2007 Obama: You can’t be against Super PACs one day and for them the next

Considering Obama is now supporting Super PACs when he was against them just last week, this is brutal.

In 2007 Obama went on and on about the fact that you can’t be against these outside groups one day and then for them the next day only when it’s convenient. He says that candidates can’t just talk the talk, that voters have to look at how candidates act when it isn’t convenient, when it’s hard:

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  • Anonymous

    This man has no shame!

    • Anonymous

      Lol, I was going to add that he has no brains, but that wouldn’t be true. He’s actually very intelligent, but his followers are dumber than rocks not to see what he’s doing to this country.

      • Please explain to this rock what he has done that comes even close to the devastation his predecessor created.

        • kong1967

          I assume you’re talking about the supposed bank collapse. The Dems are tied to Fanny and Freddie at the hip, and it was the Dems who pushed those banks to give out housing loans to people who couldn’t afford it. It created a bubble, of which Bush warned about multiple times during his administration and the Dems blocked any attempt to do anything about it. Barney Frank said the banks were stable and to “keep your hands off my banks”.

          Those banks didn’t go under overnight. They had years to do so, and when Clinton strenthened the CRA they went downhill faster than crap. You don’t think it’s funny that the libs came out just 3 months before the election to claim the sky was falling? Tell me, what was the economy like the DAY BEFORE the Dems did that? The economy plummeted entirely because the libs intentionally came out and claimed the world would collapse within three days if we didn’t pass a trillion dollar bail out bill immediately. Putting a massive scare like that into the banks will make them collapse on that alone. It causes runs on the banks, which happened. The whole thing was a sham orchestrated from the left from the very beginning. Where did the CEO’s for the banks go after they destroyed the banks? They went to Obama’s campaign as advisors, and Geithner went on to Obama’s administration. Hmmmm. Naaaah. No connection here. Whatever.

    • Well, if you can’t beat ’em join ’em, fight fire with fire, build a bigger weapon of mass destruction than your opposition, etc. This isn’t rocket science you nerds!!!!

  • Democrats are allowed to have no budget, no spine, no morals, no benchmarks, no anything and that lets them get away with murder… All backed up by NPR, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, CNN and others.

    Conservatives are always being slammed against abortion, race, gay rights, earmarks, unemployment, taxes, and you name it… standing alone (barely) with Fox News and talk radio.

    • Anonymous

      Vince Foster

      • Ron Brown?

        • Anonymous

          Lt. Daniel Caffee: “And the hits just keep on coming”

          • Anonymous

            You want the truth? You can’t HANDLE the truth.

            You WANT me on that wall, you NEED me on that wall.

            Great movie.

  • Amy

    Same S***/Different Day

    He hasn’t kept any of his so called promises yet, why start now? The sad thing is, his supporters won’t call this for the hypocritical behavior it is. They will (as Bob Beckel did) blame the evil Republicans and say he was forced to do this to combat them.

    • Anonymous

      With Democrats and Muslims (in this case one and the same) it is not only OK to lie it is their duty to do so if it advances your current cause.

      • Anonymous

        Excellent point.

      • Anonymous

        The people who support Obama are too stupid to notice hypocrisy. Whatever the lizard prince or Michael Moore mutter is the truth.

        • kong1967

          The fact that the left puts Michael Moore on a pedestal is proof enough to tell us how ignorant they are of the truth. Moore’s movies are packed with lies, manipulations and propaganda. If the left knew the facts they would immediately see this when they watch his movies….but they don’t. They believe everything he says.

    • kong1967

      Obama claims that he has kept over 90% of his promises. I don’t see where, but at any rate what he HAS done has been bad.

  • Anonymous

    The man’s audacity is amazing !!

    He can tell the biggest lie and never flinch. You know that he is laughing on the inside all the time.

    He knows he is lying and he knows we know he is lying, but, it is only sport to him. He does not care. He is simply pandering to the base, the 50 % that believes everything that comes out of his mouth. It is simply amazing! This man has issues.

    • Anonymous

      The audacity of hope… NOPE!

      • Anonymous

        The Audacity of a DOPE

  • Anonymous

    Matthew Broderick said it best (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9Cp3WCdPHg):

    “It’s over. Go home.”

    • Anonymous


      What! You mean Ferris is a… a… a.. Barack supporter?

      Oh… the humanity!

      Here I thought that little rebel Ferris would be a conservative… natch.

      Oh? What’s that? He’s a typical Hollywood liberal! What! Really?

      • Anonymous

        Remember the scene in Ferris Bueller where the red Ferrari goes hurtling off the second story garage to its demise? That’ll be Zeroman’s campaign in November.

        • Anonymous

          I have a friend who restores old cars and he owns and is restoring that very Ferrari. You may be disappointed to learn that it isn’t a true Ferrari. It is a clone.

          • Anonymous

            Wouldn’t think it was a real Ferrari 250 GT California. They only built 100 of them and they are worth in the millions. I would be disappointed if you told me they used a real one.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t forget that Matthew Broderick killed someone in England in a drunk driving accident. Of course, he is a democrat. He thinks the law should treat him like a Kennedy.

