Anthony Weiner: Fox News is brainwashing people

Once you get passed the stomach churning lips-to-dairy air section, you’ll hear Anthony Weiner claim that the reason the polls show most Americans are not in favor of this health care reform is because of Fox News undermining the truth. The funny thing is that either the Democrats deny that the polls are true or, as in this case, the only reason the polls are true is because the people voting in them have been misinformed. Sounds alot like our elitist President we have who believes he didn’t explain health care in simple enough terms for the American public to understand, and that he just needs to explain health care again to the American people, perhaps this time with song and dance.

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  • Tyler

    WHO is taking this guy SERIOUSLY? The guy's last name is WEINER for cryin out loud. Single Payer…EVEN THEIR OWN NETWORK ADMITS that for MORE SERIOUS injuries, people in Canada are put on WAITING LISTS where as here…it's DONE. What a goofus.

  • You can find fault with any system of health care. The 47 million uninsured and 25 million underinsured(due to pre-existing conditions) have a PERMANENT wait in the US. In many places in the US if you don't live near specialists you may have to wait several months for non-urgent surgery. When folks have to use the ER for health care(not all are uninsured-many get sick at night when no clinic is open) they may wait 6-12 hours to be seen while they are ill. In Canada that does not happen. They get seen right away for urgent illnesses. Ask most Canadians-I have.
    Canada does not have 22,000+ die due to uninsurance. Canada does not have
    50% personal bankruptcies due to health bills. Canadians live longer than we do. No Canadian would trade their system for ours(nor would any of the citizens from all the other countries who cover ALL of their citizens). You are welcome to believe the lies about health care reform but you could be a pink slip away from having no health care coverage like millions of unemployed Americans. Or you could get hit by a car and your insurance can't pay the whole bill. You better start reading the truth. You may find it enlightening.

  • BobPinwi

    Why did the Danny Williams recently come to the US to have a heart surgery done?

  • keninmontana

    I have seen the Canadian system up close and personal its not pretty, so when a government official comes here for medical care it does'nt suprise me in the slightest. I would say to those enamored of government run systems to move to a country that offers it, my younger brother worked in England for a number of years he described the medical care there as a strong arguement to seek out a witch doctor and take your chances rather than check into an English hospital.

  • Tyler

    I don't believe Canadians would TRADE their healthcare system for ours EITHER…but apparently there are RICH Canadians who can see that OUR system is HIGHER QUALITY.

    We absolutely believe in REFORMING the system as do the Rs who are in D.C. right now. There ARE insurance abuses and I ALSO don't think it's fair to tell someone with preexisting conditions they CAN'T have insurance. They SHOULD be CHARGED MORE for insurance if they have them, but should be ALLOWED insurnace with them.

    The BIGGEST problem with nationalized healthcare is that HEALTHY people like ME get SCREWED out of the whole deal. I'm paying for a service I DON'T really need, but I have NO CHOICE under a national healthcare system. There are mandates like this in the system already.

    I'm sure HEALTHY Canadians would LOVE to OPT-OUT of paying taxes for health insurance if they HAD THE CHOICE to. I mean…THEY don't need it, so they're just PAYING FOR EVERYONE ELSE'S sicknesses.

  • Tyler

    Correction: Mandates in theses healthcare bills they're proposing.

  • joegalt

    Our “elitist” President may be finding that he is lacking in the intellectual capacity required to be a successful con man. Perhaps he's now finding that a large and growing number of Americans are not satisfied with simple terms, like “change” or “hope”, and are demanding answers to the questions that the “main stream” media failed to ask prior to the elections, and are not looking for simpler answers but details.
    Single payer, in reality is single provider and all those with any means at all, will in truth be the payers. In order to give someone a right to the physical or mental labors of another requires allowing government to exercise control over all individuals who are capable of providing the goods or services the government decides to label as a “right”, as well as the ability to tax as it finds necessary to provide those rights. Essentially government has to take away rights from some in order to give rights to others. Democracy does not work on a large scale as it only insures that failure, when it occurs, is total.

