ARG! Obama admin announces plan to shut down 1.6 million acres of federal land to oil shale development

Imagine that, waiting until right after the election to continue their war on American energy. But sure, he’s gonna do all he can to make us energy independent.


BREITBART – Just two days after President Obama’s re-election, the Obama Interior Department announced a plan to shut down 1.6 million acres of federal land to oil shale development. The land had originally been slated for drilling under President George W. Bush.

“By significantly reducing the acreage of wilderness potentially available for leasing, Secretary Salazar is laying out a creative, thoughtful and more responsible approach in managing some of our most precious resources,” said Bobby McEnaney, senior lands analyst with the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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  • Awesome. What’s not to love about Obozo?

    • warpmine

      Well folks, it’s the stupid demanding to be forced into walking everywhere. Almost forgot, what do you think this “A”hole will do about the pipeline from Canada?

      Ready to kill yet? No, enjoy the show.

      • Rshill7

        Welcome to Politburrough, sister city of Commieburgh, located in the bowel precinct of Obamaville. Where being Presidential is a “gaffe”, and bowing, apologizing, and flying off to Vegas, is a virtue. The sinking township where anything Obama says is considered “widely heralded”, and industrial bilge pumps run round the clock.

        Where Obama goes to the dentist, gets a shot of lydocaine, and mouths up and down Nimrod St. go numb, yet all feel the pain, save he. Where everyone has the same smirk on their face, eerily similar to O’s rectum. Yep, that kiss-ass-smackin’ smirk.

        Where folks defend the indefensible, lie with Milk of Magnesia regularity, and realize that running a lemonade stand or a paper route is above dear leader’s pay grade, and ability. Where folks vote to their detriment and bury their own offspring in debt. Where the fetters that bind them are forged, night and day in the fascist fires of socialism, and where the town cryer at sunrise and sunset repeats that rousing refrain: “If you’re happy and you know it, clank your chains.”

        Ahhh, Obamaville. Ghost town of tomorrow.

        • clank, clank!

          It’s too light down here! We need more darkness. And damp. Yeah, that ought to do it.

    • Holy sh**! Well played, sir!

      (y’all have to read the book again to get the massive joke here. I’ll wait.)

    • You always implement your most unpopular policies first when you get elected.

      Then you start bringing in the sweeteners come election time cause the dumbed down electorate would have forgotten everything anyway

      But ive never seen anything like Obama before. He can install an Islamic Caliphate of the United States and force all women to wear burqas and the people will still vote for him.

      Strange. Very strange and it smells.

      • dcnatl

        burqas for everyone, can i get a specific color….free prayer rugs from the gubment. yippeee

    • badbadlibs

      Welcome to obamaville, in some movies it was called pottersville.

    • Susanna958
  • justright

    That certainly is not good news for algae, which face threat of genocide by Barry.

  • keyesforpres

    Just talked with a friend tonight and she told me a friend of hers worked on a natural gas pipeline in TX and Obama shut it down today.

    • Orangeone

      Is there any media link to that? I’m not at all surprised. He wants the Middle East to control the US and he is almost there.

      • keyesforpres

        No she told me in person. He called her today and told her.

        I’ll see if I can find a link though.

        • Orangeone

          This is absolutely appauling. He will destroy this country by year’s end at this rate.  I guess Jarrett was correct, their revenge would begin Day 1 after the election.

          • keyesforpres

            I’m afraid so.

      • keyesforpres

        Couldn’t find anything.

        • Orangeone

          Thanks for trying!  Maybe it hasn’t hit the press yet, not uncommon for an internal announcement to be a day or two ahead of a press release.  She is in my prayers

          • keyesforpres

            Thanks. It was actually a man. He told my friend today and she told me tonight.

            • Orangeone

              Oops, gender ooops in posts tonight…he and his family are in my prayers as is your female friend.

          • keyesforpres

            Actually, she could use your prayers too. She is the grandmother that fought off the illegal would be rapist. The piece of filth gets released this month. He got pled down to non-violent without her consent. The judicial system victimized her big time. Some good news, he got the sh** beat out of him in prison because they knew what he did. So they moved him to a different prison and they beat the sh** out of him too because they’d heard about it. She called and went on all kinds of media and some of the prisoners knew about it. I told her I sure hoped he was someone’s sweetheart and was gettin’ some lovin’ daily.

            • Orangeone

              Oh Keyes, she will be in my prayers daily.  Glad the slime got the sh** kicked out of him multiple times.  I actually love jailhouse justice for these perps. Let me guess, the illegal qualifies as a Dreamer now under Barky’s amnesty EO.

              • keyesforpres

                What is even worse is this dirtbag’s brother (who claims to be here legally) has been telling people he’s going to kill her. Kill her for what? Defending herself against his brother?

                • Orangeone

                  Please tell me she has moved, has locked and loaded, a conceal & carry permit and lots of training on how to take the SOBs down with one shot.

                • keyesforpres

                  Oh, she’s lock and loaded alright. She was able to push him out of the house with some defense training she had taken years earlier.

                  We are friends with a guy that is working on getting this guy deported. Not just the would be rapist, but the brother as well. He helped big time in us getting our illegal immigration bill passed last year. He worked with the legislature to get it worded so it would not be “sue worthy”. Of course, Onumbnuts sued us anyway.

                • Orangeone

                  Excellent on all counts!  Keep up the good fight.  Her story is the prime example of why illegals need to be deported, all of them!  Just because they have not been committed of a felony doesn’t mean they have not been committed or will not be committed.  Actually entering our country illegally is a felony which is why I am so p!ssed at the GOP for doing nothing re: 1.1 million dreamer amnesty.
                  Can you get her on the Mark Levin show?

                • keyesforpres

                  Knowing her, she will probably get herself on it, but I will run it by her.

                • Orangeone

                  3 of us Scoopers are on Twitter and could tweet Levin too.

  • deeme

    Too funny from IOTW…

    There isn’t one Parasite in the Swing States that cheated to get Obama elected that even knows that their free obamaphones are made from oil….

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    well we knew this was coming, and more EPA restrictions, all these things that would come if he got re-elected…. its not even 5 days later and he is ramping it up.

    • warpmine


      • anyonebutbarry2012

        i still do not get what people were thinking reelecting this guy,

        • warpmine

          “He’s so cool” “groovy” “handsome” “smart” “he cares about me” “Smartest guy in the room”

          Get it?

          • anyonebutbarry2012

            lol no .

          • demographicallychallenged

            You forgot the lame duck shuffel he is starting to use.(called p#%p walk on the Souff side of Chitown)

        • keyesforpres

          They cheated. They didn’t get ballots to our military and one county in Ohio had 108% voter turnout for Obama.

        • p m

          Some did…most didn’t – the election was stolen. What was done to Allen West happened nationwide.

        • graywolf4life

          The electric does not think for themselves, they just watch tv and listen to the msm tell them what to believe.

    • Orangeone

      That’s why federal law required disclosure of 2nd term policies, which of course he violated. More impeachment reasons. Boehner needs to stop smoking pot and file the articles of impeachment Monday.

      • anyonebutbarry2012

        he won’t do crap, imo, but even if he was pushed to, we do not have the senate, so the senate would never impeach him.

        • Orangeone

          I don’t care about the Senate.  The impeachment can be amended each time he violates another law and can sit until the 2014 Senate elections.  If we lose the House in 2014, there is no impact on the impeachment.  By doing nothing, it’s like not punishing your child for beating the neighbor’s kid.  We have to take action otherwise it encourages him to continue to violate the law.  Once the House has decided it is constant campaign to show that Barky Boy continues to violate federal law.  By then, the ObamaCare taxes have been in place, cap and trade will be in place, the deficit will be over $18 trillion, we will be downgraded again, the wars won’t be over, unemployment will exceed 28 million.

          • anyonebutbarry2012

            ok, you have good points. i hope we can be optimistic for 2014 grab the senate, keep the house, the repubs should just quit fighting this admin, let them do what they want, and when it all crashes then they can own it,. once and for all.

            • Orangeone

              We all have good points.  It’s too bad Boehner is in the way.  He needs to be removed as speaker immediately and replaced with a true conservative that takes no crap

              • anyonebutbarry2012

                we could only get that lucky.! there are a handful that I could see as speaker..

              • Here orangesis!! I’ve spread it all over facebook and folks are signing! It can’t hurt to keep trying!!!

                • Can we do a petition forcing all of New England to secede? Let’s stick ’em with those disgruntled kebbekers.

                • demographicallychallenged

                  No my ancestors tried that 151years ago. Just got Washington mad, and them all killed.

                • Wait, if your ancestors wuz all killt, how did you get here?

                • Orangeone

                  Okay done.  May I tweet your link?

                • Yes! By all means! Thanks sis!

                • Orangeone

                  Will do it right now!

                • Orangeone

                  Here it is.

                  Please RT This petition to expose the #Behghazi cover-up. Don’t let #Betrayus & his #ManPart issue trump justice.…

                • Thank you!!

                • pdxlady

                  Thank you for posting this link AbiCSis (:)! I will sign and tweet as well.

