33 minutes after his statement on Russia and Ukraine Obama declares HAPPY HOUR for Democrat Party

Obama’s statement about Russia’s military movements in the Ukraine was only 3 minutes long because he was apparently in a hurry to introduce Happy Hour with his Democrat buddies across town:

BRET BAIER: This was a serious statement delivered to the white house briefing room, and obviously, to the nation, because everyone picked it up. the president went on with his schedule.

33 minutes later, across town, he delivered this to a democratic audience:

OBAMA:  It’s Friday. It’s after 5:00. So this is now officially happy hour with the Democratic Party.

I can do that.

It is an executive action!

I have the authority!

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  • Netmilsmom

    What a maroon.

    • Kansas Gal

      My 14 year old grandchild said it a little more strongly “what an a$$”. And for once I did not remind her to watch her language.

  • notebene

    Once again, Odumbo fiddles while Rome (the Ukraine) burns! What an incompetent loser! I’ve never been embarrassed about my country until this asshat showed up!

    • garyinaz66

      at least this time we know what he was doing and so far no dead americans like benghazi

    • Jazz1232

      Barry and his comrades are the arsonists.

    • Judges718

      Another installment of NBC’s “A Nero Moment with Barack Hussein Obama”

      Brought to you by the:
      La Raza
      Sierra Club
      Agenda 21
      George Soros
      Congressional Black Caucus
      and America Hating Commies from around the globe

      • Yazz55

        … and paid for by the American taxpayer.

  • DJohn

    It is a shame, he had all the chances, but will go down as the worst president ever.

  • LibraryTchr

    “Let them eat CAKE!”

    • Correction: “government-provided, taxpayer funded food squares.”

  • PalmBayConservative

    That stupid MFer. What does he think, This is a joke?

    • PVG

      He doesn’t care. He is too ideologically driven and narcissistic to ever doubt himself. I pray for God’s protection on this nation from this man-child.

    • garyinaz66

      more failures of Obama and more proof that the media is, has been and will be in the tank for the progs

      Russian Officers From “76th Storm Troops Division” Operating In Ukraine…
      Obama Officials: Russian Troops Rolling Into Ukraine An “Uncontested Arrival,” Not An “Invasion”…

      Obama Punts On Ukraine, Then Goes Off To DNC Fundraiser
      Obama Remarks On Russia’s Incursion Into Ukraine: I’m Warning You Not To Do What You’ve Already Done, Russia

      Ironic Flashback: Obama To Romney: “Cold War Is Over Governor”
      FLASHBACK: Obama Attacks Romney For Saying Russia Our Biggest Geopolitical Threat…

      FLASHBACK: Sarah Palin Mocked For Saying Russia Could Invade Ukraine…

  • He really does a great job staying calm under heavy pressure! -_- For gosh sakes, you can’t even take this seriously, can you? So your lifelong goal was to destroy America from the inside, right? HELLO!! The only thing your ruining is yourself you egotistical, pompous dirtbag!

    • Jazz1232

      That’s exactly what their goal is.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Well he was finally talking about something he knew about….no, not Ukraine, but boozing it up on a Friday evening. I guess Putin can relax a bit this evening since the king of the US isn’t going to seriously address Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine. King Nobama is more comfortable at a bar than addressing a crisis in Europe.

    • DakConserve

      Agreed, Obamzo is the incompetent unqualified child president. This is a result of the 5 years of weakness that he has shown… Peiriod!

  • Freedomswatch

    Many people in Ukraine will end up dying. The protesters fought hard for their freedom, many of them giving their lives. America before Obama would have stood up to Putin and Putin would have been forced to listen. No-one respects Obama in the world and therefore no-one listens to America anymore. Putin invades Ukraine while the Democrats toast each other. Disgusting.

    • Jazz1232

      The commies have much to toast.

  • poljunkie


  • Bobby

    My question is, are his advisors this stupid? There is a Russsian warship in port in Cuba right now, and as everyone should know, they don’t travel alone, where are the rest, the subs, and support ships, park off our coast somewhere I would imagine. This imposter in chief is an idiot and his advisors are as well. He wants to act tough, but the bully is just around the corner ready to slap him. Everyone needs to wake up a realize what is happening here. Ukrane is not our business, let the EU worry about them. We have enough to worry about here at home. That is All. RLTW

    • You miss the point: HE’s that stupid. If his advisors told him to say otherwise, he wouldn’t care.

