Abortion-lovers’ brains are IMPLODING over what Bernie Sanders said about Planned Parenthood!!

For abortion-worshipping freaks of the far left, Planned Parenthood is like Muhammed – you just don’t criticize him. If you do, then you face this kinda of backlash:

What did he say? It really wasn’t that bad, watch:

Yeah, all he said was that he was taking on Planned Parenthood and identified them as “part of the establishment.”  I mean that’s not terribly controversial, but when Planned Parenthood is your only god and church, you flip out.

Cankles jumped all over it:

Or at least, her aides did while she took another elderly siesta.

Anyway, between killing babies, abortionistas are freaking out right now:

Of course, Planned Parenthood chimed in too:

Awww they’re so sad they almost stopped murdering babies for a few seconds to wipe a tear. Almost.

LOL!! As I have said many times before, I love exposing liberal-on-liberal crime because the mainstream media goes out of it’s way to damage Republicans this way. Why can’t we do the same to even it up?! Also it’s just plain fun….

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