Allen West switching districts for reelection

Allen West has decided to switch to the newly proposed 18th district in Florida for reelection. Here is his statement below:

“After much prayer, reflection and discussion with my close friends and family, I am announcing today my decision to seek reelection in Florida’s proposed 18th Congressional district. I have always believed the state of Florida would be best served by having both Congressman Tom Rooney and myself in the House of Representatives working to solve our nation’s most pressing problems. I have never waivered from my vision; to work to create jobs, restrain federal government spending, reduce America’s ever increasing national debt, and provide for a strong national defense to ensure a safer and more prosperous future for our children and grandchildren. Congressman Rooney is a statesman and has been an honorable public servant to the constituents of Florida’s 16th Congressional district. It is my goal to continue the success Congressman Rooney has had in Florida’s 16th Congressional district in the newly proposed 18th district. I welcome the challenges and excitement that lie ahead. As a 22-year United States Army veteran who commanded troops in combat, one should never underestimate my ability to be a strategic thinker. My voice for the restoration of constitutional principles for our Republic shall continue to resonate through Florida and on Capitol Hill.”

Kudos to Allen West. We can’t lose this guy.

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  • NEWT/ALLEN 2012

    • Anonymous

      Why tarnish West by getting him anywhere near Newt Gingrich. The Republican party’s JV team is vastly more talented than the Varsity at this point. West’s future political ambitions would be hindered by Newt and the country would barely if at all any better off.

      Don’t Tread On Me

      • bobemakk

        Gingrich is the man for the presidency. The lamestream media now including RINO Romney, is trashing Newt for “historical” baggage. All politicians have baggage if we dig deep enough, but the lamestream/left socialists won’t expose democrats, they love the big zero/Obama. Newt has made his mark with his “Contract with America,” a contract he fulfilled that no other politician can match. He is a true conservative, and gaining in the polls. He also now has the support of the Palin family and Rick Perry and now Chuck Norris, JC Watts and former Sen. Fred Thompson. Newts daughters also wrote to ABC about the Brian Ross interview with their mother and said it was a mean and nasty move right before a primary, which Gingrich won anyway. We need this man to bring back our country into prosperity. Look at Iraq when the troops were brought home, the Iranians will take over and the violence has started again and is worsening. We can all blame Obama for that and all the soldiers lost or maimed was all in vain. Gingrich also asked Romney to stop the attack ads and he refused. Why are the American people supporting Romney RINO? Gingrich/West would be a win/win ticket.

        However, I will vote for anyone who runs against the Obama regime.
        I just wish that the candidates would stop slamming each other and focus on the multitude of failures by Obama, he has ruined US and we are on the brink of bankruptcy.

    • Flip that ticket and I’d be onboard 100%.

    • NEWT/ALLEN 2012

    • bobemakk

      I agree, a win, win ticket. I’ve even written to both of them and hoped that this will be the republicans running against the the democrat nightmare we have now. I will vote for anyone who runs against Obama.

  • Let’s hope we don’t lose another hero to friendly fire in this one.

    • Anonymous

      Not so “friendly”!!

  • OK Florida- you know what you need to do! God Bless and Go Rep. West!!

  • Anonymous

    “As a 22-year United States Army veteran who commanded troops in combat, one should never underestimate my ability to be a strategic thinker. ”

    Never. Point the way Colonel.

  • Levin started with the background on this right out of the box tonight. Can’t wait till tou have the audio…

  • Anonymous

    FLORIDA voters, bring me some SUNSHINE….and deliver Col West to aaall of America.

    West is on the horizon in the sunshine state, I pray!

  • Anonymous

    Godspeed Colonel!

  • Anonymous

    Allen West, being the patriot that he is, should get/have gotten in the race. His Country needs him NOW, not in 4 years. It may be too late.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you, DebbyX. This man offers everything we need now! Especially LEADERSHIP!

    • Anonymous

      4 more yrs. of Ocrap, and there won’t be anything left. The time is NOW!

  • K-Bob

    Looks like the proposed districts were passed last Friday. Here’s a Google Map representation of ’em. West is moving North, it seems.

    (EDIT: I forgot to show my source for this map.)

    • Anonymous

      Just what I was looking for, you’ve got timing.

    • Well gee. Maybe I ought to move over to where my brother in law and his wife live 😀

      Naw, but I might have to go visit them more often now!!

