150 Christians MASSACRED by Jihadi Muslims last night while they slept

While many of us were enjoying our Friday evenings, a massacre was taking place in Nigeria that left between 100 and 150 Christians dead and around 200 homes burned to the ground.

At around 10pm Nigeria time last night while villagers were asleep, more than 40 Fulani herdsmen attacked the Ungwan Gata, Me-Sankwai and Tekum villages in Manchok (Kaura Local Government), which is located in Southern Kaduna, Nigeria. Southern Kaduna is a predominantly Christian.

These jihadi attackers first set fire to homes and when the Christians attempted to escape their homes, they were shot dead or butchered with machetes. The ones who could not escape their homes burned to death.

No one attacked was spared, including women and children. A pastor, his wife, and their children, of one of the villages, were said to be among the butchered.

The attack lasted around four hours until the Nigerian military arrived, at which point the jihadis fled.

A group in southern Kaduna wondered how this attack could have lasted so long without the authorities intervening.

According to PUNCH NIGERIA, Dr. John Danfulani, a spokesman for Centrum Initiative for Development and Rights Advocacy (CEDRA), suggested the state government and its agents were just playing politics with the insecurity in the area. He warned that the patience of the people of the area was fast running out:

“It is clear that the state government and their agents are only playing politics with the insecurity ravaging Southern Kaduna region. They should know that posterity will judge them and they have began journey into political wilderness as blood of our helpless villagers is on their heads.”

Danfulani pointed out that these attacks were part of a larger genocide of Christians in southern Kaduna.


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    …ISLAM = EVIL = ENEMY .”(period)

  • las1

    But but but… a koohraan gets flushed down a toilet… and the media is all over it like white on rice.
    Or a Quebec polititian says a bad word about Islam…
    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/quebec-votes-2014/anti-islam-facebook-post-forces-pq-candidate-to-drop-out-1.2571031 and Canada’s Communist Broadcasting Corp reports ad nauseum as well as the “red” Star in Toronto.

    But slaughtered Christians in Nigeria or Iraq or Sudan or Egypt or Syria… not so much.

  • badbadlibs

    Put me in charge of the U. S. Military. Please.

    • I’ll take 2nd in Command. You don’t even need to order me- I know what to do.

      • badbadlibs

        You’re a good woman, American!

    • Bill589

      In this case, I might like the ‘overwhelming force’, ‘shock and awe’, ‘we absolutely win – they absolutely lose’, approach best. But, that might just be my anger speaking.

      Personally, and I must admit angrily, I feel that: Wherever they are, with whomever is supporting them, I want to make a ‘human free’ zone.

      • badbadlibs

        I like your approach too.
        That was satan in charge of that brutal massacre, anger is the appropriate emotion.

      • badbadlibs

        I just read a quote from Abraham Lincoln:

        “You can tell the greatness of a man by what makes him angry”.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Mohammed’s boys will be Mohammed’s boys.

    Here’s the last 30 days of Mohammed’s boys acting out.

    22,621 murderous jihad attacks by muslims since 9/11/01


    • It’s hard to like your comment Conniption, but I do appreciate the info.

      • JohnCraven

        Ditto! AmericanDuckie! Ditto!
        John Craven
        New Orleans

    • TheBeaver

      The media ( and administration) have been silent about these continuous attacks on civilization by the “religion of peace”
      That website is a good reminder of why we must stand on guard .

  • Bill589

    If ‘Christians’ there did the same to Muslims in the name of Jesus, our Christian leaders would be condemning them as evil and Not Christians loudly and clearly.

    I’m waiting for the American Muslim leaders to be flooding the media condemning them as evil and not Muslims. . . .

    And no, I’m not holding my breath.

    • TheBeaver

      They must be following Obamas lead – silence.

    • krinks

      I always say the Muslims for Peace crowd is stuck in traffic because of the Muslims for America rally. That is why we haven’t heard from them.

