Akin blasts GOP party bosses for pressure to leave race but won’t rule out exit

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  • Mark Smith

    Hah, “Party Bosses”. Palin, Malkin, Scott Walker, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity. Those “bosses”.

    Huckabee needs to be hanged, drawn and quartered for his baby here. The fact that tool is scheduled to speak at the Republican Convention Monday is an outrage. I bet, BET, that if Akin isn’t gone by Friday that he will be cut from the list. My opinion (opinion, folks) is that Huckabee has no desire to see a Mormon in the White House and thinks of himself riding the White Horse of Victory in 2016 after two disastrous Obama terms. Prove me wrong, Huckster.

    If Huckabee had pressured Akin to withdraw, he would have. By 5 pm yesterday.

  • GTFO.

    • marketcomp

      Now I know that Todd Akin would never say what you are saying here in your post. That is rude and undeserved!

      • No it isn’t. What is rude and undeserved is Akin becoming the albatross around the country’s neck in one of the single most important election year’s since Reagan. He is selfish. He needs to cop a clue in that this isn’t really about him. I sympathize and think his remarks were over blown but this isn’t the year to be stubborn.

        • MiketheMarine

          It isn’t Akin’s fault that people are too shallow to understand that A) there are rapes that aren’t “forced,” and B) he may have been correct in his statement as shown in this link.


          • Are you that dense? No it isn’t Akin’s fault but it is his fault for being the public eye and not being able to gauge public perception of comments that he admitted himself he stepped into wrongly. If he is going to be before a microphone eloquence is required since communication is the key to getting elected. And as you continually bash me because you wrongly love an under dog are you going to now tell me you are voting for Obama since Romney and Rayn also dumped him??? HMMM???? What’s your answer to that!!!!

            • MiketheMarine

              Do me a favor, Laurel and calm down. If Akin’s comments are correct and he apologized anyway, why should he be punished? I don’t see Biden stepping down for his chains remark. I don’t see that democrat senator who had sex with a 17 year old boy stepping down and I don’t see Eric Holder resigning either. What makes you or the RNC the final say on what he should do?

              • marketcomp

                Right on, M! This is what outrage looks like! But in the Todd Akin case it is just wrong to say the least. But, as I have said in other post we must move on and just hope that if this dust up causes us to loose the race then perhaps Akin must step down. But, I will forever question what any of these people say.

                • MiketheMarine

                  Yep. I wouldn’t take any medical advice from a politician, even if they happen to be a licensed doctor. I don’t get some of the attitudes about this story. I just shake my head.

                • marketcomp

                  Me too M!

              • I’m not concerned with Biden since I don’t vote with the left ever. Biden is not my problem he is the problem of the DNC. I don’t have the final say and never said I did. This is still America and I do get a personal opinion whether you like it or not. The only two people getting emotional are you and marketcomp since you both feel the need to gang up and attack not to mention misconstrue.

                And this is entirely emotional comment: “Right on, M! This is what outrage looks like! ”

                Look. In. The. Mirror.

                As to being punished or not…It isn’t about that. It is about winning. Do you not see the potential to lose the WH in all of this? Really?

                • MiketheMarine

                  He is talking about your outrage, and it is about right on wrong.

                • My only outrage is at your name calling pointedly at me then having the utter nerve to call me emotional.

                  Oh and I am a little outraged at the RNC admittedly. I wish they would grow a spine but I’m not holding my breath. They always play defense and not very well.

        • MiketheMarine

          Then why are you insisting on being so stubborn. Laurel the mule, your new nickname. I hope you like it.

          • Knock it off! You are no better than the left with your crap. I said from day one on this very blog that this was overblown!!! HOWEVER! I CANNOT CONTROL THE GENERAL PUBLIC’S REACTION TO IT. That means Akin is an albatross. That is not my fault, that is his which he has admitted!!!

            I even criticized Malkin and others for their misrepresentation of the facts and stats regarding rape and pregnancy.

            I have also said the GOP’s reaction is overtaking the Akin issue but reacting in regards to the media…NOT TO AKIN. The bottom line though is the public perception which is what guides getting votes…LIKE IT OR NOT.

            Bottom line if I’m a shit stirrer it beats the hell out of being a mindless lemming drone such as yourself.

