Allen West: The only gun control is your index finger

Allen West did an interview with NewsMax today where they discussed everything from gun control to the debt ceiling to Afghanistan. Kinda the shotgun approach to get his opinion on as much as possible in 15 minutes – and it’s a great interview.

But as far as gun control, West believes that it just won’t fly with the American people and he doesn’t believe that Obama has the populous mandate that he things he has. West says we’re not talking about the real issues anyway, we’re just talking about a political agenda:

NEWSMAX – “This is your gun control, this finger right here – your index finger,’’ West told Newsmax TV in an exclusive interview.

“Nothing happens with that gun until you put that finger into the trigger well and you pull it. So my concern is that we’re not talking about the real issue, we’re talking about a political agenda.

“I don’t [see Obama succeeding]. I think the president maybe believes he has some sort of populous mandate . . . but that’s not going to fly very well.’’

The Florida Republican, a retired U.S. Army colonel who’s a tea party favorite, said there is “big concern’’ across the country about Obama enacting an executive order to push through a firearms mandate.

“That’s not in contra, as we are a republic with co-equal branches of government, separate of power — so that’s what really concerns people,’’ West said.

The lawmaker said when he studied the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Virginia Tech, Columbine High School,
and a Colorado movie theater “the real commonality is . . . that there were parental problems, there was a mental issue.

“And I think that’s where we should start first and foremost.’’

West said members of the military, police, and civilians are strongly responding to the possibility of a White House intervention.

“You look at the state of Wyoming, which has already proposed legislation saying they will not allow any federal agent to come in and try to register someone’s guns or confiscates someone’s gun,’’ West said.

“And they’re talking about in the state of Wyoming making that a two-year penalty, a crime actually.’’

Read the rest at NEWSMAX or just watch the interview below:

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  • Ray

    Alan, I really respect you Brother. I hope you and your family are doing well. PLEASE make the TEA Party a TRUE Party in Florida. Run against those republicans who redrew your district. But until then KEEP ON BRINGING TRUTH TO THE MASSES!

  • gringa61

    I would love it if you ran for FL governor, too!

    • victoryman

      Super idea, gringa 61. Maybe you could start a grass roots movement to draft the Colonel for a run. I don’t live in Florida but would gladly contribute to a Col West run for Governor. We need more Col. Wests in this country.

  • Joe


    AND He knows of which he speaks

    Too bad he wasn’t nominated for House Speaker

    • sDee

      What the political class did to West was both a crime and a tragedy. I am now over it – a bit liberated. I finally abandoned all naivety and optimism – by focusing all their combined might to defeat West, they confirmed that our government is absolutely corrupt and we are ruled by a single party political class.

      That brings things into focus – clarity.

      • victoryman

        You are right on target, sDee. The treatment of Col. West, Michele Bachmann and others was criminal on the behalf of the republican “Old guard.” Their (Usual) caaving in on the so-called fiscal cliff fiasco was the last straw for me. I have voted republican since Eisenhower, but no more. As the saying goes, “I didn’t leave the (Republican) party, the party left me.” I am now a proud member of the Constitution Party.

      • Orangeone

        Hold your seat, Marco Rubio has released his amnesty plan, thinks its A-OK to have illegals in our military. So let’s think about that, all of the 9/11/01 terrorist would have been able to enter our military.

        • freeinaz

          There really seems to be something wrong with that idea. He’s pandering, which is what the GOP loves to do, just like the DEMs. I think sDee hit it with the above comment. No longer do I contribute to the GOP, only to the candidate directly.

          • Orangeone

            I do the same and will not support the Tea Party either, both Rubio and Rand Paul are amnesty promoters and Tea Party members. And so was Scott Brown.

        • creeper

          Rubio is a RINO, more interested in his own self-aggrandizement than in the good of the country. Too many conservatives fail to appreciate this. They need to watch and learn. Like Obama, the true Rubio is becoming apparent with time.

          • Orangeone

            And as I understand, very tied to Jeb Bush…..

          • tvlgds

            I was high on Rubio in the beginning, but he is now exposing his true self and I can no longer support him. Col. West is still exactly who/what he claimed to be.

      • freeinaz


  • TitaniumEagle

    I didn’t know that about Wyoming. Good for their state legislature!

  • 911Infidel

    From my Army buddies: HUA. From my Marine buddies: Semper Fi brother.

  • marketcomp

    Thank you, RS!

  • Ray

    “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson

    So, would you say we have liberty or tyranny from this government?

    • sDee

      Rhetorical question?

  • sDee

    Keep pushing us Hussein. I look to men like West to lead but none the less we will never resister our weapons – you will never take them from us. And remember…. these “arms” include ammunition and the the magazines needed to feed that ammunition. Interfering with the free flow of those is no less a threat or direct assault on our rights.

  • JeffWRidge

    He was firing on all cylinders on this one.

