60 Minutes full interview: Killing Osama Bin Laden

Haven’t gotten a chance to watch this yet, but I hear it is riveting and I plan on catching it later tonight:

A former member of SEAL Team 6, known by the pseudonym Mark Owen, recounts the raid that killed the world’s most wanted man: Osama bin Laden.

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  • I saw it last night on their website. It is amazing. I just don’t know how I should feel about the secrets he allegedly has revealed in his book. But the interview was amazing.

    • he said he did not tell any secrets

      • I hope so

      • Cindy09

        Well, if there is one secret that was told it’s when Fox News revealed his true name.

  • white531

    I wonder how his fellow Seals feel about it.

    • He says they are supportive of his book and story telling effort. Watch the interview. 🙂

      • white531

        Thanks, Winston. I’ll watch it this evening. I just thought the Seals, and all special forces, were pretty much against talking about ops.

        • It is a shame that he felt it necessary, that the pentagon had not gotten the facts right, so he wanted to for history. I applaud him

      • white531

        Winston, I just finished watching the 60 Minutes segment. You’re right, it is amazing. As I opened it up on my computer, first, my 15 year old son came by and stopped to watch it. Shortly after, my wife asked what we were watching. She sat down, too. None of us talked after that. They both watched it with me until it finished.

        Before watching it, my initial concern was that he had broken some kind of code of brothers, by first writing the book and then doing the interview. By actually watching the interview, you come away with a different feeling.

        First of all, he gave away no secrets. He makes that clear in the interview. Why did he do it? I think for several reasons, as he himself explains in the interview.

        He did it to clear away any lingering speculation about whether or not they actually got Bin Laden, he did it to honor all Navy Seals and Special Forces who do their job and don’t ask for special attention, and finally, he did it in remembrance of all the people who died on 9/11 because of what this one man did.

        I recommend everyone watch the interview. I’m going to get the book.

        • white531

          Just one other thing. About the book. You know he didn’t tell a story like this, without collaborating with a lot of his fellow Seals and Commanding Officers. These guys are close.

        • I hope you’re right.


      The press depicts them as freezing him out but what do they really know? and who are they talking to??

  • MikeBri527

    Obviously, I’m glad Osama Bin Laden is dead. I’m sure we all are. However, I just wonder if he had been killed while George Bush was President, would 60 minutes have done ONE WHOLE HOUR on how it happened. Somehow I think that because he was killed while Barack is President, it’s a bigger deal because of the media’s love affair with the left, progressives, statists, democrats, etc and hatred for the right, Republicans, conservatives, etc.

    • white531

      Mike, you seem to have a low opinion of these people. You need to be sent to a re-education camp (just like me).:)

    • stage9

      You’re right, instead they would’ve spent an hour condemning Bush for having covertly crossed over into a sovereign nation to kill Bin Laden. I notice no one ever mentions that part.

    • aZjimbo

      Great point and you are spot on.


    It really should not matter if this Hero reveals anything as Obama and his staff have done a fine job of that themselves. We will have to redo alot of our systems after Obama moves out in January as he is not a loyal American and can not be trusted.

    • NYGino

      Never thought of that BOPOS. You’re right. The enemy of our country is leaving with way too much knowledge that can, and probably will, come back to haunt us. There are a lot of things that have to be changed because of that. Great thinking.

      • white531

        Maybe he’ll take over Osama’s old compound. Few modifications here and there, swimming pool, Helipad, get rid of all that helicopter wreckage, of course.

  • Arrrggghhh

    I have the utmost respect for all of our military and especially the most elite teams within them. However, something just doesn’t feel right about revealing so much about their inner workings.

    On a similar note, I saw a commercial for a reality show about movie stars training with ex members of the special forces. I found that to be especially distasteful. It seems that Hollywood is always trying to outdo itself by either pushing the line of propriety or uncovering a previously sacred cow. We need to stop feeding into this trend.

    • white531

      Arrrggghhh, I mostly feel the same way you do. Last time I paid money to see a Hollywood movie was over ten years ago, but that’s just me. There is another way to look at this one, though.

      No secrets were revealed in either the book or the interview on 60 Minutes, that they did not already know. The only thing they learned, if they didn’t know already, is that these special people we call Navy Seals are a badass group and these missions are well planned.

      Might make them think twice next time about all those Virgins.

  • stage9

    Why in the WORLD is he telling people this??

    Now, I understand why other Operators are so upset that he’s written this book. He’s literally giving the entire AAR on the raid!

    • KenInMontana

      From what I have read on what exactly he has revealed, I haven’t seen or read anything that is not already common knowledge. Seems so far to be much ado about nothing, so to speak, another war memoir. Any kid playing any modern warfare type video game already knows as much or more about SEAL gear and tactics as the author has released in this book.