            • MiketheMarine

              Oh, where to begin. I’ll keep it simple. I am advocating a calmer, less reactionary response to this and you are buying the medias twist and spin and are arguing the point ceaselessly and with vigor. Seems to me the mindless lemming is the one barking the same garbage as the MSM.

              What do you think?

              • No you are not since you started with the name calling right out of the starting gate. Get off of your high horse before it bucks you off. Who made the shit stirrer comment? Who called me ‘Laurel the Mule’? That is pretty reactionary in the eyes of most people.

                I’m not buying any such thing BTW. What I am buying is the public perception of it. Is it media manipulated? YES! BUT THAT IS REALITY MIKE OF ELECTIONS.

                • MiketheMarine

                  Go away, Laurel. Go back to Huffpo or Fox. We don’t have trolls like those places do. Which means you are our troll.

                  OMG, get over it. You know why I thumped you twice? Because over an hour I received about 20 replys to my comments and all but 2 were from you. And 75 % of those were nasty and personal. Grow up, please. And move on….

                • Now all of a sudden I’m a troll when in reality I am saying basically the same thing as you and marketcomp with a slight difference. You have posted an awful lot of likes on my posts for my being a troll and all. Take the plank out thine own eye Mike. You started with the name calling. You are being emotional. Not me.

                  And last I checked telling me to go away and calling me a troll is a really rather emotional response on your part.

                  Oh and I don’t ever read HuffPo or blog at Fox. That is emotional response on your part as well.

                  You are the one who made it nasty and personal. It’s patently obvious. I guess I can add yet another new name to ‘shit stirrer’ and ‘mule’? It doesn’t get much more personal than that.

          • Why are you getting personal like the left does? Are you a lefty?

            • MiketheMarine

              Ah, nice edit. I’ve been called far worse by far better than you. I don’t care what you call me or how you feel about me. I am only impressed when I see a well thought out and logical response. Nobody likes a devil’s advocate. Especially when the person they are denigrating is proven right in substance and fact.

        • MiketheMarine

          One question, and I am sincere with this. If Akin was right and, after being attacked by his own party, apologized anyway, how is this his problem? You said it yourself, that those who are going to vote democrat are going to vote that way anyway. Don’t you wish for a more intelligent voting public?

          • Yes I do…and I do my best to educate and not with rampant emotionalism with which you and your buds are attacking me. A game plan is needed to educate the public and that requires a lot of market forces as well as winning. When you become the boss then you makes the rules, but you have to become the boss first which requires FOLLOWING the rules and circumstances laid out.

            • MiketheMarine

              Following the rules, like being proven right, apologizing anyway but being asked to quit? I don’t understand you.

              FYI, I haven’t attacked you in about a dozen posts but you continue. If you don’t settle down, I can be a real son of a bitch and I’m sure I could make you cry. I don’t want to do that. I believe that you are a conservative voter and that is enough for me. However, YOU need to drop this shit. You are making it worse. You want a smarter public? How about straightening them out now in defense of Akin, seeing as he was right.

              • Are you threatening me?

                • MiketheMarine

                  Go get laid or something. Please, for all of us.

                • Wow! That was such an intelligent response. Bravo! Well said! Well Done! What a gentleman Marine! I’m so impressed with your brilliance. You just dazzle me.

                  Sarcasm button is off now.

      • MiketheMarine

        Apparently, Laurel is just a shit stirrer.

  • What struck a nerve yesterday listening to Rush, was that he said the GOP is serious about changing the country and that means Akin must treat his election seriously and understand that if he loses because of the comment that it’s a blow to the cause.

    Well, I’m sorry, but the GOP is not serious about making this country better. There might be 2 or 3 republicans that understand the gravity of the situation, but on a whole, the GOP acts like it’s ok to just wait it out until they get the power back.

    I honestly don’t know the background of Akin, don’t really care. But the idea that one comment, when more than likely he was looking for something to say when asked a question even if it wasn’t what he would have said if he took time to think about it, now totally dismisses the rest of his positions, is asinine. Reminds me of my great Gov. Perry. Did we know he was against abortion in the first place? Yes. Is there disagreement on when abortion is ok within the GOP? I’m sure of it. Have men been accused of rape when it truly wasn’t? Of course. So what’s the big deal here? He’s one vote on the social issues that might go counter to the “GOP consensus”. Be he’s also one vote on fiscal issues for conservatives.

    The debate around abortion won’t matter when our great country falls off the financial cliff.