“A disgrace!” – Mark Levin says Hillary Clinton was NOT sworn in at House testimony in January

Mark Levin says that Hillary Clinton was NOT made to take the oath back in January when she appeared before a House committee to testify on Benghazi and he says it’s a disgrace and a crying shame.


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  • doofuschmartz

    That was definitely by DESIGN, not by accident. The RINOS want her elected as badly as the Demotards…

    • steveangll77

      Indeed Mitt gave Obama his second term. Only reason he ran.

      • doofuschmartz

        Yes, his son admitted after the election that Romney did not want to be president! He gave the election away!

  • ps5725

    It does not alter the fact that she lied before congress!

    • Orangeone

      ps5725 But it is not perjury because she was not under oath.

  • DocBarry1

    Outrageous – repubs in the house – immediately set up a special committee with real teeth – now

  • 36Free

    She wouldn’t have appeared if she had to go under oath.  She wasn’t even interviewed by the ARB who was supposedly “investigating” Benghazi.  This should come as no surprise.  There is so much interference being run for her, it makes everyone I know with a brain and soul sick.

    • Rshill7

      That brain/soul combo is increasingly hard to find these days. Being sick though, quite common.

  • Orangeone

    That was intentional.  Mr. Issa, why did you provide cover to protect Hillary from perjury charges?

  • Amjean

    So, repub nitwits, how about growing a pair (or two, or three, or more) and hauling Hillary’s behind back in for another session?!

  • jayhill1947

    If that is true, that is BS.  What the hell is the matter with ISSA???????????

    • E Lee Zimmerman

      jayhill1947 That’s not Issa’s responsibility.

  • E Lee Zimmerman

    Of course, she wasn’t.  How else could the Republican establishment give her and her testimony a pass?

  • notebene

    If this isn’t proof that the GOP is no different than the Democraps…I don’t know what is!  Why else would they go through the show of a hearing and not put a witness under oath?  Neither side wants the truth!  How else do you explain this level of incompetence and deception? The whole hearing is a sham and a waste of our tax payer dollars for absolutely nothing.   Justice is dead in this nation…along with morality and responsibility.  The end justifies the means with everyone of this crowd…Alinsky would be proud.  Four dead Americans, a guilty as sin administration, and absolutely no consequences.  None of our elected officials are public servants…they are progressive elitests that believe they do not have to uphold their oath of office and defend our way of life!  Anyone can see they are there to fill their pockets, not serve their constituents!  The United States of America has been taken hostage and unless God intervenes…the nation we loved is lost.  Now our military should have no doubt that they are nothing more than cannon fodder for this evil regime!  No wonder they want our guns and our faith…they want us ignorant, afraid, and compliant!

  • Rshill7

    A gal’s gotta be expert at something. Ass-covering is a coveted gift in crooked circles.

  • comingapart

    The Fix is on with the 535!

  • davienne

    I heard that today and nearly fell if my chair

  • njmom

    This is why there needs to be a select committee because they have subpoena power and will put people under oath.. Could this be why Boehner doesn’t want. it?
    If anyone here on Scoop is in Boehner’s district I ask you to please gather some friends and try to find someone to challenge him next year.

    • strangernfiction

      njmom And if that doesn’t work vote for the D.

  • KarlRogue

    GOP is not on your side. They are on hers.

    • strangernfiction

      KarlRogue Sad that so few can see this.

    • doofuschmartz

      Way cool screen name and avitar, dude!

    • RobertMiller

      They are one in the same – them against us

  • PJRodman

    Wait just a minute…this picture indicates she was giving the Scout pledge…doesn’t that count?

    • PatriotInk

      PJRodman Good one!!!

    • Las1

      PJRodman  She’s demonstrating a different kind of oath.

    • doofuschmartz

      Sorry, PJ, that picture was taken right before she slid her index finger down, and left her middle finger extended. And also just before she delivered a very subtle ‘F’ Bomb, followed by, “I don’t need this sh**, I am going to be president!!

  • PatriotInk

    She is a serial liar, Mark. “At this point, what difference does it make?”

  • white531

    Mark points out serious deficiencies in the way the House committee took testimony.  A low level staff member has to be sworn in. Senior members of Obama’s Cabinet, most specifically Hillary Clinton, were not sworn in.  
    This was done for a reason.  All these people are lawyers.  They cover for each other.  When the [email protected]@t hits the fan, they all make sure they are ten feet away.

  • Martin2717

    It’s just like a horrible nightmare that won’t end.

  • Las1

    Levin: “That’s not an omission, that’s a disaster.”
    No actually… it’s a commission of an omission… in other words… deliberate.
    But the fact that she testified should be sufficient…. afterall, what is an investigation for anyway but to divine the truth on a subject.  It can still be demonstrated she lied, oath or no oath.  If a Republican farts, it’s on CNN and in the NYT three weeks running.

    • Swamp Fox

      Las1 You nailed it.  Lie to the police during an investigation and if it is found out…. the results are not good.  Lie to the IRS… the results are not good.  In the Benghazi situation, where American lives were lost, it appears there was some traitorous actons being performed.