  • kim

    FL Establishment heads are exploding.

    • Gloria

      I hope so.

    • Anonymous

      No they are not. This is exactly what they wanted to do, punish us in Fl-22 and make us feel demoralized. The Republican machine did nothing to assist him. We did it all by ourselves.

  • Look up honor in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of Allen West : )

  • Anonymous

    GOP Establishment stooping to Demonic-rat level

  • Kalena

    I am confused by his announcement, is the other guy also going to run in this same district? Who is running for which district?

  • Now watch them try eliminating that district.

  • Anonymous

    Go get them, Lieutenant Colonel West!!

  • Anonymous

    Nice move Col. West. I wonder what the demographics are like in the new district.

  • mike morrison

    This is ALL Romney/Establishment’s fault…and they are definitely punishing the TEA Party voters by screwing Rep. West.

  • I have to agree that the Republican establishment is doing all they can do to downplay and minimize the tea party movement. I really believe that the repub establishment would prefer that conservatives create their own party or just shut up and toe the line.

  • Anonymous
    According to this Rooney is running against Frederica Wilson (D) – the one with the wild, wild, hats.

    And according to this the 18th isn’t new. West will be running against republican
    Congressman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
    She is very, very, strong on Israel. And very strong against sharia, etc.
    In other words we need both of them.

    If you know anything about FL, you can click on the map to see the district.
    Newly formed are Districts 26 and 27. Perhaps 18 was expanded or was/will be redrawn.
    Looks like today was just the prez primary. The congressional one is August 14.

    And Alan Grayson is up and running again in new district 27.
    I think I will go throw up now.

  • I was really hoping Palin would run and make West her VP. Regardless, West will be on the national stage sooner than later. It feels good to be excited and motivated by a true conservative.

  • Anonymous

    Please run in 2016! We need you sir as President!

  • Anonymous

    Go get’em AW.

  • Anonymous

    Damit Man Would I Be a [email protected] if I said I like this guy and hope to see him step up to the plate in 2020.

    This is the kind of man we need representing OUR Country

  • Anonymous

    Debbie Wasserman Shultz must be laughing her ass off.

    Some “hero” Allen West is, huh? Afraid to run in the district he lives in because he’s afraid of a girl. Pathetic.

    • K-Bob

      I’m not sure how strategy has to equal fear.

      • Anonymous

        Hey, this time I’ll be happy if West doesn’t use his military service to answer the carpetbagger accusations. He has every right to run in a district he doesn’t live in. But this time he needs to be honest about it.

        As far as fear? Debbie Wasserman Shultz is one of the worst, most radical, hateful Leftists in Congress and the fact that West won’t run against her does not speak well of him no matter what his reasons are. Some fighter, huh? Some hero we’ve got here with West.

        • K-Bob

          That’s an extremely safe district for the Dem incumbent. She won 60%-to-38% against the Republican challenger last time. We’re talking lifetime member of Congress, if she wants it. There just ain’t enough rednecks out by Andytown (I kid you not) to balance out all the limousine liberals in Miami Beach and Hollywood. There never will be.

          So I’d rather the Col. not throw away his political career jousting at that particular windbagmill.

          • K-Bob

            Additionally, the district West is going to run for includes the fabtastic Port St. Lucie you are always hearing about on Rush’s broadcast.

            This new district is chock full o nuts, so Allen West is going to have a tough enough race as it is.

            • Anonymous

              K-Bob, You’re painting MY CITY with a pretty wide brush, but that’s OK, I still think you’re a pretty cool guy with your act together.

              By the way, to set the record straight, the incident that caused Rush to do a Rio Linda on us (the woman calling 911 to complain that her local McDonalds ran out of chicken McNuggets) actually happened in Fort Pierce, not Port St. Lucie.

              But we have a sense of humor also and think it’s hysterical.

              • K-Bob

                Hey, I don’t make it up, I just ahh, report on it.

                (Or some similar, weak-a$$ defense like “reporters” use.) <emoticon goes here>

                • Anonymous

                  It’s Bush’s fault.

    • Amy

      May I suggest you study some Sun Tzo. By your logic, rushing head first into the enemy is preferable to surrounding them… That kind of logic only gets you slaughtered and doesn’t accomplish the goal.

      • Anonymous

        The Art of War.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not concerned with Rep. West running in Florida…..he’ll be running in the national race for VP. Take that DWS.