American Future Fund Romney/Ryan ad: It’s time for America’s comeback team

That was quick. American Future Fund has come out with a great ad featuring Romney and Ryan as America’s comeback team:

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  • I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I loved the kids and the lemonade stand. Nice subtle dig!!

      • jdbaird

        Yeah, the lemonade stand Obama is incapable of running, haha.

  • gunsmithkat

    Can’t wait for the Ryan Biden debate. It should be a doozy. Sarah Palin pretty much mopped up Uncle Joe, but I suspect Ryan will take him to the cleaners.

  • Mark Smith

    “America’s Comeback Team” is much preferable to “Take America Back” which the left considers racist. But what don’t they.

  • detectivedick

    Good Ad, such a stark difference in VP’s, Joe the nutcase and Paul the truth keeper.

  • Orangeone

    Outstanding! This is what makes America great!!! We lift one another instead of dragging each other down. If someone is struggling, we help them back to their feet and encourage them to pay it forward for the next family. Mitt/Ryan a winable combination.

  • CitizenHill

    I like it… It’s positive

  • librtifirst

    I certainly agree with the content of Paul Ryan’s words in this ad, and it certainly puts off an err of intellectualism, which the other side is completely devoid of.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    positive ad

  • I love these ads that use MSM quotes.

    Not only does make it seem more objective, but it must drive these anchors bonkers to have their own words used to hurt their guy Obama.

  • brendawatkins

    I like it.. I LOVE it.. I want some more of it!

  • Cindy09

    Go Ryan!!!!

  • conservative58

    I’m Conservative58, and I APPROVE this message!


    • poljunkie

      Rock and Roll 2012
      ( well they are using Kid Rock music!!)

    • nibblesyble


    • It is great, and I love the positive message it sends. ROM-RY should stay positive and flood the TV and airwaves defining Ryan in the positive- the person he really is- a positive, pro- America, Mid-Western guy who had to grow up quick as a young man who lost his dad. He studied under the late,great Jack Kemp, Gov. Sam Brownback (Kansas) and has won his majority democratic district with about 65% of the vote each year. Let Obama go negative- as thats all he has, but Romney & Ryan should stay positive, answer the lies Obama levels against them and thoroughly explain to the American people the dire situation we are in. And if the Super Pacs, which Romney has nothing to do with, want to challenge Obama on what he promised and what he did after being elected, then they should. They should be playing Obama saying American rednecks “cling to their guns, their Bibles and their religion.” We also cling to believing we are the greatest nation in the world, that believe in the Constitution and all the Amendments thereto, and are very proud of it. We also stand next to allies and we don’t throw allies “under the bus” like Obama has to Israel, Poland and Great Britain. Oh, and what a surprise that AG Holder won’t prosecute former NJ Gov., and Senator- John Corzine- for “losing” $500 BILLION from MF Global the commodities firm that he was CEO of until he destroyed in last November. Where is the outrage? There is plenty of evidence that he knew he was co-mingling the clients’ money with the Firm’s money to keep the business afloat (Enron, Madoff, etc.,). So it appears that Obama is more friendly to Wall St., then he pretends to be. GWB went after Enron and others when they broke the law, but Obama won’t because Corzine is a friend- therefore, he is above the law. Disgusting.

  • My husband and I were at the annoucement in Norfolk, Va this morning and it was electrifying…..the place went crazy went Mitt announced Paul Ryan..they both came off of the USS Wisconsin and walked down to the was so utterly American!!! Ryan’s speech was inspiring..not like the negativity we get from O and his team….I am proud to be a Conservative American today, we will take this country back!!!
    Please everyone get out and work for or send them money….ITS OUR LAST CHANCE!!!

    • GreenBeretWay

      Well you just turned me GREEN with jealousy.You could hear the electricity in the crowd when Ryan was announced watching it here on The Right Scoop.It must have been awesome being there live.His speech was direct,well delivered and exciting.

      But I’m still jealous.LOL

    • nibblesyble

      you lucky gal you! That will always be an awesome memory..especially when they win!!

