2 US border agents shot, 1 killed, near major drug corridor in Arizona

Three border agents were responding to an underground sensor alarm and apparently a gunfight ensued. One border agent was killed, another was shot and the third was unharmed. The ironic thing was that these border agents were operating from a brand new border station named in honor of Brian Terry, and now there are worries by officials that the guns used in this killing will be traced back to Fast and Furious.


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  • Calling Univision…calling Univision….this is the ONLY NETWORK having the courage to cover Fast & Furious….they should be the LEAD INVESTIGATORS!! We know the DOJ will try to cover this in some way and the MSM has alread been shown up by Univision over Fast & Furious….I believe they will REPORT and TRY TO FIND THE TRUTH! I wonder were these agents fired at by guns from Fast & Furious…I am sure Holder will help!!! NOT!

    • las1

      Now in this election season… I wonder how much the Democrat Media Complex will be reporting on this. Oh look! They found something in Romney’s tax returns.

      • Crossroad ads yesterday covered Libya very well and slammed Obama for being on Letterman, going to Vegas and being on the View….I hope the Superpacs will continue to attack Obama and I hope that whimp Reince from the GOP will attack as well!!

        • las1

          Thanks Michael… I’ll be reviewing the ads then let you know what I think.


          • las1


        • las1

          Ok… these two are good….

          Democrats Anonymous (very funny)

          Obama’s Open Mike 007 to Medvedev

          I’m still waiting for the hard hitting ads on Obama’s radical past and radical pals.

          • I am not sure we will ever see the Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and Dorn stuff Las…I now what you mean..in fact I have never seen one…I remember Hannity trying every which way back in 2008 to expose this and no ads appeared. In 2012, I am not sure if it have even been thought about…Hannity mentions it from time to time but he does not push this cycle as much either. But I agree those associations should be addressed.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Agreed 100%. Maybe Univision will at least cover it honestly, again.

      This is unbelievable.

    • kong1967

      Holder will help alright. He will help cover it up.

    • Orangeone

      Did our agents have bullets in their guns or were they shooting bean bags?

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      I have learned a lot about Fast and Furious from clips of Greta’s show on Fox’s website. She has been persistent in getting updates about the investigation.

  • MiketheMarine

    Janet Nepalitano, Eric Holder, Barry Maobama you all have even more American blood on your hands. You will answer for this. Maybe not till next year, but mark our words, you WILL be held accountable.

    • Sober_Thinking

      They sure better. The best 1st step is to vote them right out of office. Then put them on trial and jail them for life.

  • I’m speechless. God, this administration is just so evil.

  • 3seven77

    Wonder if these three agents were armed with ‘beanbags” like Brian Terry was.

    • p m

      2 a.m. and three border guards are required to investigate? They’d have no idea what they would face. Why are there no helicopter gunships down there?

      These men are sitting ducks, just like the Soldiers in Afghanistan. Disgusting state of affairs.

      • Orangeone

        O’Bambi pulled feds out of AZ because of SB 1070

    • Patriot077

      I wondered that myself.

  • Don

    Whether it was total incompetence on multiple levels of the Justice Department or organized corruption, for whatever reason, the results of this many innocent people being murdered by guns provided by the United States government are the same/ Murders have occurred because of the direct actions of the Department of Justice overseen by a confirmed racist, Eric Holder.The mainstream media is complicit in the cover up that has led to innocent lives being lost. Univision must be respected for exposing this act of complete evil that the mainstream media refused to even acknowledge happened. Caddell is right, The mainstream media is the enemy of the American people and will continue their corruption until the American people address them for the deviate force they have become.

    • MiketheMarine

      And what they did was an act of war against Mexico. I couldn’t blame Mexico if they deployed troops into the southern US to defend themselves.

  • Blood on their hands from this. Blood on their hands from Benghazi… Just one big bloody mess! Where’s the media? Oh that’s right… Busy spinning the truth to fit the propaganda. Blood on their hands too.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Remember… Obama is just eye-candy.

      He, Holder, and Napolitano might as well have pulled the triggers themselves…

      • NObama is eye candy for the blind if you ask me. If I was virgin female and the last woman on earth and he the last man… I’d die a virgin first!