  • Gratefultobeamerican

    So easy to see the difference between Christians and Muslims. The ‘leader’ of the Muslims says he wants you to die for him. The ‘leader’ of the Christians says he died for you.

    • Sentinel

      That’s PERFECT and beautiful!!! 🙂

      • JohnCraven

        Ditto! Sentinel! Ditto!
        Thanks Gratefultobeamerican for that beautiful truth.
        John Craven
        New Orleans

        • Gratefultobeamerican

          Thank you both. I was taken aback with the beauty of that statement the first time I heard it too. Just had to share and make sure you share it too!

  • TheBeaver

    Well, Obama – “My brother’s keeper “?
    Your silence on these attacks ( once again) is deafening.

    • notsofastthere

      “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” Barack Obama (the christian) at the UN 2012

    • lawngren

      His BROTHER’s keeper. Not his enemies’ keeper. His brothers being, of course, muslims. His enemies Christians.

  • RightVote

    Obama’s Silence
    Obama’s PRESS…..Complicit!!!!!
    American Compromised!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sentinel

    I don’t like to comment on these anymore because it makes me insane with anger. Imagine God’s wrath on these heathens… We are to love our enemies… but it’s not human to love devils like these animals. Only God can bring that out in us… and I still need lots of work.
    This keeps going on all the time and yet no one seems to mention it or pay attention. Reverse the religions and you’d hear plenty about it. Pray for these martyrs. And pray for justice on those devils who are the pawns of satan.

    • lawngren

      Just don’t spend too much time loving them when it begins to happen here.

      • Sentinel

        Great point.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      Pray for them, but at the same time don’t allow the DC junta to take your guns.

  • Haywoodjbl

    Imagine the coverage if the reverse happened……sickening

    • lawngren


  • rsfan1

    So many times I read about these tragedies on RS but nothing on my local news stations / cable news stations. So sad.

  • ApplePie101

    Does anyone know of a reliable relief organization that’s specifically helping Christians victims of these muslim attacks, especially in Africa and Syria?

    • lawngren

      Samaritan’s Purse.

      The link is specifically ref South Sudan, but I am sure you’ll find them helping wherever they can, whenever they can. Send them an inquiry. Sam’s Purse has been doing this kind of thing for years.

      • JohnCraven

        Samaritan’s Purse is Franklin Graham’s wonderful initiative begun to rescue human beings from the modern slave trade which is occuring in those areas of Africa under Muslim control and Sharia law such as Southern Sudan. Samaritan’s Purse has operated for years in Darfur.
        Thanks for bringing that to everyone’s attention, lawngren.

        John Craven
        New Orleans

        • lawngren

          Glad to. They also operate in many geographical areas and respond to many types of crisis other than Sudan.

          • ApplePie101

            Thank you, everyone.

    • Del45

      The Voice of the Martyrs is a great Christian organization that I have been donating to for years. They help all the Christians not just in Syria & Africa.

  • Robin Carmack

    And I am sure The One is throwing confetti

  • lawngren

    “Posterity will judge them.” Somehow I don’t think that anyone in the government or the muslim side is worried about posterity judging them. this is because they intend to make sure that no posterity lives except that which has been brainwashed into islam.

    “Let those who have eyes to see,see.” If conservatives can’t pull off a miracle and win enough seats in November to rescue America, then I don’t want to hear you proggs / libs / socialists crying when you’re forced to become dhimmis, or surrender your little girls to whatever muslim fancies them, or watch a family member getting his head sawed off.

    • pajamakat

      They would blame it all on Bush and his policies. You know that.

      • lawngren

        I wonder. At that point, I wonder… stark terror sometimes clarifies the mind. Sometimes.

  • JohnCraven

    Would this be one of the social issues that Rand Paul doesn’t want us talking about?
    John Craven
    New Orleans

  • Yazz55

    According to today’s political correctness standards, its racist to report this.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    “A group in southern Kudana wondered how this attack could of lasted this long without the authorities intervening.” Say, like the knock out game? Like Benghazi? Like the IRS? Like that? Granted, our scandals are not on that level but that’s the road we’re headed down.