    “… we’re not talking about the real issue, we’re talking about a political agenda.”

    That’s it exactly. It has nothing to do with preventing murders and everything to do with enacting a political agenda.

    “It is not a taxing problem we have in the United States of America, it’s a spending problem.”

    The Democrats/lefties don’t want to cut spending and too many in the GOP lack the courage to fight them.

    “We have to have people in Washington DC that are focused on the American interest, not their own self-interest, and their special interest, and we have to get away from the sense of political careerism and get back to citizen servants.”

    He is so right about this. This is what the Founding Fathers had intended. They didn’t want the country being run by professional politicians.

    I do hope that West will run for office again. America needs people like him in office.

  • BikerHoop

    Great interview. I certainly hope that Mr. West decides to run for some federal office in the future. I don’t live in his district, but believe we need people like him running the country.

  • sjmom

    I hope Allen finds a way to stay in the public eye because we need his voice. He is a true patriot.

  • sDee

    deleted comment

  • white531

    It is happening. Quietly at first, but it is happening. We are witnessing the early beginnings of a new American Revolution.

    It is exactly what The Founders predicted. The second Amendment only becomes important when they try to take your guns. I’m paraphrasing Jefferson.

    We are getting close. Obama is pushing the envelope, and blustering that he has a mandate, because he was elected for a second term. He is using the recent school shooting, to institute a war on private ownership of guns.

    He is after the Second Amendment.

    Regarding his so-called Mandate. By the popular vote, Obama had something over 62 million who voted for him. He had something slightly less than 62 million, who voted against him. I don’t know about you, but I would hardly consider that a mandate.

    To put it in more precise terms, half the people of this country follow his bs, and the other half, thinks he’s an Idiot. I don’t know about you, but I’m in the other half.

    Here it is, in a nutshell folks. In order to move us toward a European Socialist model of government, and eventually to a New World Order type of government, they have to break the will of the American people. The only way they can break the will of the American people, is to get rid of the Second Amendment. It’s that simple.

    Problem is, they don’t really know at this point, how many guns are out there. Same problem the Soviets had. They can try, going forward from this point, to register all new gun purchases and do the background checks, and all of that, but it is a small fraction of all the guns in private ownership in America.

    To be more specific, what they would like to do, is damned near impossible.

    Let us hope it remains that way.

    Who knew, that The Second Amendment would be our last stand, to protect Freedom in America. Actually, we know all of their names, and we know them personally, by their writings.

    We know them, but our children and grandchildren will never know them. Because all of the wonderful things our Founders did, selflessly, for future generations, are no longer taught in our schools.

    The Liberals among us, have conveniently taken care of that.

    Welcome to Obamaland.

    • eyewatcher1960

      Obama will be going after the 22nd Amendment as well very soon!

  • aposematic

    Lots of good real R’s out there. Now, how to replace the current crop of failed R leaders with these real R leaders; the $6T question, tic-tc, tic-toc, tic-toc, …

  • white531

    You cannot listen to this man speak, and not be inspired, and not be proud to be an American.

    When this man speaks, you don’t have to spend the next two hours, trying to figure out what he said. With Allen West, you know what he said, as soon as he says it.

    I have said this before, but I will say it again. I want this man for my President.

    As soon as is humanly possible.

  • Ray

    Anyone else think Obama and Michelle are in the vain of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette?
    Her many indiscretions of enriching herself on the public largess has, to me, made her Madame Déficit, and the exorbitant vacations on our dime shows their aloofness and aristocratic bent.

    • Dear leader and Michelleantoinette. My pet names for the pos’ for the past 4 years. 🙁

      • sybilll

        I am fond of President PitchingWedge and The First Wookie. ~snort

      • sDee


        A fitting name indeed. I like it ABC!

        You’ll not mind if I re-use it, just as soon as I practice the spelling? 😀

  • freeinaz

    Mr. West, you are one great American. I will be looking forward to your commonsense and conservative values coming back to Washington D.C. real soon.

  • 12grace

    I love Allen West. He is one of the few politicians in America that actually loves America.

  • All I need to do is convince 62 million of you to Vote West in 2016.

    Anyone else would be pointless.

    • You know I’m trying K-Bob! WEST 2016!!

      Ps, off topic, but I just finished uploading Benghazi Part III if you’re interested:

      Night K-Bob. Have a Blessed weekend.

      • wadnnit

        How about Allen West and Tim Scott ticket?

        • That would be awesome wouldn’t it!!

          • wadnnit

            and Herman Cain as Secretary of Commerce and Labor (like old days)–
            businessman, conservative and wants to get rid of the IRS…

            Then, no one could say 0% of blacks are Republican.

          • MeanGreenBeret


      • I finally got my internet working well enough to watch all of it. That was a lot of work! And I’m really glad you documented this. Thank you!

