Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Boiling Frogs

Bill Whittle on how we’ve been boiled like frogs so that we never jumped out of the pot:

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  • Judefour

    Bill’s metaphor basically alleges that Heaven will be populated by a majority of military persons, almost by default. In fact, the reference to ‘St Peter’ as a judge alongside of God (Jesus the only Judge) is simply erroneous. Bill makes a strong defense for liberties within the realm of time, but scripture states that “whoever finds his life will lose it” and “if a man gain the whole world, but lose his own soul, what did it profit him?”. The apostles and many of the primitive saints lived under tyranny, but in truth, they possessed everything, because they had ‘the pearl of great price’ which no man could take away from them by force. This is not in any way a defense or a validation of tyranny, but if the soul is void of that Spirit which is love, then even a perfect civil government will be of no avail; a human authority cannot force the masses to love God, and love their neighbor as themselves.

    • gohogsgo

      Your point is well taken, but I think the point bill was trying to make was answering the question (that we should all be asking ourselves) as to whether the people throughout history who fought and gave up their lives so we could truly be free did so in vain…I.e. Are we continuing the “fight” to freely choose how we want to live today, or have we stopped choosing altogether, and instead allowed others to choose for us.

      The metaphor was just an easy way to tie past and present together (though I agree with you about the one and only Judge)

      • Judefour

        I understand your perspective, but I do believe that the ‘foundations’ (which were evangelical) have been replaced by an ‘enlightenment’ philosophy, which inevitably leads to moral depravity. It seems to be a sad commentary on ‘freedom’ if such freedom requires almost perpetual bloodshed to ‘protect’ it. What can we do if we as a nation, are essentially an enemy of God; we no longer regard His righteous commands? I posted this in another place, but I think it a proper warning, and commentary on the state of things today;

        “Some theories would resolve all society into its
        elements, and construct a social system de novo, to be founded merely on what they consider the ‘original rights’ of man. Allaying this theory to atheistic principles, philosophical speculators have gone on to advance doctrines radically subversive of all that supports civil government. They suppose men thrown together by accident, sustaining no obligatory civil relation till they
        voluntarily assume it. But finding mutual regulations convenient, they agree to adopt some form of government, not recognizing, however, any higher sanctionthan their own pleasure.

        Not to insist that this is, and ever must be, mere speculation — such a case never actually occurring — according to this form of government originates with men; it’s existence or non-existence is at their rightful option, and to them only are rulers responsible. Every subject is an independent unit. All moral obligation to civil obedience being deduced ‘a pactis’ — from the compact — the same that built may also destroy. It is only for all or a majority to agree that they will not be governed. Every man may do what is right in his own eyes.” (Hubbard Winslow, 1835)

        • 12grace

          Yes, this is a Ninevah time in our history, will our people repent and turn to HIM or not?

        • I think the choice of the word ‘enlightenment’ in your first paragraph is unfortunate.

          “The Enlightenment” was the age of the Founding of the US. It was the apex of philosophical thinking merged with morality, and the concept of liberty was it’s greatest result.

          • Judefour

            The results you allege as the effect of the ‘enlightenment’ philosophy, is short sighted and unscriptural. The whole system is based on mans so-called ability to be ‘moral’ autonomously (without God). History has shown that man left to himself, depending solely on his natural affection, will lose that within a short space of time. Scripture states that by “wisdom, the world knew not God.” The reference in the original Greek language is alluding to the great ‘philosophers’ of reputation among the people; (Plato, Lucretius, Aristotle, Cicero, etc). Without a firm adherence to the righteous law of God, as the standard for civil government, man becomes the supreme authority, and the result will be a rise of immorality and death. The overwhelming disposition in the times of the founding, was one of evangelical Christianity. The charters of the colonies will attest to this fact. ‘Enlightenment’ in the end, is only as good as its foundational source of ‘light’. Jesus says that He is the “light of the world”, and whoever does not possess His spirit is “walking in darkness.” Many that walk in this darkness, consider themselves extremely ‘enlightened’, but the book of God says otherwise.

            • “The whole system is based on mans so-called ability to be ‘moral’ autonomously (without God).”

              That’s simply not the case. The major philosophers who brought us Liberty, as well as the Founders, knew that the framework was for men with faith in God and committed to a moral society. You seem to be jumping ahead to Nieztche and Hegel with that claim.

              The rest of what you wrote totally contradicts your opening statements.

              Yes, the Founders were Christian. They were in fact, well read men of the Age of Enlightenment, and were quite familiar with Locke and Montesquieu, who were strong proponents for faith and morality in a republic.

              However, the framework of a society is not a religious one. It is wholly a creation of man. The beauty of our system is that it promotes and encourages faith.

