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Bill Whittle spoke the other day at the Beverly Hills Tea Party and I must say it was excellent. When he began he said that his job was to scare us to death and then explain why he has so much hope for us overcoming the big problems we face. I’m not sure he succeeded on the former, but definitely the latter.

He broke the speech up into seven categories that he believes most Tea Party members would agree on and then elaborated on them, some at great length. The seven categories are limited government and free enterprise, distrust of elitism, wealth creation, natural law, legal immigration, gun rights, and American exceptionalism.

It’s about 28 minutes long but you have to watch to the end to hear his analogy of where he thinks we are as a country at this point. It was awesome:

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t have time to watch right now, but let me thank you in advance for this. Bill Whittle is brilliant and I love hearing him speak.

    I will watch tomorrow and save it like a treat to myself for later :)

    • therightscoop

      No problem. This is my specialty. I love posting speeches from awesome people.

  • Anonymous

    I love Bill Whittle. This was a great speech. I agree with everything he said and I do not say that often. Thanks for this great post. I loved the Patton analogy.

  • Anonymous

    Whittle is a genius and a very good orator. He has an amazing ability to put complicated philosophy into simple words, words so simple that even dimwits like Obama-voters can understand.
    This vid needs to go viral.
    He needs to speak in bigger fora , like CPAC and Repub Conventions.
    Oh how I wish Whittle would take down that resident idiot of FNC , Beckel :O
    on live TV .
    Thnx a hugzillion for posting it TRS

  • FishyGov

    Great unifying Rockneesque style message.
    Summarized the Tea Party movement in 28 minutes?

    Can you get it down to a 2 min ad for the 2012 General Election?

  • Salvatore Anello

    Could you imagine a presidential canidate giving a speach like this? That would be amazing.

    • Anonymous

      The closest I’ve seen is Herman Cain.


    AMEN! Good to know the Conservatives in California are coming together.. we are gathering.. forming groups.. and we WILL take the country back. Hook up with Bakersfield Beverly Hills, Kern County is CONSERVATIVE STRONG and will stand by your side. God Bless.

    • Anonymous

      Kern County is CONSERVATIVE STRONG
      sssshhhhhsshhhh……don’t say it aloud
      Piglossi+Brown will cut off your water supply too !

  • Anonymous

    Outstanding. I love Bill Whittle. I’m going to forward this to my daughter at college who just informed me today that she is the only non-liberal in her sociology class and she is going crazy trying to present the alternative viewpoint. She emailed me for some ammunition, and I think I just found it. Thanks RS!

  • Anonymous


    This is the biggest Wow of anything Scoop has had.

    A must see.

    • Anonymous

      Heck… I’ll even go further…

      If Whittle were to title his delivery, he should call it:

      “How God Set UP The World: And how to succeed in it, even if you are a non-believer”

      Natural Law says it all.

  • Dave Kawasaki

    Excellent, as always. Bill knows his craft.

  • Anonymous


    Thanks for posting this!! I hope that the Palin campaign can get advice from Whittle!!

  • Anonymous

    Bill Whittle should run for public office!!

  • Mark

    Bill Whittle is the BEST. I love the close, “do you think Bill Marr is going to put his life on the line on some foreign battlefield for what he believes in?” Of course not, never.

    • Anonymous

      Bill Marr cannot comprehend such a thought.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Ditto and AMEN!

      • Anonymous

        Amen and Amen!

  • Frederick

    I watched all of it. Very good speech. Bill has a way with words. The seven things everyone can agree with was a nice way to outline what he wanted to get across.

  • Anonymous

    Whittle’s speeches and videos are always goosebump inducing. He just needs to reach more people. Maybe we should forward some of his videos to our eventual candidate.

  • Joel Dick

    Amazing speech! It’s like standing in front of a rhetoric machine gun.

    • Anonymous

      a useful “rhetoric machine gun,” I might add.

  • Anonymous

    For those who are unaware of where Bill hangs out, go to and check out his Afterburner segments and Trifecta. This is an unpaid advertisement.

  • Jim Land

    From the crowd,


  • Robert White

    I don’t have time to watch the speech, but I think the core tea party issues are different. Immigration is too controversial – not all agree. Not all are gun owners (though all support the constitution in its entirety, including the 2nd am).