    • Orangeone

      The media is busy preparing to spin Wed debate!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Time for “shoot first-check identities later” approach to this persistent problem since obama isn’t going to respond to this invasion!!!!

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on. Invasion and infestation.

    • Orangeone

      Send MikeTheMarine ‘s snipers to the border and send them now! Scoop, we need that shooting range developed.

  • SFCDeano

    Dont let the fence in this video fool you. I live in Tucson and go to Douglas, Naco, Nogales and Bisbee regularly – There is no fence on most of the border.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Sad and unbelievable…

    • white531

      It is true what you say. I live in Tucson, too. We might as well be in Mexico.

  • “This area is controlled by the Sinaloa cartel” — he’s referring to ARIZONA!

  • Sober_Thinking

    This is outrageous. If Obama, Holder and Napolitano had simply done their jobs in the first place and secured our borders… this sort of crap would be less likely to happen.

    But no, these criminals supplied the other criminals with high-powered weapons and encouraged them to go on with business as usual… relaxing illegal immigration policies, not securing our border and aiding and abetting the enemy. How long are Americans going to let these bastards get away with this cover-up?

    At least on Monday I wasn’t mad as hell… this garbage seems to happen every week with some of it going on and on for years. America better wake the heck up!!!

  • nibblesyble

    Here we go again, useless, stupid and dangerous! Holder needs to be run out on a rail!

    • With some tar and feathers to help him stay in the saddle.

  • Paul Ryan is going to Michigan to campaign on the 8th of Oct…..very interesting!

    All below is posted at : MittRomneyCentral.com

    More Voices Join: Romney Right on Detroit Bankruptcy…In Detroit News today..former President of Chrysler Hal Sperlich (when Lee Iacocca was Chairman) writes how Romney was RIGHT about the Auto Bailout (bankruptcy) and Obama is lying!

    Mr Sperlich writes in the Detroit News an Editorial explaining how Obama used Mitt’s plan but instead of financing it through government guaranteed financing as Mitt proposed…Obama used TAXPAYER CASH….

    It is a great read and you will also see a piece on how Obama screwed over 22,000 Delphi Employees when he crushed their pensions and how most live in Ohio!!

    Just some side notes!!

    • It’s tough waiting on open threads for these things. That’s a good find, Michael.

      If scoop puts up an open thread later, you should copy it there.

      • Thanks K-Bob…I like to try to give us at TRS news articles t give us hope and encouragement!! The MSM is garbage as we know but there are neat things happening all around as well and that should give us hope!! Paul being in Michigan is cool!

      • white531

        K-Bob, you bring up a good point. Scoop is great for singling out important news events and stories, but I wish we had one open thread that stayed open all the time and never closed.

        There is just so much going on right now and breaking news is everywhere. I saw this story on Fox at 6:00 a.m. with my first cup of coffee. Lamestream media had no coverage. Not blaming Scoop for putting it up later, but an open thread running 24/7 would give all of us a chance to contribute breaking news.

        • Send any comments (and especially tips) to [email protected]

          Scoop hears all and sees all.

          • white531

            I have done that, K-Bob. I have never received even one response. The closest relationship I have, with TRS, other than the other members, is you.

            • Hah! Scoop doesn’t have time to respond to tips! (He doesn’t respond to the ones I send, either.) How else could he get so many things up each day?

              Jerry Pournelle reminds us that HP Lovecraft died of starvation while busily answering fan mail. There’s a lesson for us all in there somewhere.

              • white531

                With all due respect, K-Bob, Scoop has to answer to their base. I am their base. You are their base. Everyone who contributes here, each evening, is their base.

                If I cannot ask a question of Scoop, and receive an answer in return, then that means, my question was not important. Ergo, I am not important.

                Hate to get testy about this, but I have sent several missives in the direction of Scoop. Can’t say I have received much in response.

                I love the members here. I have the greatest respect for them. They are the real reason I come here each evening.

                • I wouldn’t sweat it. I’m betting Scoop gets hundreds of legitimate emails a day now, along with gobs more spam to boot. Heck, he probably takes an hour just to whittle it down to something he can quickly scan for the critical info.

                  Also, right now is the busiest season for political bloggers, and Scoop is trying to stay ahead of the curve. So wait till after November. I’m betting Scoop answers a lot more email then.

