Allen West slams liberal media for deliberately distorting his comments about Social Security and Disability

Allen West corrects the liberal media:

Liberal media reports saying I am equating Social Security of hardworking Americans to a form of slavery is absolutely false.

It seems that there is absolutely no level the attack machine will sink to deliberately distort my comments.

I was clearly talking about the number of people on Social Security disability- a completely separate issue then claims that I said I am against Social Security.

The facts are that we have had more people added to Social Security disability then jobs created, and that is appalling.

Since 2009, our country has seen 2.4 million jobs created compared to 3.1 million people added to Social Security disability. I am against the waste, fraud and abuse when it comes to social security disability, and I will not be silenced on that issue.

I am well aware hardworking Americans have paid into the Social Security Program and I am committed to protecting social security retirement benefits for retirees and future retirees.

We are creating economic dependence. That is what I am calling out. This has nothing to do with the Americans who have earned their retirement.

What the liberal media machine wants to hide from you, and distort with my comments, is that the policies of President Barack Obama are making our nation a nation based on economic dependency — and I call this a form of modern 21st Century slavery.

Let’s get the facts straight.

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  • 911Infidel

    Gotta expect that sort of thing Col. In this time of universal deceit, truth is a revolutionary act. So, your enemies will pull out all the stops to stop you. That’s why the dead still vote in many states. That’s why drunken little twerps show up at your speeches.
    They’re all firing blanks. They got nothing.

    Drive on Col. Steadfast and Loyal. Hoo-rah.

  • kong1967

    This is what the left does. They have done it to Rush for years. I have listened to his show and then the next day the media comes out with a soundbite and makes claims on that soundbite that are complete lies. I have had libs trash Rush to me claiming that he said this and that….when he never did. They will do the same to West, and it will get worse as he gets more prolific. It’s all about fooling their base. This is not the type of leadership I want governing this country…or running the media.

    • steprock

      Isn’t it a crying shame for their base? Democrats deserve honest news! Personally, I think if they got it, there’d be a change in the Democrat party to make it resemble more of its former self.

      • kong1967

        I think that’s why Fox is growing and NBC and the likes are crumbling. When people notice that important stories are being ignored, they don’t trust them any more. As long as the majority of the left still believes the lies, the media will continue to tell them and the left will continue to peddle them.

        You are right, though. If those channels started reporting the stories that matter the voters would realize what’s being done right in front of their noses and they would make changes in who they vote for within the party.

    • economaster

      It’s unfortunate that West decided to rebut with misleading statistics. The net change in the the SS disabled population since 2009 was 1.3 million. The statistic he used does not account for people leaving the program. Also, the growth rate of the SS disabled population has been fairly consistent since 1995. In fact the two years with the highest growth since 1995 were 2003 and 2004. I’m not a liberal, nor am I a conservative, I just hate when people use inaccurate or purposely misleading.

      • kong1967

        I’m not going to watch the video again to refresh my memory, but didn’t he state the number of people that had been added to SS? Regardless of how many dropped off the program that number would be the same.

        The point wasn’t so much to get the exact number or to say that no one should have been added. He was trying to make a comparison to job growth. No matter which SS number you use (because, as you say, they can be manipulated), there still would have been more people being added to SS than what there were getting jobs.

        It was just something to make people realize how bad 85,000 jobs created actually is. To a lot of people 85,000 might sound like a lot until you compare it to something else. It’s terrible and represents a stagnant economy.

  • Dukehoopsfan

    Keep on calling them out Col. West. After a few more bloody noses they will fade into the background.

    • XXIIFan

      Keep calling them out but don’t expect them to fade. There is no end to it.

  • media and liberals freak out when he is speaking the truth. “we have had more people added to Social Security disability then jobs created”

    • XXIIFan

      The MSM freaks out when anyone speaks the truth unless, on the rare occasion, it looks good for the great “O”.

  • Amen.

  • daisybud

    Allen West seems to be the only conservative out there who is calling it as it is. Where are the other conservatives who should be backing him instead of running away from his remarks? The liberals(communists) are trying to define Col. West as some kind of nut and not a whimper from the rest of the “conservatives” to defend him. Where is Marco Rubio? He came out blasting the day after the supreme court decision on health care and then disappeared.

    Romney is allowing Obama to define him in all the swing states. Waiting until the last minute to fight doesn’t work, ask John McCain. Once the negative ads have etched a place in the minds of many people, their minds are made up no matter how many ads Romney runs at the last minute. Maybe the conservatives need to hire some liberals to show them how to fight and support their candidate.

    • marketcomp

      Your right, daisybub! We all here on RS know what Col. West meant about being an economic slave. Just wait until Obama care kicks in a then everyone will see what being an economic slave really looks like!

    • KenInMontana

      The trick to all this is not to think that Republican means Conservative , then it will begin to make sense.

      (Edited for the sake of clarity)

      • Linky1

        So, in Allen West we have a conservative Republican, a rare, very refreshing change as opposed to the garden variety mealy-mouthed, wimpy RINO candidate…i.e., the presumptive Republican nominee.