  • harglide

    This truly saddens my heart. The families of these brothers and sisters in Christ are in my prayers today. I also pray that God punishes the murderers that are responsible!

  • chip griffin

    it is coming to a town near you soon. after that the government will force the mark on all great and small. ok christians it is time to show who you are! some gave all, i will…

  • Andrew Smith

    Wish I had the money to fund a squad to protect these villagers … like the Magnificent Seven.

  • Jonathan


  • Curiousmoi

    What is really really sad is that most of the left leaning world that vilifies Christians in the media, secretly wish that all Christianswould die!

  • Laurel

    And the UN just continues to snore.

  • dabub

    We need a Christian relocation fund!

    • MacFly1

      No, we need a Nazi/extremist eradication fund.

      • dabub

        Don’t get it. These are muslim extremists. We’ve been fighting that war for the last 13 years. It’s not going anywhere.

  • Dana Micheal Robinson

    So people say religion doesn’t cause death, I tend to disagree. Another prime example here and for all of the people clamoring for revenge, it is not the solution to violence.
    Do not believe everything you hear either, I personally find it hard to believe anything that comes out of the mainstream media. So next You need to ask some fundamental questions here:

    1. Why is this story even being written?( beside to inflame hatred between cultures and religions).

    2. Who gains something from this to create such a division? ( I can think of a few ) next you will be hearing it’s extremest from Iran who did it. (hint)

    3. Why is it only about muslim extremest that the mainstream media talks about? There are countries around the world who have mass slaughterings everyday and never a mention about those.

    Points here are to think about why they are trying to enrage the christian community against the muslims, who stands to gain what in this game. Don’t fall for all of this heart string tugging and salt wound pouring tactics. And I am sure the muslim side is saying the same things about the christians.

    I just don’t understand the need for violence in anything, nor do I understand the great divide in all religions either. All religions teach the fundamental principles of love one another , don’t steal, cheat , lie or KILL. So how is it that there is more killing in the name of religions than anything else on the planet? Does anyone else see a disconnect here? I am pretty sure this isn’t what god had in mind when he created us and the universe. People should be ashamed.

    • Devon Abril

      I am so sorry to tell you that it’s one of Islam doctrines to fight and kill all people who are not muslims, in order for them not to cause FITNA or problem among the muslim believers my dear.

      it’s clearly written in Quran, and their so called God made himself pretty clear about it: “And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allah Alone [in the whole of the world]. But if they cease (worshipping others besides Allah), then certainly, Allah is All-Seer of what they do.” Al Anfal verse.

      by the way it’s not so surprising to hear such news. Muslims are capable of doing much more sick things than this…..

      wasn’t it for RELIGION in the first place, people would’ve never hated each other nor killed each other and the whole world would’ve been living in peace (at least on this side of life)….

    • Mannly

      you sir need to watch this…


    • Bryan

      You’ve an awful lot to say for someone who knows NOTHING about Islam. Do a bit of research. Read the Koran. Get your facts straight. (However, I DO agree that tribalism is a constant source of brutal mass murder in ALL of the African continent, and has been for as long as records have existed. Frankly, it appears to be
      “an African thing”, and seems to be a residual behavior world-wide.)

      • Bay0Wulf

        Black Africans have been one of the worst things that could happen to Black Africans. This is true. However, the Muslims introduce mass slavery to the Black Africans and themselves wrote in glowing detail about how they had converted all of Southern (Black) Africa into their own, personal, breeding ground for slaves. These writings extend back into the 600’s. Black Africa has many problems and much rage but … where it should be directed against the Muslims & Islam it is not because part of the Islamic Method is to DESTROY any history pre-existing their arrival and re-write history as they want their vassals to see it.

