Allen West: It’s insane for Obama to promote killing Bin Laden as basis for his entire foreign policy

Allen West says that the killing of Osama Bin Laden was a tactical level success, not strategic level thinking and for the Obama campaign to base their entire foreign policy on the killing of Bin Laden is insane:

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  • WordsFailMe

    Greta was almost foaming at the mouth to refute just anything West said as she had McCain and Fred Thompson.

    She is an insufferable white-male and America-hating, apologizer.

    • I honestly didn’t get that impression at all! I know she’s a Democrat (she is FAR from a Liberal though), but this Obama Foreign Policy Disaster in Benghazi and Cairo has been an EXTREMELY SORE talking point for her. She has ROUTINELY, COMPLETELY ANNIHILATED the Obama administration every time they open their mouths trying to lie to us about what really happened over there, and she is ALWAYS extremely respectful to Lt. Col. West!

      Sheppard Smith is an insufferable, White-male American hater…Greta is actually a REALLY good journalist, in my opinion! I didn’t used to like her, but I have noticed her swing to the right quite dramatically since Obama got elected…

      • WordsFailMe

        I agree with you Brain but wish to add that not only did Greta attack Obama on the Behghzi lies but also, another famous liberal, Kristen, the hired lib on FOX, also attacked Obama on the same thing.

        In my book, the libs are simply admitting what is obvious and conservatives, predictably, become comfortable and complacent, believing that Truth is actually winning the war for them. The FACTS cannot speak for themselves when the debate is with LIES. It would not be the first time the fifth columnists have shed the radical pose to achieve the radical ends.

        Sorry. I have no use for either Greta of Megyn Kelly. O’rielly is a closet collectivist and Hannity, well, his willingness to stand up on his hind legs and openly accuse Obama of possible hypocrisy will never win him a medal.

        FOX is pablum.

        • NJK

          I like Greta, but can’t stand Megyn Kelly. She had David Horowitz on the other day, and when he started to tell her about Huma Abedeen and the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into our govt. she literally shouted him down. She pretty much insinuated, that he didn’t know what he was saying, or it hasn’t been proven. Walid Shoebat said the same thing.

          Well, David Horowitz has lived the life, that Zero, Ayers, Dohrn, and the rest of their ilk has. He knows what he’s talking about. As far as I’m concerned, she’s done nothing but enable Zero. O’Reilly is a closet liberal. I no longer watch. He’s covered up for the Muslim Brotherhood stooge, Obama.

          Sean is a nice guy, but I stopped listening and watching. I can’t take the liberals he has calling him, and the liberals he has on. He’s just too pc for me. I want the truth, good, bad, and ugly. I don’t need it dressed up with nice words.

      • tvlgds

        I could not agree more. When Fox first hired Greta, I wrote them a nastygram about bringing her over. Now, I think she’s the most fair and balanced of the bunch. She claims to be a liberal, but I sure don’t see it in her reporting.

      • Sheppard had his break-down during Katrina. He cried on live tv. and has not been right since that very moment.

        • tvlgds

          I thought Shep did a decent job during Katrina. I lived the aftermath, so I understand the emotion, although I didn’t see the horror-dead people on the side of the road- that he did. With that said, he has shown his liberal colors in recent yrs. I can barely stand him anymore.

    • tvlgds

      I have seen her salivating over things that West has said and done in the past. She couldn’t have been more complimentary to him!

      • WordsFailMe

        I hope I’m wrong,

      • WordsFailMe


  • anyonebutbarry2012

    allen west 2016

  • I agree with Col Allen….he took Greta to the Cleaners….he used the 1943 American Killing og Admiral Yamamoto as a beautiful example….after the US shot down his plane over the Pacific in 1943 WWII with Japan CONTINUED….the Japanese did not surrender….the war went on for years and only AMERICAN RESOLVE AND DETERMINATION bought us Victory!! Obama acted as if the Islamists would just PLAY NICE once Bin Laden was killed….HE WAS AND IS DEAD WRONG as we have seen these past few weeks!! Ignorance is the path to defeat and enslavement!

    Obama wanted all the HIGH FIVE and SPIKING THE FOOTBALL for something our NAVY SEATS DID!! He is a coward…now through his failed foreign policy he can WEAR THE JACKET OF FAILURE AND DISGRACE for the lost of American Soldiers, Personnel, Image, Strength and Equipment….GO SPIKE THE BALL FOR THAT ACHIEVEMENT you MARXIST THUG!!