                • Thanks for signing it pdxsis!!! Thanks for getting it out!!

                • pdxlady

                  Absolutely my pleasure. We all need to work together to get the word out.

                  I closed my Facebook account quite awhile back (paranoia); but I do use Twitter quite a bit. I follow a lot of people, so I get a good deal of information from the people I follow. Do you Tweet?

                • If I tweeted, I’d never get off the computer lol. No, I do facebook. I’m sure there’s a thick file on me by now, but I love facebook anyway 🙂 Thanks pdxlady! You rock girlie!

              • HEY! Did you hear, both N.C and Louisianna have folks petitioning the White House to secede?

                • Orangeone

                  No but that is sweeeeet!  I would be willing to move if South Carolina gets into the game!  I would move for Trey Gowdy in a second.

                • tvlgds

                  There are grumblings in TX too.

                • Now if we could get them in Ga, Al, and Fl. we’d be almost there!!!

                • tvlgds

                  Maybe the south will win this time! And NO, it was never about slavery, it was about states rights! The abolishment of slavery was the icing on the cake.

                • pdxlady

                  The petition link for LA was posted by WordsFailMe on the open thread, but I didn’t know about NC. Thanks for the tip!

                • pdxlady

                  Hi – No ‘Reply’ button on the Twitter/Facebook conversation, so I used this one. 😀

                  It is sooo true that I can’t get off the computer very easily…there is such a steady flow of current information…I started my Spring Cleaning this morning, so that I will have time to finish by Spring.

                  The thought of a thick file on you made me smile…I’m sure J. Edgar is keeping track of you.

                • LOL!! I know that feeling of starting my spring cleaning- I’m just about finished 😉

                  And yeah, I imagine J Edgar would be having a field day lol. You made me laugh out loud with that!

          • pdxlady

            There are 20 Dem Senators up for re-election in 2014. These are our targets:

            Taking the Senate is imperative for us to pry prince Harry off of his throne; and limit Barry & Co’s powers. Also, so we can follow through on Articles of Impeachment that have already been filed…

            Obama Impeachment Bill Now In Congress, Declares Presidents Use of Military Without Approval, ‘High Crime, Misdomeanor’

            There is also this website:

            • Orangeone

              Excellent!  I cannot wait for fraudster Franken to be dead on his butt out of the race.  I will work diligently to find every video clip of him as he was insulting other members of Congress like Liebermann, best evidence is his own mouth.  And I know he inquired of stupid things during Fast and Furious.  I’m going to approach Chris Fields (he ran against Ellison) and is a black 21-year Marine veteran to see if he’ll run.  MN won’t turn down a black.

              • pdxlady

                Awesome OrangeSis! Thank you for your diligent hard work on this.

                Franken needs to be ejected from his unlawful Senate seat. And there is a perfect job that he can fall back on; he can go back to SNL and do parodies of himself as a U.S. Senator! 😀

                Now you still need to come up with a good candidate to run against Ellison in 2014…because he also needs to be tossed out of the House!

                Some good news for the House though…Former U.S. Prosecutor Negotiating Plea Deal For Jackson Jr.


                Could justice be served up for JJ,Jr.? Still cannot believe that he was re-elected from the Mayo Clinic.

                Now, we in Oregon, need to work on a suitable conservative candidate to replace Jeff Merkley.

                • Orangeone

                  And OR needs to work on its voting practices.  Yea gads, by mail?

        • They can’t impeach him due to dingy harry, but Congress is the house which levels treason charges. They’ve got plenty to work with on that!

          • anyonebutbarry2012

            your absolutely correct, lets see what washes out with Benghazi, jason chaffez was commenting it looks very very bad,,

          • keyesforpres

            They need to get crack-a-lackin on that one before he gets illegally sworn in.

      • MaxineCA

        That’s exactly why Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation filed suit against them, but he knew it probably wouldn’t be handled by the court system before the election. Perhaps he is making an effort when it does come up, to have it on record what an absolute fraud this admin has been.

        0: Laws…. what laws? We’re in charge and we don’t care about any stinking laws!

        • Orangeone

          Thank you Maxine!  I knew Levin’s foundation sued but didn’t have time to research the basis of the case.

  • deeme

    Yes here’s what else is happening..we are doomed..and people actually voted for it.


    Any business that pay corp. providers of property and services any amount more than $ 600.


    1. My employer will now be required to put the value of my health care on my W-2….

    2. It used to be that if I wanted to use “Itemized deductions” for my 1040 Taxes… I had to spend 7.5% of my income before I could deduct medical costs, now I have to spend 10%

    3. IF I had an H.S.A., I could put xxx into it on a yearly basis…now, I can ONLY put $ 2,500 (did I mention that it’s tax deductible?)


    1. Imposes non-deductible annual flat fees on health insurance providers and clinical labs based on relative market share. (not 100% sure I know what that means – I think it means that, based on market share of BCBS, Humana, Kaiser Permente, whoever, depends on how much I have to pay for Dr. visits/lab work)

    2. Employer penalties start for businesses that DO NOT provide coverage for their employees – is it cheaper to pay the fine or provide coverage?

    a. If health coverage is not offered, the employer pays a monthly penalty of $ 167 x the # of employees over 30 (1st 30 employees are ‘free’)

    b. If coverage is not “adequate” (who decides if it’s adequate???) then its’ $ 250x the # of full time employees who received a tax credit OR $ 167 x the # of employees over 30 (1st 30 employees are ‘free’)

    c. 40% excise tax imposed on insurance com and plan admin. For health ins. Plans above the threshold of $ 10,200 for individual coverage & $ 27,500 for families

    d. These amounts will be indexed for inflation and MAY EVEN CHANGE BEFORE 2018.

    Tax is one on the excess of the annual total cost of coverage over the threshold amount

    The annual total cost of a coverages is to be computed similarly to the current COBRA calculations,… omg…do you have ANY idea how expensive THAT is????

    There are certain classes that will be allowed higher thresholds, including high-risk retirees.


    40% tax on insurance companies and plan administrators of insurance plans above $ 10,200 for individual coverage & $ 27,500 for families.

    • Orangeone

      Let’s not forget that S Corp business earnings will all be taxed as income at 43.4%, dividend tax rates increase, capital gains taxes increase [both of which will dry up equity financing in businesses], 2.3% medical device tax (will drive up health care costs), 3.5% tax on the sale of your business, 45% death tax rate (including family owned businesses and farms).

      • deeme

        I mean no wonder they call it taxaggedon and no wonder people who don’t pay taxes are the only ones who voted for it..I’m starting to think you employer would be better off dropping you and paying you on the sly for your insurance..We have to get smart here because this is going to go socialized quick but that’s what they want..

        • Orangeone

          And that’s why businesses that stay open need to get to $0 net profit.  That’s our best way to starve the giant.

          • deeme

            I’m pretty sure that’s going to be easy..LOL…

    • Sadly, that’s only the beginning.

      As soon as this thing kicks in fully, they will start regulating every single thing you can do. Just like in Britain.

      “Elf & Safety gone mad, Mate.”

      • colliemum

        But cannot the states refuse to apply these ‘diktates’?
        Could they not entangle the fed government in legal red tape, appeals etc until 2014 and 2016?

        • Funny thing, that. We supposedly have a balance of power between the three branches of the Federal government. But the States are also supposedly sovereign in their own right. So the Governors have much to do (or pass upon doing) about our problem now.

          I’d love to see the states’ legislatures pass resolutions declaring certain acts unconstitutional. The big, horribly misunderstood concept over here is that the Supreme Court is the Final Arbiter of what is, and what isn’t Constitutional. However, that is not—strictly speaking—true.

          We have the potential of Jury Nullification, the Vote, and of course, Other Branches of Government. Those other branches can do things like refuse to enforce laws (see Holder, Eric), ignore Supreme Court findings (Andrew Jackson), and bung up the works (de-funding by Congress).

          So the possibility of a “finding” by the States has yet to be tested. If a vast majority of the states passed such a resolution, as a form of, oh I dunno, compact? …then it would put the federal government in a tight place when it came time to attempt to work its will on those states.

          A final point to bear in mind is that each state’s Governor is the Commander In Chief of the National Guard forces in their state (although that power was weakened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina).

          So it may be time to test the power of those other branches of government, and of the states.

        • I don’t think I actually answered this question in my ramble.

          One thing the Feds have that they can use as a goad on the states is the “return” of tax money to the states in the form of funding for mandated stuff and pet projects and, well, graft.

          Some Guvs are scared to death to have any funding from the feds cut out of their budgets, so they jump when the feds tell them to. Other states have a history of refusing federal funds on certain projects (Alaska, Texas, I don’t know which others).

          So I don’t know how much we can count on a flat out refusal or court cases. I think it will take something more novel, like I mentioned in the other comment.

  • justplainbob

    This is all part of their plan. Keep the energy (gas) prices high so that they can limit how far we are able to travel in our cars, etc. Trust me folks…this guy has a master plan and those that voted him in again are suckers for doing so.

    • Orangeone

      Gasoline prices won’t matter, he will pass a similar law that requires us all to by Chevy Volts.