  • Seems like only Univision will get to the bottom of this and NOT our own mainstream media. How pathetic.

  • Joe

    At this point

    I MUST BLAME John (spineless) Boehner

    “Tearjerker” John has had plenty of opportunities to nail ZERO to the wall

    John has done nothing to expose what a wicked evil man ZERO really is

    He is almost as bad as Pelosi is – just in a different way

    • We need a pitbull and we got a poodle. 🙁

      • Joe

        More like a SLUG

        I got bit by a poodle – It hurt

        • But slugs can’t bite.. Oh wait… yeah… I see your logic there! 🙂

  • Our prayers and hearts go out to the family.
    More blood on obamas hands.

  • sjmom

    Looks like things are starting to come apart for the Obama administration before the election and what is occurring are tragedies of their own making. The blow back on this one will reverberate through every border state and will once again bring to the forefront border security. If the MSM does not report this they should lose their FCC license because once again national security has been violated because of the Obama administration’s incompetence and concern for our citizenry.

    My guess: the weapons used were F&F.

  • maynardb50

    Perhaps there was a you tube clip denigrating Mexicans that provoked this murder.

  • kong1967

    Alright, enough is enough!! No one in government has been willing to take this issue head on and stop this bullcrap. Votes are more important for both sides. Can’t anger the hispanic community. STOP IT! If the hispanic community cares more about letting in their buddies than they do our laws, our sovereignty and the crushing financial burden it places on us…screw them! Immigration is good but not like this. Force it to be done legally so we know what’s coming in, who’s coming in, and how many are coming in. This is insane and it’s killing us..literally.

    • Well said!

      • kong1967


  • Prayers for the families of the dead and wounded agents. The border must be controlled.

    This is a good time to remind folks that the concept of a border fence is not what everyone seems to think it is. For one thing, it’s not just a fence.

    You can find photos of illegal aliens crossing all kinds of fences along our border. The amazing thing is the variety of fence styles that already exist. For every style of fence, a different technique is employed to get across it. And still they come across.

    It’s not about a piece of architecture. Even when it looks pretty cool, there’s a technique for defeating it, and believe me, we’re not talking about high-tech, mission impossible stuff, here. We’re talking redneck engineering.

    No matter what anyone tells you about barriers and fencing, the cost and the maintenance alone should be all you need to think about to realize that a border “fence” is never going to be a build-it-and-forget-it proposition.

    To control the border requires several things: barriers, land, equipment, infrastructure, and people. Lots and lots of people. The barrier design has to be something simple and elegant (elegant like a 50 caliber sniper rifle, not elegant like a vase of flowers), and it has to last for fifty years before being replaced. Not like those rusty, sheet metal and barbed wire contraptions in several images you’ll see in the images linked above.

    The land component is critical. We need to clear out all land on both sides of the barrier, for at least 150 feet (50 meters). We need a second barrier on the US side to provide a patrol corridor. We need the technology to tell when people and machines are present within a 500 foot (150 meters) range of either side. Sorry landowners, but this means all settlements, ranches, commercial real estate and housing within about a half mile of the border needs to be vacated.

    Further on the technology/equipment side is the necessity for aerial surveillance, aerial support (helicopters), maintenance vehicles, patrol vehicles, and of course, guns. Sure, we can go out of our way to avoid using guns, but that adds to the cost. Capture and process requires a ton of infrastructure. We must be kind but firm.

    We need Border Patrol installations every 25 to 50 miles. And enough personnel to actively patrol the entire thing, with response to armed incursion or mass incursion. This has to be operational every day; all day.

    So please understand how much this is going to cost, and how long it will take to develop. We should have started by now. It isn’t going to get cheaper by waiting.

    • white531

      K-Bob, you are about as on top of this stuff, as anyone I know. I really do respect and appreciate your post. Your dedication to the Conservative Cause and your belief and support of The Right Scoop, precedes your comments. I would add some things to your post, but I will do that in another post.

      • Thanks! We have a great collection of folks committed to the cause here. I just happen to be good with web-based technologies and information (in general) due to my background. Others here are learning at a fantastic pace, and bringing up the van admirably.

        Whatever you add will be appreciated.