    • JoJo58

      I don’t think Obama agreed to having Osama killed thinking it would help him with Muslims, he did it for brownie points that he could score with the american people….only thing is, I don’t believe he was the one that made the decision…look at his face in that famous photo…he looks livid….AND we’re expected to believe he made this decision when it took him months to deliver less than half of the requested military for Afghanistan and they ended up being sent during the off season? Remember how many days it took for him to decide to shoot the Nigerian pirates that kidnapped an American captain? How long does it really take to say…” when you have the shot, take it” ? Just sayin…

  • I love when he’s on her show. She acts like a real reporter and it really highlights Allen West’s knowledge. He’s better when he takes tough questions than when he gets softball questions.

  • By the way just came from Paul Ryan Rally here in Orlando area…Over at UCF…it was fabulous!! Paul was great!! 1000s were there from every age group and quite a few LATINOS mind you!! There is no one better when you listen to him explain Medicare and Obamacare. He can just converse in a very simple and easy to understand way…I LOVE THAT!! He was great talkign about the failed promises of Obama and he hammered the SMALL BUSINESS ANGLE and how they account for 65 percent of all job creation and Obama wants their taxes to rise over 40 percent while next door in Canada they have cut their tax rates to 15 percent….people loved him pointing this out!! He nailed it with Seniors over how to explain Medicare and he hammered that no one over 55 would be effected!! He talked at length over the need to STRENGTHEN OUR MILITARY and he touched on what Newt said….A President must PROJECT AMERICAN STRENGTH AND VALUES….he almost sounded the exact same as Newt!!

    He did a great jobe explaining how Mitt’s experience in business is exactly what we need for jobs and incomes….he also stressed the importance of INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM vs BIG GOVERNMENT as the key to growth and fulfilling dreams!! He nailed Obama over the poverty rates, unemployed, falling incomes and LACK OF DOMESTIC ENERGY and DEVELOPMENT!!

    He was excellent and the crowd loved him!!

    • p m

      Thank you for taking the time to tell us about what was clearly an uplifting experience, Michael. Anyone who sounds like Newt will only get even better.

      • It was very enjoyable this is my second time seeing Paul. He also touched on the Space Program which is big here in Central Florida with the Kennedy Space Center….he really took Obama to task over dismantling the US Space Program, not helping the people here and for gutting the Shuttle. He make it clear that for us to go to the Space Station on anything in Space we have to pay the Russians to do it!! It was a sobering but grand slam comment! He mentioned how in 2008 Obama campaigned all over this area to talk how he would keep the US as the leader in space and as Paul Said…”now we have to pay the Russians to go into space” it was powerful and for here in Central Florida a VERY BIG DEAL!

    • Thanks for sharing that! We need Florida for R&R!

    • sDee

      “quite a few LATINOS mind you!!”

      I am proud to be of immigrant families that either escaped the Castro’s oppression, Mussolini’s facism or Hitlers destruction. No more determined conservative fighters will you find that those who watched marxism takes its course. .

      To act surprised that “latinos” would be conservative, is the kind of egalitarian condescension that turns people off from the Republican party.

      • Not sure what you mean by surprised but you totally missed the point and need to learn to read Enstein. Maybe you should read before you sound like a Jerk!!

        I was referencing to the fact that the MEDIA likes to portray that Latinos are overwhelmingly for Obama….telling the audience that there was many Latinos there is to let others know from around the country that Mitt and Paul indeed have many Latinos that support them!!


        • sDee

          Nice spin. I would appreciate you laying off personal insults.

          • Not a spin…so cut your little diatribe…you have the nerve to act like you know what someone else means…BS….you project your crap to someone that will fall for it…take a hike…you have your own thoughts BUT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TELL ME WHAT I MEANT….play that with yourself in some two bit lonely mirror!

            And I would appreciate you getting a clue and knowing what you are talking about…Take your spin and rotate for a nice long while!

            • sDee

              Your explanation is as offensive to me as your original statement. How did you know they were Latinos? I took away my kids’ “I am a Latino” t-shirts away a long time ago.

              • I could care less what is offensive to you! TOUGH LUCK!! Build a bridge. I know what I meant and if you do not like it I could give one ratt’s butt…Take your kids and buy some kleenex if you were offended…Too darn bad!

                • sDee

                  I understand your tactics well. I appreciate your openess in exposing them.

                • Nukeman60

                  You know, when posting it’s more important that the reader know what you meant and not just yourself. That’s a bit Obamish of you to think that way. We all say things sometimes that don’t come across the way we wanted them to (I know it’s happened to me and I’m sure to every other regular here as well).

                  Try to see what sDee was saying in the original response and don’t just fly off the handle and subsequently appear foolish. Civil discourse is always preferred over shutting out the entire audience.

