ABSURD: Trump is actually claiming he CAME IN NUMBER ONE in Iowa!!!

The crazy is unbounded with Trump after losing the Iowa caucus. His head might be limited by a toupee, but his ego knows no limitations, and that’s why it appears he’s absolutely losing it this time.

Now he’s claiming that he actually came in first in Iowa.


More from the Boston Herald:

Republican presidential front-runner Donald J. Trump says Ted Cruz is “a nasty guy” who committed ” total voter fraud” in order to beat him in Iowa.

Trump, 69, in a wide-ranging interview this morning on Boston Herald Radio’s “Morning Meeting” program, did not rule out suing the Lone Star State’s junior senator minutes after he tweeted that Iowa election officials should either order a new election or nullify Cruz’s results.

“I probably will. What he did is unthinkable,” Trump told host Jaclyn Cashman. “It’s a total voter fraud when you think of it. That’s why the polls were so wrong. (Cruz) put out a voter violation certificate and it looks just like it was sent by government. I mean, the whole thing is incredible. It’s outlandish.”

Trump added, “actually, I came in probably first, if you think about it.”

Trump lost to Cruz by 3 points in Iowa on Monday. The New York billionaire is heavily favored to win next week’s New Hampshire Republican primary.

Apparently he liked the line, because he’s repeating the claim, no doubt really hoping to steal the spotlight with his petulant childish tantrum:

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is completely taking advantage of Trump’s previous temper tantrums by branding him with the phrase #TrumperTantrum:

See the rest of his rebuttal here.

And it’s sticking so well, that the term is now trending number one on Twitter:

trumper tantrum trending

You have to hand it to him, Ted is playing Trump’s game and beating him at it.

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