Andrew Breitbart owns the Media at Weiner’s press conference

Andrew Breitbart walked into Anthony Weiner’s press conference (before he arrived), took the stage, and proceeded to own the MSM that stood there asking him questions. It was masterful the way he handled the press.

Watch the whole thing. It’s the best piece of pwnage I’ve seen in a while.


UPDATE: As a note, after Breitbart finished Weiner showed up and gave a full confession but he is not resigning. He is putting the onus of this on his constituents to decide, something I feel makes him an even bigger dirtbag. He also refused to apologize to Breitbart directly.

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  • TeaPartyNation

    The Weiner doesn’t have the integrity to resign — no surprise there.

    He has become the poster-boy for the moral, ethical, social, political and fiscal depravity of the lunatic-left d-cRAT socialists.

    We’ll all keep him and his disgusting actions in mind during the Nov 2012 vote to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.

    • Cindy08

      So let’s recap:

      There was a prick
      Who sent a pic
      That had his dick
      To another chick

      But then that chick
      Did to that sick
      A simple flick
      To one true Mick

      Thought one was tricked
      And hacked and hicked
      Into this trick
      Until that prick

      Got rightly kicked
      To stick by his slick
      dick pic

  • Ozzie

    It’s a hell of a build up there Scoop—

    • The Right Scoop

      Oh it’s good. Trust me.

      • KenInIL

        This has been a great week for scoops. I can’t decide whether Palin undercutting Romney’s announcement or Breitbart taking over Wiener’s presser was better – both were great.

        • Anonymous

          Incidentally he did not exactly take over.  He was standing aside and was asked a question and from there was invited to speak.

  • Lumpy

    Andrew is great. He is just a true no nonsense type of guy and a total bulldog.

  • Persephone

    Good for Andrew!
    Even though this was kinda surreal…Breitbart pulled it off masterfully.
    He didn’t know that Weiner had called this presser.
    He just got pulled into it, and then ran with it.

    It is really disgusting that Liberals can lie, deny…and then cry about it…and…::poof::…it’s all okay.

    Does this mean that there are nude Weiner photos out there that Breitbart got ahold of?
    No wait. That doesn’t sound right.

    “the President’s protectors in the media”
    Good one, Andrew!
    And sooo true.

  • poljunkie

    I coudn’t believe Weenie didn’t have the courage or integrity to apologize to Andrew Breitbart directly.
    what a total weasel.

    • watchmen1

      Would have been awesome as Weiner was directing his apology to Andrew to hear Andrew from the back of the room shout, “Hey, there it is!” and proceed to walk out.

  • Ozzie

    I love this! It seems a lot of conservatives are out there to do battle. The defensiveness of the media was evident, and it only made Breitbart attack harder. Good stuff- He just crashed their party and put them on warning.

    • bman

      I love how he walks up to the microphone and schools everyone. He was challenged on the legitimacy of the story? If this were a republican the whole party would be accused of a policy of perversion for months on end.Does anyone remember a republican from florida that got into some trouble right before an election? Please Andrew show the one guy the pictures so he can get his jolly’s and shut up.

      • Ozzie

        That was incredible that they would even have the arrogance to question the legitimacy of the story, as if they get to decide what information the people should be allowed to see. Putting it all out there what they’re supposed to do, so that people can figure things out for themselves….actually thinking about the argument that could be made is raising my BP.

  • K-Bob

    I just looked, over at AoSHQ. It’s Wienerpalooza.

    Note to self: don’t screw up on the interweebs.

    • poljunkie

      The comments over at Ace have been pretty funny for the last 4 or 5 days on weenie gate.

      • Ozzie

        What’s Ace?

        • poljunkie

          Ace of Spades …it is a web site.  on the right side bar in the margin here click “Ace” 

        • KenInMontana

          Ace refers to

  • Tony

    Breitbart should be in charge of the FCC… ROFL.

  • steprock

    BOOYA! “What happens when you hold a press conference and I stand over here with a long straw? I. Drink. Your. Press conference. I drink it up!”

    I love how he lays it right in the journalists’ laps, insisting an answer on why there are no repercussions for poor journalism when Daily Kos is trying to blame him and Weiner tries to blame him. And that BS “How is this even a news story?” Really????

    And THEN, just to show he has class, he refuses to say what he thinks Weiner should do. He just sticks to his own story. Classy. Now when will the Dems show class and kick Weiner out? Prove us wrong! Here’s your chance!

    • 22227

      But you know what really is a real news story? A reporter having to pull over on the highway to take a leak because that evil Sarah Palin wouldn’t tell him where her bus was going. That is important stuff ya know. Not a Congressman lying, laying false blame, demonstrating lude behavior w/young women while he is a married man, not to mention proving he is an idiot and has no business leading a horse to water much less his district as a representative of the American people. No, that is not a legit story. Pissing in the weeds is.

      • Anonymous

        meant lewd, not lude.

      • 22227

        meant lewd, not lude.