                • white531

                  Listen to Nuke.

              • Oh and when FOX, NBC, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NYT, CBS local newspapers and other outlets break down the election results by race, gender, age, income and other areas…which they all do and all the pollsters do…WRITE A BIG GIGANTIC LETTER TO THEM And tell them you were OFFENDED and see if they care…and go photocopy a picture of your T-Shirt to them!! I am so sure they will just give straight election results.

            • p m

              Dammit, Michael. Every time you post a great comment and I click on like, you make insulting posts a bit further down the page. Suppose we should be grateful you didn’t use your usual epithet, ‘moron’, this time. I gather from your posts that you’re a doctor. Would that be the Jekyll and Hyde variety? OK, now you can insult me too. Fire away.

              • sDee

                A better response than mine pm. 🙂 I am perfectly capable of understanding his stated intent.

                I am so so tired of all the slicing and dicing on race, and age and gender and ethnicity and sexual orientation and on and on and on.

                We are losing our Republic. I want my party to value having my kids registered republican and working for conservative candidates because they understand liberty and the Constitution, not because their grandfather was born a Cuban.

                • maynardb50

                  Well said. Too many people are getting anxious over the election and going off at those they should be bringing into the fold.

                • tvlgds

                  Me too! We are AMERICANS. Hyphens divide, and hyphenated Americans are divided Americans. That’s 99% of the problem in this country today- the PC bullcrap!

          • WordsFailMe

            Thanks D.

        • daisy_mae

          I knew that’s what you meant when I read your post Michael and sure do appreciate you taking the time to write about your experience. It’s so encouraging to hear these eye witness accounts!

          • Thanks it was a lot of fun and a wonderful environment….great for anyone to behold….alot of fun sharing with others around!

            • badbadlibs

              Oy….I sure don’t want to get in the middle of a mess just upon returning to this great site, but I have to say that I understood what you meant, and as a first generation Jewish immigrant ( I know something about stereotypes), I’m not offended when Jews are portioned off as a voter block or worse…usually, the worse!
              Having said that, I appreciate you and sDee and hope that at some point there will be no hard feelings on either side! Peace, Michael!

              • sDee

                but you did anyway 🙂

                As you can tell, I take this seriously, maybe too seriously, but I am not closed minded – especially to your point. I have to believe that are many deep and important bonds of culture, religion, sacrifice, philosophy, family, heritage and history that would bind American Jews into a diverse yet strong voting block. I can also see why solidarity in politics for American Jewish voters is not something other American voters might directly relate to.

                But after all what is this “Hispanic” thing? Richard Nixon invented the word just to create his own “disaffected” voting block. What is common other than Español? What shared experience, what common bond do the Cubans in our family have with the immigrants from Mexico living across the street? We provided in home medical care for a Medicaid anchor baby whose mother was illegal, on welfare, a hardcore Columbian marxist who spent all her time working for LaRaza. There is no one in our family who could feel anything but utter disdain for that woman, yet all are “Latinos”?

                It is not Hebrew that defines the Jewish vote.

                If you came back all pumped up from a wide open all-American Paul Ryan rally and heard a news reporter observe that there was a large Jewish turnout – it might cause some you reflection along these lines as well. Maybe?

                • tvlgds

                  My bro in law is of Cuban descent and he HATES the terms “Hispanic” and “Latino.”

                • white531

                  It might interest you to know, that Spaniards hate the word, “Hispanic,” when it is used to denote people of Latin descent. Spaniards are proud of their country and their heritage. They believe, and correctly so, that Hispanic, only means people from Spain. They object that Mexicans are referred to, as, “Hispanic.” Don’t believe me? Ask any Spaniard. He will tell you the same thing.

                  Same thing goes for anyone else from Central or South America. They should be called a name that relates to the country they come from. They are not Spaniards. A person from Cuba is not Hispanic. He is a Cuban. The same goes for a person from any other Latin American country. They are not, “Hispanic.”

                  This is not from me. I am not from Spain. It is the people from Spain, who object to anyone who speaks Spanish, being called, “Hispanic.”

                • tvlgds

                  Very interesting. I wasn’t aware of that. Hispanic is not a “race” as it’s been made into in recent years. There are 3 races–Negroid, Mongoloid, and Caucasoid. Period! My objection is that Americans have to be divided into little tribes based on race or descent, for the sole purpose of pitting us against each other and making every group other than white, straight, Christians “entitled.” Why are blacks “African” Americans? (rhetorical Q) The vast majority are not from Africa, have never been there, and not all Africans are black! I have a sister who was born in Morocco while Dad was stationed there- she’s more “African” American than those classified as such, but she’s white. Go figure.

