Allen West talks about the balkanization of America by the Left

Allen West talks about how the Left is trying to balkanize America through government dependency for the purpose of their reelection as well as what Romney should be talking about to win in November:

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  • B-Funk

    Love West! Man, Romney, if he only talked like this man some of the time would just be destroying obummer in any polling right now.

  • Arrrggghhh

    Dear Mr. Romney;

    If you want to generate some excitement and enthusiasm for your campaign, pick this man as your running mate. I’ll drop $100 in the mail the day that you do. Prove to me that you have the courage to do what needs to be done to save this country.

    • CalCoolidge


      Romney picking West would remind me of McCain picking Pailn – a gimmick to trick conservatives.

      • B-Funk

        Trick us how? Romney’s no conservative, but Romney is our only chance now, and this guy is a butt-kicker.

      • Arrrggghhh

        Gimmick? Perhaps, but it would get many of us non-establishment voters excited and on board AND it would get Allen West on deck and a heartbeat away. It would also get his influence into the White House (if Romney wins). Finally, it would give me some evidence that Romney actually has a pair of vegetables.

        It would be reminiscent of Palin, but so what? Having said all this, I have very little confidence that Romney will actually make such a gutsy call – hence my problem with Romney.

      • Arrrggghhh

        Would it be better if he picked another RINO? That certainly wouldn’t trick us conservatives but it would nonetheless suck.

        • It wouldn’t happen. West has made it fairly clear he’s not interested, and not a fan of Romney, in general. Attempting to secure West, a real patriot and Conservative, two things Romney is not, would be a waste of time, and a sure path toward public embarrassment.

          • Arrrggghhh

            I agree that it probably won’t happen but I still think it would be a great move and would greatly improve Romney’s chances. There are a lot of people like me out here that have very little enthusiasm for a Republican establishment candidate like Romney. It would go very far in bringing the Tea Party on board.

            I disagree on the embarrassment part. It could certainly be done behind the scenes and only announced if it came to be.

            • M_Minnesota

              The Vice President really doesn’t have any real power in Policy making/execution. In that regard the V.P. serves at the President’s pleasure. The President can ask a V.P. to resign and step down.

              West’s would not be able to get the “Mitt Stink” off him after 4 years of ORomneycare.

              I’d rather have Rand Paul get the “Mitt Stink” on him than Allen West.

    • Nukeman60

      As much as I would like to see Rep. West in the White House, I think he would be a much more powerful Speaker of the House than VP. The things he would be able to accomplish in the Congress would be devastating to the left.

      I see the position of VP as nothing more than a placeholder, even though it would perk up the campaign. West deserves the chance to shine in Congress and then the Presidency is open for him in 2016.

    • M_Minnesota

      I love West, But Romney would let him Twist in the wind as the LSM attacks West. West would draw the Crowds. Mitt would draw the Pizza Hut listening tours. (07′)

      You have Mitt, the very man and his minions destroying Gov. Palin (whomPalin said she would pick West as Veep; Monster Mitt asking West to saddle up onto his race.

      Don’t think it’s gonna happen.

  • conservative58

    Can’t get enough of Allen West!! So articulate and eloquent — and all that without a teleprompter!

    This man is a class act! Go West!

    • WordsFailMe

      Yes! It’s like watching a founder of this nation speak. Is there a picture/cartoon of Col West holding a .45 to Obama’s ear? That’s the image that runs through my mind.

      So nice to hear a brain, not on drugs, express itself.

      • Not sure we want to go there.

    • 1mathteacher

      Articulate and eloquent and RIGHT! Love it. More please!

  • 911Infidel

    2.6K jobs created, 3.1 K on disability. *0K jobs created in June 85K went on disability. And Lil Debbie is happy about that? Epic Debbie brain fart.

    • p m

      Debbie and brain in the same sentence? 🙂
      You’re very kind, 911.

      • 911Infidel

        LOL. Point well taken

  • Nukeman60

    Every pundit, interviewer, and host tries to get West to say that he ‘regrets’ what he has said. Doesn’t matter what the speech was, they always go for that. What makes LTC West awesome is not only his ability and fortitude to speak out on the issues that are important, but his steadfast determination to never back down.

    I’ve not seen a politician like that for a very long time. No ‘tingles up my leg’, but a very warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart.

    • keyesforpres

      I agree. I love it that he doesn’t say, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

  • Yazz55

    Had to watch Col West’s piece here twice. He has so much to say in 5 1/2 minutes. Thought that I might not have caught it all the first time. He really covers alot of areas with some really good comments in a short period of time.

    However, I am a bit reserved about his glass seagull comment.

    • Patriot077

      If Glass Steagall had not been repealed in Clinton’s term of office, the banks could not have become investment houses. I’m not well versed in the financial world, but it’s my understanding that this one act set the stage for the financial meltdown. Credit default swaps and derivatives were a product.