  • toongoon


  • Time4Offense

    What is this [man], a cuckoo clock? “It’s five o’clock, uhhh, uhhh.”
    Can you imagine, the Republican leadership fears this [man], while the rest of the world laughs at him?
    [ *** ] = edited for younger audiences

  • tinlizzieowner

    Obama’s brief statement says “he’s troubled”. Not ‘troubled’ enough to miss ‘happy hour’ though. 😉 😉

    • CapeLady

      Obama is never troubled for more than a few seconds – he is too narcissistic to care more than that. The Benghazi dead were “bumps in the road”, just like the 38% of Americans who have already been hurt by Obamacare. Obamacare is a misnomer because Obama doesn’t care about anyone but Obama.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      He talked pretty tough about Ukraine but he doesn’t have the stones to back it up. I can just see Putin and the Politboro yukking it up.

  • 12grace

    Russia is going to walk over Europe and obama will applaud.

    Let’s all pray for the people of the Ukraine.

    • Jazz1232

      If they don’t walk over Europe it won’t be because they can’t.

      • 12grace

        Yes, I feel so sorry for the people of the Ukraine.

  • DarkKnight2016

    President Obama on GOP “trickle-down” economics: “just because this theory has a history doesn’t mean it should have a future.”

    Well that “trickle down” theory helped create 20 million jobs including the jobs that their Saint Bill Clinton so wrongfully takes credit for.

    • You’re using facts. There’s your problem. Facts don’t mean anything to a Democrat.

  • I’m lost for words.

    • I’m not. Drink up!

    • badbadlibs

      It’s really got that bad. We’ve used every word possible to try and make sense of the monster leading America.
      He’s hateful and deliberately making sure America pays a hefty price for being America and yet he still has millions of supporters.

  • CapeLady

    Obama still leading, not from behind, but from a bar across town!

  • timsrighty

    Wonder if when Boehner heard “happy hour” if he ran across town in hopes of getting a free buzz on and hang out with his Whipmaster.

    Obama has far too much hubris to care how utterly un presidential stunts like this are at a time like this.

    • SPELL9

      Uh, Boenher WAS the Bartender, whipping up a pink girlie drink for Happy Hour Preezy 🙂

  • More evidence, if any was needed, that this man has no interest whatsoever in foreign affairs.

    And we elected him. Twice, God help us.

    • Poe

      Not this we

      • nja

        Not this we either.

        • PVG

          Not “we” either!

  • Robert Rivera

    Hideously evil, dumb, pathetic punk, that is what you are, Barry.

    • aposematic

      Dumb as Evil wills him!

  • Dramamama

    Well we know he doesn’t have the [email protected] to do anything to keep Putin in line! Might as well drink.

  • fishmonster

    I’m sorry I didn’t waste my time listening to the lying little leftist, but you know Putin must have had a good laugh. This pathetic mistake who is president has harmed our friends and heartened our enemies. Obama has unemployment of 13% according to Janet Yellen. The American people are feeling real pain as a result of this disastrous health care bill which has nothing to do with health care. Obama lied and people are dying and his comments to Putin illustrate how pathetic and weak we have become under his leadership.

  • misterlogic0013

    In your face America .. trolls .. OB getting ?? Hunch, bit concerned, his era = playing info highway = informed electorate big trouble D / R, ahead squarely T/P s hands, Liberty on their shoulders, have reasons.
    Serious times shortly ahead, here, must protect, get out of the sand, not a box, stay in box. America’s .. Sarah said it, not our problem, doesn’t effect us directly, Russia do what you do, stupid does what stupid do, informed electorate does what it does.
    Play time over. add Congress declares war .. lets remind early on, upside OB shaky at best, America’s Rising Grassroots virgin soil, American soil. Thanks Zukkerberger, all good.
    Happy, happy, happy, get to work somewhere in your area, meeting? everywhere, closer than you would think, 912 group, tea party, people talking, brewing, good time, time is up, were up, (again).

    Sarah time, Special Lady from the North, America in her blood, stare into your eyes when taking with you, not at you, grip is magic, hands of a born leader .. cant make it up, draws crowds in the thousands, followers in the millions, light years ahead, been busy working, soon show up.
    The Jewel, Special Lady, heading DC .. T/P era around then bend, silent majority growing, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Greek, Italian, you name it, rent to dam high party, over regulated, everyday Americans joining hands, grassroots magic, Americans, built it, building it .. Sarah Time.

  • Jazz1232
  • PhillyCon

    No one cares. Obama can do whatever he wants. Who is going to oppose him? Or even criticize him?