                • badbadlibs

                  I appreciate your views. I can honestly say that it would not disturb me in the least that a reporter noted the large Jewish turnout. On the contrary, I would be encouraged to hope that they have finally woke up and understand the left are not their friends.
                  I will have to speak with my darling Mexican daughter in law and her lovely family to further my understanding. I do know they are very conservative and though my DIL voted for bo last time around, she regrets it with all her being and will not be doing so this election.

              • las1

                Is there a full moon out tonight in America, or is it just in Canada?

                • badbadlibs

                  I don’t understand your point.

                • las1

                  I was trying to crack a joke… there was a very heated back and forth between Michael and sDee, both of whom I enjoy reading… and a whole lot of people got in on it also… so I thought there must be a full moon out:


                • badbadlibs

                  Ok, gottcha friend! 🙂
                  I’m just on the slow side…but, the right side anyway!

        • Cindy09

          I am appalled to hear your rant and I deplore that Paul Ryan’s “fabulous” speech did not rub on you to make you more amicable. As an immigrant, I can tell you that just as sDee, we hate to be classified by the color of our skin or by our community. We are Americans pure and simple!
          sDee is a great and wonderful friend of mine (and everybody) on this blog, and as such I deplore that you didn’t attempt to give him the benefit of the doubt and allow him to explain his comment further. You would have known then where his heart is. Your rant was unwarranted and your choice of words inappropriate.

          • sDee

            Thanks it is good to hear it – I feel fortunate to have, in my lifetime, learned and lived first hand the American experience from immigration, to my second generation American family. All this disaffected groups and minority exploitation bothers me deeply – it is destructive to our very strength as a nation of immigrants. Never ever have I considered or seen myself, my parents or my kids as anything but Americans “pure and simple”. 🙂

            • Cindy09

              I can justly appreciate your words. I teach my kids about what a privilege it is to be American. Especially when they had it “bestowed” upon them. I can understand your point because some of us have paid a price to go through naturalization and assimilation and as such, the words of the Constitution and as our Pledge of Allegiance are very much “alive” on our minds and are our guiding force.

          • Amjean

            It is my opinion that Michael owes noone an apology. Perhaps all that have their feathers ruffled owe him an apology for jumping to conclusions as to what his
            intent was.

            • sDee

              I did not jump to any conclusions.

              Whether the intent was surprise that “Latinos” were at a conservative event (which is the most literal read of it), or, if it was intended to be a nuanced dig at left wing media (for which there was absolutely no context), my observation about the effect of ethnic slicing and dicing remains the same. It does not help the party. We feed into the Left’s hands to divide and conquer.

              That is how I feel. And as the poster pointed out – that may just be the state of things in US politics. I do not have to like it nor accept it as anything but divisive .

              Politicians of all persuasions all feed like jackals on divisiveness. Free citizens must unite against them.

              • Amjean

                Yes, many politicians (not “all” as you state) feed on racial divide, taking every opportunity to make every situation about race. One must take
                care that we don’t do the same. That was my point.

                Generally speaking I agree with your position. However, I do not agree with
                attacking Michael over his statement. YOU made it about race, not him.

                • toongoon

                  Ok. Now I see where you are coming from, talking about race is more offensive than personal attacks.

            • toongoon

              It wasn’t his intent, his first post was great. The was no call for his response to sDee. Are you really trying to defend that?

              • Amjean

                He did not draw “first blood”. I defend his right to state his opinion. I do not
                defend a jump to judgement response of “racism”.

            • white531

              Nah, I don’t think so. Nice try.

              • Amjean

                No “try” intended. Just looking at the facts, not reading anything into his statement.
                Reading carefully, not jumping to conclusions.

                • Cindy09

                  Michael’s “facts” in the ensuing posts are loaded with insults. These have no place on this blog. Both him and sDee can argue on the substance if they do not agree. But Michael did not have to resort to name calling. Obviously you seemed to agree with him when he called sDee “Jerk” and other epithets. If that is your position, we can agree on that. But don’t assume that others share your views.

                • Amjean

                  Again, read carefully. My comments are on the original posting by Michael, not
                  the subsequent chitter chatter over it.

                  He was basically accused of racist undertones in his original comment. I disagree
                  and commented on that. I have no intention on commenting on his use of the
                  word “stupid”, etc.

        • toongoon

          You are out of line Michael. There was no reason to go off like you did.

          You owe sDee an apology.

