Allen West: Obama is doing well in the polls because his failures aren’t being articulated well

Allen West weighs in on the new 2007 video, mostly saying that he doesn’t believe it is of as much consequence as Benghazi-gate, ballots not getting to our troops overseas, the debt, etc. Those are the things he’s concerned about.

When asked why Obama is doing so well in the polls, he says simply that everyone keeps saying Obama’s policies have failed, but they aren’t articulating why. Which is what he says Romney needs to do.


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  • marketcomp

    Nothing like the facts to bring home reality. I hope Gov. Romney sees that those numbers articulated by LTC. West effects everyone whether you pay taxes or not. In fact because of inflation those little foodstamps that the taxpayers pay for have less value. Just to inform Ms. Obamaphone!

  • poljunkie

    I am in total agreement with you Col West. About everything. Our troops and their ballots, as well as the way they are treated in general, Benghazi, the debt, unemployment, the real estate problem, the way he is mishandling the entire middle east, Obamacare …etc

    Romney better start stating his case against Obama. He needs to start taking chances himself- as well as getting his surrogates out there, and blast him on every failed policy, and every problem we have encountered as a Country since he has taken office- INCLUDING His extreme over reach.

    He had no problem blaming President Bush for nearly four years- well its his turn now.

    Romney is far from perfect, but four more years of Obama is going to be oppressive, and we RScoopers are going to be very unhappy if he is re-elected.

  • warpmine

    I hope Romney has his team doctor hypnotize him into believing Obama is Newt then we’ll see real fire in his belly.

  • conwis

    LTC West never fails. Obama always does.

  • searchingforsanity

    West just goes to the heart of the matter and nails it! No smoke and mirrors, no spin. How refreshing and aggravating at the same time. Romney you had better pull out the big guns in the next 5 weeks sir, this country depends on it like never before!

  • I agree to a point. Dear leader’s policies haven’t failed, because that’s what he’d set out to do. That said, Allen is right when he says Romney and others need to get the message out on dear leader’s seeming failures. He needs to get off the mittens and put on the brass knuckles and call dear leader out on every “gate” that has happened under his dictatorship. Get out the videos of dear leader going around congress, of his executive orders, his propping up of and money/weapon support of dictators, thugs, criminals and terrorists in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and the cartels along the southern border.
    There is so much to get out, but it’s hard to do it when you think dear leader’s a nice guy.

    • ABC, are you planning to watch the debate later on today? I am planning but do hesitate. I do not know if I can stand listening to Obama (tried watching his State of the Union and my anger just quickly rose). My other concern is how Romney responds. If he does the debate as he did in the primaries, it may be interesting. However, if all he plays is defense, never going for the jugular, I may just have to focus on work.

      • I don’t know Puritan. I don’t know what time it’s on. If it’s tonight (sounds funny saying that while I’m still up) I don’t think so, because I have Bible study. However, we’ve had a lot of rain today and our road is flooded. Don’t know if I’ll get out or not. If it’s this afternoon- I’m with you. I don’t think my son would appreciate me throwing our TV into the ditch, and I don’t think I could watch dear leader’s hypocritical, lying, pandering, fake, patronizing, disgusting, pathetic and disingenuinous tone. Nor the commie loving, lapdog propaganda spreading moderator softball questions to dear leader. Nor the responses of Romney.
        Gee. Quite a conundrum we find ourselves in. Maybe Scoop will post highlights like he did during the Republican debates and we won’t have to suffer but for those?

        • ABC, I cannot help but lol. It should be on at 9p.m. tonight. My wife is having a hard time taking me seriously about watching the thing.

          I may thought just wait for Scoop to post the highlights. It may be the best way to help my sanctification 🙂

      • wodiej

        I understand your reasoning. I am going to watch it just because I want to know right now if Romney is going to step up to the plate and expose obama on National TV. He can be gracious and polite while still being assertive about obama’s failures. His campaign supposedly said he would. We’ll see.

        • maynardb50

          Do you think Jim Lehrer (of PBS) will give Romney a fair shake?

    • IwjwI

      Exactly. Obama has done what he set out to do. He has failed our country, but he hasn’t failed himself in getting his goals of destroying our country. His fundamental transformation is almost complete. He just needs 4 more years to pound the final stake into the heart of the U.S.A. Constitution and become dictator for life.