  • LiberalFascist

    We could be litteraly days or weeks from World War III and its happy hour for the democrat party

  • Just arrest his bony a$$ already.

    • ryanomaniac

      There you go! Getting down to brass tacks! Amen K-Bob.

  • Dan — the Conservative one!

    The question is, at what point will enough Americans finally get the message that Obama is a Red Diaper Baby, sprung from the loins of sixties radicals? A man educated in the underhanded mole tactics of Saul Alinsky, and mentored by fellow traveler Frank Marshall Davis, a card carrying Communist? Don’t forget his associations with foreign and domestic terrorists. Bill Ayers ring a bell?

    This man is not a true American, no matter where he was born!

    • Laurel

      Americans know he is a red diaper baby…a good solid half of this country is hence his getting elected…twice.

      • coachpan

        Won first election because nobody knew him. Won second election thanks to those that didn’t vote ! Period !

        • Laurel

          Numbers don’t fit your narrative. If that were the case then the election wouldn’t of been lost in this country by three million votes.

          This country is embracing communism.

          And in future if you post to me don’t say rude things like “Period!” I’m not your wife nor your child.

        • aposematic

          BS… Voter fraud is rampant and the World’s and American crony capitalists’ $ will make sure it stays rampant.

    • Jazz1232

      I doubt most conservatives will put aside the he’s incompetent meme anytime soon and face the obvious, and that will occur well before the general population figures him out.

  • Laurel

    He pads his bank account with cash from 1% as he complains about 1%….and like seals they applaud and write those checks.

  • Bee Judy

    Truly Nero fiddling while Rome burns – a pathetic, weak, and delusional man who has been drinking his own Kool-Aid for way too long. The tyrannt
    s of the world are going to set him straight. He wants a weak America because he wants to bring her to her knees…. dreams from his father 🙁

    • badbadlibs

      Excellent! You have it perfectly correct, sadly.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    So what’s that mean, time to go blow a doob with the choom gang?

    • jlbs

      Probably that, and other ‘intimate activities’.

  • Yazz55

    Russia invades Ukraine.
    Democrat party happy hour.
    ooops…I just said the same thing twice.

  • ivan

    As usual, he puts out a bluff and does nothing as with Syria and North Korea. Putin makes him look like Pee Wee Herman.

  • David Thompson

    It’s Happy Hour for the Marxist Democrat Party

  • Haywoodjbl

    This guy makes us look like fools…….In my 57 years he is the weakest most incompetent Executive (not just talking President) at any senior level I have ever seen. I have had entry level employees with more common sense than this azz clown

    • Hillary Shackley

      You are absolutely right about that- I still can’t believe a man who said there are 57 states in our United States is our President… Well stated btw.

      • notsofastthere

        Everyone forgets he said he campaigned in 57 states, with one more to go. That’s 58 in my count:)

        • Hillary Shackley

          I love it- I saw the edited version apparently to make Obama look more like an educated President. Nice!

  • badbadlibs

    Anything that makes a democrat “happy” spells doom for level headed, normal human beings.

  • Flashbang

    we have a hipster for president-fore!!!!!!!

  • ApplePie101

    Obama Shrugged.

  • coachpan

    That’s our community-organizer in-chief ! Little scary !

  • Donny Zunker

    IF Obama was a CEO, he would have been fired already… and the board of directors would be unwilling to admit they were dumb enough to hired this clown… That said, let’s remember this in Nov 2016 and NOT hire Hillary…

  • notsofastthere

    Obama has NO compassion and No connection to other human beings.
    Warm on the outside and cold as ice on the inside. Biden says he has a big stick and spine of steel. So did Hitler, Stalin and other infamous dictators.


    This thing is just out and out ARROGANT like the other two .

  • poorhardworker

    Mr. Pre-des-poser to one ideology, I am SO glad you have your “eye on the ball!!!! You are a chameleon! You need to hire more people to remove the tarnish that is accumulating on you!!! Do the country a favor (for once!) and resign!!!!

  • aposematic

    Destroying America is Obuma’s and the DomoncRat Party’s objective; so empowering Russia is cause for Obuma and the D’s to celebrate… Obuma and his Cabal of Evil rulers over America are Satan incarnate…period!

  • Donotask

    America spent over 5 billion dollars in propaganda to stir up trouble in the Ukraine. Could it be because this is where Russia’s largest military base is, and they wish to weaken Russia? Gee, everything was fine until Russia said they support borders, traditional marriage, and their own culture over multiculturalism. I am cheering for Russia this time. If they pulled this stunt in one of the areas the USA had a military base, the USA we would respond with military action too. The US has no business interfering.