          • sDee

            Thanks toon but no apology needed! I can be hard head sometimes. 🙂 I learn a lot here at TRS.

            • toongoon

              It’s not so for you that I suggest an apology because I know that you are a class act. It is important for Michael to acknowledge that it is unnecessary and inappropriate behavior.

        • Joe

          You really have to back off these nasty words you use

          We appreciate your insight BUT don’t like the attacks

          It really doesn’t accomplish anything by being nasty

          Why lower yourself to the level of liberalspeak?

          ‘just sayin’

        • Amjean

          I understood and any thinking person would also understand what you were stating.

          • white531

            That’s an insult. I just love it when people say, “any thinking person would agree with me!” Implying, of course, that if you don’t agree with me, then, ergo, you are not a thinking person. How lame is that, really?

            • Amjean

              Again, read carefully in order to not misconstrue.

              • toongoon

                Having read this several times to find out what I missed, I found nothing, Michael’s parent comment is well written, very energetic, and informative. A good example of a well thought out opinion of his experience.
                sDee took issue with one small part of it suggesting that there should be no surprise that they would be supportive considering their own experiences.
                Michael returned with a accusation that sDee was stupid in first sentence and called sDee a Jerk in his second sentence. He was offended that sDee didn’t understand the what he “meant” in the second paragraph, and ended his comment with a verbal attack.

                Name calling and personal attacks are unnecessary. Michael took offense to the reply, he could have ignored it, agreed with it, or argued it. Hurt feelings and name calling is not an argument.

                • Amjean

                  Again, read carefully. My comments are on the original posting by Michael, not
                  the subsequent chitter chatter over it.

                  He was basically accused of racist undertones in his original comment. I disagree
                  and commented on that. I have no intention on commenting on his use of the
                  word “stupid”, etc.

        • wodiej

          Actually Latino’s vote Democrat by 2/3rds. But your name calling and bad temper is old.

        • white531

          Ease up, Michael. Take a deep breath and realize where you are. I’m not a moderator here, but this is The Right Scoop, and I can tell you, your words and your tone, are out of line here. I only just now saw this, but I think you need to cool down.

        • white531

          Michael, this was the post where you went off track. You could have easily questioned sdee for clarification. She would have clarified her issue with your post and you could have come to some understanding and agreement.

          I have seen this before on other sites where confrontation and name calling is the norm. It just doesn’t fly here, the way it does on other sites. You made a great post. It was uplifting. I enjoyed it immensely.
          Except for that last part.

          • Nukeman60

            Well said. A better reply, in my opinion, would have been, “I’m sorry you were offended by my remarks. It was definitely not my intention. Please clarify your reasoning“. It takes a little effort, but would have immediately diffused the misunderstanding and left the namecalling out of it. Water under the bridge, however.

        • Nukeman60

          …and need to learn to read Enstein[sic]…‘ – m

          I’ve read Einstein and he’s not an easy read. Not too many people understand General Relativity, but for those who do, it’s fascinating reading. One could postulate that those who do read Einstein should get a life (/Nuke looks inward).

          PS: I knew what you meant, but since you left off the all important comma, you can see how easy it is to misconstrue what you say. Stuff happens.

          • toongoon

            Good catch. I didn’t even notice that.

      • wodiej

        Statistics don’t lie. 2/3rds Hispanics vote Democrat. Below is for 06 and 10

        This is for 2012

        So no need to get your knickers in a knot over an obvious observation that many Latino’s were at a Republican rally when they typically do not vote Republican.

      • tvlgds

        I have a brother in law and many friends who escaped the Castro regime. The most conservative, America loving bunch of people you’ll ever meet. However, one of my friends in Miami said that is not so true with the younger generations of those families-they’ve been fully indoctrinated by the school system.

    • poljunkie

      Thanks for the update.

    • badbadlibs

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Sounds wonderful. What is your opinion on why he was booed at the AARP gathering?
      I haven’t had a working computer for ages, so I’m not up on the truth of the matters, with little more then the msm to fill me in…ugh!

    • las1

      Well I guess I’ll vote for him then.

      You Sir are one helluvah salesman. You’d do well working for the campaign… I’m sure there are a few wankers whose positions you could toss them out of. (whew.. awful sentence construction… but you get the point) Good stuff.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Cool Beans!

  • p m

    You want fluency of speech, historical knowledge, a proper understanding of strategy versus tactics in any discipline, this is The Man. LTC West simply must be appointed as SecDef or SecState.

    (What joy – looks like the previous comment system is back!)

    • sDee

      a hearty “HELL YES” to that pm

    • Yeah, I didn’t really like the new one, but I think it was probably just because I wasn’t used to it.