      I really think that he wants to be King of the World.
      He has to bring about the demise of our country before he can put that crown on.

      Question. Which half of Obama will win out in the end? The Islamist, or the Marxist?
      By all the evidence so far, Ill have to say that the Islamist half of him will make the Marxist half of him submit to Shariah Law.

    • wodiej

      agree w most of what you said but when obama got 52% of people to vote for him, how bright can they be that they would understand what you articulated? They don’t care until they lose their job, home, tax deductions, freebies or one of their kids does and has to move back home w their grandchildren in tow.

      • IwjwI

        wodiej, Right on. They won’t care unless it directly effects them, but Obama has all the excuses for them to help direct the blame onto other people. So, even if it does directly effect them, they have help pointing their finger at anyone else, except at Obama.
        Even in the Obamavilles that I visit and take food into, it’s hard to get them to see that Obama is the cause of their dire circumstances.

        BTW, Regular visits with FOOD is the way to get your foot in the door of the Obamavilles. Most have community ‘pot lucks’ at meal time because together they can make a whole meal. Individually, they may only have a portion of that meal.
        It is easier to talk with someone when their stomachs aren’t growling at their backbones.
        There are voters in those Obamavilles who don’t have access to the truth because they can’t afford the internet, or cable tv. Some have the Obamaphone, so that is a great prop to have a conversation about.
        There is always a way to get in and a way to ask them questions that help them get to the truth… and solutions.

  • Hmmm, why does the RNC not like this guy, again? He is not only an American hero. He also articulates his thinking and does it in a meaningful way.

    To bad, the candidates running up ticket from him seem to have a deaf ear to what Col. West is advocating. Guess we will just have to keep loving those Youtube commercials they keep putting out instead.

    • It’s because he is an American hero and speaks the truth. Just as they don’t like Sarah, Michele Bachmann or any other who professes God, Country, Duty, Honor or Truth.

  • deTocqueville1

    West and Palin are realists and know that the attack must be savage, relentless and constant against the fraud!

    • wodiej

      I agree w you except the “savage” part.

  • odin147

    People should watch this before they blame the Romney Ryan campaign for not being specific…

    • wodiej

      wow…good stuff. That is what we need from Romney. Ryan was assertive and confident and didn’t say anything hateful. Romney can do it too. Get into that debate and GET….IT….DONE!

    • GetWhatYouPayFor

      Fine speech. Best thing Ryan could do for this ticket is delver his home State. I think he is behind Biden and Obama in Wisconsin right now, if you believe the polls.

  • dave kenny

    Why the hell do we have milktoast Romney when we have West?
    West fires on all cylinders every time he speaks
    Romney has not even turned on the ignition

    • Because Romney is who the GOP desired for us to vote for.

      • wodiej

        You’re right, that is who the GOP establishment wanted. But conservatives and Tea Party people chose him w their votes.

        • Romney ain’t perfect, heck no. But he’s all we got and he’s 1000 times better than Zero… That’s for darn sure! Just to start with, he’s a REAL American who LOVES this country and who’s wife has ALWAYS been proud of her country!

  • Good Points from Mr. West!

  • Obama’s Latest Travesties

    Thanks to his mainstream media’s cover-ups and minimization of his countless gaffes, his intentional wrecking of the economy, and his monumental domestic and foreign policy failures, many Americans are oblivious or have become inured to the president’s ineptitude and outright lies, none of which ignorance changes the reality of who and what Barack Hussein Obama is and what he has done to America.

    From the abomination of Obamacare to broken pledges to radical positions on abortion and same-sex marriage to creating a national, racial cauldron to alienating our allies to kowtowing to the Muslim world to directing the most secretive and divisive administration since Richard Nixon’s, Obama has re-defined presidential failure and presidential malevolence.

    Bar none, the election of Barack Hussein Obama four years ago stands out as the greatest travesty in the history of our great republic.

    Not even the Civil War with its estimated 623,000 casualties or the terrible carnage of World War Two compare to what has happened to the United States beginning on January 20th, 2009. We recovered from those conflicts but may never recover from the effects of having an extreme, socialistic president committed to destroying our country and our values.

    It is also becoming clearer by the day that Obama’s re-election will seal our fate as a nation which was once a shining light for the world that devolved into a second-rate power.