  • BSScoop


    • steprock

      What the devil is that supposed to mean, anyway? It’s a non comment and you made the same non comment on the other Weiner story as well.

      • Marti17

        Step, don’t you think ‘Non-Comment’s’ login name is a dead give away – the message is in the CHOSEN name, not the one word comment.

  • williamm

    Chris Matthews on the weinie from tonight show

  • badnewzbearz

    Once again Andrew Breitbart is completely vindicated. He’s a fighter, and definitely one of my heroes.

  • Jimbo

    Andrew B was brilliant. He attacked these low life liberal journalists and never stopped. Kind of like what the GOP should be doing to nobama right now as the country spirals out of control. Bye, bye weiner.

  • voted against carter

    Weiner IS a DIRTBAG. He NEEDS to be sent home as a PRIVATE citizen.

    But the DumbocRATs will keep him around. Can we say Charlie Rangel any one???

    • Marti17

      🙁 Sad – I bet you’re right.

  • K-Bob

    It looks like there’s several lessons to learn here:
    1) Don’t be too proud of a last name that becomes a joke.
    2) Don’t try to lie your way past Breitbart and Ace
    3) Online sex and phone sex are evidently just a stupid as they sound like.
    4) Ron White is right: Once you’ve seen a grown woman naked,… you pretty much want to see them all. (Emphasis on Grown Woman). I’ll add, “but nobody wants to see what Weiner posted.”

    I’ll let the rest of you add more.

  • biam

    Weiner is a douchebag who should resign but Brietbart is still a partisan schill without an ounce of integrity or credibility.

    • DCGere

      Breitbart a douchebag? What about Weiner, a MARRIED man, that is sending lewd photos to women young enough to be his kids? You seriously got this backwards.

      Breitbart is the only man, partisan or not, willing to do the investigative reporting that the SRM will not do. No integrity or credibility? Yeah, that fits WEINER perfectly.

    • badnewzbearz

      Evidence? Name one incident where Breitbart has lacked credibility or integrity.
      – The Shirley Sherrod thing. He was accused of editing her comments out of context to smear her. He did not. The tape he posted included the part where she said she helped the white farmer, and his comments with the tape included it as well.
      – The ACORN tapes? The left tried to smear him and said he edited those tapes. That was a lie. If the tapes were inaccurate, why did ACORN fire those employees and why did Congress defund them?

      The left fears and hates Breitbart for one reason: he’s effective and he’s a fighter.

      • Ozzie

        You didn’t mention that the tapes Breitbart put out there on the Sherrod case were tapes edited by the NAACP and then leaked out— NAACP had the full tape the whole time, but allowed the perceived deception to continue for whatever purpose.

      • PK

        Palin bashers will be wary of Andrew Breitbart’s righteous indignation. Breitbart will put the LSM and lefty journlists to task on their lies and distortions.

    • 36763

      Principled does not mean partisan.  LSM lies.  Breitbart sees a wrong and is trying to correct it. 

  • voted against carter

    Andy OWNS there people. Amazing interview.

    Lame stream media at it’s worst/best??? Point Of View.

  • Grenadiadrian

    the way he handled the media and their attempt to discredit his journalistic skill was simply BRILLIANT………….BRILLIANT! He just stood tall, took what they served him, and he threw it back with FORCE! Bravo!

  • publius

    The fury with which they attack the right (Breitbart) and defend the left (Wiener). The facts are irrelevent to them.

  • GJpinks

    I caught this about 2 minutes in during Hannity. I thought it was simply some sort of press conference with Breitbart and some new story. after about 4 minutes Hannity pointed out this was Weiners Presser. I find it astounding how Andy just took over. He has big shiny brass ones. I am also glad he got a hair cut and shave, he looks so much better than last week. Rock On Andrew!

    • 22227

      Ditto on his wild and wooly look being tidied up.

  • That is how a press conference should be handled. Given the answer to the questions and then pointing out how stupid the they are for asking such a dumb question. I absolutely love he challenged them to give on just one example of the lies he has supposedly told through his websites.

  • m_quick

    I’ve had to watch this a couple of times, it’s freaking awesome.

    And I disagree about Wiener not resigning, he should let his district decide. If the people don’t forgive him then he’ll get primaried out and another bedwetting lib will take his place. As long as he wants to serve and his district isn’t demanding he resign, I don’t see the problem.

    They were dumb enough to elect him in the first place, I’m sure they just don’t care as long as Wiener brings home the bacon.

  • PK

    No one stands in the way of The Righteous Indignation. Big mistake, teeny Wiener choose to bout with a giant for the KO.

  • 4rcane

    rofl Andrew is the king of crashing parties 🙂

    • PK

      Crashing the party, Breitbart upstaged Wiener, much like Palin upstaged Romney (only in a more subtle mere coincidence).

  • 22227

    Heh. That was GREAT!

  • iraqvet

    breitbart should be sarah palins press secretary when she gets elected

    • Ozzie

      That combination would cause a lot of strokes amongst the media ‘elites’.

    • 36763

      A press secretary concerned about the truth?