              • Judefour

                Scripture states that the “powers that be are of God”, which necessarily means that governors and governments are only ‘just’ to the degree by which they adhere to the laws of God. If not, man himself is the self appointed ‘final arbiter’ of what is good and evil. If the ‘framework of society’ is not grounded in the law of God, then lawlessness and moral depravity will become commonplace, as it is now. No contradictions in my statement, just a misunderstanding. The philosophy of the enlightenment is strongly based on the premise that man is naturally ‘good’ enough to govern himself, when in fact, man is generally selfish and corrupt. Without invoking the supreme lawgiver, everything, (no matter how noble) can be regarded as mere opinion and personal preference. Herein lies the weakness of a politically based appeal; it rises no higher than man, and it’s opponents are comprised of man as well.

                • No matter what you “ground” the framework of society on, it is by definition and by design, a construct of man.

                  It cannot possibly be otherwise.

                  You seem to be claiming we must have it otherwise.

                  I’m afraid that is something that only attains when we leave this plane of existence, not while we are of it.

                  The enlightenment was not about presumption. It was about submission to the scriptures and following a moral life as indicated therein, while using mental discipline to discover the nature of the world, and how men may better live together therein.

                  Clearly, God gave man reason. The men of the Enlightenment were frequently those who chose to use it for moral purposes. Thus the concept of Liberty was born, and that may likely be the one fruit of man that is worthy of our Creation.

                  Your position seems to be one of contempt for achievement.

    • pybop

      Bill’s metaphor was not a religious metaphor but a political one. He simply asked why the world’s first free society stayed in the pot while the Marxists turned up the heat of tyranny.

  • NYGino

    There’s another old adage that something you get for free is not valued as dearly as something you had to work hard for. When this country was settled it was settled with the thought of being free; free from oppression and free to enable self expression. These didn’t come easily and, as Whittle talks about, they had a very high price tag on them, which was paid for through the centuries by our fore fathers.

    We inherited a country that had paid the price but, as time went on, we lost sight of the fact that freedom wasn’t free and, as Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” We did start to take things for granted and allowed ourselves to be put into the trance of complacency.

    Once this happened, and it happened over a long period of time ( the frog in the warm water) it opened the door for tyranny to walk in and in our self imposed stupor we stand by and do nothing.

  • sDee

    Worse. We’ve been given an aerial view of us swimming in the pot, the massive burner and all of the other kettles of boiling water ready to be poured into our pot.

    Yet we still swim around thinking the elephants or someone else will step in and save us.

    Whether our trust was well placed or not, the problem now is the Republican Party. It has chosen to hop out of the pot and man the burners.

    Primary them. We must do it now. Time and money is the first step.

    • Clare

      Thanks for posting.

  • 12grace

    I love Bill Whittle, he’s great. I agree with his analogy, the real question is what do we do about it?

  • $12112543

    Just have to say – I am SO tired of this frog metaphor.

    • Me too. I’ve been hearing it from the lower-level radio hosts (especially “local” radio) for years and years.

      We had a “pet” frog once. They have about the same level of intelligence as an insect.

  • Marky_D

    Brilliant – as usual.

  • Clare

    Well, he’s right. I think that some of our current situation can be explained by what we as citizens are responsible for and didn’t do, and some of it is beyond our control. Political ‘watchers on the wall’ should have been doing some of these things for decades but didn’t do them:
    Term limits – professional politicians are a pariah to our representative governance. (See Dr. Greg Brannon video below)
    Two Party domination – how can we suffer these exclusive requirements to run for office, the two parties foisting candidates on the American people, and the spectacle of money required.
    Vetting – trusting the two parties to vet candidates is lethal
    Ideologies – Marxism, Islamofacism, socialism, communism and so on as a policy of our Republic should have been shunned in the most vociferous way as poison to our Republic
    Sovereignty – The OWO, UN, any language and movement toward these associations coming from Washington should have been pounced on.
    To make these changes to the Federal Government is so daunting that this is probably why it has not been done.
    We can’t control personal choice. We can tell the truth to offer resistance, but deception and scheming, haters and traitors are always with us no matter how many decades we go back….traitors in elected ‘servants’ of the people, traitors in business (insurance companies, media, industry, etc.), traitors in law courts.
    We can’t do anything about needing to keep our jobs. The National Park personnel needed their jobs during the shut down, the thousands of clerks and lawyers and supervisors in DC need their jobs; most people are not principled enough to sever associations with evil employers because of the paycheck. Otherwise, decent Americans could simply walk out on DC and leave the Marxists.
    In our defense, it’s not as if we are doing nothing. States are passing laws for their protection. Law suits are being filed against Obama. Counties are wanting to cede from their States. Since we don’t have access to the WH except through our elected federal officials, we are trying to elect Republic Americans to office. Bill Whittle and thousands of others are telling the truth through various media, hundreds of blogs and organizations spread the word about hundreds of initiatives going on. Help me out here, I’m sure the list is more formidable than we think.

  • sallyjohanna

    Take football…or any sport or game….that are tightly controlled by rules. So closely watched, we have turned to instant replay to make sure the call was correct. A bad call illicit’s days of debate by society.