    • 1tootall

      First line of defense when no obvious defense exists: cast aspersions on the story!! Seems to be the obvious tact here. Question #1 is inane right off the bat!! Question #2 makes it sound like the story is about the theft of money rather than the murder of innocent women and children. Question #3 is the absurd, (apart from using bad grammar!!). Mass slaughterings (sic) everyday (sic)??? REALLY?? More than likely THEY are Islamic uprisings as well!! Too bad this is such a misguided post.

    • Bay0Wulf

      You really should have stopped at saying that you don’t understand. Since you obviously do not.

      The Muslims have been doing this by VIOLENCE for more than 1400 YEARS without EVER stopping. If you believe that Islam is somehow teaching “peace” you have NO CONCEPT OF HISTORY.

      Try looking into this stuff … just a tiny bit … if you don’t care for the history as written Europeans or Americans … try reading about Islam in India (which is EVEN WORSE) or the Africa experience (which is very hard to find any history but its there) OR try reading the writings of Muslims who write gloatingly and in great detail about all manners of horrors they have perpetrated on the ENTIRE WORLD that they knew of.

    • Gabriel

      You have so many accurate points that contradict your statements. Does that make sense? Let me try to explain in my limited capacity.

      1) “People say religion doesn’t causes death, I tend to disagree.” – This is exact teaching in God’s Word (the Christian Bible). The Bible tells us Jesus wants a personal relationship with us, not religion.

      2) “Another prime example here and for all …” – You are correct again. God tells us in His Word “Vengeance is mine”. A true repentant Christian who follows God’s word is supposed to pray their enemy and let God (the ultimate Judge) deal with those that don’t turn from their wicked ways.

      3) “Do not believe everything you hear…” – Am I incorrect in pointing out that the very sight you are commenting in is NOT part of the mainstream media. If you do a web search on this story, most results are NOT from mainstream media. Or am I confused as to what is considered to be MSM?

      4) “Why is this story being written?” Like all news, especially the NON MSM news, it is to inform you of what is going on in the world. I would agree that if it is coming from the MSM it is delivered with anterior motives to indoctrinate.

      5) I’m going out on a limb here to think that the “hint” you drop leads me to believe you are Iranian. Not that there is anything wrong with that but it does show that there is something really deeply bothering you with this story that I believe you should really dig deeper into.

      6) “Why is it only about muslim extremest” – I’m not sure what mainstream media you speak about. But this current administration has practically put a moratorium on even calling muslims extremists. After all, a growing number of his close advisors are actually muslim and he himself has said he was is muslim. Just youtube it.

      I digress from answering your points to ask you to please ask for Devine guidance to be able to see what really is going on around the world. There is only ONE that can give you the wisdom, eyes to see, and ears to hear the truth of what’s really happening and why. And I can tell this one is tugging at you to seek Him.

      God Bless You!

    • commonsense4sure

      Quite simple – you don’t understand the great divide because you are NOT educated. Sorry to burst your bubble but you need to learn some real history!

  • sushilpershad

    People Who Kill In The Name Of Religion Follow A Barbaric Pagan Faith !!

    • Adrian Scott

      careful the Christians had their crusades in the past and killed a lot of people in the name of god.
      I believe people that kill in the name of religion are just fanatics.

      • Bay0Wulf

        Christians … and Jews were not a whole lot better in their early stages especially. Yes, this is true. Islam however is the only one that has this materials writ large in their “holy books” as a REQUIREMENT.

        I would point out … as you decided to bring up the Crusades … that you need to spend a little bit of time with a history book. The Crusades were a REACTION to the rampages of Islam. Islam had been (in their own writing) raping, pillaging and outright massacring their way through the Mediterranean and Europe (dragging hundreds of thousands of europeans of into slavery and killing hundreds of thousands more … this is from THEIR OWN WRITINGS) for more than 500 YEARS before the FIRST CRUSADE. Charles “the Hammer” Martel (Grandfather of Charlemagne) threw the Muslims back in the Battle of Tours (Central-North Gaul later France) in 732. Charlemagne, known as the first Christian Emperor, is known primarily for his consolidation of Christian Europe against the Muslim onslaught and continued to struggle against the Muslims in several wars (see “Song of Roland” from 778). The FIRST Crusade was in 1096 (500 years after the beginning of the expansion of Islam). The last of the Muslims were (temporarily) pushed out of Spain in 1492 (Christopher Columbus discovers the New World). Some of the USA’s earliest Naval battles (and creation of the Marine Corps) was to force the Muslims from attacking US merchant ships and killing &/or selling the crews and passengers into slavery (1st Barbary War, 1801)