      • I’m still looking for a horse and buggy. Seriously.

        • Orangeone

          Cloud computing best business decision I made!

  • Joe



    What a surprise!

    Hello there Candy Growley!

    ************** Gasoline will be $5 -$7 within two years **********

  • 911Infidel

    “By significantly reducing the acreage of wilderness potentially available for leasing, Secretary Salazar is laying out a creative, thoughtful and more responsible approach in managing some of our most precious resources,” said Bobby McEnaney, senior lands analyst with the Natural Resources Defense Council.

    Yeah I’m sure Gaia is pleased dipstick. Now go hug a tree ya moron.

  • Larchmonter

    When we take back the nation from the Cult, we should send the environmentalists to re-education camps so they can learn about the role of Energy in a modern society. The dolts are the biggest polluters of the earth and don’t understand their high tech lifestyle is far more damaging than working people driving to work five days a week. Rare earth minerals, carbon from their jet planes, the constant draining of electric appliances because they don’t use gas, all overload the grid and create more warming per person than middle class and poor trying to survive.

    • WinMissouri

      Could we send them to a fenced wilderness area with no access to utilities and electronic communication of any kind? Let them live off the land within the fence. Someplace that has all the seasons but completely off the grid of developed areas.

      • That’s gonna be an electrified fence surrounding them right? With razor wire strung along the top? YAY!

        • Nukeman60

          Preferably with a lot of Grizzly bears (momma grizzlies, at that).

          • 😀 Good morning Nukefriend!

            • Nukeman60

              I’d say Good morning, duckie, but it’s evening now. Just came back from my granddaughter’s 2nd Birthday party. There are beautiful things worth fighting for in this country. It reinforces my resolve. Have a Blessed day. 🙂

              • Aw!!! Yes, I agree Nukefriend, there is PLENTY worth fighting for. I see it in the faces of those 9 kids in my homeschool class.

                I’m glad you had a great day with your little sweetie! I guess I don’t have to ask how she liked the swingset Grampa got for her? 😉 Have a Blessed evening Grampa!

                • Nukeman60

                  Well, the swingset was sitting in the yard for a couple of weeks now, so ole grandpa just had to bring another gift, as well. The theme was Minnie Mouse, so of course, I had a singing Minnie Mouse card (it sang ‘Happy Birthday’), a foot tall Minnie Mouse doll (with a half dozen velcro bows), a pair of Minnie Mouse sun glasses (she absolutely loves sun glasses), all wrapped in Minnie Mouse paper.

                  The overall party was a smash hit and my granddaughter was indeed the delight of the gathering. It was a wonderful time. Family and friends should always get together to share each other. This Thanksgiving is going to be a special one for all of us this year.

                • All smiles over here Nukefriend! I’m glad it was such a good day for you all. 🙂 I don’t know how we’re gonna get through Thanksgiving at my mother in law’s but I promise, I’ll behave myself. 😀

                • Nukeman60

                  I hope you come to terms with her. She is uninformed, but still family. I know you have bent over backwards for her and it must feel like a monumental task just knowing how she wasted a vote that you as yet cannot counter. My heart goes out to you. There will be a lot of Thanksgiving homes this year that have political tensions in them. We must all look for any silver lining around this black cloud that has been thrust upon us.

                  God will show us the way. My heart knows it.

                • Nukefriend, I love here dearly. I really do. We get along great and she has always treated me like her own.. except on this. Oy. All her kids hate dear leader, but she’s just dug in her heels on it. But I will behave myself, with a LOT of prayers first 😉

    • warpmine

      If you choose to wait for the next election then you will have waited to long as you’ll be broke and they’ll be entrenched.

    • demographicallychallenged

      Watch the end of the Woodstock documentary. The ones that are alive today, are the head of the Green Movement. Our POTUS, and OWES are its offspring.(I am making reference to the field of garbage left behind after three days of peace, love and music.) They didn’t care then, they don’t care now!

  • Heh. The comment formats changed

  • KenInMontana

    Funny, Zero was just on national tv, stating that one part of his much touted “plan for recovery”, was “developing American energy” (that part is a direct quote). Why am I not surprised that this guy was lying through his teeth?

    • Maybe Obama’s “American energy” comes only from Chinese-built windmills?

      • keyesforpres

        Don’t forget unicorn farts.

    • You’ve got guts Ken, to listen to him. OY! I can’t stand even to hear sound bites on the radio news.

      • Pickupdriver

        I feel the same way americanbornincanada…absolutely cannot look at the TV when he is on or listen to his voice.

  • Energy independence. What a joke. Liberals stop us from drilling here at home, and then scream that we fight wars for oil. What the idiots don’t realize is that if we really were energy independent, do you really think we would care what happened to places like Saudi Arabia or Kuwait? Not a chance. Liberals are the ones keeping us addicted to Mideast oil, and shame on them for that.

  • conservativemama

    It hasn’t even been a week since the election and the news just gets worse by the hour. The hour.

    God help us.

    • PVG

      I am countin’ on HIM

  • Bekuzikan

    I don’t believe it… you mean he was pulling our legs about “energy independence” during his campaign?

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      I know seems pretty far fetched doesn’t it…. Almost seems like he was lying.. let me put on my shocked face…….

  • Sandra123456

    Must be the Obama crowd have their play book all preplanned in advance of how to totally destroy America in the next 4 years, and they are off and running.

    I just don’t understand why so many people are so blind and dumb about Obama. It just makes me want to become a hermit.

  • 1endtimes2020

    I wouldn’t be surprised the vote count was fraudulent. I’m so sorry we lost Romney at this critical time.I am convinced Obama is working to destroy America and make the country ineffective against its enmies—outside the borders, and within. When I think about how that dear ambassador was beaten, tugged and pulled, dragged, sodomized and murdered, while Obama prevented any attack on the terrorists, it makes me very angry, and saddened at the same time.
    How all those young people, blacks and hispanics can be so blind over that devil’s disciple, is beyond me.
    No one should be allowed to avoid testifying at the Congressional hearings, including Resident Obama.=—not president, as he is not a citizen. There is no Hawaiin shield embedded in his birth certificate.
    He came out of the woodwork by Communist elements such as Hillary, and his Communist schooling in ChicAGO MADE HIM THE CANDIDATE TO CHANGE aMERICA. yES WE CAN, HE SAID.
    I can’t believe this is happening in America. It’s so surreal.

    • keyesforpres

      He said last year that America could absorb another terrorist attack. A week before the election he said the future workers of America will be black and hispanic. Sounds like the he has some camps he wants to send us white folk too.

    • please watch Agenda: Grinding America Down. It’s free on vimeo right now. I watched it the other night. your head will spin.

      • MaxineCA

        Sober Thinking put up that link a few days ago. I watched it (as I recall it’s about 1 1/2 hrs) but well worth the watch. Although I knew most of the info, it certainly did a fantastic job at connecting all of the dots. Looks like the “manifesto” is close to complete! Perhaps Scoop can post that link as a Saturday matinee.

      • kong1967

        I’m watching the movie now and I’m only 12.5 minutes in. My head is spinning already.

        A book written in 1958 stating the communist goals that must be met in order to destroy this country and install communism. The numbered goals are almost complete. The producer of the video mentioned going to a communist meeting I believe in the late 1970’s where they talked about using environmentalism to destroy business. Capitalism cannot be destroyed unless it’s productivity is forcefully slowed down. Coincidence with today’s global warming theory? After seeing all the rest of the coincidences, such as promoting homosexuality (and remember, this was written in 1958), it’s a world full of so-called coincidences that are following a playbook to perfection.

        Everyone should be mandated to watch this movie. It would wake a lot of people up. That is, of course, except the people that are already happy living under the governmnet wing.

    • kong1967

      America no more.

    • JimNEPA2_0

      Hey, if you’re a bully and want to see a slow kid eat a dog turd, just pour some sugar on it and tell him it’s candy. THAT, 1endtimes2020, is the Chicago Way!

      • 1endtimes2020

        Jim; It didn’t take very long for Obama to shut down oil exploration on federal lands. His speech just said America would be energy independent–he speaks on both sides of his mouth. I hope those Congressional hearings bring out more than we expect.

  • James1754

    This is just part of his war on fossil fuels. I do not know why anyone would be surprised. He has virtually stopped drilling on public lands, as far as issuing new leases is concerned. This administration does not care anything about energy independence or what the cost will be to the American Public.

    • kong1967

      He has to shut down our access to oil in order to succeed with his push for green energy. That’s the only way, he says, to force technology to come up with a new resource.

      Oh, that’s brilliant. Risk our entire nation on the bet that he can force a technology to arise to keep us from collapsing. An alternative doesn’t exist. He’s an idiot.

      • JimNEPA2_0

        That’s like the story about the lady who kept feeding her horse less and less in order to ween it off food entirely. And it worked! After it died, it never touched another morsel.

        • Nukeman60

          My grandfather always told the story of the man who tried to teach his horse to not eat (thought it would save him thousands). It was working pretty well, too, right up to the point where the horse up and died on him.

