ABC News trying to make House photo about racism…

Race and gender have nothing to do with the photo of House members sitting in conference waiting for Senate members to join them, but that isn’t stopping ABC’s Digital Journalist John Parkinson from making it about race and gender by pointing out that they are all white males:

ABC’s JOHN PARKINSON: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor tweeted out this photo of the (all white male) conferees meeting at an empty table.

See the screen capture at the top:


It’s one thing for Nancy Pelosi to try and change the subject like this, but for ABC News to blatantly assist is beyond the pale. Perhaps ABC News should stop pretending to be objective and just openly admit that they have taken the side of the Democrats, to try and get the American people to blame Republicans for the shutdown. It would be easier that way.

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  • waffle_anna

    Wait… what? WHAT?

    They STILL use the race card? Oh come on, I expected something more… vile and evil than that. But the RACE CARD?

    Go home ABC, yer drunk.

  • clockwindingdown

    What is ABC News? All Barack Communication?

  • colliemum

    Well, ABC is clearly racist. How dare they judge the people on this panel on the colour of their skin!
    As for that sexist remark about it being all male – LOL!

  • CalCoolidge

    Wasn’t ABC the one that doctored the Zimmerman photos and the 911 recording?

  • waffle_anna

    It’s clear they’re being racist. Last time I checked, white people are “people of colour” too…

  • Thank GOD now I’m not Abc anymore. Got so tired of sharing alphabets. As for ABC, lamestream no matter what alphabet they are all stink.

    “The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses” Vladimir Lenin

    “The press is the best instrument for enlightening the mind of man, and improving him as a rational, moral and social being” Thomas Jefferson

  • shadetree56

    so – obozo told them to play the race card. This could get nasty – chicago style bs.

  • RUN!!! They all have on white shirts too.

  • Press Watchusa

    There is only ONE BALD guy!

    I am offended!
    DEATH to the WIGS

  • Cloward Piven talking points.

    • deTocqueville1


  • deTocqueville1

    Just part of the alphabet triumvirate propaganda ministry.

  • Scolded for the Truth

    Ms Pelosi. If you were in this picture, there still wouldn’t be a woman in the picture. By the way–what is an “all white male”? Note that there is more than one person in the picture.

  • pushtheredbutton

    ABC = All Bullshit Channel

    AP = Associated Propaganda

    CBS = Constant Bull Shit

    BBC = British Bullshit Corporation

    CNN = Crap Not News

    NBC = Nothing But Crap

    MSNBC = More Shit, Nothing But Crap

    So nothing new to see here folks. Just KEEP CALM and CARRY ON

    • William David

      That works for me. Mind if I pass it on? Fits so well maybe lacking a racist color word or two. Seeing as that is how they operate.

      • Hatshepsut

        It’s fitting how there are a lot of B’s and N’s, and no W’s… have at it! And post it, please. I have a feeling it will be a masterpiece!

        • William David

          Will do and I agree. Congrats.

    • Hatshepsut

      Haha! Love it. I literally lol’d. <3

  • leel004

    …….yea pelosi, how come you no show??????

  • Guest

    Ms. Pelosi. If you were in the picture, there still would NOT be a woman in the picture.

    • William David

      Oh touche’

  • New Dixie Nation

    Obama had a bunch of blacks standing behind him in the Rose Garden today. It looked like planet of the apes there :D. We can play this game, too!

    • pushtheredbutton

      You need to go back to whichever Soros cell is funding your trolling and provocateur efforts and tell em we’re not biting; racist blogs are that way >>> Next to MSNBC, CNN etc. Nobody here is a confederate closet racist, so go home. PS planet of the apes you say? Why’s that? Where you in the clip?

      • New Dixie Nation

        I think you should wake up already.

      • Hatshepsut

        *tell them we’re not biting

        *MSNBC, CNN, etc., nobody here is a Confederate, closet racist

        *P.S. Planet of the Apes, you say?

        *Were you in the clip?

        Sorry to intrude; it just looked as if you needed some help there! 😉

    • Where’s that ban button? I know they left it somewhere.

      • New Dixie Nation

        Hey Corey Booker,
        1st amendment is my god given right!

        • You’re right. But sometimes self-censorship is good. Always remember: “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

          • New Dixie Nation

            I’m glad we agree on something, Corey. I didn’t say the N word, so what’s the big deal?

    • New Dixie Nation

      I already have one like. Thank you!

    • William David

      I’m with ya. We need to do it more often. Like every time they set up a new black this or black that group that only contains blacks. But no racism there because it’s for the blacks. How can it be racist when in their eyes they’ve been held down for too long and are entitled. Enough.

  • physicsnut

    Salon has at least 6 equally stupid items.
    For the LOONLY LEFT archive of headlines.

    1) GOP race-baiting leads to this

    2) Krugman: The 1 percent has created a monster
    The New York Times columnist traces the origins of the insanity on the right

    3) Republicans choose a strange last gasp
    Their scaled-back government shutdown demand is a one-year ACA mandate delay. Huh?

    4) Blame the Constitution for this mess.

    5) Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart skewers Republicans over government shutdown

    6) The bright side of Obamacare’s slow start
    What heavy demand for affordable healthcare means: You are now free to quit your job and move around the country.

