Adam Carolla: You’re not lucky so get off your duff and stop acting like it

Prager University presents Adam Carolla and his practical wisdom on “luck” (via The Blaze):

Consider this an open thread.

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  • Ayn Rand would have been proud of Adam. So am I.

  • I love dead pan comedians who have brains!! This was great! Thanks Scoop 🙂 I’ve only heard little snippets of Adam, and don’t really know who he is, but I like him.

    That said, I want to say something I’ve said before. I love theRightScoop! I love the people here, and I’m thankful for those who keep me sane and keep me laughing. It’s good to be silly when there’s so much to be angry at. I let loose too much, but that’s part of who I am, yet I have so many who encourage me to speak my mind. I love this family. Please keep praying for those family members who aren’t able to come lately- there are a few I miss, one who is recouperating and hopefully our VirginiaGentleman will come and visit us soon. The other, those of you who are regular here, know who I miss, and my duck is going to remain until he gets back.
    God Bless you my Scoop family.

    • PFFV

      Adam is a common sense conservative patriot just like us! He doesn’t mince words either…lol! I love him and Dennis Miller a lot.

      Great comment ABIC! I always enjoy your points of view. You are very kind, respectful, and always a class act and we are lucky to have you. I too love the majority of people here. Most forums are loaded with libs and haters but not here so much.

      I too would like to thank Right Scoop for bringing us all together and for keeping us on top of the issues that are vitally important to Conservative American Patriots that LOVE this Country and what it stands for.

      Thanks Scoop for all you do, you are invaluable to this nation and to common sense conservatives around the world!

      • Thank you PFFV. I heard about Adam on Beck’s radio one time, but I didn’t hear the whole segment. I figured he was one of the good guys though 😉 This is the longest segment I’ve heard of him and he had me laughing and nodding a lot. I’ve loved Dennis Miller since his “news” days on SNL (back in the day when that show was still good!)

        Thank you for your kind words my friend. As to Scoop, you said it excellently! 🙂

      • PicklePlants

        OK – I’ll keep it going. RS is bookmarked on every computer I use and I check it more than any other site. I would guess that means a least 25 times a day. I too appreciate the comments and personalities of the posters here and look forward to reading their (your) comments on these stories. And lets comment on the stories. Fantastic! Scoop, you do a 1st rate job of keeping this site fresh and updated. I also appreciate your warnings to (other – hee hee) posters when they get out of line, which is not very often. I surf a lot of sites and watch/read a lot of news, mostly politics, and the perspectives and insight on this sight cannot be beat.


    • drphibes

      Thanks, AmericanborninCanada, for those nice words about this community. There are quality people here and I enjoy seeing their familiar names and avatars, too.

    • Adam is kind of like the folks who hang out at Ace’s. You need to expect foul language and sexual humor. Pretty much every other sentence.

      But like a lot of those folks, they “get” Conservatism. Mostly. The dislike sacred cows, even if it may have been declared Sacred in the KJV Bible.

      But he’s quick witted. And very blunt.

    • nibblesyble

      You are the sweetest… heart filled with warmth when I read your post. Right back at ya sister!

    • WordsFailMe
  • leel004

    lucky we live in USA…and unlucky for those born in the Middle East

  • drphibes

    Love this guy. See THE HAMMER starring Adam Carolla on DVD. Very funny.

  • Landscaper

    I came across Jimmy and Adam years back when they had a tv show called “The Man Show.” It was sort of a Jerry Springer meets Jay Leno type of show…. a parody of male chauvinism. Very funny, but short lived. It did propel each to their own but seperate careers. Anyone remember seeing it?

    • It was hilariously disgusting. Or maybe disgustingly hilarious? Especially when they sent that 12-year old, chubby kid out into the world with an earpiece so they could tell him stuff to say to people.

      He also used to have a rather explicit, late-night, call-in-for-advice radio program with Dr. Drew, called “love Lines’ or something like that. People would call in and ask Dr. Drew about stuff they were doing sexually and Adam would make fun of them, while Dr. Drew would try to help ’em. Very bizarre.