    We have allowed the rules, principals and laws of the Constitution to be bent, distorted, abandoned and ignored without protest. Every Representative should have to take a course on the Constitution before they enter office.

    They should know the rules and framework they have to work within period. There will be a steep penalty if they break faith with the Constitution to which they are there to serve.

    • satchmo22

      i have tried to write the analogy of what football would be like when the washington redskins change their name to the washington obamas. every game is a home game. no matter who they play the opponent will be named the Extremists for that day. the QB for the washington obamas can never be touched or tackled even if the QB is slowly walking to the goal line…. ect ect it got too depressing to go on so i stopped writing.

      • sallyjohanna

        Pretty clever… analogy really helps the perspective. Obama is depressing because of volume of is overwhelming!!

  • PNWShan

    I watch this and I think, “what can we do?” We’ve marched on Washington, or state capitals; we’ve written, created web pages, spoken, all to educate others – and many have listened; we called or emailed our representatives, even the media; we’ve spoken at town hall meetings … And even though some people are enlightened, some legislation is stopped or slowed down, we still, over time, lose.

    What did our forefathers do when they could not change their society for the better? They left. They went to America. They went out west. They went somewhere where the boots of tyranny could not stomp on them. But we’ve run out of land. There’s nowhere to go. Mars? Chile?

    • James Brown

      “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
      From The Declaration of Independence. (Are we there again?)
      We the people are being pushed into a corner by the ruling class. The electoral option for controlling and/or changing our government has been made nearly meaningless considering the level of election fraud the ruling class allows for progressive candidates. Time is running out on the Republic of the people, for the people and by the people.
      Personally I no longer believe there is any real chance to restore the Constitution, or the Republic, without armed revolution, or at least allowing secession for states that want to go their own way, but we have to go through the motions and make sure the ruling class starts any ugliness. If the NSA is reading this please understand that I am not advocating for armed revolution, I am simply predicting it based upon the history of the American mindset that we will never accept being ruled, and frankly, we don’t like pointy headed intellectuals telling us what to do. We prefer to be self-governing individuals within the framework of the Constitution. Leave us alone ruling class, stop imposing your beliefs upon us and we will get along just fine.

    • Gary Dickson

      By no means am I being flippant about the extremely painful and serious issues you mention, but there is a country just north of you which currently happens to have an evangelical, pro-Israel Christian as a Prime Minister, a chap who happens to have a Masters degree in economics.

      I would consider it a viable option.

      • PNWShan

        It’s 2 hours north of us and I have relatives there – although they’re all libs as far as I can tell – my uncles and aunts like their socialized medicine.

        • Gary Dickson

          Every country has its pros and cons, without a doubt, even Canada:

          – Personal safety is better;
          – No one cares much about the races;
          – Guns are mostly non-existent;
          – Politicians tend to be more accountable and far less tyrannical;
          – Medical costs (except dental and extended health) are mostly covered;
          – Lower population;
          – Absolutely beautiful British Columbia and Nova Scotia;
          – Best skiing hills in North America;
          – Governments are smaller and far less “boot-on-the-neck.”;
          – “Illegals” are handled with far more maturity;
          – Tax system is far, far easier;
          – Hockey;
          – Government is rarely grid-locked.

          – Taxes are higher because of health costs;
          – Doctors tend to go to the U.S. for better pay and better experience;
          – Range of goods and products is not as great; air flights within Canada very high;
          – Lower population;
          – Very high labour costs, especially in the public sector;
          – What’s a baseball? (I kid.)
          – No Triumph the Insult Dog.

    • sallyjohanna

      There is more to our fore bearers….in 1620 the first pilgrims were fleeing religious persecution on ships filled with indentured prisoners that were routinely exiled to the New World and Australia….but they seized the opportunity to make a new life in a new land and prevailed.

      140 yrs before the Constitution, punishment was handed down at first by the Church. When the colonies were emerging and riches to be had, the British installed power.

      The Founding Fathers of the Constitution were American citizens rebelling against the British oppressive tariffs, taxes and laws.

      We have to fight to retain the freedom they fought to give us. Concentrate on your State…make sure they are nominating Constitutional Conservatives and vote for them!

      • PNWShan

        Sadly, I live in Washington State. I have seen this state veer ever more leftward over the past 20 years.

        • sallyjohanna

          Oh boy you are in trouble…Washington state is one Socialist Progressive bastion. I feel the same as you…looking for answers to make a difference..we are trying to stop something that has been going on for decades…I will still try and fight it…I am in GA, we have some Conservatives that I need to investigate their records…but the scuttlebutt is the Progressives are going to try and change GA blue.

  • edsmanedup

    One would think that a brilliant well spoken young man like this could somehow someway find himself and his message at the very top of the food chain…like an oval office or something like that…pardon me I digress … be very afraid…what were we taking about…

  • rappini pasta

    What Churchill said, never give up.