  • XanderJay

    Bi-partisan against Obamacare (which was forced down our throats)

    Only partisan for it.

    Obama said the mandate was not a tax.

    When mandate was brought to Supreme Court, Mandate was made into a tax.
    We The People did not vote for this tax.

    It was then that I knew that this ‘Republic’ was a sham puppet show.

    What will it take for you to see the same?

  • sorellahees

    So basically their existence is racist and sexist. But, in actuality, they are intimating that the voters are racist and sexist because we didn’t vote in enough diversity. When are they going to get past seeing only race and gender around every turn. I don’t think we need more [enter your favorite victim class here] in congress, we just need more statesmen. I am a white female and feel fully represented with someone like Tim Scott representing me. It’s about core principles, not shallow surfaces.

    • William David

      That’s because you like many others who agree with you still have principles. They only have racism to work with as they have no actual skills or sense of morality.

  • Sentinel

    When Republicans have an all white male panel like this, maybe those are the most qualified people or best negotiators that they feel they can win with. For Pelosi to squawk about ‘where are the women’ is stupid. For ABC to cry about racism is sickening. I think it’s going to be very difficult to win the battles that we need to win when our people have to negotiate with such biased, ignorant phonies as the Demoncraps and their liberal pals flying air cover for them in the unrestrained media.

    • William David

      It’s time to start crying reverse discrimination against these racist fascist pigs. It’s time to put these uncouth endangering scourges of society in the pens they belong in. These parasites somehow think they are entitled to condemn the white man on racism at every step. Sad they have no respect for themselves anymore and lower themselves down to the level of the scum they represent.

      • Hatshepsut

        Discrimination is discrimination, and racism is racism, plain and simple. But, if we simply call it as it is, many will assume we are talking about the poor, sad, weak and oppressed ‘minorities.’ That’s how deeply they have ingrained their bullshit into our society – we can’t even call something as it is without throwing the word ‘reverse’ in front of it. They have stolen the word and redefined it to mean something that only White people are capable of inflicting. I’m f*cking tired of it and wish the entire White race could reclaim pride of their heritage and stop letting the blacks walk all over us like this.

        The ‘White guilt’ taught in schools down to the elementary level is the ONLY thing they have over us. Just one more reason my kids will be home-schooled or attend a private school. Our race can certainly do without the loony left’s racist, anti-Christian agendas.

        • William David

          Amen, and the time will come if they keep pushing to the breaking point. Respect begets respect. if they can’t give it back, we will stop giving. At this time we are MADE to feel responsible and to keep peace we have succumbed to that mentality but tolerance is a two way street. They should take their racist anger out on their own countrymen who sold them into slavery in the first place. We could claim that they should thank us for rescuing them and giving them an opportunity to own land for the work they did, or putting a roof over their heads, feeding clothing and taking care of them while they were slaves(workers). They were slaves to the black man too but the whites continue to get all the blame, instead maybe they could be a little grateful that they weren’t sold to their own kind and never gaining freedom in America. But they will never give the white man credit for anything. Obviously this pertains to those that are pushing the racism at every turn. Most people white or black I believe are trying to live in peace and get over the sins of the past because if not then we are all doomed to a world of hatred.

      • Sentinel

        I feel ya man. 🙂

  • jdbaird

    They should talk, I don’t think anybody in the United States epitomizes old and white more so than Harry Reid.

    • LibLoather

      Or Nancy Pelosi.

      • phil

        and schummer,
        and Durbin,

        and the entire Dem Caucus inc. Elizabeth warren (not sure she is a female, she already lied when applying for college so she might be fooling the entire country right now,)

  • Kem Cho

    Let nobody forget that it was a Tea Party candidate whose loss in the Nevada Senate race brought Reid back to Washington DC. All he needs is a mustache and he will look like a one of the dictators from the Middle East. He has done more damage to this country in teaming with Obama.

    • MaroonRepublic

      What do you mean about nobody forgetting that it was Tea Party candidate who lost? Like you know the Rino would have won? True conservatives will bring us back not the GOP establishment.

      • Kem Cho

        I guess we both agree that Reid is the problem, but whether it would have been a different result in Nevada is a pure speculation … Nobody knows for sure.

        • kong1967

          Lol, but you insist on blaming the Tea Party candidate. Reid had that election so rigged up by threatening and intimidating union voters that no one could beat him.

  • Guest

    Well…the congressional sandwiches aren’t going to make themselves.


  • Conservative_Hippie

    The All Barak Channel lives up to it’s name!

    • Nailed it! 🙂

    • William David

      Like minded imbeciles do tend to flock together.

  • Clare

    They really should openly declare themselves to be an agenda driven organization and not a news agency, openly admitting that they can no longer pose as one.

  • Tama


  • kong1967

    Geez, do they ever freaking stop? Race this, race that, everything is about race. One day blacks are going to wake up and realize they are being used, not respected or cared about., by the left.

    • William David

      You would think they would have caught on by now, unless they enjoy the perks of acting ignorant; Because it’s working for them so far.

      • kong1967

        I think the latter is what’s going on. A lot of them use their race as a leg to stand on because it works.

  • Tim

    WHITE MALES like Harry Reid?