    It’s true that the tea party are suspect of elites, but that is not a defining characteristic.

    The core issues are support for:
    a) limited (less intrusive, smaller) federal gov’t
    b) less federal gov’t spending/low taxes
    c) free markets
    d) fidelity to the Constitution
    e) self-reliance (as opposed to the nanny state).

    • Anonymous

      I suggest you might consider making time. This man is brilliant.

    • Anonymous

      Take the time… everything you said are implicit in Whittle’s speech.

  • cabensg

    I love Bill Whittle. He is incredible. He needs to be a speech writer for whoever gets the Republican nomination or better still a consultant. With him at their side they couldn’t go wrong. I too love his show on PJTV.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, what HE said!! it’s folks like Whittle that make me realize (even when the headlines have me discouraged on any given day) that THIS is why I can’t give up, I won’t give in…that’s the AMERICA I want! not some ball & chain on my leg…

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you friend!

  • Anonymous

    I recently started watching PJTV and Bill Whittle is great, I find his logic unassailable.

  • Utfamof6

    He says it all so well, this guy is bright !

  • Anonymous

    Whittle is always inspiring…and on point!

  • Anonymous

    He would make a great Press Secretary.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I would love to see him as part of the change in Washington. He’s a real thinker.

  • Anonymous

    Well said Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Bill Whittle is awesome!!!! I hope he runs for president soon, maybe this year! Even if he does not have a shot of winning, people need to hear this message! Bill Whittle would be a great Presidential Advisor!

    OMG, i’am going to have to listen to this 10 times! So much info in 27min.

    Bill Whittle website is:

    He helps to raise money to make conservative movies. Please support him!!!
    Hell, 5yrs from now Declaration Entertainment will be a brand name!!

    Palin 2012!!!

  • Anonymous

    Great speech !! Thanks for post Scoop .

  • Anonymous

    He’s awesome, thanks for posting.

  • Jack Bryan

    I don’t know if I’d use the iPhone as an example of American exceptionalism. After all, the aforementioned Chinese slaves actually manufacture the iPhone. When Henry Ford invented the Model T he didn’t send the designs straight to China to have them manufacture it, he hired Americans to do it and gave them an unparalleled standard of living out of his profits. Of course, thanks to big labor and big govt Apple can’t cost-effectively produce the iPhone in the U.S. like they should. How the iPhone is made is big example of what the problem is.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, just think if Apple could produce the iPhone here and people could work for any decent living wage (not union Cadillac wages — oh, I am so funny!) How much unemployment would we have then, if our entrepreneurs did not have to send out for reasonable labor to produce their goods??

  • Anonymous

    That speech was Freakin Brilliant!!

  • Marie Thompson

    Loved your speech, some days I feel really down when I see what B.O. gets away with. we are now in three wars only he couldn’t be bothered asking congress!! Lie, Lie, Lie his nose is a mile long!!!

  • Marie Thompson

    Loved that speech!!! I fell so down some days!! I can’t believe what B.O. gets away with getting us in a 3rd war & not going to congress first. Lie,Lie, his nose has to be a mile long

  • Anonymous

    And like the Titanic that speech was epic!

  • Joeseph Plumber

    “you are the steel bow” Giver
    “wealth out of thin air” Isn’t that the motto of the Federal Reserve Bank?

    America – Fail

    • Jack Bryan

      “wealth out of thin air” Isn’t that the motto of the Federal Reserve Bank?”

      Exactly what I thought.

  • Anonymous

    I could listen to this every day, Bill Whittle should speak at every school and legislature in the country. He speaks truths that NEED to be heard and could be a real tonic to reinstill patriotism in all of us.



    Is there any way to get a copy of this speech?

  • Anonymous

    Fabulous speech. Finally found time to listen.

    I have felt alone in saying IT DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN HERE, and now none other than Bill Whittle says Just because all those other civilizations fell does not mean we have to. We ARE different…so let’s go. We’ve got work to do!!

  • Anonymous

    Listening again, just for fun. I love that he says we are NOT like those other civilizations that fell, that even though we are following the same historical curve of previous civilizations who have gone by the wayside, we are FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT and goes on to enumerate exactly how and why. Bravo!!!

  • pengfamily

    great speech-expresses tea party ideals in down to earth antedotes

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