      • Landscaper

        I remember the chubby kid now. Thanks. Had him: trying to buy beer, making lude remarks to women, asking pharmacist for condoms…..

        • Yep. It was that creepy sort of funny. I remember when they had the kid hitting on hot chicks at the beach. They’re 6 to 12 years older, and he’s making passes at them, then saying really nasty stuff when they turn him down. Strange.

  • A_Truism
  • No time for DOOM! this week (yeah, I can hear it now).

    I don’t see a link to Pat Condell’s latest rant, so I’ll push you over to Stacy McCain’s place, where Smitty has the embed.

    Condell is an equal-opportunity religion critic, but he’s totally correct in every single word he says in this rant. Romney ought to just slap an, “I’m Mitt Romney, and I approve this message” ending on it, and run it as a commercial in all 57 states.

    • I wish Condell ws a Christian, he’d be a great apologist, but I sure appreciate his rants on islam. It kills me (pun not intended) that liberal proponants of tolerance and all things islam see Christians as intolerant, and at the same time give any excuse for islamic barbaric behavior such as criticism of their so called prophet. Apologizing for some movie that they know danged well no one had ever heard of until it became the scapegoat…. and the incredible display of hypocrisy of muslims and others to pass a so called blashpemy law, yet muslim leaders can say Jesus was a bastard and there’s crickets from the left, and hey! No beheadings, rapes, murderings or bombings by Christians.

      Thanks though K-Bob, that was a superb rant.

      • It truly was. I had to watch it again. I think Condell is a nice guy, even though he sounds so hard-nosed. I bet he’d be fun to have a beer with.

        Ah well.

  • I like this! It’s simple, and it’s plain talking. It’s free of damdkerugh kutkgjkldibloe guiiohnuen phrases that the so called elites on the media like to throw at us. 🙂

  • After all the stories we had this week pointing out the bizarre oversampling in polls (and, BTW, Doug Ross has an interesting followup on that), comes this hilarious “poll” result.

    Do you believe that, “Obama leads Romney among NASCAR fans: Poll?”

    Yeah, neither do I.

    • Nukeman60

      Loved your first link. The Eeyore in me was just put out to the back forty. Thanks.

      As to the Nascar fans, I understand Obama polls 85-15 as to the most likely candidate for a poster face on their targets at the practice range.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a picture of him in the ahhh, wall-mounted, bathroom fixture.

  • Juan_Rico

    Adam is awesome. I love that O’reilly has him on every week now. For those of you who haven’t heard it, here’s his epic rant about OWS. Gotta love it!

  • 911Infidel

    Discipline is the key. Motivation, the way. Its works just as well in the civilian world as it does in the military. Hard work, patience, and perseverence, ALWAYS pays off. Screw the government. There are only two really reliable people in each person’s life when you get down to it: you and God. Memorize Isaiah 40:31.

    Forget luck.

  • FreeManWalking

    “The HARDER I work the LUCKER I get.” my sister…

  • kong1967

    That was very well done. He needs to show this to all the libs he can…at least the ones that blame the rich for their failures. There’s not much that’s more irritating than a couch potato with a beer gut complaining because life isn’t fair. Yes, it is….now get off your a$$ and go make your dreams come true.

  • Landscaper

    Has there ever been a TRS get together? That would be great some time in 2013 to meet face-to-face all the various commentors/contributors….

    • stevenbiot

      I’d probably get punched in the mouth by a few RScoopers. And, if this were a liberal blog, we probably wouldn’t have jobs. So, meeting up would be easy. But, good idea, Landscaper. As long as we met somewhere by an awesome bass lake.

    • DebbyX

      That is an interesting idea. As long as it isn’t anything like my last class reunion. We all thought we were young again, and did things only 20 something people ought to be doing. Need I say more!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Nice. Life is hard… but with the Lord and some initiative, it can be less hard.

    Well done Adam.

  • 12grace

    Love it! Great job, Adam.