Arianna Huffpo trashes Fox News & Glenn Beck

via It’s what I said earlier in the Van Jones piece. She’s parroting the same meme, that Fox News isn’t news, trying to set them up in the public as harmful to ‘civic dialogue’, hoping at some point they can shut Fox News down. Never mind disputing the facts of what Beck is saying. Just distort what Beck says and paint Fox News as something that needs to be removed. The end.

They are serious.

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  • -:¦:-Gio-:¦:-

    This wanna be is so jealous of Glenn that it eats her up. If Glenn is so crazy why the hell did this whore want him to work-write for her??????

    I hope her kids have even sense not to trust her thick tongue lies.

  • zytekfan

    She just so desperately wants to be as relevant as Glenn. But she’s nothing but a bag of hot air.

    And obviously she hasn’t seen ratings of Fox News programs versus other channels’ programs.

  • Magicdixieranch

    Arianna…we should just trust you & HuffPo…funded by Soros; who according to you, is certainly NOT trying to manipulate, influence or turn ‘inside out’ this country or economy. You guys?? No, Arianna…it’s YOU GUYS that America has a bad taste for!!

  • DisturbingBehavior

    Objective journalism is a fantasy. I have read stories with the same facts presented, but differences in tones come through that can lead the reader into taking different perspectives on a story. Just changing different adjectives or adverbs in phrasing can frame a specific perspective on a story.
    You want objective journalism, report it like police blotter. It’s boring, but there’s no opinion, just facts.

  • Extremely Right

    Fox news ratings have never been higher. That should disprove anything her and the menacing black man are saying.

  • Anonymous

    What kind of drugs is this woman on?

    Objective journalism? LMAO! She is so pathetic I almost feel sorry for her.

  • oic

    Arianna Huffpo the phony moderate, who’s really a leftist speech nazi

  • The Huffington Post: Fighting for Relevance, Since May 9, 2005.

    Does she really think FOXNews cares what a lispy, used up foreigner that got her start as a gay man’s beard thinks about them?

    She says she doesn’t like Glenn Beck, or his presentation. However, I note that she’s conspicuously short and silent on facts to refute anything he says. Glenn Beck has shown very intricate trees linking a great many organizations to Darth Soros (and O’Reilly has, too). Where’s her refutation of that? Instead, all she can do is complain about the entertainment factor. Then, to top it off, she lies and distorts what he said: he never said Soros was running the world. This is said as a pathetic attempt at humor that’s about as good as a juicy, wet, squirting fart in a meeting with the Pope at the Vatican, obviously in an attempt to entertain the peanut gallery that claps for her idiocy. So, when Glenn Beck does humor, it’s “confusing”, but when she tries her inept, palsied, varicose-veined hand at it, it’s witty.

    Then, her saying that FOXNews is not news, and that it’s easier for them to be profitable, because they’re not is more of the typical lisping jabberwocky that I’ve grown to expect from this Zsa Zsa Huffington. (And the audience is, apparently, not even as smart as she isn’t, since they clapped for that.) Cap that off with her saying that telling both sides of a story is not good journalism, and, well, need we say more? (Except she was dumb enough to think that CNN tells both sides of the story, generally.) The fish-wrapper she tries portraying as objective journalism is well-known for fabrication and distortion, which is what passes as latter day journalism, amongst the liberals. For instance, her lie that scientists that know AGW is BS are on BPs payroll. Even if they were, that doesn’t change the fact that they are still right, and I see she’s not talking about the fact that those junk scientists she worships as her clergy are all on the dole of Big Government, from here to nations across the Atlantic. Then, she holds up Walter Cronkeit as some sort of paragon of virtue. That bastard spread more lies about the Viet Nam War, than Keith Olbermann did, about Iraq. We ANNIHILATED the VC and CRIPPLED the NVA during the Tet Offensive, and so what did her demigod do? He absolutely refused to report those niggling little facts, and focused on showing as many dead and wounded American servicemen as his black, cold heart had the time to take in.

    So who’s she really mad at? FOXNews ratings are going through the roof, while CNN’s are going through the sub-basement. This is for one simple reason: people are watching it. They’re especially watching guys like Cavuto, O’Reilly, Hannity, Kelly and Beck. Without a doubt, these are all people Zsa Zsa hates and envies, along with the rest of the quasi literates that she calls fans, sitting in their parents’ basement, using their laptop PC. The readers of her hack rag are typical of the left. She expects them to read what she writes, and take it as their gospel (which isn’t hard, considering the left generally have no God). FOXNews is to be dismissed out of hand as “not being news”. Then what is it, because apparently a lot of people are going there FOR their news. Leftists see what she writes, and because it fits their narrow world view narrative, they’ll believe it. A True Conservative (not a hyphenated liberal) may see the rag she puts out, then FOXNews and compare the two, without just dismissing one out of hand, or automatically believing one over the other, just because. After comparing the two, they look at other sources, and from the preponderance of evidence, come to a conclusion. CNN says things like:

    “The Worldwide Leader in News”
    “CNN = Politics”
    “The Best Political Team on Television”
    “CNN = Money”
    “Go Beyond Borders”


    “Move Forward”
    “Fair & Balanced”
    “We Report. You Decide.”
    “The Most Powerful Name in News”

    The most telling, to me, is “we report, you decide”. (Then you have asinine nonsense like “lean forward”.) As Sean Hannity always says, he’s telling you what he knows, but he wants you to go investigate for yourself and make your own decisions and come to your own conclusions. Apparently, this approach works. Look at the success of liberal talk media, in comparison to that of Conservatives. Do you really think putting him head-to-head with Rush Limbaugh is a good idea ( The only guy he can beat, according to those ratings, is Don Imus (another idiot). Look at the EIB Network v Air America. This is just yet another example of how out-of-touch this refugee from the Welfare State of Greece is, and maybe somebody should remind her of that, the next time she says something stupid like taking Palin around to interact with “regular people” to learn empathy. Spend a little time with the people that actually work for a living, and you’ll see what we regard as news. Instead of bothering us with your asinine interviews, twisted and fraudulent stories and racist, hate-filled commenters, maybe you should be suing your speech therapist, because obviously they’re not doing a very good job.