      The Dodd Frank bill doesn’t do much to correct the real problems, it just forces more layers of regulation on all the banks and financial institutions. I’m sure there are built in protections for their big Wall Street and Bankster friends, but small town banks and credit unions will suffer greatly. I would like to see the Frankendodd bill go away, too, right along with the Consumer Protection Agency that operates out of the Federal Reserve with no oversight and run by an appointed official, not elected. That person has altogether too much control over every financial transaction you and I might make. I think it’s a travesty and the public would be better served by going back to the rules of the game as played before all the young turks showed up to shake things up.

      • kong1967

        It’s my understanding the Dodd/Frank bill exempts Fannie and Freddie, the two major failures that caused the whole mess. Additionally, big banks can take the hit and small banks can’t. I think it’s all intended to kill small banks and force centralized banking….a communists dream. Then again, I’m not well versed in that area, either.

        • Patriot077

          I agree, Kong. Actually one of the best things they could have done was to privatize Fannie & Freddie. It’s the very fact that the gov’t guarantees their bad loans that lets them operate with abandon to hell with the consequences. The taxpayer will be on the hook to the end of time.

          • kong1967

            Both Democrats and Republicans (but mostly Dems) were connected to those banks at the hips. Even Newt Gingrich said he was behind the effort of government to pump up the housing market, which is why I didn’t believe him when he claimed he was giving advice to the banks that they didn’t take. A GSA is basically a negotiater between the business and Congress. They aren’t hired to give the business advice. They are hired to do the bidding of the company and to lobby Congress, and Newt was lobbying Republicans who didn’t want to get on board.

            Get rid of GSA’s. There should be no special deals for any business whatsoever. You survive and die on your own merits without government help or intervention.

            • Patriot077

              I didn’t believe him either! And I think we need to get rid of all lobbyists. Not saying that business shouldn’t have a voice about proposed legislation, but we’ve gone too far beyond reasonable when the lobbyists are writing the laws.

              • kong1967

                No doubt they should have a voice, but we need to end the days of “bought and paid for”.

      • Yazz55

        My original comment was that I had reservations about Glass Seagall. Not necessarily dead set against it.

        As a libertarian, I’m always hesitant about government regulation. And Glass Seagall is simply government regulation. Accordingly, I feel that there could even be a debate on whether it every really was a good thing. For one perspective, it opened the door to foreign institution who were not handicapped with this sort of regulation.

        Furthermore, I’m not 100% convinced that repealing Glass Seagall actually caused the problems of that surfaced in 2008. There were many other factors which coincided to create that mess. For example, I’d be looking more at capital ratios of some of the financial institutions.

        Before considering re-instituting something like Glass Seagall, lots of research and forethought needs to be done. Hence, my perspective of being reserved about agreeing with Col West about going back to it.

        I do agree with you 100% that DoddFrank didn’t solve anything. It only added burdensome regulations and generally made things worse.

        • Patriot077

          Yes, my comment was merely to give an opinion not to criticize yours. 🙂
          I’m fairly libertarian myself and don’t like unneccessary rules and regs, but I feel business needs some parameters set unless we all want to get fleeced.

          Obviously I am not well versed in the economic factors but agree there were multiple causes. It seems that much of the meltdown could have been avoided if banks, under Glass Steagall, were banks and not operating in the risky investment markets. (which affected capital ratios)

          Good comments & discussion, yazz.

  • West should be running for president. I would vote for him in a heartbeat. Not only can he articulate the rage that is out there against Obama, he clearly sees where this entitlement culture in America is leading us to. If (God Forbid) Obama is re-elected, you will see us turn into a European-style social-welfare state, just like Greece and France. We will really be finished and will only have mediocrity to look forward to for years to come. I find that thought hateful and I’m sure you do it. Only way to change it is to vote for Romney in November. We MUST win, for the good of this country.

  • He’s the only one speaking directly and boldly….the only way out now!

  • Patriot077

    Another grand slam! Just love to listen to him set the wobblies straight back on their heels.

    The way he calmly states “just the facts” gives me hope that others might take cues from him.

    • kong1967

      They have to get the backbone to forget about PC. I hope it happens because it will drive the left insane. Well, and it needs to be said because it’s true.

  • Freempg

    There is only one warrior for our cause on the national stage. Allen West.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Allen West True Patriot!
    West 2016

  • Linky1

    A straight talking politician-what a refreshing change. Keep fanning the flames, Allen!!!!!

  • kong1967

    I’ve never seen anything like it. Most politicians bend when heavily criticized by the press and backpedal everything they say. Not West.

    It really annoys me that the left has accused Republicans of being racist (with no facts) for decades and have made sure that the blacks don’t forget about slavery. Yet, if someone returns the favor they can’t take it and they yell and scream like it is so far out of bounds. Really? Out of bounds when used against the left and backed up with facts, but acceptable when used against the right with no basis whatsoever. Thin skinned communists.

  • Helen85

    No wonder Sarah picked Allen for her VP!!! They both so ROCK! Thanks to God for 2 brave souls to lead us back into reality…this twilight zone is getting B_O_R_I_N_G!!! Time to wake up!