          Poor liberal, they keep dreaming, don’t they. 🙂

        • kong1967

          LMAO!! That is so true.

    • 1endtimes2020

      The pipeline from the province of Alberta in Western Canada (above Montana) would have been great for American workers.
      What bothers me is the fact North America could be cut off without notice from Middle East oil (Iran wants to destroy Saudi oil fields).
      There is a pipeline from east to west in Canada now, and it would have to have oil reversed from Alberta to the east. But then, what will supply eastern U.S.? The same cut off applies from China, while it wants to buy Canadian Alberta oil fields. They bought 10% already.
      If China stops sending products to North America, suddenly, it would be a good thing in the long run, but it would bankrupt a lot of companies who were forced to buy cheap products from American companies lured to China by China manipulating and devaluating its currency. Romney was going to put an end to that. Obama won’t, but China’s economy isn’t doing as well as claimed, and the change in leadership calls for more of its basic products being sold to the Chinese population.
      Economics 101 always stated that a country that doesn’t manufacture its own product needs can lose its sovereignty. We send all that money to China, and they’re building a huge military, with over 250 million soldiers already trained.
      Obama says we have the best military in the world, but doesn’t use the standby aircraft that could have straffed the terrorists that were setting up to kill the ambassador in Libya. Talk, talk, talk.–that’s Obama
      and to much of the American public believe, believe believe in his words.
      God help us.

  • Linky1

    “Imagine that, waiting until right after the election to continue their war on American energy.”

    And so it begins – the dismantling of America piece by piece.

    • kong1967

      I “liked” your comment, but…

      …how can someone actually like your statement? It sucks!!! But unfortunately it’s true.

      • Linky1

        I understand exactly what you mean, kong1967. I “disliked” saying it……..

  • tvlgds

    Another “who didn’t see THAT coming?” He is bound and determined to have us be like the Flintstones instead of the Jetsons!

    • kong1967

      I’ll tell you who. The 60 million people that voted for the c*** s*****, that’s who. Not to mention the millions that love him but didn’t vote.

      We are so screwed. The ignorant masses are voting for their own destruction, and it’s being done right out in the open. With a corrupt media and a tuned out audience, it’s a walk in the park for Obama to lead us over the cliff.

      • Nukeman60

        I would have normally said the same thing, about the 60 million who voted for him. But when we see Romney getting less votes than McLame in a year of energized Republicans and Conservatives (I don’t count those two as the same anymore), we know there had to be something rotten in Denmark (and Washington).

        We need to fight the idiocy of the American masses, the corruption of the Lame Stream Media, and the fraud perpetrated by this administration. That last part is the most difficult to beat, but the most important goal to achieve. I fear it will come down to outright civil unrest.

        • Pickupdriver

          What about the crashing of “Orca” on election day? Is there any way to check WHY that happened? Did it really just “happen” or did the Oblamer thugs have something to do with it?

          • Nukeman60

            I haven’t yet looked into that one. It, after all, was just a ‘get out the vote’ plan. If the energized electorate weren’t smart enough to realize that they needed to vote, I’m nort sure that would have made that much difference.

            Besides, if my theory is correct and the machines were programmed to swap a certain percentage of the Republican vote to Democrat, it wouldn’t have mattered how many voted (10% of 100 votes is still the same percentage as 10% of a million).

            • kong1967

              Our voting system is so corrupt we need to abandon it. I’m not even sure I’m going to vote any more because our votes don’t matter. I have lost faith in our entire system…from the voting to the people running government.

              • Nukeman60

                I, too, have lost all faith in our process. That’s why I’m going to invest a lot of time and effort to dig into the weeds on this one. It may take some time, though.

                • kong1967

                  Yeah, I want to learn all the information I can on voter fraud. I already heard that one district somehwere had 72,000 more votes than they had registered voters. It’s destroying our system. Scratch that, it has already destroyed our system.

            • Pickupdriver

              I agree with you nukeman60 that if the energized electorate weren’t smart enough to realize that they needed to vote than it wouldn’t have made that much difference, but if they were able to hack into Orca, what else did they do that day??? And, it is illegal to hack into someone’s computer. I am frustrated and desperate. I am looking for every nail in the coffin of the Obama administration.

        • kong1967

          I agree. That’s when the powers that be will get nervous and use the power they have against us.

  • kong1967

    Scoop, you’re really working overtime to p*** me off tonight, and it’s working.

    Of course, I’m joking. We need to know.

    Obama spent 4 years at war against coal and oil. He spent his campaign saying he’s “all of the above” and “we’ve increased oil development”. Now he’s back to his war on coal and oil. I think he succeeds because most of America is dumbed down and tuned out. They had no idea that Obama was at war with coal and oil, then they hear him say he’s “all of the above” and they don’t know any better so they voted for him. Now they’ll go back to having their heads buried in sand as they watch our electicity rates skyrocket and our gas prices hit $9 a gallon. The Obama line will be to blame the greedy oil and electric companies.

    Amercian citizens are so stupid. I’m almost ashamed to be one.

    • MaxineCA

      Well, when he says “all of the above”, he’s once again telling us the truth in a deceitful way. What it means is “NOTHING from below” (oil, gas, coal).

      • kong1967

        Lol, that was clever. Good analysis.

      • 1endtimes2020

        Yes MaxineCA Obama has earned a reputation as The Great Deceiver—pretending to be everything to everyone. It’s amazing how a good orator can say anything and get cheered. i.e. “we will succeed or fail united, as one nation”(crowd cheers) Whatever happened to “Yes we can” ??? Oh, yes, of course “we couldn’t”

    • Nukeman60

      Amercian citizens are so stupid. I’m almost ashamed to be one.‘ – k

      I’ve coined the phrase ‘colon headectomy’ (the act of forcefully pulling someone’s head out of their…) and I think ObamaCare should pay for it. It should be free for all those stupid people who still have the ability to vote.

      • kong1967

        Lol, that would send us to $80 trillion in debt. 🙂

        Still might be worth it.

        • If treatment worked on those with progressive issues and they became producers we could work our way out of it. Guess Id better not hold my breath any longer than a normal breath.

          • kong1967

            Lol, I wouldn’t even hold my breath that long.

    • 1endtimes2020

      In his speech, Obama says “we will succeed or fail united”. Does that ever sound like a set-up to fail if I ever heard of one.

      • kong1967

        Yeah, especially coming from a guy that is the most divisive figure one could possibly imagine. He should say “the working class will have to support my rapidly increasing taker class or we will drag you down with us”.

  • donalddt

    How come the Speaker of the House at least say something about this?????? Its time to get him out of his job and put someone in there that can stand up to the pres

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      yes , boehner is the worse

  • halfmadjesus

    In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue…

  • WhiteGuy2

    This is interesting, I hope the succeed I may join them.

    we petition the Obama administration to:
    Peacefully grant the State of Louisiana to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.

    • MaxineCA

      Hey now…. only if the of conservative counties in CA can withdraw into our own state. Believe it or not, conservative counties outnumber the wackos but not in population! L.A. and San Fran (all liberals left over from the 60’s and illegals) outnumber a large majority of the state in population. ARGHHHHH

      • Nukeman60

        I’m with you there. Illinois is totally controlled by two counties – Cook and Lake (the Chicago corner). The rest of us need some relief.

        • If Illinois could get rid of Chicago and Springfield it would be almost like Indiana. I always feel bad for those in down state Illinois (everything south of Chicago).

        • PhillyCon

          PA is controlled by Philly and Pittsburgh. Same story.

    • There’s one going for North Carolina as well WhiteguyFriend! 🙂

  • wodiej

    We knew this was coming. 4 more years of the same. Those who stayed home or voted 3rd party, you will be affected by this as well. It’s unfortunate that we don’t seem to learn unless we are facing hardship and suffering.

    • Nukeman60

      I’m interested in hearing now from those Conservatives that preferred an Obama win over a Romney win. They know who they are, as they were very outspoken about it.

      Where is their gameplan, as they seem to have gotten what they wanted. What do we do now to stop Obama from totally destroying this nation, taking all forms of energy independence away, taking our 2nd amendment rights away, filling the Supreme Court with liberal activist Justices, etc, etc.? Where do we go from here, without actually losing our freedoms?

      Come forth now with you strategy, I say.

  • colliemum

    Well, what is so surprising about this? He and his czars are on record in regard to cripple the USA’s energy self-sufficiency.
    All I can say is: prepare yourselves for brownouts, blackouts and high energy prices.
    And start working full out right now to take over Congress in 2014, so as to impeach the POS.

    • Nukeman60

      Buy your generators, residential windmills, and solar panels now before the prices are astronomical. Get off the grid in order to survive. Make sure you know how to garden, and if you don’t have the land, learn hydroponics and turn the basement into a hydroponic garden. Drill a well in your backyard. Learn about water purification.

      Now is the time to do all this, if you haven’t done it already. It’s the only way to survive. Survivalist nutcases like me have just moved to the forefront of reasonability.

      • colliemum

        If you have a back garden, get chickens. I’m sure you’ve got something like this:
        in the USA!

