Allen West meets Jake: “This is why I fight!”

This is a great video of Allen West meeting Jake, a young boy who wrote him and told him that he wants to serve his country when he gets older. Allen West explains that its young people like Jake that is the reason he’s fighting for the future of his nation. It’s a great moment.

At the end Allen West leads the crowd in singing God Bless America.


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  • Dukehoopsfan

    Love this guy! I wish we had someone like him to vote for in my state.

    • Orangeone

      Me too!

  • I do not think there is a more articulate, effective, and passionate voice for Constitutional conservatism than Allen West.

    • Sarah Palin is up there too. Michelle Backmann has her moments as well. This is not to say I don’t agree with you 100% WEST is the BEST!

      • BS61

        Yeah, it’s sad that there is only a handful of people in DC representing us!

        • we are growing.! November there will be many more in DC fighting for us (America).
          We need a repeat of 2010 this November 2012.

          Tea Party Patriot
          no worries

  • deTocqueville1

    West is a true patriot. Yes, he fights! Unfortunately as we juxtapose Romney’s comments about campaigning, he apparently does not.

  • 4Hoppes2

    God Bless you too Allen West, Jake, someday you may be up on that stage after proudly serving as a Marine or a Navy Seal singing God Bless America if enough of us adults can keep this Republic from going full secular humanist.

  • “Someone needs to show him a Chuck Norris movie”

    That was a good line.

  • Joe

    I am running out of great things to say about Lt.Col. West

    not really –

    This is a real American

    The democRATS must cringe when he walks in the room

    How I would love to see that

    Maybe he can wear a “lapel cam” next time!


    • Landscaper

      Let me help, the man can; a) kick mine/yours asses, b) lead in war and civilian life, c) give a hell of a speech and now we find d) he can sing!

      • Joe

        Kick my butt for sure


        Landscapers – maybe not!

        • Landscaper

          Joe, only if I run faster than you brother…….

          • Joe

            That’s a given – Bad hip

            BUT –

            My friends Smith and Wesson always back me up

          • maynardb50

            I would never have an altercation/fight with a good man. And Col. West is a good man. I would loved to have served with him, but he was not around in ’69 when I was deployed.

            • Orangeone

              Thank you maynardb50 for your service to this great country!

            • Landscaper


      • Orangeone

        And he is true Eye Candy! Sorry Landscaper, just had to toss that in.

  • tvlgds

    He’s the best of the best!

  • What more can be said about this great patriotic American, Constitutional loving, Lt. colonel, Florida Congressman Allen West. Yes! God Bless America our home sweet home.

    • 1vote


      Forida, Florida, Florida: also gave us DWS.

  • T4Ut

    This is why we love Allen West.

    He is the real article, genuine American. No fillers and no faking.

    • stage9


  • 911Infidel

    “On your feet. And you’ve ever served in the military stand at attention.” Oh yeah, I like that kind of talk. Inspirational, awesome leadership. Hu-friggn ah!!

  • Joe

    duplicate post

  • I hope to one day be able to vote for this man.

  • jaybenson

    This kid is delusional. He wants to work hard to get good grades, keep himself in excellent physical shape to pass rigorous tests in the military so that a Repub can send him off to a foreign land and die for oil or something like that.

    If he was truly smart he would vote Democrat so he can slack in school and graduate with a 1.2 GPA, gain three hundred pounds to qualify for SS, and get his FREE PHONE!!!

    Jeez. What a dumb kid

    • kong1967

      Lol, you almost had me believing you were a flaming lib and I was gonna unleash on you. Nice sarcasm and a great post.

      • jaybenson

        Yeah. I was hoping to get a few folks. The problem is that after trying to think and write like a “flaming lib” I’ve made my self sick to the stomach and it has left an acidic pukey taste in my mouth.

        On another note: A freakish thing happened to me today. I was listening to Glenn Beck’s radio program in the car. He was explaining the connection between the Obama Admin. Al Queda, and Muslim Brotherhood when the air went completely dead for about 20-30 seconds. I kid you not, when he came back on air Beck said “… is this going to get heard…”.

        I laughed one of those nervous kind of laughs…

        • kong1967

          Lol, enough to be creepy (the Beck incident).

    • Orangeone

      I somehow doubt that [email protected] in the free phone ad graduated high school. Likely popped out half a dozen kids and collected welfare checks, food stamps and lived in subsidized housing instead of going to school.