        I’m sorry I’ve not been much help so far. I’m nearing the completion of a project I began in mid-October. I had hoped to finish the first part before Christmas, but that’s the worst month for me, work-wise, so I’m working like a hamster on a wheel now to get there. I’ll let folks here know about it (more) probably mid February. It’s not important work like you are doing, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time.

        I’ll try to get a bit more time to help push that stone uphill with you folks.

        • No problem K-Bob. I appreciate you offering and also for watching these. I’m working on part 5 now- going to get it up tomorrow. I’ll leave you the link here when I do, and you can watch it when you can. We’ll have our website up at the end of the week too! I’m SO excited. So- thank you! Can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on too!! Thank you K-Bob.

        • Here’s part 5 when you have time K-Bob.

  • Col.West is truly a good man who loves his country with it’s freedom and liberty we Americans cherish.

    “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. *Suspect Every One* who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. When ever you give up that force you are inevitably ruined.
    Patrick Henry, 5.5.1788

  • Allen West, you are a true Patriot, you are honorable and represent well the Liberties and Freedoms our Founding Fathers and so many after them including yourself have fought so hard to keep. I hope to see and hear more of you, especially in a 2016 Presidential run. God Bless you, your family and all Real Freedom Fighting Patriots.

  • OldmanRick

    Let’s convince Col West to run for Gov or senator.

  • Just another reason why Allen West needs to be president of the United States. A real leader and a supporter of all of the main issues the Tea Party stands for, West would make a great candidate for higher office. It was shameful how he was treated in Florida. The entire Democratic party made it their mission in life to make sure he lost, and still he only lost by a small margin. God only knows what groups like ACORN (or their affiliates) did to stuff the ballot boxes against him. This man really needs to run again. He is the hope, what this nation really needs, and we need him now more than ever.

    • TimeForAnarchy

      Give me a combat tested airborne trooper over a Frank Marshal Davis sycophant any day………

  • Sober_Thinking

    Allen West rocks.

  • creeper

    The problem with Allen West is that the silverbacks are terrified of him. Getting him back to Washington is going to take nothing less than a complete restructuring of the Republican party or a full launch of a third party. That’s a tall order but if anyone is up to it, that person is Allen West.

  • Biggbear52

    The only way these string lead fools will ever get my weapons is from my cold dead hand!

  • Kills me to listen to Col. West and realize the ignorance of far too many voters in Florida. How on earth was he not re-elected? Is this not coherent enough for everyone to understand? Is it just that the media is preventing his message from getting out? How do we solve this, even with a third party that I see proposed on the message boards everywhere? I agree the Republican party is a joke, but what can we do to get individuals as intellectually gifted as Col. West serving the people? I have cried my eyes out in far too many elections and struggled with the all the RINO’s forced down our throats since REAGAN (GRHsoul). Thank you again Col. for your service and just know, I am LISTENING!

    • tvlgds

      Voter fraud, pure and simple!

  • mikeinidaho

    A true conservative and a hero to us all. I hope he and his family are well and that he will continue to speak out for the conservatives in this country.

  • tvlgds

    I’ve wanted this man in the White House since the first time I saw him in about 2007. He is exactly what we need to run this country!

  • white531

    They have already proved they can control the voter outcome.

    The only things left, are the guns in your cabinet.

  • TitaniumEagle

    Allen West nails it every single time. He’s pragmatic and intelligent.

  • wadnnit

    How about Allen West and Tim Scott ticket?

  • The Stupid Party Republicans redistricted Allen West’s congressional seat boundaries to eliminate him from office. RINOS are as much a threat to our Republic as are progressive, collectivist, liberal Demoncrats.

  • Why aren’t you our president? I’ll vote for you in 2016!!!

    • wadnnit.

      I will as well.

      I have to post this, today, Sunday. Today, I discovered Dr. Manning and watched some of his videos. Wow, he can really shake up things. I looked up the meaning of Atlah, and found this link.

      I want to direct your attention to the third paragraph in which he is talking about his community Harlem, maybe black people in general, which I think will come true:

      “…more importantly Almighty God will get the glory when He raises up a people who are now not a people; and the world will have to acknowledge it was the Living God who raised up this community.”

      This is the way it will be for all of us. As we lose who we are as a people, it will only be as we turn to Him and acknowledge Him, we will see Him do the work, and He will get the glory.

    • martha chandler

      BO won because he is a cult like figure and there is a “cabel” who put him in power. We will probably never get rid of him now, but I pray to God Allen West stays in politics. I pray he will have his day in the sun.

  • wadnnit.


  • tinlizzieowner

    I’d still like to see Col. West as Sec. of Defense on some future Republican ticket. The Muzzies’ would wet their shorts, (providing they wear any). 😉

  • I believe that Col. West is the best hope for America in 2016. Very smart Godly man, cannot be intimidated and he can bring this country back to God and prosperity. I would love to see a West and Rubio ticket. God bless and protect them both.