      • Yukidongo

        Swamp Fox Las1   And yet another illegal gun running scam. To who? The same damn extremists that have had Obama’s assistance taking over the rest of the Middle East. Syrian Rebels—there were no Syrian Rebels in the “westernized Syria. These are the off shoot of the Arab Spring, and I have no qualms with Assad killing every dog jack of them, and the people hiding them out. 76% or more of the population supports the government. They don’t wish to become Egypt and Libya…

    • Stehekin912

      I can hear it now..Hilly says…I did not commit perjury because I was not under oath.  Then the response would be…oh, then if your testimony was not truthful, you intended to lie because you had not taken an oath?
      She may not be able to be prosecuted for perjury, but she can be ruined for intentionally lying all the same.  IF someone has the stones to call her on it and keep pressing the issue.  Therein lies the rub.

  • louisiana_mom

    They all knew she was lying… this is noting more than the Political Elite protecting their own!  Is it tyranny yet?  It sure feels like it!

  • Diogenes_wy

    Hill leaned the lesson well from Bill’s experiences while pres: Never say anything under oath that you know is a lie, it will always come back to bite you in the end (perjury was the only charge against Bill that stuck).
    Even though she can’t be charged with perjury (a prosecutable crime), she can still be charged with contempt of Congress, which would be a big minus against her in a 2016 run for the white house. Of course it would require a Republican leadership with a large set of spherical appendages (which I am beginning to believe is an oxymoron) to bring the charge against her.

    • doofuschmartz

      Republican Leadership is an Oxymoron.

  • carol2906

    The lengths that the democratic party and the main stream media to protect Hillary and Obama is absolutely criminal.

  • Stehekin912

    Slippery, slimy eel.  No offense to eels

  • NJK

    She wasn’t because they probably knew she would lie, and the Republicans are such cowards, they didn’t want to have to press charges against her for perjury.  They helped her.  I hope her daughter is at the next ground zero.  She should suffer like the mothers of the children she let die.  I am going to pray for it, and I hope God understands my anger, and understands.

    • AngieEstrada

      NJK Whoah! What an insane comment. For one, it is comments like yours that give ‘leftists’ fuel to try to use against all conservatives (even though most of us don’t share your twisted sentiments). More importantly, it is despicable to wish or “pray” for Chelsea’s death. It is disgusting and irrational to wish harm upon Chelsea as punishment to her mother… let alone “pray” for it. You “hope God understands”??? What the heck kinda God do you “pray” to?
      I hope your comment gets deleted.

  • NJK

    Hitler had the Bitch of Buchenwald.  Obama has the Bitch of Benghazi.

  • Yukidongo

    No different than the DNC removing the words “eligible under the Constitution” for Obama to run for President. They removed it because they all knew–even McCain, who had his own citizenship issues if one looks closely enough. Lying is Lying…sworn in or not. She committed Perjury. An option…bring thelying bitch back, and swear her in this time. Different committee!

  • Dr. Strangelove

    While we are outraged in our little corner of the world, the sheeple graze, unconcerned. Until the propagandized populace wake up and smell the doo-doo in DC, we’re heading down the road to serfdom.

    • strangernfiction

      Dr. Strangelove And the GOP is instrumental in making sure they continue to slumber. So far they’ve done a terrific job.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Job 1 of Congress, protect your job.
    Job 2 of Congress, protect your party.
    Job 3 of Congress, protect your pals A$$es (and your enemies A$$es too).
    It’s all about ‘The Beltway’ first.
    Am I being pessimistic? No, I’m just being realistic.

  • kimber1911

    The oath would never make a difference with this woman or any other person involved with the upper levels of this rouge administration, ” SO HELP ME GOD ” is so against anything these criminal believe in .. She did and will continue to to lie and take no responsibility for the deaths of four AMERICANS.
    We still need to remember that she was also the pawn of the  top perpetrator of this murder and cover-up, The but stops with “HIM” and he is the only one that could have made the ” STAND DOWN” call.
    Levine is correct , these members of congress are shameless, many should be and hopefully fired the next time out..! But We should not loose sight of is that the POTUS is the real crimminal here and should be removed from office  for high crimes and treason.

  • MontyRay

    Are we expected to just take it as a simple mistake that Hillary wasn’t sworn in?

  • cryandhowl

    Soooo that makes it okay to lie?

  • notpilgrims

    She should still be charged with perjury. She was in front of Congress answering questions.

  • Alborn

    She knows she is lying. That is all this administration knows.

  • 1tootall

    According to Rep. Tom Marino’s chief of staff, this is not true.  She is subject to perjury most certainly was under oath.  He was very testy about this.  I wonder what’s going on here.

  • lawngreen

    The fix was in – they knew she was going to lie and they wanted to protect her massive posterior from the crime of perjury.
    Compared to hillary, the Wicked Witch of the West is Mother Theresa.

  • Laurel A

    Gee Mark…you are a little late. I said that at the time.

  • rangerrebew

    IF this is true, it shows proof positive John Boehner is on the conspiracy to keep Madam Clinton a virgin in honesty.  He’s the speaker of the house – well that’s his title anyway – and ANY exception to procedure should have gone to him.  IF true, its another nail in the American coffin.

  • SteveMarquardt1

    never thought john boner was for the people but those that surround Washington’s click, alway remember words have 2 meaning, out of that 17 trillion that you and I are told we have to pay back those in the click have made the biggest robbery known to man. Both parties point finger at each other to keep the American people off balance and there very good at it.

  • wodiej

    Excuse me-but why didn’t one single Republican protest this 4 MONTHS AGO??