      • tvlgds

        I’ve had plenty of time to “get used to it” since KSAT went to that format quite a while back – I still hate it! 🙂

    • Joe

      I heard that ZERO

      HACKED into the SCOOP to try and stop the comments

  • toongoon

    But, but, but the people who hate killing and think we shouldn’t beat at war in the Middle East say that killing bin Laden was a great thing.

    • las1

      Those people who screamed so loud when our troops were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan under Bush are suddenly so silent when even more of our precious blood is spilled under Obama.

      funny how that works…

  • He couldn’t have gotten OBL without Bush’s infrastructure that Obama opposed to the point of treason.

    • poljunkie

      Your photo kills me. hahahahahahah

  • 911Infidel

    Greta is no match for Alan West. on any topic related to US foreign policy or Obama policy on anything else either.

    Here is the regime’s Foreign Policy in a nutshell: An insouciant willingness to invent a new fable every day. They think that “smart power” is kowtowing to our enemies and dissing our friends while backing out of the ME. Well how’d that work out so far in Egypt and Libya?

    Kudos to you, LtCol West.

    • *Allen

      • I always have to laugh when I see you post up the correct spelling for Lt. Col. West’s name! I remember there was one poster you corrected that went into a super-long rant, yelling and swearing at you for correcting his spelling! LOL!

        Anywho, you do a great job Scoop! LOVE the website, and I love that you are changing up your server and User Interface too (many websites just stick with whatever works, and leave it that way for centuries… 😀 ) and I just wanted to let you know that your website has become an integral part of my daily routine!

        • poljunkie

          Get in line Brian. ha ha

          RScoop is #1 choice for all Conservatives, Republicans and Independants…Maybe even a liberal now and then.

        • sDee

          I’ve a few “Brians” as frequent email contacts and unfortunately have a very bad habit of mis-typing as “Brain” which nether the spell check or my bad eyeglasses seem to catch 😐 Embarrassing.

          • Don’t worry about it! My enlistment papers did the same thing! LOL!

            • sDee

              Did it trigger a promotion or a demotion. 😉

      • 911Infidel

        -2 for spelling. I got a friend at work whose first name is ALAN . I’m used to seeing his paperwork. Oopsies on me.

    • p m

      They thought they could ride the credibility won by generations of Americans to put over the endless lies. But they forgot that their nutjob policies have eroded that to the point of non-existence.

      • 911Infidel

        Osama is dead and AQ just grew another head. GM is alive and falling fast to third…and the taxpayers will never get paid back; ignoring of course that FORD is the real success story. Fables only work with small kids and adle-minded fools. The rest of us are smarter than that.

  • But it’s all that Obama has got, and that in and of itself is a really sad statement. What foreign policy successes does Obama have to point to? Relations with Israel? Successfully leaving Iraq, a country that’s on the brink of disaster now? The war in Afghanistan, which is getting worse by the day and which Obama refuses to even talk about anymore? Or Obama’s “outreach” to the Muslim world, which is now burning and attacking our embassies and killing our ambassadors? Biden said at the Democratic convention, ” GM lives and bin Laden died.” Well, so did our ambassador to Libya, the first American ambassadore killed since 1979. Voters should think long and hard about that fact when they go into the voting booth in November.

    • A_Truism

      And don’t forget Egypt. With O’s pal Morsi at the helm, their dream of destroying America and Israel now has a leader who in public says one thing – “We condemn the embassy attacks”, but in private is planning another – “Death to the infidels, allah akbar, blah blah”. Obama and his admin sure know how to rally behind the right people???

  • louisiana_mom

    I can’t get the video boxes to show up on the pages. Is it just me or is anyone else having this problem? The text shows up just fine, but no video box… It’s all the Right Scoop pages not just this one.

    • p m

      Could be adblock or ghostery if you have them…

      • louisiana_mom

        Thanks, I have no idea of what either are… my husband downloaded all the popblockers and stuff* and I’m not sure of what he downloaded. (* Don’t you just love my technical speak? LOL!)

    • Works fine for me! I just watched it right now. What kind of browser are you using?

      I will tell you that, for whatever reason, I do occasionally have problems like that…they end up going away on their own, but it is ALWAYS a problem on MY side, not Scoop’s side…

      My current theory is that it has to do with my browser deleting cookies or not. Ever since I told CCleaner to save the cookies for TRS, I haven’t had a problem since. But every day I will have multiple malfunctions going to Facebook…simply refresh and things are fixed! I have no idea why it is, but it is! LOL!