    • sybilll

      Thanks for the firsthand account. The whole thing gave me goosebumps. I am so glad a fellow Scooper had the honor of being there.

  • mediaaccess1

    It’s Ok.

  • Guest1776rcp

    Did I see an illegal lemonade stand in that ad? LOL!

  • Great Ad….Paul is polished and knows his stuff….these two togther balance each other…Mitt’s vast business knowledge with Ryan’s knowledge of policy and budgets….GREAT!! You san just see the dynamite these two will generate together. Both good looking, intelligent, well spoken and contrast that to the MARXIST and the BOOFOON!!

    I love this ad…MORE OF THEM PLEASE….People are going to like Ryan! ALOT!

  • Deborah33


  • Theconservativechic

    A Mormon & A Catholic working together for a greater good. A greater America. Together they stand & WILL fight to do just that! Gooooo R2!!!

    A handsome pair I might add as well.

    • marketcomp

      Hey, I agree with you, Theconservativechic! They are a good looking pair that is Pro- America up against a Marxist and plugs the liberal Bidin!

    • Patriot077

      They are handsome and they exude credibility.

      Did you hear about the guy who slugged his wife because her facebook page had the picture of some good looking guy on it? Guess he hadn’t been watching the Romney ads. True story.

      • Theconservativechic

        I hope she slugs his — into divorce court.

        I always found Mitt to be handsome because he loves his wife/family and his country.

        At least this Catholic VP unlike Biden is a practicing Catholic and not in name only.

  • DebbyX

    Dear God, they MUST win this election!

  • toongoon

    Phenomenal ad. One of the best I’ve seen.

    We’ve got our team and are on the right track.

  • las1

    There is definitely some truth to the rumor that Ryan may outshine Romney. I just hope this energizes Mitt and puts him on a more solid footing and gives him a shot in the arm. God knows he needs it.

    • joyfulgiver

      “There is definitely some truth to the rumor that Ryan may outshine Romney.” I see this as a good thing, it means that when Mitt retires in 8 years, Ryan takes over, yeehaw, 16 years to restore sanity to America.

  • LiveFreeOrDie2012

    Encourage the RNC and Karl Rove to get started now on explaining to seniors in POSITIVE ads that there will no changes to their Medicare under Ryan’s Plan or under the Romney/Ryan Plan. Team Obama is countining on using MediScare to steal FL now. Send emails to let the ad makers know that preemptive action must be taken immediately.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Completely agree they have to get in front of this, furthermore they knew about this since august 06, they should have about ten ads to hightlight to seniors that the Ryan plan does not call to destroy medicare. Whoever paints the picture better will win. I as a big conservative I am very excited about this pick, i was hearing on fox and one of the liberals was saying this sarah palin all over again and I am like bring it on.

    • jdbaird

      You’re right, although it’s unfortunate that people need a tv ad to decipher the truth from the lies.

  • n2dstormwego

    Campaign Slogan: After 4 years of Obama, America deserves a little “R&R”.

    • jdbaird


    • stolen.

    • joyfulgiver

      I love it! Start the presses, I’d put one on my car!!!!

  • TJ

    Get error #2124 when I try to play this.

  • p m

    …who believe in America…” YES!!

  • ConnieConservative

    An amazing ad. I love the Romney / Ryan team.
    Paul Ryan is a realistic money manager. He knows what we need to do.
    They are an inspirational team. Romney/ Ryan. This nation needs them.
    Like n2dstorm says below, We deserve some R&R!

  • BikerHoop

    Great ad to start out with. Now that this announcement has been made and we know the VP candidate can handle the media attacks, I wanna see gloves off and game on!

  • z b

    Just finished shabbat 2 hours ago, and as soon as I open my Imac, i’m greeted by this amazing news!

  • joyfulgiver

    I Believe!!!!!

  • Music to my ears. I could not be happier. Paul Ryan is an intellectual GIANT, smarter than all the Dimocrats combined, and I look forward to him debating Vice Emperor Biden. Poor foot- in- mouth Biden won’t know what hit him- Ryan will beat him so bad his hair plugs might even run for cover.