JOBS and when people are working incomes go up and the economy expands!!

          That is why I like Romney and while he has faults yes…..American Exceptionalism is something he mentions and talks about and I like that….not like the Fraud we have now who worships at the Altar of Apology and Big Government!

          • sDee

            I do not want a businessman in the white house. Any moron can balance a budget. Government is an overhead cost. It has no measure of success, no income, no goals of profit, it is a parasitic cost that drains productivity and must simple be cut to the bone. That does not take a businessman – it takes a courageous principled leader.

            It is a myth that Romney is a business man anyway. He is a banker whose specialty was restructuring companies. He worked for bankers. He never built a business from the ground up. He was placed into those companies and given a big expense account. He was inserted at the very top because the bankers had taking control of unstable situations.

            Romney is being sent in to restructure the Hussein’s Cloward-Piven collapse.

            • Sheya

              Fine, vote for Obama!

              • Linky1

                A vote for Romney IS a vote for Obama – the Republican Obama.

                • Sheya

                  You’re entitled to your opinion, just do what you think is right.

                • badbadlibs

                  Nicely said. However, I’ve lost my niceness since I know any vote other then for Romney might as well be checked off for bo and that means the America I grew up in, my chidren are seeing the last of and my grandchildren will never know.
                  It breaks my heart and in any other circumstances I mind my own business and never stir the pot…I feel like we all only have until November, so I throw caution to the wind and risk offending people by telling them…don’t do what you think is right if it means a vote for bo. Do what is right and vote against that man the best way possible and the only way a vote will be helpful and meaningful, vote for Romney.

                • Sheya

                  In general you would be right. But unfortunately with some people it’s a waste of time arguing with them. Some people are determined to cut off their nose to spite their face. Those are the people that are willing to see the country be destroyed just so they can teach the “GOP Establishment” a lesson. Those are the same people who keep talking about “Common sense” but when they actually need common sense, have none.

                  I agree that the GOP Establishment need to be taken to the woodsheds, but there is a way and time for everything. The same people who are now all mad that Romney has the nomination are the same people who when they had the opportunity to teach the establishment during the primaries were to busy destroying all the other candidates as soon as they were showing signs of leading.

                  People we’re looking for purity, that doesn’t exist. None of the others were good enough, as a result they got stuck with Romney, now they’re going to destroy Romney and be stuck with Obama. It won’t be the Democrats that win this thing for Obama it’ll be those people who keep shouting from the rooftops that Obama must go, that will hand it to him on a golden platter.

                  Common sense in action.

                • badbadlibs

                  The fact is they aren’t just cutting their own noses off to spite their own faces, those faces include my children and grandchildren and for them I will continue to speak up, even if it does, in the end, land on deaf ears.

                • PhillyCon

                  The same people who are now all mad that Romney has the nomination are the same people who when they had the opportunity to teach the establishment during the primaries were to busy destroying all the other candidates as soon as they were showing signs of leading.

                  This. You have no idea how right you are.

                • SineWaveII

                  the DNC called, they need you back at HQ

                • Linky1

                  LMAO, Sinewaveii. The only thing left about me is the hand I use to write.

                  I’m small “c” conservative to the blonde roots of my hair.

                  I stand by my assertion about Romney-he’s the Progressive Republican candidate, not a small “c” conservative candidate.

                • badbadlibs

                  That simply is not true. bo has no equal.

            • Linky1

              “Romney is being sent in to restructure the Hussein’s Cloward-Piven collapse.”

              I could NOT agree more. Romney is the Republican stooge, put in to placate the ABO crowd.

        • sDee

          “Romney was the Governor of Massachusetts not exactly the most conservative state in the nation.”

          So why did he chose to run there? He is from Michigan after all. Why not run in Michigan or a conservative place like Texas or South Carolina? Romney is a Progressive. His father was a Progressive who conspired with Rockefeller to try and destroy Reagan.

          Mitt ran in Massachusetts because he is a Progressive- he fits in there. He speaks the language. A fellow traveler. Running as Republican was of convenience like deciding on the black suit or the blue one. Sure he made some compromises in deference to the Mass Republicans but he governed as a true Progressive.

          A picture is worth a thousand words:

          • MLCBLOG

            Yer scarin’ me, sDee.