      • louisiana_mom

        Thanks, I was thinking it was a problem on my end but wanted to double check before I go through the process of cleaning cookies…

        • I would Delete your entire history (In Internet Explorer, go to: Tools->Internet Options->Browsing History-Delete (make sure to keep the following checked: Preserve Favorites, Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and ActiveX Filtering and Tracking Protection Data), then restart your computer.

          You can also use a free program called CCleaner, which is what I use and it is really good (plus, it’ll clean your registry, which after a while ends up being a snakes nest, really slowing down your pc)!

          Anywho, hope I was able to help you out!

          • wodiej

            analyze first or just run cleaner on ones pre-checked?

            • Doesn’t really matter actually. Analyze First just tells you what it’s going to delete, whereas running it will delete them without going over everything it removed. The Prechecked items are a safe-bet. You can also add in other things to clean, but I’d shy away from those (you can slow your computer down significantly with those).

        • p m

          Another thing that can do this is ‘NoScript’, and excellent free add-on that stops redirections to other links unless you want them.

          Then again, this morning I had the same problem as you on another site and it turned out to be adblock. I had blocked a photo of obama and it blanked out all photos! Watch it with cccleaner – it’s fantastic but you gotta be really careful to only delete what must go. God luck – there’s some nice smiley photos of Newt that you don’t want to miss!!

        • white531

          Haven’t had a windows computer in about ten years now. Macs don’t suffer from these problems. i understand windows machines are good for some programs. Just saying. Life became much easier when we switched to Macs. It’s a personal decision.

    • louisiana_mom

      Thanks everyone for your help! I cleaned out my cookies/registery and restarted, and now I have video! Thanks again! 😀

  • Patriot077

    No matter what the issue might be, we can always count on Allen West to have a clear, concise message in the context of past, present and future. I love this man’s perspective and conviction!

    I sure wish I could vote for him 🙂

  • poljunkie

    HEY, the old format is back.

    Wooo hooo RScoop!

    • Linky1


    • A_Truism

      LOL! Have you checked out the open thread? A lot of grateful people there too, hehehe.

      • poljunkie


  • Joe

    Lt Col West is dead on as usual

    I can’t believe Carter doesn’t undersatnd that nobody gives a hoot about him

    Carter was a disgrace and a total loser

    ZERO passed him by in year #2

    The democRATS are in way too deep to save themselves


    The Clintons must be getting MILLIONS from OBAMA

    Why else would they associate themselves wil the POS – ZERO?

  • deeme

    If it would of been up to Obama OBL would of never been found because they would of never waterboarded the guy who helped to find him..not only that but if he would of had his way OBL would be at NYPD waiting for whats for lunch..luckily he didn’t have that much say in the way things went down..Because Hillary and Obama have found their common ground…do not denigrate this one religion..God was booted three times by the DNC..and we know where they stand with Israel .

  • wodiej

    obama will try to take credit for that at the FP debate even though the Bush administration and our military set everything up for obama. And this disaster in Libya. How’s he going to weasel out of that one?

    • A_Truism

      With a lot of “uh’s” and “um’s” and a whole heap of stuttering…

      Hehe, couldn’t resist.

  • IBsaved2

    I saw Paul Ryan in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He did a great job there too. He is just a no nonsense kind of guy. Just like Col. West. Refreshing.


    We sure need leaders like West in higher places.

    I get emails saying him and Bachmann are in danger of losing?

    NOT on our watch.

    IF anyoine can help out, please go to their web sites and send them some bucks.
    You don’t have to send $100, just $5 or $10 if you can will do.

    I posted maybe 50 times OBUMMER and Bite-Me were tempting GOD by bragging on Killing OSAMA.

    WE all knew that was not right and disgusting.

    I hope to never have a PRESIDENT act so irresponsible again.

    Can’t send DRONES into Pakastan and kill women and children along with a few bad guys!
    Bush would not do this and neither would have JOHN MCCAIN, I give him credit for that
    in his debate.

    I hope Mitt/Paul rip them up over that in THE debates, could be a REAL game changer, for the good guys.

    I was glad it was done taking out OSAMA, and proud of the Seals, but it would have been better to find out later, and I woud have had more respect for O-BLAME-O.
    All that leaking and lying about what happened was truly revealing about who is in the WH.

    An EMPTY CHAIR deceiving us at every turn.

    He has used this as a political weapon, and there wil be HELL to pay for this.

    I will just sit back and watch it happen, then man and his people are responsible for their own actions, and this country is about full up of this nonsense.

    Media is trrying to make us think Mitt is finished, I just don’t buy it.
    They are playing a VERY dangeous game here, I don’t thenk the American people will let this go if this is all a big ruse.

