50 bodies found in Mexico, victims of drug violence

While our president refuses to take necessary measures to secure our border, this is what’s happening on the other side of the Rio Grande:

(Yahoo) Fifty dead bodies have been discovered over the past two days in western Mexico, victims of a fierce war waged between the government and the nation’s powerful drug cartels.

The bodies of 26 young men were dumped in three vehicles near a busy intersection in Guadalajara. It bore the signs of a drug vendetta and a chilling message of more to come in Mexico’s second city, set to host an international book fair this weekend.

The gruesome find came the day after 24 bodies were discovered in the city of Culiacan, in northwestern Sinaloa state.

A message found with the latest bodies said the peace enjoyed by the states of Jalisco and Sinaloa, allegedly as a result of agreements between local authorities and the Sinaloa cartel, was over.

“There were 26 corpses altogether, all male and aged from 25 to 35 years,” Fernando Guzman, a top official in Jalisco state, of which Guadalajara is capital, told a news conference Thursday.

Most of the men had been asphyxiated, some were naked and some marked with the words Milenio and Zetas — the names of drug gangs — in oil, Guzman said.

Earlier this week yet another incident of Mexican drug cartel spill-over occurred, this time in Houston. The result was a shoot-out leaving one Houston officer wounded.

(Houston Chronicle) One man was killed and an undercover sheriff’s deputy wounded Monday in a shootout between a drug task force monitoring an 18-wheeler and hijackers who tried to take control of the truck in a northwest Harris County neighborhood, officials said.

One of the attackers was also injured, struck by an officer’s vehicle when he tried to shoot the officer, authorities said.

The Harris County sheriff’s deputy and other members of a multi-agency narcotics task force were watching the truck, thought to be carrying drugs, about 2 p.m. Monday near Hollister and Bourgeois when several vehicles approached the truck and opened fire, said Christina Garza, a Harris County sheriff’s spokeswoman.

The deputy and the other investigators at the scene immediately began firing at the hijackers.

“In that exchange of gunfire, one of our undercover deputies at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office was struck in the leg,” Garza said.

A sheriff’s department spokesman at the scene said he didn’t know what kind of drugs were inside the truck.

The deputy was taken to a hospital where he is expected to fully recover, officials said.

A man sitting inside the tanker truck cab died after he was shot during the gunfight. Garza said officials didn’t know who shot the man.

The wounded deputy was not identified because of his undercover law enforcement work. He is assigned to the multi-agency High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force, officials said.

Garza said one of the hijackers tried to shoot at an officer, who then hit the attacker which his vehicle. He was taken to an area hospital in unknown condition.

Investigators also arrested several people who tried to flee, officials said.

Sheriff’s officials at the scene would not confirm reports that the person killed was a police informant.

The tanker truck continued rolling forward during the gunbattle until it finally veered off the road and into a wooded area next to Champions Crossing subdivision.

Hamilton Russell, who lives nearby, said the truck looked familiar.

“For the last few days, there’s been a truck that looks very similar to that parking over there,” Russell said.

The truck came to a stop near a small park popular with children in the neighborhood.

“I’m just glad that the kids weren’t around here playing. It was a real shock to me,” said Keith Pruitt, who lives in the subdivision.

A Harris County sheriff’s deputy heading to the shooting was injured when he collided with a school bus.

The deputy had triggered his lights and siren when an Aldine ISD bus struck his patrol car near West Road and Antoine. The school bus also hit a third vehicle near the intersection, officials said.

No students were on the school bus at the time.

The deputy, the bus driver and the driver of the third vehicle were taken to the hospital for treatment, officials said.

Unfortunately, unless there we have substantial change in our border security and enforcement policies, we have no reason to believe Mexican drug violence in the U.S. will subside.

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  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm, these are the same folks the liberals want to move north.

    “We need to be fair about immigration” – – – Joe Biden.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, Biden….I do want to be fair about illegal immigration. They came here illegally and it’s only fair that they take their happy asses back out of here.

    • Anonymous

      If only biden’s sense of fairness extended to legal American citizens.