        Please attempt to learn some history before you engage in this type of conversation.

        The Muslims have been “Slave Masters & Traders” for over 1400 YEARS (and counting). They continue to this day. They have never actually stopped their effort to conquer the World and Convert EVERYONE to Islam (they will ALLOW NO OTHER).

      • Zaphod Smith

        I think if you really did your homework you would find that the “crusades” where actually an attempt to drive Islam back into the hole it came out of.. They had been attacking and raping their way though the western world for quite some time before the Christians fought back with their “crusades”.. Watch this.. –> http://youtu.be/t_Qpy0mXg8Y

    • Bay0Wulf

      Islam is more of a “cult” than a “religion” or “faith” it is a Theologically Oriented Political Sociological Belief System featuring Tyrannical Despotism.

  • blagostwin

    To bad they didn’t have security forces with automatic weapons. I’ll bet you see more armed security in the future.

    • Mannly

      not if Obumer has anything to do with it… this is what is going to happen here…. and soon…. are you ready…

      • blagostwin

        Molon Labe

  • John Lawless

    Oh My God, my heart is breaking for my fellow Christians. Will no one step up to stop these killings? ARGH my heart is hurting! My God protect your children, comfort those left behind. Welcome those lost into your loving arms. This is a perfect example of what happens when only government and criminals have guns. God hear us in the midst of our sorrow!

    • Gavin Wyatt


  • spin43

    And I am suppose to be concerned with Russia?

  • Chris Yates

    I can speak only for the UK in terms of this massacre not making it on to the main stream media. Media deception in progress here in the UK. They only care of Russia/Crimea, Flight MH370 and Miley Cyres. It’s disgusting, the people should now of the massacre on their religion, for how can you prepare for such an attack. Controlled media is more dangerous than the attacker himself!!!

    • Tricky Nicky Fountain

      Chris yates im with you ! The media should be investigated , this could happen here and half the population wouldn’t have a clue that it was happening . To keep it from us it is dangerous and wrong !

  • Paula

    This is so heart breaking. Prayers for all Christians throughout the World.

  • Eric Mc Cullough

    Sounds like a few stores in town are getting torched.

  • enoughtisenough

    Go to shoebat.com, He is very reliable source of information. Interesting history, his grandfather as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and had his hand in World War II with allegiance with Hitler. Mr. Shoebat saw it all as a child into adulthood. But thank heavens he converted.

  • Gareth Jones Robinson

    Why we haven’t declared war on the Muslims by now in our own CHRISTIAN COUNTRY is beyond words!!! What are we going to do just watch an keep on going as if everything’s OK! Or are we going to get off our asses an do something about it for once!!! I for one can’t go on listening to how there getting away with all these crimes daily!!! There the enemy within an there just waiting to strike, I’m not sitting round for that, I’m getting in there first!!!

  • Jasmine An’deez

    Each of us should remember that our mind is our sharpest sword. Hone your blade: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • david larson

    As a Viet Nam Vet I believe hot spots for potential attacks could be policed by sharpshooters (paid mercenaries) . We would sniper with infrared we would also establish “hunting” parties and take out the Jihad camps.
    The leaders ( jihad outposts)would be separately targeted (head shots
    always via sniper at 300 yards. There would be a show off
    hands if this clandestine approach is taken to rid the country of these pagan radical jihadists. They are not muslim or Islamic they are demons.