        If you’ve got a bigger property, do start thinking about getting a horse, or donkey, and cart. Horse manure is a great fertiliser.

        But also, if you physically can, get seriously into gardening and growing your own. Get proper spades, forks, hoes, watering cans (they will prohibit using sprinklers and hosepipes!), and get cracking on buying seeds. Some need planting in late winter.
        Think about building a greenhouse – and think about soft fruit and fruit trees.

        And anyway – working in one’s garden does make one happy.

        • Nukeman60

          I like your link. Looks pretty nifty.

  • Diogenes_wy

    After reading several comment streams on various sites, I find an oppressive sense of gloom and doom pervading the threads. Can no one see the silver lining in O’s re-election?

    1) The economy is like a runaway train. It is going to crash and nobody can or could stop it. Not even Mitt. The Leftist/Liberal/Progressives, starting with Teddy Roosevelt, have set it on this course and by all that is Holy, they should be the ones at the throttle when it hits the cliff. Who better to take the blame?
    2) Margret Thatcher: “Socialism is fine until you run out of other people’s money”. Tax the rich is preposterous. They just pick up their marbles and find a more equitable game. If the top 5% of earners (who pay over 60% of taxes) decide to close up shop and live off their off shore accounts in a country that is cheaper than the US for the next four years where will the money come from to support the government give-away programs? Remember, it’s an INCOME tax. No income. No tax. The top three government expenditures are social welfare programs, the military and government salaries. Cut any of these and you will be voted out of office. Also, without the government give-aways, the 47% will do what the Greeks are doing, rioting. Which means this government will be fighting in the streets against those who elected them.
    3) As conservatives, we understand the principle of ‘building our house on the rock and not the shifting sands’. So we will hunker down in our communities and work to elect good conservatives to local offices, support our churches and educate our children. And when the storm has passed we will be there to pick up the pieces and rebuild and get the train back on the right track. Besides, a stake will be driven so far into the heart of the liberal/progressive movement that it will be dead for a long, long, long time (maybe for eternity).

    • Couple of potential problems.

      1) Recoveries happen, eventually. The trick is to be in office when that starts. Obama now has four more years in that lotto, if we can’t impeach his sorry butt.

      2) There’s gonna be continued boom times in shale gas, no matter what Obama does. This could be the thing that keeps us from going over the cliff entirely. The nasty, Chicago play would be for him to lie and claim it was his policies and his personal intervention that made it all happen. You know the press will lap that up like manna.

      • JimNEPA2_0

        Until the EPA bans oil shale drilling and natural gas fracking altogether, both on public and private land.

      • 1endtimes2020

        We can do what we always have done to recover. Today, we bring in potential terrorists through immigration. It’s what these plotters are preparing that we are not focusing on. One day, we’ll have a big surprise that will make 911 look very small.
        Question: Why are we not being wise to protect ourselves? At least the Trojan Horse outside the gates aroused curiosity first, We don’t even have the benefit of a Trojan Horse. We just let’em in, and then they plot to destroy our country. Don’t count on Obama to save us—he’s one of the plotters, as far as I’m concerned. He’s just there to set us up.

    • 1endtimes2020

      Excellent letter.

  • Yazz55

    Ok-so the obamessiah didn’t waste any time to declare war on business.

    Now we know why he needs a cabinet level secretary of business. Answer-to fully prosecute the war on business.

    • O’s declaration of war was made when he was still back in Illinois. Whats changed is now he is pulling out the restrictions that were holding him back from openly attacking. How does one tax all business? Raise the cost of energy whether in taxes or reducing the supply.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Can you say Middle East/Arab/Saudi Oil Interests?

  • Rocco11

    Was Sharia mentioned in the statement?

    • later, Rocco……………….after FuBar Ack goes back to arabs and bending down kisses few rings/hands

  • Reap what you sow, 51%. Hope you enjoy your $7 gas. I can afford it, I doubt you can.

    Let it burn.

    • JimNEPA2_0

      T Paine: For those who don’t get the connection, I would like to add that when gasoline hits $7, diesel will be at least $8 to $9, and the prices of goods will climb just to make up for transportation costs. I remember when drooling idiots were comparing him to Superman. Well, the Obamas are a “Super Welfare” family, living on “Super free” money” and “Super free” food, living in “Super government housing”, and taking “Super” vacations while those of us who still have jobs work hard to keep them and, in my case, curse him and his 72 degree comfort while I turn my thermostat down to the 50’s and 60’s to save a few bucks. Like their non-super brethren, the Obamas can afford whatever they want without any effort or care. Gas could be $100 a gallon, and they’d still be out riding in his 8 mpg Obama panzer, his Obama Marine Corpse (sic) One helicopter, and Air Force One to some exotic location or separate locations at the same time.

      • facts for leftist idiots? Forget it, Jim.
        Besides, it was 49% of leachers + DNC slaves who reelected him.
        BTW – sly job, DNC, on programming the voting machines.

  • notebene

    Let the paybacks begin! Saudi money flourished in filling the Odumbo campaign cup, so now he must scratch their backs. So now, Odumbo will really lower the amount of domestic production and in return, we will be more dependent on foreign oil. Four more years of cronyism and hideous gas prices…thanks liberal zombies.

    • Orangeone

      I fear it will be a lot more than 4 years. They are already strategizing on Moochier running in 2016

      • colliemum

        Yep – provided people do not start working on taking the Senate in 2014, and provided people don’t start kicking their congress critters to start impeachment proceedings NOW!

        • Orangeone

          ***** 5-stars for your post colliemum

  • Sober_Thinking

    No one should be surprised that he lied and continues to destroy this nation.

    • 1endtimes2020

      The Communists in Russia and China, along with the Arabs have plotted against the USA ever since we ‘won’ the cold war. The Communist Chief of Defence said they would play along with the USA, and when we were asleep, they would STRIKE. I can just see the plotters meeting together and saying, “there are other ways to destroy America==–from within. If we can disable America, we will be able to do whatever we want to achieve our goals in the world—a One World Government” They didn’t realize that goal was enticing to many countries in the West—illuminate, bilderbergs–
      The Book of Revelation says when an agreement for peace is achieved between Israel and its enemies, thwerewill be shouts of jou in the streets. Then, when everyone feels at peace, then sudden calamity strikes’ I think events are heading us in that direction. I often wondered why the USA wasn’t mentioned in the Bible—not by name, of course, but just as a part of the world that would be included in the armaggedon—-now, I believe the enemy forces have planned to disable the USA and make it ineffective in that final conflict.
      Just look how Obama hates Israel, and Israel doesn’t trust Obama.
      And, you know something?—the sin we try not to include, is bringing a new threat to our own homeland. Whether its acceptance of sodomy, or pornography, or whatever, we have an Obamaminable leader who not only condones sin, but his speech said tolerance of ‘gay or straight’, and ends his speech with talking about ‘god’s grace’ and then a lightly heard ‘God bless America’. Does anyone think grace and blessings will be handed to the USA, for sins?—those anti-life sins? Let’s be real.

      • Sober_Thinking

        You’ve touched upon my concern… that God either has or soon will remove His hand of protection from the U.S. .

        We must do what we can with the time we are given. Pray for America and reach those who still can be reached.

  • TJinNJ

    What was it, American economy crashes with 8.00 gas…It would be a miracle if we make it to 2016 without imploding. But then again, Comrade Bernanke is keeping us from collaspse by keeping interest rates low and printing money, hurting seniors citizens on fixed incomes (don’t think Barry cares cause he and his evil buddies, Dr. E. Emanuel (brother of Rahm, Barry’s down low bud) creator of the “complete lives system”, would ration them into extinction).

    • Orangeone

      If the seniors are hurt, they need to look at their voting records. The facts were provided and yet Dem lever was pulled. The death panels will take care of them soon anyway because they are a draw on gov’t services and the death tax increases to 45% on 1/1/13

      • TJinNJ

        Where’s the stats that seniors voted DEM? Nice to think of people as expendable due to their age; they’re the ones who actually PAID taxes for the 50% of todays takers. FYI, this regime thinks anyone outside the ages of 3-40 are EXPENDABLE, so should they start building death camps like the Nazi’s? Of course not, they’ll just covertly do it without alarming the masses which is why Obamacare didn’t fully get implemented from day 1. They waited until this past election was over which equates to increasing tyranny slowly but surely. Think frog in a pot of water with the flame burning away. Object is to lower medical costs not KILL people but that would be stupid wouldn’t it. Maybe even STOP allowing ILLEGAL’s to cross the border or “refugees” being brought in via the UN (think Islamic Caliphate as well due to predominance of those a muslims, not to mention terrorist since no checks are done on them – slowly but surely the demographics are changing unbenounced except for those communities that get effected by this swarm) and suck our resources dry like every other sovereign nation does.