  • Anonymous

    This is the message that needs to get out … a secure border is absolutely NOT about the poor souls who just want to make a living and hasn’t been for far too long.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder how many of BO’s guns were used to round up these poor souls? God help us!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, if I was serious about the war on drugs I would want the cartels well armed.

      • Anonymous

        For sure. We all know that the answer to stopping illegal immigration is to let the drug cartels kill everyone. Back to seriousness, no administration has ever been willing to seriously do something about this, and this administration has promoted illegal immigration more than any by suing the states for trying to do what the federal government refuses to do. I don’t care what anyone claims, I will forever believe that the supposed “mishap” of the “Fast and Furious” operation was intentional. Just before it happened, the libs were blaming American gun shops for the gun violence in Mexico, and it was done to try to frame the shops by providing proof of it. Perfect way to set up anti-gun legislation. No way would an honest person (that blames gun shops) that wants to curb gun violence give the ok for the shops to sell large quantities of guns to the cartels and then let the guns walk. NO WAY!! Holder is lying through his freaking teeth and I believe Obama was in the plan from the beginning so they could say “see, we found a lot of guns being used to murder people that were provided by American gun shops”. No ethics whatsoever, and when they are willing to let hundreds of people get murdered with their help in order to get political leverage….that’s a very dangerous administration and party.

        • Anonymous

          You are correct regarding “Fast & Furious” and other similar operations implemented by the Obama admin. The anti-gun groups attempted a huge, big, fat lie at a congressional hearing in 2008, claiming that 80% of the guns recovered in MX were traced back to the US. In fact, a VERY small % of the guns recovered were sent here for tracing. Out of that VERY small %, 80% were found to be from the US. However, they also fail to publicize that the US govt. has 2 major arms contracts with MX. One from DOD, and the other from the State Dept. Once those American made guns arrive in MX, they don’t have control once they get into the field due to the massive corruption and fraud.

          Many of the weapons cannot be traced because they are from foreign countries, they can tell by the make and model. But that info doesn’t get out as it doesn’t fit the narrative on blaming the US.

          • Anonymous

            When we have a President that goes to lengths like this for political gain, we have a major problem and the threat to our country (and Mexico’s)….the President himself and Holder. This is Hitleresque. No, I’m not directly correlating Obama to Hitler, but the fact that he is willing to do something so terrible makes him a power hungry and dangerous man. I wish we could impeach him.

  • This is all part of Obama’s plan…let the gun violence anddeath get wildly out of control, he even goes as far as supplying hundreds of assault weapons to speed things along. When people finally plead for something to be done, he will make a play to outlaw and ban all guns in the states. He can say “see how dangerous guns are, look how many people these guns are killing!”

    If he gets elected he will have a chance to appoint another supreme court justice, giving him finally a liberal majority. The law can then stand forever basically.

    The good citizens of Mexico (and there are plenty of good people in the country that just want to make a living and keep their families safe and sound) are being used a Obama pawns….along with us.

    Obama must be defeated at the polls, he is an extremely dangerous man. We must secure the border (both ways) to keep us safe, and the people of Mexico safe as well.

    • Anonymous

      Lol, I just posted a comment similar to yours but yours is much better said. I’m glad to see that others believe the “Fast and Furious” flub was intentional so they could frame the gun shop owners and pave the way for gun control. When you look at the scope of it, it says a lot about the willingness of this administration to go to any lengths to advance liberal policies even if it destabalizes an entire nation. Obama will stop at nothing for power gain, and I think we are going to see some pretty disgusting tactics in an effort to win the next election. I wouldn’t put it past the Marxist to declair Martial Law if he loses the election. That might be stretching it, but he has proved that he will do anything necessary to force more control and power over us.

  • Electrified fence please.

    • Anonymous

      With a gravity defying Ninja every 100 feet.

    • Anonymous

      Look out…. PETA or the DOI will be after you for saying that. Golly gee, some birds might fly into it!

      Seriously, the fences are good, but they won’t stop the BIG enemies. They have built sophisticated tunnels (same engineering as Hamas has used to smuggle arms into Palistine); they will fly into small airports; they will use boats and even submarines.

