Al Gore just told the most incredibly bold-faced LIE ever!!

OH my gosh this is so amazing. In an interview on CNN, Jake Tapper actually makes Al Gore respond to Trump mocking him for flying a jet around the world while saying everyone else needs to undo their carbon footprint.

He says the stupidest thing ever.

Watch below:

He literally says, “I live a carbon free lifestyle to the maximum extent possible” LOL!!!

Wow, what a bold-faced liar.

Now the reason he can say this of course, is that he’s running a carbon offset SCAM. So every time he pumps carbon into the air, he supposedly pays for an “offset” which could be as misleading as purchasing the photosynthesis of trees already existing! It’s a TOTAL SCAM. Al Gore invests in it because stupid gullible liberals will toss their money into it and line his pockets with cash. And that lets him live in fantastic mansions and fly wherever he wants while claiming that he lives “carbon-free.”

What a fabulous scam artist.

I usually like Tapper, but he let Gore say whatever he wanted in this interview. He must have a soft spot for global warming, and for the chakra-loving nut.

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