  • vanpastorman

    I can see what you are saying if you are talking about someone who is about to drop dead. But if you have something wrong with you while in the Canadian system that is not an emergency then you are going to get in line. Once your turn comes up and somebody else has a catastrophic problem you are going to get pushed further back in the line.
    I don't have health insurance and went to the doctor a few weeks ago because I am experiencing pressure in my ears that cause popping. I was referred to this doctor by our family physician, and saw the specialist the next week. The reason why it took me a week to see the specialist was because of my schedule. If I could have made it as soon as possible I would have seen the new doctor in 3-4 days. When I got there they tried to do a hearing test. I told them that I had a hearing test about a year before that and I was fine. See, I didn't want the hearing test because I was going to have to pay for it. I paid for the doctor's appointment, got my prescription for which I paid, and I am feeling a lot better. All of this was done in one week, and could have happened in 3-4 days if I had been able to see the doctor sooner.
    When I was at the specialist's office I got there at 3:00p.m. I didn't get seen till after 4:15p.m. Guess what? I was mad because it took so long. Anyone in the Canadian or English systems knows that they can be at the doctor's office all day long if they get seen at all.
    We have a very good health care system. What we need is first party payer. Let the consumer make decisions who they see and let them pay the bill. If we can make individual economic decisions with our health care, then the cost of health care will go down. As far as health insurance goes, I like the idea of going across state lines to get competition going. I also want to see Tort reform, but that won't happen as long as the democrats are in control because the trial lawyers control the Democrat Party. In my view health insurance should be more about catastrophic cases, not day in and day out health care. Remember, if the people get the pay the bill and make economic decisions, health care costs will go down. Competition is a good thing for the consumer.

  • econ101lab

    Do you really think people are stupid? This is a gov't takeover of health care because the ludicrous provisions of the bill will drive the private insurers out of business. One, you make the fines for NOT buying insurance so low that most people will pay them vs buy insurance. Two, you eliminate the pre-existing provision stipulation. Three, someone who has paid NOTHING into the system, gets sick, applies for insurance and costs the insurer 10's to 100's of thousands of $. Insurers have to raise rates to remain in business but oops, Four, the gov't won't allow them to raise rates. Ohhh, too bad private insurer, you're out of business. I guess we'll have to take over and implement a single payer system so we can RATION HEALTHCARE like Canada and England.

  • econ101lab

    Where in the world do you get your “facts”? First, there aren't 47 million uninsured in this country. That was debunked months ago. The liberal Kaiser Family Foundation puts the number of uninsured Americans who don’t qualify for government programs and make less than $50,000 a year between 8.2 million and 13.9 million. If you go to a crowded emergency room with a serious ailment, you jump to the head of the line…it's called ER Triage. In Canada if you go to a crowded ER, the same thing happens but there are fewer doctors there so you wait longer regardless. The past head of the Canadian Medical Association says their system is imploding and their are businesses which exist all along the Canadian border which exist to bring Canadians into the US for surgery THEY CAN'T GET IN TIME TO SAVE THEIR LIVES IN CANADA. Even the Premier of Newfoundland came to the US for heart surgery (…) Where in the world did you get that 22,000 statistic? And that 50% personal bankruptcies due to health bills is also fantasyland. And you may have Obamacare here, but even the Mayo Clinic in Arizona is saying they won't take Medicare (or Obamacare) patients because the reimbursement rates are below cost. So let's see, you get Obamacare, but no physician or wait 17 weeks (the average wait in Canada for an MRI) for care. You, Lynn, had better start reading the truth. You may find it enlightening.

  • econ101lab

    Weiner is such a dork. Let's see, first, the ridiculous Obamacare bill makes the fines so small for NOT buying insurance that most people will pay the fine vs buy insurance. Second, you remove the pre-existing condition stipulation from insurers. Third, someone gets sick and applies for insurance NEVER HAVING PAID A NICKEL OF PREMIUM. The insurance company pays out 10's or 100's of $ for this freeloader. Fourth, the private insurer tries to raise rates to remain in business but OOPS, gov't won't let them! Fifth, private insurer goes out of business and a**holes like this Weiner guy say, too bad, let's do single payer so we CAN RATION HEALTHCARE LIKE BRITAIN AND CANADA. REPEAL AND REPLACE!