      I’m not sure what will stop this madness. But it is bigger than the innocent Mexican citizen trying to escape the crap they have to deal with everyday. Can you imagine your child walking to school and having to see decapitated heads on the sidewalk blocking their way? School teachers and simple small family vendors are being extorted daily by gangs and if they don’t pay up they are kidnapped and killed if the family doesn’t pay up? I could go on and on.

      Don’t get me wrong, Mexico has to fix their mess or people will continue to want to escape to the US. But we have some VERY serious fixing to do here as well.

      • Anonymous

        It’s getting so bad I don’t know if Mexico can regain control over the drug cartels. If there’s ever a nation that needs to temporarily become a police state Mexico would be it. As for the border, you are right that a fence will not work. They are climbing over the portions of fence we currently have…in addition to the tunnels you mentioned. We need boots on the ground….a lot of them. Search out these tunnels and wait for the trespasses. I think we can all agree that we need to do a lot more than our governement has been willing to do before because of political fallout….including cracking down on businesses that hire illegals, making it illegal to rent to an illegal, and killing any programs that help illegals…including schooling their kids. It’s harsh, but something has to be done to make the bastards go home on their own.

    • With a few mines?

    • Anonymous

      …and armed drones, lol.

  • Mr. EMT

    Every time you hear ron paul or one of his paultards talking about surrendering the war on drugs.
    This and so much more is what the price will be.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been following this for several years now and my conclusions (so far) are not very promising when you look at all of the “bad actors” in many countries, including our own. Here are a few interesting articles I saved you might want to read if you are interested in this topic.

    From March 2009: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/mar/27/hezbollah-uses-mexican-drug-routes-into-us/?page=1

    This one from June 2010 is a long one but worth the read. So how involved is our govt. that no one went to jail for this during the TARP bailouts when the SEC knew about the money laundering?

    And do you remember this? No follow up from the media, of course. And we should all know whatever, or whoever gets into Venezuela will also get into MX and possibly into the US.

  • Time to fight fire with fire. Obama betrayed American states by having Mexico join in on an illegitimate lawsuit against states like AZ for daring to take a stand against illegal immigrants. Its time we get a coalition of Conservative, Republican governors to get litigious against the Obama Regime, and collaborate with the Mexican government. The attorneys general of Mexico, AZ and other affected states (maybe even affected counties) need to form an alliance and issue a class action lawsuit against Obama and Holder, and everyone else involved, charging them with everything appropriate, including HUNDREDS OF WRONGFUL DEATH SUITS. Pouring out into a combined purse, they should hire the best attorneys possible, and start issuing subpoenas against everyone, including Obama, himself to testify. If he tries pulling a Clinton, then the attorneys should insist he be charged with criminal contempt of court. All things that don’t look good on the resume of someone begging to be reelected and hold on to political power. Obama wants to make history? Good. He can be part of the first president, VP, AG team to be sentenced to federal prison, then extradited to each and every affected American state, THEN extradited to MEXICO to face additional felony charges and prison time, with the promise of seeing the inside of Mexican general population prison cells.

    • Anonymous

      IMHO it has to do with ceding our soveriegnty to the UN, as the Dems theorize that one country can’t or won’t be able to handle it all alone. Hence, the fast and furious plan to take our second amendment rights away from us to satisfy their ineptitude allusions, simply because They (Dems) don’t know Americans well at all. Our independence baffles them and they fear it.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s another good one that somewhat ties everything together (terrorism, arms dealing, cartels, big US banks, etc.). I would label this as a must read:


  • Anonymous


    Sinaloa Cartel: 50 men dead-Probably all criminals who might otherwise have
    been taken into the witness protection program by Eric
    Holder and Barrack Who’s-Sane? Hobama.

    Mexican Government: (No Show)

    Houston Police: 1 school bus, 1 cartel member with skid marks

    Keith Pruitt: “…glad that the kids weren’t around here playing.”

    Hijackers: “… pretty happy that it was only the Houston Police
    Department shooting. If it had been another cartel, somebody
    might have gotten hurt.”