    • Watchman74

      You do not think this has been the goal of Putin all along, especially after what happened in Georgia? Have you noticed a Russian ship docked in Cuba?? Moscow has said they plan on expanding it’s military presence worldwide. The New Russia is starting to sound a lot like the old USSR. Does that not bother you even a little? Here is where inaction has it’s own consequences. Specially the potential for a new cold war. So it’s either deal with him now or deal with him later.

      • Donotask

        Certainly not. Russia is not trying to destroy America. Russia is trying not to become America. The “New Russia” is starting to sound a lot like the 1950’s America. Protecting her people, borders, culture, traditional values, and her right to maintain her military bases. Let’s be honest. America has been the bully on the playground for too long now. The only thing Putin has done when he took over Russia, was to help her become a free market. You can expect the media to try and paint Putin as the bad guy ie. “ban the Olympics” all over gay issues. This mind control over American citizens worked for them forever, but now there is the internet where we can connect. The control the media used to have over the American public was nothing short of shameful. It led to much undeserved hatred, and wars. I suppose this is why there is a politician in Boston working tirelessly trying to get control of the internet using legal loopholes, and lame excuses. The internet is a tool of the people. It is derailing political propaganda. Not every country wants to become progressive liberal, or their people become the minority in their own homelands. I don’t think Americans wanted this either. They see what has happened to us, and the way we continue to fall. If I was in charge of Russia, I would resist too. They fought forever, and suffered greatly to get rid of a dictatorship type government. They sure as hell shouldn’t have to be dictated by any other country, and certainly not America. Happily MSN just published an analysis saying other than “word threats” America can’t do anything. We need Russia too much right now for a myriad of political issues. That was great news. I want Ukraine to be happy, but joining the EU and losing her nation to massive foreign immigration is not the answer. I think Russia will work something out. The Russia today is nothing like the Russia of yesterday.

        • Watchman74

          Your looking at Russia through rose colored glasses. You forget how ruthless Russia can be. They’ve cut off gas to Europe for political gain. They’ve jailed people for speaking out against the government. The Russian government is rife with corruption and mob ties. Don’t be fooled, it’s all about power and gaining territory.

          • Donotask

            No argument there, but lately and regrettably, we can’t say much better about the USA and Europe. We just do a better job of covering everything up. Start digging into the different wars, and you might be shocked at how twisted the “good guys” are too. I believe Russia’s current government is good-hearted. I can’t say what the future holds, but Putin seems like a good guy when compared to Obama.

  • lawngren

    Get drunk, obama. Stay drunk. We’d be better off.

  • lawngren

    Allow me one more comment on this “presidential” response. This sounds to me like more than weakness.

    It smells like fear. Sheer terror, perhaps. Head-in-the-sand. Pull the covers over my head and I won’t see the boogeyman. Pretend there are no monsters and they’ll go away.

    I think that for the first time, obama has come face to face with someone tough, who isn’t intimidated by him, who has a set of fangs that make SEIU look like little boys with cap guns, and obama is wondering what’s going to happen to him when the bully finishes thrashing the Ukraine.

    I think that for the first time, obama realizes that he’s not only held in contempt, but there is something to FEAR in the world outside. There really IS “something drooling under the bed”, to steal a line from Bill Watterson.

    Right after SecDef Hagel announced deep cuts to the military.

    • tinlizzieowner

      You thinking he’s figured out he’s not Putin’s ‘equal’ and nobody in Russia or place else over there, gives a damn about the word ‘Racist’. 😉 😉

      • lawngren

        Yep. I think he finally connected the dots. Like the spoiled, protected rich kid whose daddy bought him a hot car, and he discovers he still can’t impress the chicks. Or fight worth a darn.

        • tinlizzieowner

          ‘A Firm ative’ Action means something a little different in Russia and the middle east, than it does in Barry’s world. 😉 😉

          • lawngren

            Haha! Yes, indeed.

      • Donotask

        Or xenophobic, homophobic, or whatever else of sheer stupid ‘sticks and stones’ the USA throws out in a temper tantrum of trying to control.

  • Abbie Mills

    Those who pursue the opportunities afforded by liberty should realize that they will reap the praise or blame and are morally responsible for the consequences of their efforts.

  • imatellau


  • $33941221

    This filth has the sexual makeup of a whore on steroids

  • jlbs

    It’s just one big Paaaaarrrrtttyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! isn’t it, hussein? J___A___!