    Just consider the events of the last three weeks:

    1. By all accounts, America’s commander-in-chief virtually authorized the assassination of an American ambassador.

    Apprised of threats to Chris Stevens’ life at least 24 hours before the Benghazi attack and aware that our Benghazi consulate had requested more security after 13 previous attacks and threats, neither Obama nor Secretary of State Clinton did anything to warn Stevens of another imminent attack. They both chose instead to blame a terrorist murder on an inconsequential movie.

    Even after White House Press Secretary Jay Carney admitted it was an “evident” act of terrorism, the president addressed the U.N. and attributed the assault to the lame movie no one had seen;

    2. The “Fast and Furious” operation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives gun-running scheme overseen by Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder which gave thousands of deadly weapons to Mexican drug cartels has been in the news for years and resulted in the murder of border patrol agent, Brian Terry.

    Now, Spanish language Univision has gone where the Obama-Holder Justice Department has refused to go by investigating how extensive the deaths resulting from the botched “Fast and Furious” debacle actually were and airing a detailed video as indisputable proof. . .

    (

  • Kordane

    02:55: “Is it because we are being more generous to people in need?”

    Listen, Greta. “We” are not being generous with anyone. The precise rhetoric is: The government is FORCING us to be generous, whether we want to be, or not – Or alternatively – The government is ENSLAVING us to others, at the point of a gun.

    I like those a lot better than this false notion that “we” are being generous to people in need. We’re doing NO such thing. Some might do it on an individual basis, but “we” do nothing of the sort. Government is the one forcing our hands; government is the one with the gun, threatening: “Give to the needy, OR ELSE!”

    That is what you all have to understand.

    • wodiej

      good point made my West. I would help a homeless dog before a homeless person and have. At least a person can correct their situation or avoid it altogether. A dog can’t. A lot of these so called charities waste millions of dollars of money given generously by people. I will give words of encouragement to those in need and it will help them more than enabling them w a hand out. I speak from experience.

    • iaintlyin

      Kordane, you nailed it. The couple that lives under the train trestle a few miles from my house ‘need’ my money far more than the big mouth 0 phone glom. They’re too proud to file for entitlements, I need to force the money i give them on them. And you know what, they always say thank you and God Bless. It gives me a much better feeling giving that couple anything rather than give it to the feds to support a leviathan of lazy gov’t. workers, ill advised spending projects and creepy freeloaders that happen to get the crumbs. If that freeloading 0 phone sponge knew how much money was actually confiscated from us to get her the free phone, she’d be pissed that she didn’t have a smart phone. Kordane, you and pro’bly 90% of the readers believe in the founding fathers beliefs that we all take care of each other without gov’t involvement. The country would have a much more solid citizenry all around if this bs sponge of a gov’t. would just leave us the hell alone and protect our borders.

      • Kordane

        iaintlyin, even if there was no individual charity, people would still cared for as a consequence of individuals acting in their self-interest by pursuing their own happiness. It’s like Rush Limbaugh says: “Greed has fed more mouths than charity ever could”. The fact that there is charity is just an additional bonus for people who really need help; self-interest (greed being an aspect of it) is what really helps people, but sadly self-interest and greed are denounced as ‘immoral’, even though everyone benefits and it’s essentially a win-win scenario.

  • Yazz55

    Facts will never trump free obamaphones.

    …That automatically text you to show up for the bus trip to protest Romney/Ryan, along with the script of comments to make in front of the tv cameras.

  • colliemum

    Allen West nails it again – and very deftly lobbed the ball into the corrupt media’s court when he says ‘nobody is talking about it’.
    I pray I live long enough to seem him as President of the USA and deal with her enemies, internal and external.

  • wodiej

    Oh geez…rofl. West called out obama using his black accent. That’s too funny. I hope Romney is listening to people like him about things to go after obama for. A lot of times political advisers are WRONG.

  • West, as usual, is right. People for a long time now have felt that Obama is both a socialist and a racist. This video only confirms that point. But liberals will always have a way to justify Obama’s comments, no matter how damaging. But in Libya you had four dead Americans, one of which was our ambassador to Libya, the first American ambassador killed since 1979. THAT is a tough thing to hide OR ignore, even by the mainstream media (even though they tried real hard to cover it up for roughly two weeks). It’s starting to hit the fan now and somebody is going to get stuck holding the bag. I think that “somebody” is going to be Hillary Clinton. This whole mess probably can be laid at the feet of the State Department and, in an election year, it most certainly will. I’m curious to see if Hillary is hauled in before Congress to start answering some questions under oath. Should be interesting to see how she tries and weasel her way out of this mess.

