Another town bans detention of illegal unaccompanied minors, CNN anchor nearly loses her mind

League City in Texas has banned the processing and detention of illegal unaccompanied minors in their community.

Heidi Thiess, League City Councilwoman, told CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield that they don’t believe the federal government is following its own laws and the resolution they passed is aimed at the overall problem of illegal immigration and human trafficking.

When Thiess was asked if she understood the criticism that they are turning their backs on these people who just need help, she disagreed pointing out that the unaccompanied children are only 18% of those in detention right now and if the federal government were to start busing people in, they don’t get a choice as to who is brought and ultimately released in their community.

The interview really didn’t hit a logjam until about the 6 minute mark when Banfield was about to wrap up the interview and said that she hoped that we could all work together and get to the bottom of this.

Thiess quickly chimed in and said the way to get to the bottom of this is for the federal government to start enforcing the laws.

And that’s when Banfield lost it, telling Thiess to just stop with this.

She argued that these aren’t the normal people sneaking in across the border, that these people are the desperate seeking help and are giving themselves up at the border.

But Theiss disagreed, arguing this is about illegal immigration and pointed out that only 1 in 5 that cross the border are being caught, that’s she been there herself and seen the problem.

After another back and forth or so, the interview ended with Banfield telling them that we can’t turn our backs on the desperate that need our help.

Watch the video above.

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