        • Linky1

          “Does ObamaCare and “Death Panels” Scare You? They Should, Mitt Romney Designed BOTH.”


          • SineWaveII


        • Karl Rogue

          *but the tendency to go after him on his record is getting a little old.*

          You advocate judging a man by his words not his deeds? jeebus, glad you’re not my business partner!

          • Sheya

            I did not say that. Are you a democrat by any chance? You’re surly acting like one.
            You took one line out of context and made an assumption. Read the next sentence and paragraph and you’ll understand what I meant.

            • Karl Rogue

              Dem, no, but I’m not a GOP shill either, which is what your posts read like.
              You haven’t been taken out of context. You like what Mitt is saying, and have grown tired of all this talk about his record of what he has actually done.

        • Karl Rogue

          but there a lot of things he did good.

          Are Romneycare and $50 abortions on that list?

          • hbnolikeee

            so that’s the cost of life. i never knew there was a number.

    • sDee

      “he may be a good actor, but that is what running for president is about”

      We are in the final act of this play, and the ending’s not a pretty one.

    • Karl Rogue

      good lord

  • Captain_Maynard

    Was that it? Oh my, Willard. Oh my.

  • I thought this was a good speech given the topic and audience, but the audience response seemed tepid at best. I will be interested to see their response to O.

    • Mary you do realize that this group is a Left Leaning Group correct? It is similar to the NCAAP. They would never give Romney a rousing ovation! At least not publicly! Obama will receive a much warmer reception because of the group natural link to the left and Democrats. I credit Romney for even showing up! One question I will ask though to those people….2 million more Hispanics are in poverty according the US Census….what will they do GO OBAMA! GO OBAMA! make it 4 million more??? It just goes to show you the D is more important to many of them then the ability to have a job and make a living. It is pathetic but true! But Romney gave a good speech and highlighted some good issues. What he did do is make himself more real which is important….Obama will try to run from his record but I guarantee some in that audience tomorrow will put on a happy face but know Obama has not served them well and just by showing up and speaking Romney gave them an option to consider!

  • Constance

    I’m sorry, but why is there a National Association of Latino Elected Officials? Is this a necessary organization? Why? I find these silly separation groups to be offensive, and honestly, I would prefer that the GOP candidate stick to addressing ALL Americans, not special interest groups. I’m sick of hearing about how we have to reach out to the Hispanics. How about the Hispanics, the Asians, the African-Americans, and every other so-called minority group reach out to the country and behave like they belong in this country on equal footing with everybody else? I’m so sick of this.

    • Sheya

      BINGO! Well said.

      Can you imagine if there would be a “Straight Pride Parade” or a “National White People Month” or maybe we should do an organization where normal people who get up in the morning and go to work can come and hang out.

      Minorities complain about how they are stereotyped, but they do it to themselves. I don’t care what a persons race, gender, orientation, religion or nationality is. We should be all just “we the people”.

    • sDee

      You nailed it. A “Latino” or “hispanic” can and does only mean that someone in a person’s family tree once spoke the Spanish language. And for that thy get special rights under a Constitutions intended to give equal rights to all.

      I am first generation American and we never checked any damn special boxes for them. One day my youngest came home with a bunch of special “offers” for tutoring, grants and fast track classes. She had told someone there her grandfather was Cuban and they changed her ethnicity on the records. We went down with her and told the principle she is an American and she did not need any special treatment.

      To this day she is smart, independent, strong, self sufficient and proud that she fought her way to the top and earned it. That, I tell her, was a more valuable lesson than any handouts, scholarship, or hyphenated citizenship.

    • Linky1

      How about reaching out to…..Americans.

      Period. end of story. I am a Canadian and we go through the same crap, pandering to all sorts of ethnicities -it has divided Canada more than united it.

      Message to Mittens et. al – reach out to Americans, not groups.



    Those ABO Romney supporters who think they’ll be able to “hold Mitt’s feet to the fire” are delusional.

    • TENCOLE….if he did soley what you wanted would that also not be PANDERING?? I agree Mitt needs to stay a conservative course but he must address the Economy and maybe he simply does not agree with you on how to settle the Illegal Immigration issue. But it will JOBS AND ECONOMY that will decide this election…and Mitt has done a very good job on those issues!