    • How about the kids who get shot on the school ground. OH, not news worthy.

  • Anonymous

    The border is safe janet nappy?

  • Worked in Houston for a year. Got up at 5 am, and watched live TV, every morning of shooting drug raids. If you do not experence such things, they seem impossible. Each drive on the freeway, was an exercise in fear, for there were daily shootings, for road rage. Perry wants to stop this, but if you live in Minniesota, it is hard to relate. Houston is 300 miles north of border. Will the USA wait until that is NYC? I also say. ah ah, when asked about it. It is much like asking how does the universe work? It is like the old Monty Python skits, you need more men on the job.

  • KenInMontana

    Time to send “A Few Good Men” and let the slime balls “Tell it to the Marines”. I can guarantee the cartels will not enjoy the response they receive.

    • Anonymous

      Where would be the most effective place to send them to protect America, Mexico, the border or the White House?

      • KenInMontana

        I think they could handle both.

  • Anonymous

    The Feds won’t let the states enforce their borders and they are the ones taking on all this crime in the process. Why don’t the damn states like my Texas just say You FO! Take care of it themselves and tell the Feds to go to Hell. Let them sue. The state attorney should walk out on the steps of the Texas state Capitol with a copy of the Constituion. Something has to give. States rights. Texas has a right to defend itself when the Feds won’t.

    • Anonymous

      Hear hear!

    • Anonymous

      Not only the border States should be alarmed, they are only the entry points.

    • Anonymous

      OK, but just who are the Feds?! This after all is a govt by the people. We need to make ourselves strong and strongly heard, become effective. Not let “them” run it. It was designed for a citizen servant populace of morally upright people. That is the only way it can work, as was observed by some of our founders.

  • bobemakk

    Well, all I know is that Obama does not care about closing the borders. He is responsible for so many blunders and is ruining US more and more each day. I still say he was put here by our enemies and won because the pansies felt sorry for the first African American president to run for president. They should now look in the mirror and see what Obama has done to US, sheer ruination.

    For the first time in my life I feel that I am not going to vote for the “lesser of two evils.” Just take a look at Newt Gingrich and his Contract with America, and if Newt Gingrich is nominated, I hope he chooses Cain as his VP. They are the most qualified to run this country. AND I don’t care about any baggage, all politicians have baggage, and it is part of their personal lives and shouldn’t even be brought up by the “mud slinging lamestream media” that loves to discredit people, especially if they are conservatives. Their personal lives will not effect their politics. How do we get the message out to the “politically uneducated” who are listening to the liberal/lamestream media and are brainwashed?

  • Anonymous

    It is our government’s number one priority to provide a defense and to protect our sovereignty. However, not only are they MIA on our sovereignty, they are actually destroying it intentionally for political gain. We are the only nation in the world that ignores illegal immigration, so how they get away with the “compassion” argument is beyond me. It’s not compassionate to struggling Americans to force them to pay for this crap….and it costs a fortune.

    • Anonymous

      Our Constitution says we shall be protected against invasion.

      • Anonymous

        Are you saying that the illegals coming across our border is not an invasion?

        • Anonymous

          Au contraire! I am saying it isa blatant invasion of our country by hordes of people not entitled to live here without going through the legalities. They take it by force of our gentlemanly manners.

          And, I am saying it seems to simple as to be unbelievable that the highest law of our land, the Constitution, is very plain about this (I believe it’s Article 15) when it says we are to be protected from invasion, yet this is being boldly ignored by all.

          I am saying it is so simple and I feel like I am in a surreal world, but that describes my entire existence for the last many years as an American, one of shock and disbelief as I watch and read the news.

          I was pointing out the disconnect between the obvious and the strange reality.

          • Anonymous

            Lol, I totally agree. It’s tough watching our country go down in flames. The America we enjoyed growing up is not going to be there for my daughter, at least not the same type of America.

  • 11Steve11

    Let Mexico alone! Protect America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I was just watching an old movie, I Witness, with Jeff Daniels, all about this exact sort of thing. Wonder when it was made. Seems like this stuff has been going on far too long.