    I stoped watching MSLSD, I suggest all others do the same.

    Tune in Glenn Beck since he made his way back to real TV.

    I may sign up for fall season, to have more “entertainment choices”, but I still think he owes people like me an apology, and I won’t let him off the hook until he figures it out.

    Bill O’reily finally has woke up on OBUMMMER after arguing with Glenn Beck for 3 years.

    Now what are we going to do about these ZOMBIES who follow DIVIDER in CHIEF?

    If more than 47% (yes 47%) of voters vote for this PUNK in WH, the FIX is in. ALL these “conservative pundits” dissing MItt like Noonan and Brooks and not giving him constructive critcism are not worth the spittal from CHRISSY PISSY MATTHEWS collected during his performance on Bill Maher show ON HOBO channel.

    Dems are gone over the Coo-Coos nest, there is only the progressives left (not “Glenn Beck progressives”) that are like the ones who RULE in Chicago. They just hosed the KIDS there for many more years, and have to fire some teachers to make new budget work, UNLESS….there is some “OBAME money” found left over some the $787 Billion slush fund.

    Valerie Jarret, Axelrod, those types of Progressives. Those progressive have no plan, except spend until we crash, and if anything goes bad, blame it on BUSH.

    Foreign Policy going bad? TROT out old George.

    Rates going up on Health care and program cost 3 times as much while stealing 716 Billion from Medicare……Bush did that too?

    Blame RYAN or MITT?

    WE see what Fundamental Transformation is NOW, or the beginnings it it taking hold.

    It is no accountablity….

    How about these polls, where the poll with +13 for dems and 40 percent independents?

    Pure CRAP. If true, we have already been taken over….by the progs..

    See how OBOZO has thrown AWAY UN Amb RICE, and how he let 4 get killed in LIBYA?

    I had a dream a few weeks back about 9/11/12. I wish I could have warned somone.
    But I am sure we are all having nightmare now days, so I did not act on it.
    I did not know where it would be, but I knew it would be bad and on that day.
    Easy to guess that day, Al-Queda has been wanting to do this for years.
    Last year we were on alert.
    This year, for some reason, we get ….excuses and video?

    Hear about all those jets and COMMANDER killed in AFGANISTAN????
    Thought so, it was Mitt and his comments about LIBYA attack and then his Video, non stop crappy news TV.

    O-BLAME-O is so incompetent, I would not even let him mow my grass….for free….with MY lawn mower…..

    Hillary is telling the truth now to the AMERICAN people, but still lying to the world.
    I don’t think she can run now, she has BLOOD on her hands with OH-uh-oh.
    With BOOK coming out on BJ Bill, hopefully they will fade away.

    Heck, I think they are they ones who have told the world to be mad at the video.
    AND THAT FOLKS, is what will bring them down…….


    I to would like WEST to be SEC of DEFENSE.
    We can use some toughness there and someone who will fight for military families.

    I would like to see Sarah Palin as Sec of ENERGY or NEWT, but he needs to re-form Dept of Eduation.

    How about it MITT, announce some re-form plans.
    I hear Nancy Pelosi yakking about it, so you can’t wait any longer.

    RE-FORM TAX CODE, that could unlesh Americans to be …well, …Americans.

    “Let’s roll” (Flt 93)

  • At first he was pissed off because it interrupted his golf game. But when explained that he might score some political points, he came around to the notion that killing a fellow muslim wouldn’t be all that bad. Everybody told Barry that Bin Laden was on Social Security, and that made it easier.

  • NJK

    State Dept. is in a tizzy because CNN reported on a diary belonging to Chris Stevens found after he was murdered. They’re angry that CNN has reported on it, because in the diary, he’s concerned about the rise of radical Islam, and their security.

    This was treasonous, but there are numerous treasonous things this govt. following Soetoro has done. When is he going to be tried for treason? How about Hillary?

    US State Dept. blasts CNN report on Stevens’ diary

  • A_Truism

    Allen West speaks bullets and he always gets his target. I’ve yet to see him look ruffled. He’s so sharp, he’s awesome!

  • Conservative_Hippie

    West would make a great Commander-in-Chief!

  • aZjimbo

    AW at his best again.

  • Rep. West, Lt. Colonel Allen West is a hero and a true Patriot! I salute you Sir and thank you for using your Vox populi for Goodness and our American way! Florida, support this good man on 6 Nov, liberals, vote against him on your day, 7 November!

  • Too bad Allen West isn’t on the Romney team, yet.

  • 1970greenie

    WOW. He is good!