    • Anonymous

      Darth Soros is running America….providing funding for all the progressives to take over. And he has created havoc in other countries finances, so I would say he is running the world. Glenn may have not said that per say, but it’s the truth. Soros is something out of a spy thriller novel, creepy part is he is real.

  • Rich

    Again, this is the woman who runs the website that decided it was a good idea to run a story saying there was cannibalism going on in New Orleans.

  • Dear Zsa Zsa,

    Please shut up. You are annoying and irrelevant.


  • Anonymous

    Arianna Huffington & George Soros, one and the same.

    Why is she so focused on Glenn Beck? If Glenn is SO WRONG, why is she so worried about it? Sounds like she watches his show EVERY night. WHY? She sounds paranoid. Some people love freedom of speech, but not for everyone else.

    If Glenn was so wrong, he couldn’t stay on the air.

    • Diamondback

      Glenn’s outing them and significantly interfering in their achieving their collectivist utopia in the U.S.

      He’s a serious threat to their mission.

      It’s just that simple.

    • Anonymous

      All the others are liars and they stay on the air.

  • Wow, the host took the “guys” comments really great. Apparently, he relates really well to the feminism that Arianna is preaching. If you notice, though, that seems to resound heavily in the left.
    White reporters bashing all whites in America as being racist. (Includes you, dummy)
    Rich people bashing the richest in America for not helping the poor. (Why are you still rich?)
    Men bashing men for being sexist. (Dude?!)

    Huffinstein even bashes FOX because they are making HUGE profits… Then, she defends herself against the Washington Post by saying “We have a very robust business and we are profitable.” Yep. Making HUGE profits, Arianna?

    Left = Hypocrite


    Her OPINION’S are the only correct ones. They report everything as “fact”. “We know the world is round therefor we don’t report that it is flat”. That’s great, but politics is not that black and white, everything you report that has two sides is an opinion. They want to say “Rich people are evil” We say “Rich people made sacrifices, took risks and deserve to reap those rewards” Both of those opinions could be backed by certain facts to sway you opinion to theirs. If I reported a house was on fire and we can all see the house was on fire of course that would be a fact.

    We just see the world different. We want freedom. We don’t want to take care of people who don’t take care of themselves. We want a level playing field for everyone. We want to be able to find out our own truth. We don’t want to be manipulated that your opinion is truth.

  • sadpanda

    In the end i don’t know if i should laugh or be offended

  • Anonymous

    “Arianna Huffpo trashes Fox News & Glenn Beck”

    …when the same thing happens EVERY DAY FOR YEARS AND YEARS it isn’t “news”, it isn’t worth discussing and it isn’t relevant, period.

  • Caduceus

    (Shaking my head)
    Did you guys even listen to the clip?

    Are you sure that Fox News is real news? “Fair and balanced?” I’m not so sure…

    My problem with Glenn Beck is that his words are so infused with fear and anger to the point that it becomes divisive. How does divisiveness help the country?

    As Yoda once said, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” 🙂

    You don’t have to agree, but can you at least make a half-assed effort to actually listen? Also, not sure how the name calling helps your cause either. Arianna probably doesn’t give a shit. Grow up. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Her paper is FULL of facts.

    • Pauline

      Where do you get YOUR facts about Huffington?


    Put her and the rest of the prog/ socialists in a camp

  • Divisive? Why don’t you look at your president and the Democrat party. They are the most divisive I’ve ever seen. Just look at what the framework around this tax extension is – it’s the Rich vs the Poor. It’s been that way for a long time, but Barack Obama and the Radical Democrat party have escalated this crap over the last few years and now it’s become part of our very dialogue.

    Glenn Beck is just trying to explain what he feels is the truth. You certainly don’t have to agree with him. But to advocate his silencing because you think he is harmful to the country is preposterous.

    You my friend are on thin ice here.

    • Anonymous

      I know one thing – Glenn Beck filled in pieces of a puzzle I had been pondering on since I was a college student in the later sixties. I had studied SDS and the Weather Underground off and on since that time. GB has been accurate on ALL that I had that I had observed and been able to research about them.
      The puzzle is almost completed – still a little more to come.

      RS – To say “thank you” does not express my thoughts and feelings of gratefulness for all you do to make this site available. My favorite on the net!

    • Pauline

      I agree with you 100% therightscoop. Also, GB tells his audience don’t take my word for it ( the things he says) look it up, do your own home work.

  • Pauline

    Huffington is on Soros’ payroll. Her agenda is anti-American.

  • Pauline

    Fox is more balanced programming than any other stations as Fox has both Constitutionally-minded and leftists commentators. On the other stations the majority of commentators are liberals and/or leftists.

    Look up Journolists.

  • Rich

    The problem is she is known for simply making up stories and inciting fear and violence herself. Yet, you want me to listen to he woman condem something she does on a daily basis? Pass.

  • shorthorn

    You’re telling us to grow up and you’re quoting Star Wars?

    (shaking your head)

  • Bizybody

    I agree Ariana is overreacting to Glenn Beck. But I say this not for the reasons you might think. I say that because within a year, he will self-destruct.

  • Bizybody

    Why are you all so angry when someone takes a swing at Beck? Isn’t it enough he has cornered the market on the truth? He has hasn’t he? That’s what I keep reading. Let them make a martyr out of him, it can only add to his body of proof that THEY are out to get us.