        Interestingly (fraudulently) swing state voter turnout was b/w 104 and 120%.
        Wanna bet they voted DEM?
        Anyone care this election was a fraud?
        Anyone care OBama received foreign campaign cash?
        Anyone care our Government allowed 4 Americans to be murdered in Libya and knowingly did NOTHING to help them? Treason comes to mind…
        Anyone care our government is arming Al-Aqaeda to help create an Islamic Caliphate?
        Anyone care Obama used our tax dollars to green companies who all donated to Obama and has produced NOTHING to aid in our energy needs?
        Anyone care Obama armed drug lords in Mexico in hope to remove the 2nd amendment or is now looking to do so via the globalist UN?
        Anyone care Obama broke the law by putting unions ahead of shareholders during auto bailout? Then offshored production…
        Anyone care Obama sued states over voter id requirements or border security?
        Anyone care Obama has used race as a means for justice? i.e. Black Panthers, Trayvon Martin, and Henry Louis Gates (beer summit).
        Anyone care Obama doesn’t call Islamic Terrorist events Islamic Terrorist events? Fort Hood, Times Square Bomber, etc.
        Anyone care all military, FBI, and DHS references to Islamic terrorism has been removed from training materials?
        Anyone care Obama is killing jobs in America? especially energy producing oil jobs? ie this article about 1.6 million acres.
        Anyone care our tax dollars are being “REDISTRIBUTED” to foreign countries? ie FED
        Anyone care Obama said to Russia, I’ll have more flexibility after the election?
        Anyone care Obama doesn’t enforce his duty as president to protect the borders? or treasonously granted Amnesty by fiat?
        Anyone care Obama mandated Christians pay for abortion?

        I digress, even the GOP has even known about voter fraud before 2008 election (ACORN) but was conspicuously silent. How can we be sovereign when masses are being imported that don’t want to even live by our constitution (neither does DEM or RINOs)?

        Another factoid, no state requiring a picture id in order to vote went to Obama. If I’ve learned anything these past 5 years, it’s demonic-rats use fear, false empathy (creating a welfare state to control the population), propaganda and demagoguery to get elected. They’ve replaced and/or corrupted these masses and most of the youth in this country for that matter of the ideals of liberty, sacrifice, and charity with a self-centered, amoral, materialist ideology.

        Here’s a mult-part series by a Stephen Coughlin – A true patriot

        “The termination of Stephen Coughlin on the Joint Staff is an act of intellectual cowardice”

        • Orangeone

          Look at voting by age.  Look at the Democrats that went into nursing homes with absentee ballots and campaigned for Barky Boy and had the seniors sign the absentee ballots.  And let’s keep in mind, seniors are smart but easily manipulated by their Democrat offspring.  The MSM also scared them with Medicare as did Barky Boy’s Super PACs

    • 1endtimes2020

      Comrade—-you’ve got that right.

  • Chris Witham

    Start getting your state legislators’ contacts in your contact list. Do what you can do to stop this tyranny.

  • Nukeman60

    This has been said time and time again, but one more time seems appropriate. Isn’t it amazing that Obama ran in ’08 on promises that over the next four years would prove he had no intention of keeping. Then election time comes around (again), he makes a boatload of new (actually old) promises to get reelected and, voila, here he is just days later showing he has no intention of keeping any of them, either (as if any of us on this site are surprised).

    Either my theory of election fraud is accurate, or the people of this country are so dumbed down that it will take us years to get them re-educated to the truth. Actually, it is probably a combination of both. If there weren’t so many people ignorant of what Obama is doing, then maybe the vote fraud would have been obvious and therefore impossible to pull off.

    We have a lot of hard work ahead of us. Oh Lord, please give me the strength to be able to follow through. That is all I ask for, Lord, the strength to do Your bidding.

  • graywolf4life

    Energy dependence just went up again.

    • to get domestic oil at the pumps “it would take 10 years”, said Klinton 12 years ago (what an economist, ain’t he?).
      Now to have private sector with gove boot on their necks – to develop “green energy” technologies, it will take 110 years.
      Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat job 🙁

  • Rocco11

    4 more years of this guy folks, even Cuba is starting to look good…

    • Orangeone

      Give Rubio time, he wants Cuba to be a state.

  • Translation:
    “By significantly reducing the acreage of federal land to oil shale development we will continue our policy of crucifying fuel producers and getting the gas prices to $10/galon”.
    Welcome to USSA

  • hermsmd

    Ahhh….a world where protecting our resources really means making the largest real life landscape stills on planet Earth. Fulfilling the socialist dream–criminalize economic activity, make the social science college degree the ticket to activism, and providing health care to those who want to be an artist, dammit!

    ‘”Keep on printing money in the free world…..”

    • Orangeone

      Providing health care to those who want to change their gender.

      • hermsmd

        Indeed. Hell, let’s change the sex of our pets while we’re at! Don’t discriminate against pets! Utopia for all!!

        • Orangeone

          I have a better idea.  All those in states with the disgusting gay unions, file suit for discrimination against polygamy.  After all, with this 3rd recession, it takes 2 men to support me know 🙂

    • “it polutes environment!!!” Leftists/environuts say……..
      ………………………….But it does not polute “there”, where we import oil from????
      Short sight or blindness???
      ………………………. Naw, just plain stupidity, arrogance and “I-will-show-you-ism”.

      • RosiesSeeingRed

        I’ve always thought that, and I’ve brought it up with my lefty friends. If you’re so concerned about the environment, why is it OK with you that the gas that fills your car and the oil by-products that make your cell phones and every single plastic or polyester thing in your house comes from countries that have no regulations to speak of. Wouldn’t you rather it come from a country with the most stringent regulations on earth?


  • Sandra123456

    When are the environmental nutz going to get concern about metal?

    Shouldn’t we be conserving metal? Man has been making it for thousands of years, must be running low right?

    Metal is used to make weapons of war, even cars. Bullets are made out of metal.

    Making metal, and mining the elements for making metal is very dirty like coal, even worse.

    Seems to me that if the people of EVIL wanted to truly control us, metal conservation would be the way. Limit metal production, no more cars or bullets. We could be another Cuba.

    Metal is what the people of EVIL should seek to control to control us and they can make a convincing environmental argument as to why.

  • Rshill7

    Well last night I noticed that Penguin Books, the publisher of the Petraeus book, is run by Mark Halperin’s wife. Mark’s Dad, Morton Halperin, works for George Soros.

    This morning, all that has been scrubbed.

    I hope they used Lysol. Someone’s going to drown in it. Now, come clean.

    • Orangeone

      Boycott all books published by Penquin. I wonder how involved in school textbook printing they are.

  • Orangeone

    Here’s the gentleman from South Carolina, Trey Gowdy on Betrayus and Benghazi testimony, courtesy of a Breitbart link. I love this man and I hope he is President in 2016!

  • Haywoodjbl


    the 3-4 hour wait you see on the east coast for gas is just around the corner………

    Congrats stupid Americans, we (not me) elected this idiot again

    • Rshill7

      Nobody “elected” Obama. This election was stolen by fraud.

      • I was looking at some Freeper threads about the fraud. Amazingly, a bunch of Freepers have decided to just roll with it, and not bother fighting against the violation of their rights and the meaning of law.

        What a world.

  • we are off to being a third world country, must be a proud moment for people who did not vote because they were to pure as to vote for the candidate. They will suffer right along with everyone else

  • Tree-huggers, Warmers, & Algorites think they have won, as Obama’s energy killing policies push more Americans into hunger & darkness.

  • oxco

    This is only the beginning of his war on oil, Americans, capitalism, business, healthcare,censorship,downsizing our military, open borders to all including terrorist. He won’t stop till the bull in the china cabinet has destroyed everything

  • badbadlibs

    What the hello do these ovomit cretins have against Americans?

  • CO2isGood

    Meanwhile in the Southern Tier, NY, local anti-fracking candidates lost big time to pro-fracking candidates (Republicans). Of course, their wins will still be ignored by Cuomo because of the huge enviro-nut movement.

  • Rocco11

    Obama’s goal since Frank Marshall Davis bounced him on his knee was to destroy capitalism. Saul Alinsky, Edward Said, Rasheed Khalidi, Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dohrn, Anita Dunn, Cass Sunstein, Elizabeth Warren, Valerie Jarrett, David Axlerod, and Van Jones are with him 100%.

  • sue-marie

    That’s ok…as long as we can keep our 350 dollars worth of foodstamps…who cares about the rest of the country or whether there will be a country here next year. This is the mentality of the Obama supporters (voters)…it is frustrating!

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      That’s true, and Obama will up the food stamps (like they did during the hurricane) to compensate for the rise in fuel and electricity prices.

      But there’s a big swath of people in the middle, who are not on food stamps but certainly cannot afford the inevitable hikes in prices, who seem to have voted for Obama or abstained from voting, who need to feel the pain. And they are about to.

      It’s like a drug addict who needs to hit rock bottom before he comes to his senses and finds the conviction within to fight. Delusional Obama voters will have to suffer some consequences before they will come to their senses. We will have to endure it along with them, but we already have strength of character and conviction. We’ll be OK.

  • johnos2112

    Every time prices go up on everything you folks that endorsed Obama can look in the mirror. I have no pity for you!

    • hbnolikeee

      Unfortunately, the half of the country that didn’t want this have no choice…

    • Orangeone

      And we need to get in their faces and remind them they are solely responsible for the price hikes. Elections have consequences.