    • badbadlibs

      I’ll tell you one thing I’m not delusional about, if people don’t vote for Romney, bo will get another four years.
      Hope those who won’t vote for Romney come out of their deluisons in time for November.

  • He didn’t really tell me anything about the border, but all around solid speech. He may not be as conservative as I like, but he makes a lot of sense on fiscal issues.

    • Darrell every election is decided by the Economy…always has been and always will be. It amazes me how so many people think issues like Immigration decide the election. They do not….Securing the Borders ranks higher on priorities than Illegal Immigration but both trail far behind the Economy!! That is why Romney talks about Jobs, Money and Income!! He must stay that course because all the other issues too often get sidetracked with emotion!

      • Every election is decided by the indies and the group that is the most energized and fed up. The people who pay taxes, have kids, go to rallies, tea parties, 912 meetings, Restoring Honor, Restoring Courage and Restoring Love events are the ones to pay attention to. Reagan said NO PALE PASTELS. Mitt is conservative on many issues and a smart and good man. We on the right have worked hard to get everyone geared up and united for a Romney Tsunami. The GOP needs to restore trust & show why they are better than the democrats that put Obamas in office. They placed Obama in office with lies, deception sealed records and a paid off media.

        Republicans should be touting our Republican history of helping black owned businesses, building colleges, starting the NAACP, allowing them in Congress and FREEING them. The democrats are the party of slavery, secession, segregation, sin of murder via abortion, spending and socialism. Republicans are the party of frugality, ideas, business and life. That is the message. http://www.NBRA.info National Black Republican Association.

  • Excellent. thanks for the video.

  • c4pfan

    This was supposed to be a speech about Immigration, but he didn’t get specific about what he would do. What else is new?

    • Not true. He has laid out the most toughest, comprehensive, fair and logical plan of all the candidates. http://aboutmittromney.com/immigration.htm He has given many speeches on it in 2008 and recently. Romney is friends with Rubio and knows he needs the Cuban votes to win Florida. However, the Dream Act is not just going to fundamentally transform our country’s dynamics, it will legitimize and encourage more law breaking. All the illegal Irish, Jamaicans, Chinese, Filipinos, Cubans, Middle Eastern and other countries’ citizens who are illegally here, are not getting equal protection under the law. Why special treatment for Hispanics? Just because you break into the house, it does not give you the right to own the house. Illegals born here are the citizens’ of their parents’ countries NOT AMERICA. No benefits, no SS, no special path.

      If democrats had not been advocating legal genocide of people of color and the poor for decades, we would have plenty of young people in the work force to support the Congress and gov in the style that they are accustomed to. How about we mandate that the Congress speak Farsi, Spanish, Armenian, Chinese etc. since we Americans must to get a job now. The Left plans on making us obsolete and replace us with La Raza, Muslim Brotherhood and more Commies from failed countries. EPIC FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP by both sides. They just slit Americans’ throats.

      • sDee

        I must disagree on one point. It is an EPIC SUCCESS by the media and the politicians on both sides. This is what they and there patrons have designed. It is the voters who have failed.

        • Captain_Maynard

          Well said sDee. These Romney sheeple remind me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBu_-fdfJyY

          • badbadlibs

            What do the bo sheeple remind you of….

            • Captain_Maynard
              • badbadlibs

                That was entertaining and scary all at the same time!

      • keyesforpres

        Ah, you get it. You are soooo right….babies born here to foreigners..illegals…etc. are NOT US citizens. They are citizens of the country of their parents.

        • MLCBLOG

          That isn’t how the law goes. Anyone born on US soil is a citizen.

          Now for a natural born citizen, qualifying for Pres, I believe the parents are supposed to be citizens.

          • keyesforpres

            No, anyone born on our soil is not a US citizen. We’ve been letting them get away with it these past 30 years, but they aren’t citizens. Eisenhower deported illegals in 1953 including their so called anchor babies.

            Research the Congressional Globe of 1866. Jacob Howard, the author of “subject to the jurisdiction” was recorded as saying this would not include babies born to foreigners, aliens….etc.