      A few minutes of searching the internet will turn up far more information on SPECOPS units their methods and equipment than what I have seen so far from this book. Does the name Richard Marcinko ring any bells? He spilled more “beans” about Team 6 then the author of “No Easy Day” ever dreamed of. I think Col.Allard is just ticked off the author didn’t do an interview with him.

  • Terrenceor

    I am about 90% done with audio book of “No Easy Day”. It is very well written and absolutely riveting. Much better telling of the story than on 60 Minutes.

  • Terrenceor

    CNN has already revealed his real name and Erin Burnett on CNN is trying to paint the SEALs as junkies because they use Ambien to sleep between raids. She took quotes out of context to make it appear that they were on missions still grogy from taking the Ambien. Unfrigginbelievable

    • white531

      Pretty sickening. And of course, CNN just had to reveal his name, in the interests of, “honest reporting.”

      CNN, one more network I never watch anymore.

      • MLCBLOG

        CNN? Fox is getting blamed.


      Not sure this 60 Min guy is much better. For instance, the aghast little-old-lady feigned shock/comment on so many items, most comical You were sleeping on the plane on the way to get Osama? Sleeepinggg?! I can just hear the shrill now.

      Never mind that when we read the SEALS’ books we see that they are so hot they know how to rest and sleep whenever possible because they operate in a stressful mode beyond what any of us can imagine.

      Irritating to me, reporters who don’t/can’t appreciate (want to criticize and make look bad). Like they are on drugs per CNN. Ambien? give me a break! They are really stretching. I hope people see it.

  • Stehekin912

    Isn’t that a double standard for the gov to criticize him writing a book? Didn’t the gov bring in moviemakers and give them sensitive information to make a film?

    • Terrenceor

      Yes, the film will be out in time for Christmas, opps, I mean the Winter Holiday. I just think they don’t want the conflicting narratives as to what actually happened.

      • white531

        Glad you corrected that, Terrenceor. I was within three seconds of calling the Muslim Brotherhood. 🙂

  • Slickfoot

    I have finished the book, there are no secrets, and I believe his claim of support from team mates; the govt. is upset with him because his account differs from ‘The official truth’.

  • white531

    For those who might be interested, best book I have ever read about Navy Seals was, ‘Lone Survivor,” by Marcus Luttrel. Good insight on the training they go through and what makes them special.

  • Terrenceor

    Fox News outed SEAL, who is now in hiding.


    So everyone can tell the story of the decade except the ones that endure the hardship and danger for years leading up to the mission. He gave up no secrets that the enemy didn’t already know from first hand experience of getting their ass beat repeatedly over the last decade. Their tactics and weapons are not the secret to their success, it is their dedication, mental toughness, training and intellect.

    • p m

      Considering it was Biden’s big mouth and microscopic brain that got so many of this warriors comrades killed, the only ones with standing in this case are ‘Mark Owen’ and his colleagues – who feel as he does, rightfully so IMO. There is no dishonour in answering the disdain they suffer at the hands of zero and his minions.

      For a State Dept. twerp to complain of this man breaking a pledge of secrecy about his time in the armed forces, is the height of hypocrisy when viewed in light of their close support of the MB and other arab entities.

      • MLCBLOG

        ..but, oh, so typical of the State Dept mind set.

  • NJK

    I admire him, but I just can’t watch after seeing that man who’s usurped the office of the President of the United States.

    • p m

      It’s not about the usurper – it’s about this brave man and his colleagues. Suggest you persevere and watch it for them, not him.
      You already know zero had nothing to do with it and did not make that call – Panetta and Clinton did. Zero was on the golf course.

  • FreeManWalking

    Thanks SCOOP!!!

    I don’t watch that ticking time bomb, but this was well worth it.

  • It’s a ploy . He’s not saying anything of interests to independents or “moderates” .
    Most of which do not care how Bin Laden is dead , they are just glad he is.
    This is all to keep the conversation off the economy

    • Dude, seriously, I couldn’t care less about some retard “undecided”. If they don’t know what to do, by now, f*ck ’em. This is the story about the most elite unit of NAVSPECWARCOM, not about Obama, not about WILLARD (two punks that didn’t have the balls enough to join a unit like NAVSPECWARCOM). I don’t care about the economy, when I’m involved in military planning, or when I’m listening to others discuss it. When I’m involved in politics, I’m involved in politics; when its military operations, its military operations. As opposed to muddying the water with BS and crocodile tears, have some respect for men better than yourself, for a change, and congratulate this heroic man for his countless sacrifices in the name of Country. This damned site has run on and on about stupid teachers, Obama and all other things left, long enough. Let people enjoy listening to the achievements of Army and Navy SOCOM personnel, without having to hear about stupid political BS, for once.

      • p m

        Agree that was a spectacularly graceless post, disrespectful to the bravest men in the world. Congratulations on your response, VirusX. Disagree about the merits of this site, which I find keeps us informed of the doings of the political enemy, as well as the actions of worthier souls.