      • johnos2112

        Yep.  Every tax increase always affects the consumer.  And the middle class consumer gets screwed.  These idiots continue to vote for people that infirectly screw them every time!  I am telling you that liberals tell Americans this BS about the rich do not pay enough when they know that consumers in the MIDDLE CLASS are ALWAYS the ones that pay the freight!  Liberalism is a mental disorder!

  • theresaaa

    It’s a Obamanation , God help us .

  • maynardb50

    Obama’s plan for energy independence: NO ENERGY.

  • What an Ass……can you say $8-$10 per gal Low grade fuel?

    • We’ll all be riding hayburners, soon.

  • NJK

    Written by Dave in Fla

    Thursday, 08 November 2012

    [Note by JW: We are being asked to believe that Romney got close to three million fewer votes in 2012 than John McCain got in 2008. That’s not possible. This election is a fraud. I don’t know exactly how – rigging voting machines, hacking tabulation software, not counting military absentee ballots, whatever. What I do know is that it is totally beyond believability and into the realm of ridiculously absurd that Romney actually got any fewer votes than McCain in 2008, much less millions fewer. Thus the answer to Dave’s question must be Yes.]

    I hate going down a birther road, but yes I believe the election was stolen, and the implications of that are very bad.

    First of all, Obama received 10 million less votes than he did in 2008. The part that is unbelievable is that Romney received 3 million less votes than McCain. At the end of the day, Obama won in the 4 critical swing states by 500,000 votes.

    But it is worse than that. We can look at who voted. By examining the number of Independents and their preference shift among actual voters, we know that 5 million Independents changed their votes from Obama to Romney. So Romney started the day 2.5 million votes ahead of where McCain was in 2008.

    This means that 5.5 million Republican voters are not accounted for.

    They didn’t show up at the polls, or their votes were not counted. We know now that no subgroup of the coalition decided to sit out. So the current attempts to blame the Social Conservatives are stupid. All of our groups showed up to vote at the rates they did in 2008. For this to be true, over 10% of Republicans needed to decide not to vote this year, who did vote in 2008.

    Does that make any sense?

    In fact, it is even worse, we know for a fact that heavy GOP counties were swamped all day. We watched all day as, e.g., Pasco County Florida was showing huge increases in GOP voters over the 2008 numbers.

    In Virginia, with 69% of the precincts in, Romney held a 6% lead. Yet once a small number of counties reported, that lead disappeared.

    If the vote drop off occurred, it occurred in a very small number of counties. It was not visible nationwide.

    I contend that you can not get a 10% drop off in GOP turnout without it being noticeable during the GOTV effort, measures of enthusiasm in polling, or visibly lower turnout in GOP leaning precincts.

    For anyone who doesn’t want to think that the Obama campaign would engage in such blatant election fraud, contemplate this. These are the same people who ran Fast and Furious without regard for the cost in human lives, turned off their credit card verification system to allow fraudulent donations, and allowed four Americans in Libya to die because it was politically inconvenient. Do you really think that massive election fraud is something they wouldn’t do?

    If this is true, then we have some hard things to consider.

    First of all, we are now needlessly fracturing our coalition pointing fingers at people for not voting. Second, we are making an assumption about the make up of the American public that is not true. We are going to modify our party and message to appeal to a group of individuals who do not represent the majority of the population.

    Most difficult to believe is that we are living in Venezuela where our elections are merely for show, and the people in charge of the Governments decide who will win elections. We become wards of the State, which is the aim of those who stole this election.

    So how can this be proved?

    I am going to start by looking at a few key counties in Florida. What I want to see is the voter registration numbers by party, and then compare them to the actual votes received. Theoretically, if this were to be done for all counties in Florida, we could see where the fraud occurred.

    Comparing the votes Romney received to the strike lists would show that in specific counties Romney received something like 50% of the Republican vote (picking a number out of the air) while we know that nationwide he received 95% of the Republican vote.

    To really get to the answer, we would need to get the registration books, which might be possible through Freedom of Information act. Those show who actually voted, by name, and their party.

    The media will not pursue this. This will take citizen journalists working in every state.

    “Dave in Fla” runs the DiF Poll Analysis website.

    Dr. Wheeler believes this election was stolen, and so do I. Allen West is ahead by over 300 votes in a Florida recount. Something is very wrong here, like it’s been for four years. This wasn’t an honest election.

    The Wall Street Journal called him “the originator of the Reagan Doctrine”. The Washington Post called him “The Indiana Jones of the Right”. Izvestiya, the organ of the Soviet Communist Party, called him an “ideological gangster”.

    What if you had a “Personal Source” for understanding what’s really going on in the world? Now you do. He’s Dr. Jack Wheeler, and for only about 29 cents a day, he’ll give you mind-stretching pro-America insights on our lives, our politics, and our world that you just aren’t going to get anywhere else.

    “Dr. Jack” predicted the collapse of the former Soviet Union, ten years before it came about – and explained exactly how it would take place. He won a bet with a top-expert when the Berlin Wall fell. In To The Point™, he’ll tell you about the plans the Chinese Underground Church Movement has to send 100,000 Chinese Christian missionaries to the Middle East to convert Moslem Arabs to Christianity.


    He’ll explain why:
    •It is envy that makes a Communist, Nazi, or Moslem Terrorist. It is the fear of being envied that makes a liberal.

    • I’ve been waiting to see someone with a little higher “authority” in the infosphere write exactly these points. Let’s hope it gets picked up and people start to scream.

      I’ll swear this may all come down to the Second Amendment. What a sad day in American history.

      • PhillyCon

        I am waiting for this type of analysis as well. Can we keep a look out for this? My gut has been telling me that something does not add up, numbers wise. We are being told that the country has changed demo wise. Has it really changed that much from 2010? It just doesn’t make sense to me … the math doesn’t add up.

        What do you think of the website?

        • I’ve seen Wheeler’s stuff before. He writes well, and is clearly a sharp guy. But his websites always seem to give off a whiff of WorldNetDaily/Michael Savage type, over-the-top provocation. A guy like George Will can be maddening, but folks on the right have to be more like Will than Savage if they ever expect to be taken seriously.

          Not that Wheeler is like Savage, per se. He’s (Wheeler) written some really good stuff. Wheeler is more subtle than most, but he’s definitely made it about his brand. I think it would look far better if he had tons of guest articles, and interviews he’s given to various media types. Also, I never bother with articles where I have to “register to read more.” Not even for the smartest guys we have on our side.

      • you are so right…. ROMNEY!!!! BOEHNER!!!!!! McCAIN!!!!! REPUBS!!!!

        • Orangeone

          They are nonconfrontational. That’s why the MSM selected Romney for us, they knew he would back down from the fraud and then step in to save Barky Boy as the Sec of Business.

      • Orangeone

        Gun producer stock up 10% day after election while the NYSE dropped 313 pts. What does that say about our preparedness?

        • Too d*mn complacent. Time to buy more uhh, “tools.”

    • hateobamacare

      An excellent read NJK. And very much in agreement with my estimate that the election was in fact not real. There are truly evil forces at work in this WH and they are our enemy of freedom. There are now people writing something about a Revolution on open blogs and that is how really bad things start to happen in a society.

      • after Romney being ahead in all polls
        (correcting over-sampling democRats),
        —————————————> it is MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE that BHO won with 50% MORE VOTES than Romney –
        “receiving” 300 votes versus Romney’s 200 (+/- few votes)
        Just impossible.

        • Orangeone

          And precincts with > 100% of eligble voters actually voting. My nose is twitching.

  • colliemum

    Not that the enviro-fascists ever think further than their noses, but this decision has consequences which affect more than just people in the USA.
    Obviously the backlash on the economy will be huge: higher prices for fuel both for transport and manufacture will mean price inflation, which will translate into more businesses closing, more people out of work, and fewer people buying necessities.
    Fewer people buying means less is produced, the economy will shrink further. That means less revenue from taxes while welfare costs rise.
    That also means exports from the USA will shrink because not enough is made, it will mean imports will shrink because people can’t afford to buy – which means manufacture in other countries around the globe will shrink.

    Credit ratings will be downgraded, thus interest rates on borrowed money will rise. To serve the debts, more taxes will have to be raised … see where this is going?
    A shrinking economy with inflation means ‘stagflation’.
    Welcome to the UK, 1974-1979! Have you got a Maggie Thatcher to get you out of that mess?

    Oh – and as last finesse, the oil sheiks can now blackmail Obama into supporting the establishment of the caliphate, while building more and more mosques to ‘teach’ the infidels about the benefits of sharia law …

  • Rshill7

    In Wood County, Ohio 108% of voters, voted for Obama. Do the Math. In several other Ohio counties 100% of the voters voted for Obama.

    Three states have already petitioned the Fed to leave the Union: Texas, Louisiana and Alabama.

    • NJK

      Petition the Fed? The Fed doesn’t exist in its true form now. This was a coup. The hell with petitioning them, just tell them, you’re cutting ties with them. Something has to be done here. Someone or some people in this govt. need to arrest some people and get to the bottom of this. Obama isn’t legitimate. This is UN fraud, Russian fraud, but Obama is not one of us, he’s part of a plot.