        • Anonymous

          I had no idea about the drunk driving thing. But then again, I seldom research Hollywood libs much unless it’s something important.

          Oh the irony of Honda letting him get behind the wheel for the Superbowl commercial.

        • Anonymous

          It was in Ireland, not England. (You probably meant Britain)

          Are you sure he was drinking the day of the accident? I can’t find that fact anywhere.

  • Am I the only one who had a hard time understanding him in the days before the teleprompter? Look at how they act when it’s inconvenient….. we have been dear leader, and we expect to give you your pink slip come November.

  • Anonymous

    Flip Obama. The interpid candidate from the virtuous windy city of Chicago. Where ethics run deep and values are toilet paper. He favors what favors him.

    Now his stance on gay marriage is, and I quote, “Evolving”. ANYTHING to win. Despot!

  • Anonymous

    When you’re the Illustrious Potentate and Grand Poo-Bah, you can be for or against anything & everything you want. One of the benefits of being Royalty or a Dimocrap.

  • Anonymous

    Ha, ha, ha! You can’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth! He’s as phony as a $3 bill.

    • Anonymous

      And given today’s inflation, that $3 bill is worth about 78.6 cents.

      You can’t even get a mocha at Starbucks for $3.

  • Anonymous

    I was against Maobama before I was……
    well, I’ve never been for him

  • Anonymous

    Just like 1984…change the papers to have always read what the current policy is….I hope whomever the candidate is, hopefully Santorum, uses BO’s own words against him. It appears almost too easy with what BO is doing and what he had said on the campaign trail.

  • Anonymous

    President Two-Faced!

  • Anonymous

    “You can’t be against Super PACs one day and for them the next…”

    Sure you can…and through the magic of the internet let him finish his statement…Ok, I’ll finish it for him.

    …as long as your name is Obama, you have a really groovy logo, you have willing accomplices within your party and your media, with no character, no honor and no honesty, and if you can blame one of your schizophrenic alter egos. You see, I was a moderate democrat when I said that, just trying to pull the wool over your Wee Willy Winky eyes.

    What I’m saying now, I am saying as an out of the closet socialist. I am saying and singing a different tune today, as a potential lame duck country killer. You know, “by whatever means necessary”.

    Dear Chattel, Cattle and Sheep;

    You’re welcome.

    Barawk! (Bo Peep)

  • Anonymous


  • PFFV

    If his lips are moving he is lying – Hypocrite In Chief

    Somewhere a Community is missing their Organizer… or something…

  • Anonymous

    That was then, this is now. It depends on what your definition of the term SuperPAC is. Besides, he’s The One. All that un-SuperPAC stuff was for all you rightwingers. The wise, noble Left is above all that.

  • Anonymous

    Obama’s flip-flop, (like Romneys) reminds me of one of my granddaughters performing that tried and ritual of picking a flower last spring and then plucking it petal by petal!
    Obama; I love super pacs! I love them not! I love super pacs! I love them not! I LOVE SUPER PACs!
    In the race to determine who is the biggest flip-floper, it’s a dead heat at this time!

  • Mike

    A true and pure narcissist. This guy only serves himself. He will always be against something unless it better serves him. Everything is political with him. I couldn’t even watch the video above because I truly can’t handle listening to his voice for a few seconds anymore. I hope this isn’t bad, but I also have to change the channel when Romney comes on to talk. I’ve found myself changing Hannity several times during the past few weeks when Romeny is on as a guest.

  • Anonymous

    Hilarious, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    “You can’t be against Super PACs one day and for them the next”


  • Anonymous

    If a Democrat (especially Mr. Obama) ever takes responsibility for his actions, actually tells the truth or keeps a promise, doesn’t engage in hypocritical behavior…that will be news.

    This is just the same dance, different song, and I don’t expect anything better.

  • jonathanzacharias

    BRUTAL! hahahahahahahaha

  • “Don’t tell me words don’t matter!” – Deval Patrick/Barack Obama

  • Unless its the will of Christ as explained to us “Bitter Clingers” by Barack Hussein Obama himself.

  • Obama 2007: You can’t be against Super PACs one day and for them the next

    How about being piously and arrogantly opposed to them AND 100% for them on the same day?

  • Being a Liberal means you NEVER have to acknowledge your hypocrisy. And if you did, you would only confuse the voters who support you.

    Never have so many deadbeats received so much assistance from so few taxpayers.

  • Anonymous

    Yes he can. He’s Obama, the biggest liar and scammer of all time. He’s the same guy that blasted candidates taking donations and said they should only use the goverment supplied money, yet as soon as he conned McCain into doing it he bailed and took public donations instead. Obama is a jerk, so he will do whatever benefits him today no matter what he said the day before.

  • This man is in WAY over his head! Simply put, he is an EMPTY SUIT. Back to Chicago, Barry!