      • PFFV

        These kinds of people would be Obama’s average American if he had his way. I am guessing she (?) did poop out many more welfare turds too. It’s a shame these people can’t have some pride and become the master of their own destiny instead of voting for their Democrat Plantation Master Obama! Is there any doubt our nation will be lost if O-blah-blah get 4 more years? Reality will start setting in if Obama is re-elected but then it will be too late!

        • Orangeone

          Just read on Twitchy that the phone program was created by Bush.  Someone needs to tell this idiot broad (and a very wide one at that) so she can then vote for Republicans!

  • stage9

    Do you see the difference folks?

    But he’s right, Jake needs to reconsider a switch to the Army. 😉

  • Maxsteele

    He had me at Chuck Norris … 🙂

    • Orangeone

      A nice plug for Chuck Norris and his Delta film!

  • kong1967

    This was done with taste and not abusing the kid.

    What I mean by “abuse” is how the libs put kids in front of the camera spewing out details of policy and politics that in no way do they have a clue what they are even talking about. It’s manipulation of the worst kind and it’s appalling.

    • True! Compare and contrast the way the left exploit children in this other story on TRS: Exploiting children like that to make cheap political points is so wrong, I’d call it child abuse!

      • kong1967

        Yes, that’s using the kid to express their views coming out of her mouth. I hate that. All West did was say we need to fight for the future of our kids. He did not have that kid give a speech saying that Obama was a muslim dictator that wants everyone on foodstamps and to use foot washes.

        I couldn’t watch the whole video. Once the girl went on a rant I had to shut it off.

    • msverde1

      Absolutely, kong1967!! It honored the kid desire, his individual right, to choose what he deems important in life. And fortunately for us, he is dedicating himself to become protector and servant of our U.S. Constitution and the rights and liberties of every American citizen on the face of our beautiful planet. We celebrate and promote the dreams and aspirations of our children and their children, not for our [political] benefit, but for theirs. Your statement is correct, the left failed to understand the basic and very simple concept that is at the core of our nation’s fundamental principle. Excellent, kong1967! Very well said!

    • Orangeone

      And he is honoring the child who wrote him a letter (when does that happen with email and texting?), joking about the branch of service and his choices to serve the country (major plug for many branches).

      • kong1967

        I’m surprised the left didn’t latch onto it as an opportunity to say West was luring the child into being a war monger.

        • Orangeone

          Give ’em time kong, give ’em time.

          • kong1967


  • James1754

    I really do like this man. I wish we had more like him.

  • giomerica

    West for President… Whenever it happens, he’s got my vote!

    • stevenbiot

      Ohhhh Yeahhhh!

    • Orangeone

      And my donations!

  • Lt. Col West – Simply The Best! I love listening to what this great patriot has to say, he speaks to me and for me! God bless him!

    God bless that little kid! God willing we will have an America that he will grow up wanting to defend!

  • stevenbiot

    Breakin out, Jake. I like that!

  • Wow, Allen West just gets better and better. We need a lot more people with his strength and backbone and courage in Washington. A lot more.

  • West is a great leader unlike Obama

  • msverde1

    Thank you, Colonel West and Jake!! Go get’em, Jake!!!

  • Alborn

    I may have to move to FL if this man does not run for national office soon. He knows of what he speaks.

  • deeme

    Jake , our kids , their future , that is who we all fight for..Thanks Mr. West and Jake it’s always nice to be reminded , it’s not all about us..It’s all about them…

  • Good God Almighty that guy really knows how to draw up those sweetly deep down emotions… yeesh! Run Allen run and I
    sure wish you were running for Senate here in Missouri!!!

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    A True Patriot and Leader.. Allen west

    Allen West 2016

  • aZjimbo

    If Mitt had 1/10 the cajones of AW …………………………….. well you know the rest.

  • John3_3

    He had them standing at attention! Love it!

  • In future years, when we’re all safely dead, people who still read will be able to look up the phrase, “extemporaneous speaking.”

    They will see a picture of Allen West in the definition.

  • He’s the man, no doubt.

  • stage9

    What this video DOESN’T show is what happened right BEFORE this clip:

    Chaos Erupts After Protesters Crash Allen West Event: Both Sides Throw Beer, Ice Cubes & a Salt Shaker

    • given time they’ll get to it, but first they’ve got to finish with president Bush.

      sorry,,,, stage9, somehow my reply has been posted wrong.
      but i did just watch some of the video, democrats are such brain farts.

  • Col.West is a great man. This is what America is all about.

  • aposematic

    Got to love how Allen West never pulls his punches when Patriotism is on the line.