    • marketcomp

      I think he gave some specifics that are long-term and voted on by Congress. For example, protecting the borders first, giving permanent green cards to those with advanced degrees, i.e potential entreprenuers, not just high school diplomas, reallocate green cards for families, and automatic legalization to those who serve in the military and others. The problem is, c4pfan, we have gotten so use to a President promising something to this group and that group and not addressing economic issues that all or most Americans face. I am so sick and tired of pandering to certain groups, which is exactly what Barack Obama does as a champaign strategy, and it is a welcome change to see someone running for President who is addressing the problems that we all face as Americans.

  • WordsFailMe

    Due to the fed employee hiring freeze, HHS will be unalbe to bring on more clerks to take the names and details of the newly enfranchised illegals, issue the cards, etc. I wonder what HHS functions will be curtailed to accomplish these tasks? Did Barry Dip Stick think of how the adminstative details would be handled? Did Moby Napolitano think about how her minions would handle the workload or do these dues paying union members just take it for granted that they will be getting a heck of a lot of overtime pay.

    Here the other thing these democrats with heavy-bone, low, hairy brows didn’t consider. When these “pobrecitos” come to get their magic, gold cards, they will need to identify, by name and address the foul criminals, THIER OWEN PARENTS!, who got them into this unfortunate position.

    Did bloated Janet and the slime sucking Obama consider that? Did President CS Obama consider that the names of all of these criminals were going to be entered in a federal database and that, if the next President throws out the order, all of this information about criminals who have invaded this country will be instantly available? OBAMA”S PROCLAMATION IS A HUGE VICTORY FOR AMERICANS WHO WANT TO PRTECT THE BORDER.

    I don’t know about you, but I plan to be at the HHS building, holding my lamp by the golden door and serving iced-tea and skittles to the tired, the poor and the wretched refuse…. “Sign here, homs.Next?”

  • All the news, sites of interest and social media in one spot. http://payback.info/payback.html Thanks to the progressive movement in America, today’s kids are the rudest, crudest, nastiest and most ill mannered kids EVER. Way to go Leftists. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/disturbing-viral-video-shows-teens-abusing-bus-monitor/

  • Radical Islam is partnered with Marxists, Anarchists, Communists, Leftists and Democrats to destroy America, and let Muslim Brotherhood take over here like they have done everywhere. The leaks in our national security are coming from the Muslim Brotherhood close to Obama, in the military and our Intelligence Agencies. Hillary’s aide is connected to them and married to Anthony Weiner-Leftist. Radical Islam terror operativs are sneaking into America under the ruse of being Hispanic. The radicalization of the disgruntled Hispanics and drug cartels is part of their plan. SECURE THE BORDER THEN WE’LL TALK IMMIGRATION REFORM. http://barenakedislam.com/2012/04/16/warning-to-the-west-about-islam-by-paul-weston-head-of-the-british-freedom-party/

    • sDee

      Whenever I hear a politician say “secure the borders first”, I know they are either ignorant or complicit in this subversion. Unless we provide a serious dis-incentive for staying, illegals will ALWAYS be created. It is impossible to completely “seal our borders”. All someone has to do is come across on a tourist or student visa and not go home.

      You are right, this is an intentional undermining of our sovereignty, overloading of our infrastructure, and transferring taxpayer wealth to internationalists. However, they need not sneak in. The number of illegals “sneaking” across the border is over hyped to distract us from the government’s intentional lack of enforcement.

      Most islamists here illegally are simply overstaying tourist and student visas. Worse, tens of thousands of subversive islamists are granted visas and green cards every month under the INS diversity quotas.

      It was the same under Bush, has not changed under Hussein, and will continue under Romney. The globalists know they cannot beat America except from within. We are the last stand.

    • keyesforpres

      The term “radical islam” is a redundency.

  • http://agendadocumentary.com/trailer/ This was planned for decades people.. The Left used political correctness, flooding the country with needy, unhealthy, uneducated illegals, ACLU, radical unions, over taxation, the EPA to slow down businesses, created the need for 2 income families to keep abreast of inflation to they could get our kids in their clutches as early on as possible to indoctrinate them. The vulgar media to destroy our once upright nation. They are almost done with the game plan. http://www.scribd.com/doc/33760964/Communist-Goals-1963

    • NEWS FLASH! California is removing Librarians from high schools, defunding the libraries and not having Master credentialed teachers helping your kids get the skills they need to succeed. The Education Law says you must have a Masters in Library Science Multi Media Technology. All the librarians have been reassigned except the ones at Magnet schools. Parents there won’t stand for this b.s. This is coming to your school soon. CA Gov. Brown is removing Science teachers as he thinks only 1 year of Science is needed. Why not remove some of the bloat in DC & at the administration level?