      You can’t petitition these people. They’re not following our laws, so the old rules don’t apply anymore. You just tell them, your leaving if someone in power in Washington, doesn’t corral Obama into a room, and interrogate him.

    • NJK

      The GOP needs to insist on a recall in every swing state. Allen West is in the process of his own in Florida and he’s coming out ahead by hundreds of votes. There is something very wrong here, and we need to get to the bottom of this.

      Mr. Boehner, do what General Patreaus did, and resign. You’re not up to this. We need people of extreme courage right now. Do what’s best for the country. This isn’t about you.

      • Boehner needs to be visited by a press gang after his nightly drunk-out, and put to work on a whaling ship in the Southern Pacific for a few years.

        • hermsmd

          Nice movie title. “Conscription of the RINO’s” starring John Boehner, ‘The Dealmaker” and Captain Obama chasing that white whale known as “Moby Capitalist.”

          • Opening line: “Call me Spinefail.”

            • hermsmd


        • Orangeone

          K-Bob, you are on a roll today! Boehner needs to turn into road kill for the vultures to gorge upon.

          • Metaphorically, of course (sekrit message to the giant data mining computers in Colorado).

      • Avspatti

        Recount, not recall.

        • NJK

          Right, sorry, that’s what I meant to say.

    • PhillyCon

      Where are you reading this. i.e. Wood County?

      • Rshill7

        Search this: “In Wood County, Ohio 108% of voters, voted for Obama.”

        Do the same for precincts around Cleveland and Allen West’s own Port St. Lucie, where there were approximately 74K more votes cast than there were registered voters.

        There are many, many counties with voter turnout higher than registered voters…in every swing state and in states with Senators and House members they wanted removed. The voter fraud in this election was RAMPANT!

        If the democratic party were an college football team or a professional football team, they would be banned for life. Our party is doing nothing about it.

        Romney’s team had 4 planes ready to fly off in 4 different directions to challenge the results and Romney said, NO.

        Search this: “more votes than registered voters”

    • Orangeone

      Colorado too ranging from 104% t 140%

    • Orangeone

      We need to take the whole central corridor that was red. We can easily defend our borders and it will keep the coasts from commuting by road, rail, and air. Plus the coasts will have to fend for themselves during hurricane season. Those of us in the central corridor are used to natural disasters and ALWAYS help each other.

    • JimNEPA2_0

      I think I’ll move to the Republic of Texalbama.

  • TexasEnforcer

    Man, we need to secede.

  • Update on Allen West at the Shark Tank

    (EDIT: also a warning about unscrupulous fund-raisers. West hasn’t asked for any money.)

    • Rshill7
      • I saw that punditpress article. The Shark Tank article seems to be written in reply to it. It’s currently not looking good, because the judge doesn’t see what the big deal is. It’s only some shenanigans and illegal behavior. It’s not like any laws were violated or people disenfranchised. Or something.

        Plenty of time now to lose and/or revise ballots.

        We have become too complacent.

        • Rshill7

          When you combine it with the other swing states, it disenfranchises tens of millions of people.

          I don’t understand why the Republican Party isn’t saying anything. Being a sore loser isn’t the same as being victim to either a card shark or tank.

          • anyonebutbarry2012

            i do not get why romney’s team conceded so quickly,. look at florida 77,000 vote difference and they concede that too. they were to quick to leave , imo… to many problems in different states

    • Orangeone

      A super PAC did but not Allen West.


    …OH WELL , America welcome to DEAR LEADER Obama’s WORLD , higher gas,electricity and food prices. OH WELL , will just have to get a second part time job that’s all. OH WELL, will have to cancel our family vacation for next summer thats all , but it is about time we rich folks do with out don’t you think . OH WELL , I can hardly wait for my new Doctor since our family Doctor is giving up his practice because of OBAMACARE (closing down January 1,2013 .) OH WELL , just take a BLUE PILL and it will all fade away to OBAMA’s WORLD . OH WELL .”


    DICK-tator head, we thank you lib-turds who voted for him.
    Special thanks to those who stayded home and did not vote, you are even worse idiots.

    Please don’t tell me OH-uh-oh did not have him by the balls.

    DAVID was one of the idiots who was telling CONGRESS it was the VIDEO after OBAMA said later it was “and act of terror”.

    Then CIA said it did not refuse any help….whaaaaaa????

    SO David risked it all to lie to the American public to protect CHICAGO O?


    Man. are Americans getting stupid to take this all like sheep.

    And why are CIA people falling all along the 4 years, and
    now Military people getting stepped on?

    I hear half the military vote went for O?


    Does this include the ones never made it or never counted?

    HUGE scandal coming on vote counting, get ready for it.

    O still won, but it made him look like big winner early.

    Oh is a “tyrant”, PERIOD, we have to accept it, it is his way or the highway.

    Boehner needs to be fired as speaker as soon as possible, but I say let taxes rise for everyone.
    Let O have his way. (let your vote go as no-votes)

    Onlly way to get to the bottom so we can build things back…..

    I expect within a year O will crash and burn.

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      all the dumbbells who stayed home and did not vote, let them have to deal with the harsh reality of another 4 years of this azz hat. … may the rest of us be spared, because at least we did go out and vote for the lesser of the evils…

  • myfriendchris
  • myfriendchris

    THIS ELECTION WAS STOLEN FROM ROMNEY! 100% VOTER FRAUD PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION ASAP! tell me how can there be over 2 million more votes for a state that doesnt even have that amount of people living in it! this occured in all swing states!

  • Now they can use the land to put up some of those attractive windmills.

  • brendawatkins

    Who couldn’t see this coming? A bunch of IDIOTIC, die hard DEMS!

  • aposematic

    Maybe all those Obuma voters don’t drive/own cars and/or pay utility bills…that would explain some of it…at least the deceased voters.

  • repubboy

    They just have not got the correct amount of BRIBE MONEY to Open it to their cronies.. wait.. Another under the table deal will occur in the next couple of months after everybody has forgotten and the price of gas will be at $5.00 per gallon plus. !!!, Obama,Salazar,and the rest of thier cronies will be laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Brooklyn_NY_Conservative

  • LiberalBoycotter

    The RNC, helped this traitor, get to the white house. They don’t like Conservatives, and they only poured money into the moderates campaigns. They never helped any of the real Conservatives like Allen West. Anyone who gave money to the RNC, are very foolish as they are also for the destruction of this great Nation.

    It Boehner, about 2 minutes after the election to say the Tea Party is dead, we will help Barry, in anyway we can. The crybaby, has been crying in recent years cuz the Tea Party members like Allen West, have held his feet to the fire. I hope Allen, can get the votes recounted in St. Lucie, he will be able to if there is a Republican Secretary of State.

    I myself live in the Commie State Of Washington. Everyone bitches and moans, then votes for every Democommie that keeps on wreaking this state. Marijuana, Same Sex Marriage, and keep on voting for more taxes. Every time there is an election I feel like my vote is not worth it, but I keep on keeping on.

    God, has a plan, and all I know is “God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform” I haven’t watched the news since the election, as I get too depressed with all the gloating coming from the ENEMIES OF THE STATE. They suppressed the news that has been coming out in the past few days, as it would have hurt Barry. All I can do is pray, pray, and pray some more. I have to trust in God, or I will go insane…

  • NCHokie02

    And his idiots don’t care that in the debates he out right lied about his energy policy. Sad. Can’t wait till the collapse.

  • brd9348

    we find out how they cheated in the voting polls, there is something very very wrong with this picture Fla. was almost all red OH. and Virginia the so how did they win?

  • Paul C.

    Most of the 47% don’t give a crap, the rest are paying for their STUFF.

  • bobemakk

    Of course he waited til after the election was over. Just like the 20,000 pink slips were handed out at one company that was told to wait until after election day. Shenanigans all over the country is what made Obama win, and I am certain there was so much voter fraud that it would be next to impossible to follow.

  • mikeinidaho

    Again, no news here! Obama has told us that coal is dead and now he will stop oil and natural gas, too. Serfs, prepare to freeze to death in the dark as your hovels become cold, dark and dank. Then you will move into the fields and tend to lord Barry’s fields and flocks.
    Oh, and if you try to resist or bear arms, you are dead.
    The 2nd American Revolution is coming, prepare yourselves.

  • daisybud

    Well America will get just what she voted for. Thanks to all the Conservative morons who decided to stay at home to avoid voting for Romney. You gave the tyrant another 4. Great job!!!

  • aZjimbo

    Elections have consequences. BIG TIME.

  • GEDouglas

    My sentiments exactly RS. We had better brace ourselves because this is just the beginning. I had to take a week off from all media after the election in order to maintain an even keel…and to repare myself for just this sort of news. And more is coming. I’ve read that BO has 68 new rules and regs, just regarding energy, waiting to be rolled out.

  • “most precious resources”

    I thought the idea of becoming energy independent was pretty precious. Guess the left would rather hug a tree and an Islamic terrorist funded by our payments to OPEC.

  • randy brown