  • Orangeone

    Is this one of the areas in AZ that O’Bambi pulled enforcement monitoring and is allowing his DREAMERS and GAYERS to cross?

  • deeme

    Just how much blood is on this administration’s hands..no wonder Pat Caddell is calling the journalists wreckless, they don’t even care…I think they would come up with an excuse if they saw one of them kill with their own bare hands, instead of their policies..but either way it’s murder..

  • jdbaird

    My brother is a Border Patrol agent in AZ and everytime I hear a news report about another border shooting, the thought crosses my mind that it might be him. There’s no reason why the family of an agent should have that weighing on their minds, especially when our politicians, Republican and Democrat deliver a lot of lip service but do NOTHING ABOUT IT! I understand that our Border Patrol, ICE & Customs Agents have a dangerous job, but they aren’t trained for warfare or offensive tactics, they’re sitting ducks out there. All I know is if anything ever happens to my brother I don’t know what I’ll do but it won’t be good.

  • ordman

    During a PBS, interview with JEFFREY BROWN: on Aug, 13th 2010.

    JANET NAPOLITANO, Homeland Security Secretary said: ”
    What we’re doing is making sure that we have a safe and secure border region from San Diego all the way to Brownsville. And that means manpower, it means technology, it means infrastructure, it means interior enforcement. All, you know, kind of layered in appropriate ways, and making sure, like I said before, the border is safe and secure.”

    Well Janet all I have to say is that, it looks like you missed a spot!

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Another tragic wake up call to the American people. Who you choose for President can have deadly consequences.

  • DebbyX

    Not a word from the traitor in the White House, how typical. I suppose if he had a son, he wouldn’t look anything like one of these Agents. After all, they are brave Americans!

  • stage9

    Sue the Federal Government again Arizona! I’d keep those federal low life scum bags so overwhelmed with lawsuits and paperwork until they go blind.

  • aZjimbo

    And just where is that bulldog he/she called janet nappy?

  • white531

    I woke up this morning to this story. I always start my day with Fox News.
    I find they break new events faster than the other news agencies.

    This one was personal. I live in Tucson. Southern Arizona. We lived through the murder of Brian Terry. By guns that Eric Holder gave the Cartels, through the “Fast and Furious” failed program of the Obama administration.

    We suffered the loss of a beloved rancher, Robert Krentz, in 2010, killed on his own ranch, while checking on his cattle. By a Mexican who was never apprehended.

    All you Liberals who think that all these Mexicans, and others from Central and South America, deserve citizenship in this great nation, for no other reason than they were able to walk across our southern border with Mexico, disgust me.

    These people have cost us billions, if not trillions, in supporting their wonderful lifestyle here in America, not to mention that half that money went back to Mexico and their other respective countries.

    And they are not even citizens of this country! If you miss everything about this message, get that one point into your brain. They are not citizens of this country!

    It is beyond belief, that any country in the world, would permit such a travesty, let alone the United States of America. But that is exactly what we have done, and what we continue to do. Apparently, there is simply no end to the lunacy. Democrats never seem to run out of ideas on how to spend our money, to get more votes.

    It needs to stop. It needs to stop right now.

    Arizona has been fighting this war alone, for the most part. Texas and California have for sure, been a part of it. But the brunt of it, has been carried by the Great State of Arizona, and by our Governor, Jan Brewer.

    Whatever your feelings are, about illegal immigration, whether for it or against it, they are not a part of this argument.

    This is a classic argument of State’s rights against Federal. This is a monumental effort by the Federal Government, to quash, once and for all, any idea that the individual States that make up the United States of America, have any voice, whatsoever in the future of this nation.

    This ain’t about Mexicans, folks. This is about your Federal Damned Government and your Muslim President and your Muslim Attorney General.

  • Aikalo80

    wow! I got a call from a friend in Arizona, he knew the agent Nicholas Ivie personally, they attended their mormon church together, he is survived by his wife and 2 kids. How sad, RIP Nicholas Ivie

  • colliemum

    “now there are worries by officials that the guns used in this killing will be traced back to Fast and Furious.” – until the opposite is proven, I’d claim loudly and repeatedly that these were indeed guns from Fast & Furious, or from Gun Runner, out of Texas.