  • Karl Rogue

    Pander Bear

  • kssturgis62

    WE will all do what is right in November, but We cannot White Wash who and what Mitt Romney is. This man has completely flopped already on EVERYTHING he said about Illegal Immigration. I still will Say if he PICKS RUBIO I will not Flush my Constitution down the Toilet for someone who is NOT Qualified to be VP or POTUS on that ticket. He better come up with someone better. Obama will replay all these debate videos and everything Romney has said. WE DO not pander to ILLEGALS.


    SEPTEMBER 23, 2011 – this was after the Rick Perry You have NO HEART LINE
    The day after a heated and sometimes personal debate with Gov. Rick Perry of Texas over immigration, Mitt Romney further criticized that state’s policies, saying, “Legal immigration: good for America. Illegal immigration: something I will stop if I’m president.”

    DECEMBER 31, 2011
    At a town hall meeting in Iowa on New Year’s Eve, Mr. Romney said that, as president, he would veto the Dream Act. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=px0BMo8dTpM

    JANUARY 23, 2012
    In a Republican debate in Florida, Mr. Romney said his immigration plan relied on what he called “self-deportation” of illegal immigrants. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObVnA0nIx_s

    FEBRUARY 22, 2012
    In a Republican debate in Arizona, Mr. Romney spoke of the state’s E-Verify immigration policy as a “model” for the country. He also showed support for a border fence and increasing border patrol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbPcGu0RS14

    JUNE 17, 2012
    In an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Mr. Romney declined to say whether he would reverse President Obama’s new immigration policy, but stressed the need for a long-term solution.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLBk3nS_TeM

    JUNE 21, 2012
    In a speech to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, Mitt Romney offered what he called a strategy for “bipartisan and long-term immigration reform.”http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/06/21/romney-outlines-approach-to-immigration-in-speech-to-latino-officials/

    • badbadlibs

      Got a list of bo’s flipflops?
      Who would you rather see in the White House come January 2013? Given we only have two choices, who would you rather see in the Whithouse, Romney or bo?

      • kssturgis62

        I have a list at least 10 Miles long on everything Obama. A man I truly can’t stand.

        Do you not understand what I am saying in this post. Do not White Wash who or What Romney is. he is NOT Conservative, He is not Severely Conservative, He is already becoming the ETCH A SKETCH TOY, and people are already ignoring it on our side.

        If you white wash who and what he is, your going to fall asleep in November, your going to lead people to believe he is one thing over another, then our country is lost.

        Remember what he said and HOLD HIM TO IT. Or is it because he is the so called Nominee where 60% of the people in the primaries voted against him – until they all dropped out due to him using Saul Alinsky tactics to eviscerate them, that we are going to let it slide?

        I thought only Obama Supporters didn’t believe facts and they were the only ones that didn’t hold his feet to the fire. Obama is going to use all of this. It is his words, his lies, His deception.

        • badbadlibs

          That still doesn’t answer my question.
          I only have two choices, as we all do. That is also a fact.
          Romney is not my choice, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I will NOT vote for bo or make it any easier for that vile man to get re-elected.
          I wish it was different, but it isn’t and I have to deal with reality.

          • kssturgis62

            It did answer your question, I am not voting for Obama either. I will do what is right in November !! all I am saying is remember who and what he is, so after november your not asleep and your still fighting for this country. If we forget who and what he is and think it is all going to be great just because he gets elected, this country is gone. We must hold all of their feet to the fire, pay attention to every bill, voice our opinions, tell them yes or no and make sure they hear the message loud and clear. then they will know WE THE PEOPLE ARE IN CHARGE AND NOT THEM.

  • Jay

    Latino “leadership,” like La Raza, don’t want Romney. They want to keep those Democrat Plantation Bucks rolling in.

  • bobemakk

    Mitt, pick Rubio for your running mate and you will get almost all the Latino votes. What in hell are you waiting for?