  • ryanomaniac

    I don’t see the video of Obama’s black preacher character doing anything to hurt him. Nothing. When I heard about this video I thought it would be something very damaging. Obama is The Teflon President. You will need a video of him playing doctor with children to have an affect on this election.

    West is right. Explain too Americans what’s ALL this really means and how bad a failure Obama is and how it pertains to Americans lives and their children and grandchildren.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Harry Reid told us four years ago that Obama could speak in a Negro dialect when he wanted to. Hoping for something new here is unfortunately akin to hoping for a new Mitt, who can connect with and seal the deal with everyday Americans, emerge tonight. Each candidate is who he is and we know it in our hearts. Obama is in his realm, campaigning and speaking and selling. Mitt needs to connect and believably articulate his path to a better future or he needs to destroy Obama by deftly exposing the charade of lies. Will he make the sale or at least convince the undecided that the other guys product is crap?

  • GEDouglas

    Wrong Greta…only DEMOCRAT politicians are judged on what they say and NOT what they actually do. Especially Obama! Conservatives have an entirely different criteria they are judged by.

  • West is such a Patriot and a great man! When he speaks, he speaks for me, and I’m sure for MANY of you! I look forward to his every comment and interview. He ALWAYS calls it like it is, and is truthful and direct and honest! It’s been said many times before, but bears repeating, we need many MORE people with the strength, courage, integrity, patriotism and honesty of Col. West. One day, he really COULD be President and I’d be first in line to vote for him!

  • iaintlyin

    West has it right, as usual. Unfortunately this video would have been more of a smoking gun in 2008. But because the Republicans chose to pick Mr High Road McCain as our candidate this video is a roadside billboard on a heavily wooded backroad. Not enough for our needs. Look, the debates are gonna make Mitt or break him at this point. He needs to come out with brass knuckles and a nonapologetic, reality based, demeanor that strikes at Obamas “intentional fundamental change” that has made this country far worse off than four years ago. I hope he somehow mentions EVERY aspect in which the socialist has changed our way of life now and in the planned future (in one monologue). I’d rather just see his condescending smile during the first minute and the closing statement of each forum. In a nutshell call the socialist agenda being perpetrated on us a “socialist agenda”. Mitt actually is already bearing the weight of the Republic on his shoulders Its hard to fight lies with much tainted media coverage, Good Luck Mitt, we’re dependin’ on ya!

  • Romney needs to reach out to the Colonel and have him make stump speeches throughout the country. This is a man of valor and will never tremble beneath the sword of tyranny. And will take on the despots in politics, and in the media no matter how bloody and long the struggle.
    ” Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state.” -Thomas Jefferson
    And in Lt. Colonel Allen West we conservative have one of the greatest soldiers who will fight for our way of life. And will continue to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

    • iaintlyin

      Col. West is in a battle of his own, and a very important battle at that. Romney would be well advised to stump with West in the battleground state of Florida. It would behoove them both. Romney without the Congress would be a continuation of this dog and pony show we’ve witnessed for the last two years. We need Congress and or the Senate otherwise Romney will be this eras Custer

  • Dukehoopsfan

    The RNC and the Romney campaign need to beg Allen West to mentor them for the next month. He gets it and sadly they do not.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Smart man and he makes many valid points….Romney needs to start hammering all of obama’s failed policies, which have hurt so many American families. He needs to keep pounding away on obama’s lack of leadership, his dismal domestic policies, his raising taxes, and his corrupt Department of Justice. Romney needs to address obama’s lack of interest in security for the American embassy in Libya, and the lies that followed the attack. No matter what is brought out about obama’s failed administration, millions of his followers will vote for him anyway…that’s a given, so try to reach the indepdents/undecideds.

    • B-Funk

      I’d like him to hammer ideology over policies.

  • B-Funk

    Gotta disagree with him on a minor point. That, or maybe an addendum. The polls do not reflect what’s actually happening in America. People get it. As Rush says, we’re all living it.

  • Susitna

    I love Allen West and agree with him. Nevertheless he needs to start explaining why the President is failing on purpose and what his plans really are. Only then the so called independents will shift in masses towards Romney.