    • economaster

      If by “call it like it is” you mean using misleading facts than no, he is not the only conservative/liberal/politician who does that. He is also not the only conservative trying to make the case that people are receiving SS disability benefits at a faster rate than other presidents (including republicans like Bush). Unfortunately this is not true…

  • steprock

    Colonel, there’s no bottom there. I’m sure you’re well aware of it, but the propagandists no of no such thing as “too low”.

    Even major news outlet NBC, has been caught on multiple occasions creatively cutting video to make it say what they want it to. It’s disgusting and unacceptable behavior from so-called journalists.

    The abject, blatant bias of such groups must be called out. They are an affront to the sacred trust granted to them by the Founders in the 1st Amendment. They are meant as a safeguard to politicians, not as their willing spokespeople. Shame!

  • I was a wage slave all my life. I have slaved over a hot stove, and been a slave for fashion at times. And, yes, now I am a slave to Social Security. The more I see and hear Colonel West, the more I admire and appreciate him. I cannot help but believe that God has blessed this man to see Truth.

  • Joe

    They do not like Lt. Col. (Uncle Tom) West

    But the MSM/LSM is in a quandary about how to handle him

    They are afraid of being called racist if they attack –


    He will attack them right back – as he has demonstrated

    They are not used to this HIGH level of discourse from “such a person”

    and everyone is afraid to “have his back” –

    Shame on the GOP!

    • sDee

      “”They are not used to this HIGH level of discourse from “such a person” and everyone is afraid to “have his back” – Shame on the GOP! “”

      You have that right! Reading your comment , I immediately remembered this video of Allen West.

      Watch how fast these so-called liberty minded “conservatives” literally pull away from their embrace of the good Colonel the very nanosecond that he starts to tell the truth about Islam in response to a question from a Marine in the audience!

      It happens around the 1:50 mark

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    if romney had half a back bone he would chose Allen West as VP.

    • sDee

      Imagine the massive increase in support enthusiasm and confidence it would generate – overnight!

      Imagine how sharp and clear the differences between those fighting to save America and those working to dismantle her.


  • Joe

    I rarely do this – BUT I couldn’t hold it in any longer

    Best thing I heard all day >>>>>

    Obama campaign THREATENS donors: ‘We could lose if this continues’

    I bet HE plans to raid the “bank” and flee to Switzerland forever!

    (Where is my check book – I need to start my barbecue)

    • sDee

      Check out the UBS guy. 🙂

      Hussein’s problem is not that his donors are holding back, it is that his donors are “investing” in Romney.

      Obama Donors 2008 totals:
      Goldman Sachs $1,013,091
      JPMorgan Chase & Co $808,799
      Citigroup Inc $736,771
      UBS AG $532,674
      General Electric $529,855
      Morgan Stanley $512,232

      Now big Romney donors 2012 so far…
      Goldman Sachs $593,080
      JPMorgan Chase & Co $467,089
      Morgan Stanley $399,850
      Citigroup Inc $312,800
      UBS AG $207,750
      General Electric $135,450

      Who’s your daddy?

  • Sober_Thinking

    I imagine Allen West is becoming liberal media’s public enemy number 1… which is why he rocks and frankly, why he should be our President.

    You keep saying the truth and standing firm… we got your back!

    • Well said! 😀

    • Linky1

      “Imagine Allen West is becoming liberal media’s public enemy number 1… which is why he rocks and frankly, why he should be our President. ”

      Dare we hope that this may happen at the (hopefully, possibly brokered) Convention in August??????

      • Sober_Thinking

        What a dream that would be! That’s “political porn!” Cold shower time!

  • BSScoop

    Since when are “conservatives” backers of FDR’s New Deal? If Allen West is the most conservative we got and he LIKES this program and defends it then where is conservatism at all if it aligns itself with the president who usurped more power than any in history?

    I’m waiting for “conservatives” to run on a platform that rejects Woodrow Wilson (Federal Reserve, Income Tax), FDR (Social Security & New Deal), and LBJ (Medicare/Caid and Great Society). When are we going to talk about ABOLISHING these big government failures? How conervative are we when we fight to support the most leftist politicians in American history? Give it ten years and “conservatives” will probably start defending ObamaCare, too!

    Bold colors vs. pale pastels? Hell, it all looks red to me.

    Don’t Tread On Me

  • dk_in_tn

    West will set the recrod straight. libOtards fear good men like West.

  • got your ‘then’s & ‘than’s all mixed up here!

  • First I want to say you are right. There are a lot of people that are on disability that are not disable. Second liberals will miss quote or not tell the whole thing because it is a distraction to keep people from knowing the truth. They know most people will not check things out. This is a shame on them and that is why our country is in trouble today. Remember the old sayings, If it is too good to be true its most likely not. , Nothing is free. Someone has to pay., Don’t believe everything you hear. My mother would always tell me that one. In my book, Why I Am an Independent Conservative, the thing I try to stress is to check it out. I even put “Don’t even take my word for it. Check it out.”

  • yuer442