        • I’m not slamming the site, the site puts this stuff up, day in and day out, because that’s what its for. We’re inundated with stuff on the economy, but this was something that didn’t have anything to do with politics as usual.

          • white531

            Agree, Virus.

      • You are full of bull , libtard

        The more I think about this the more BS I see
        Seal Teams do alot of secret missions , and they dont write books about them., even when the governments version differs from the truth
        And they certainly dont produce a book unvetted by the Pentagon as was claimed
        And they certainly dont have a scale model themselves of the target to carry around with them for interviews with the media
        Obama got Owens to write this book. The notion that the government is upset over it is just smoke to give the book more crediblity
        The timing of the book, which is the around the Dem convention plays into wht the Democrats want to talk about
        The alledged debate that Owens is spilling secrets fliesin the face of reason Of course he isnt , Obamaa’s admin alredy yapped about the same things on national television

        This is all BS and designed for the democrats

        • NCHokie02

          Seriously? VirusX isn’t a libtard. If you search his other posts you find he is anything but, at least from everything I’ve seen him post and I’ve been on this site daily for a while.

          Conspiracies about Obama getting a guy to write a book about the bin laden raid is a little far fetched. I think Obama is horrible for our country and a lot of the things he wants to do will hurt this country and are truly a 180 from what the founders had intended. But to say that they set this up in a political season to give points to Obama is stretching it a bit.

          I’m sure the model was rebuilt and “Owens” didn’t carry it there himself. There have been other SEALS that have written books so why wouldn’t a guy write one about a mission that will always be remember in history? Delta operators have written books. None of those are “politically motivated”. Most SOF people don’t write books, because most SOF guys aren’t writers and don’t have time to write a book. Some see a chance to get some extra money or help out a cause by telling a story about something they were fortunate to be a part of. Simple as that.

        • MLCBLOG

          You forgot to say, Get back on the economy.

        • Yes, I’m a liberal. You’ve found me out.

          If anyone’s looking like a liberal, its YOU. Liberals tend to be pretty stupid individuals, who get no further than one trick pony status, if they’re capable of anything intellectual, at all. A Conservative (i.e.: basically everyone here, but you) is capable of what is called “walking and chewing bubblegum, at the same time”. I can focus on more than one thing. I can talk about the economy, and give it due attention, just as I can pay respect to a fellow Veteran, for his valued contribution to American peace and security. Liberals (i.e.: people like you) are famed for their absolute disregard for the lives of military personnel, seeing them as nothing more than people beneath themselves, who are supposed to die, because that’s all they’re good for, and that’s what they’re paid to do. As opposed to paying homage to a man that is better than you are in all ways, all you’ve done is talk in circles about the DNC convention from days ago, cry about the economy, and beat your little chest about Obama.

          Who cares?

          I don’t.

          Go back to the Daily Kos, you punk. If you can’t respect that man, then I damned sure have no problem showing you as little respect. Even if that SeAL was an O-bot, he’s still better than you are, because he earned his right to express his opinion. All you did was sit back and expect everybody else to fight for you to have yours.

    • white531

      ssenecal, we still have a good number of days to talk about the economy. I understand where you are coming from, about the left using distraction and all that. But, today is the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. I thought watching a video about how the Seals finally gave the families who lost so much on that terrible day, eleven years ago, some closure was worth the time spent.

      Did you lose a family member on that day, eleven years ago? Think about what that means.

      This is just a blog site. One of the best out there, but still just a blog site. This Navy Seal was there. He lived it. He wants to write a book about it, fine with me. He wants to do an interview on 60 Minutes, fine with me. With all these spineless leaders we currently have in Washington, I need a good story once in awhile about real American bravery. It restores my confidence in the greatness of this country.

      There are enough people in this country, just like this young man, who could lead this country to greatness again, if they were in politics. Instead, we have these bloated fat pigs at the feeding trough, representing not us, but their own bank accounts.

      It’s time for a change, and I hope we see it soon. Because we’re running out of time.

      One last thing. Lighten up on Virus. He’s not a Liberal. He’s an angry Conservative. He has a lot of company.

  • white531

    Taking away all the drama and the speculation, one thing remains. The Bastard is dead.

    • ……an example of my comment above.

      This person does not care about the details and most undecideds don’t either

      Get back on the economy

      • KenInMontana

        Plenty of stories posted here on the site about the economy, however this SEAL and his book are the topic of this thread. If it doesn’t matter to you take your bellyaching to one of the threads on the economy, instead of griping up this thread.

        • white531

          That was legitimate, Ken.

  • aZjimbo

    Something about this interview just does not seem right. Can’t put my finger on it but the entire interview seemed so canned and rehearsed.

  • WordsFailMe

    Is White House Pub rel afraid that the book might make ObamaDung lokk like a liar or look stupid?

    Shoulda thought of that 4 years ago, commie ho’s.