[AUDIO] Harry Reid compares Tea Party to anarchists who started WWI, DEFIES upset caller to challenge his facts

Harry Reid compares the Tea Party to the the anarchists who started WWI and when asked about rising above it, he blames the Tea Party Senators for blatant overuse of the filibuster:

Now about 40% of my Republican Senators vote with the Tea Party all of the time. So when we have absolute gridlock, we have those folks, the Tea Party who represent five, not even 10 percent of the people in America, but they’re vetoing everything. Just, without belaboring the point, who is the tea party? Well, understand, when I was in school, I studied government, among other things, and prior to World War I and after World War I we had the anarchists. Now they were violent — you know, some say that’s what started World War I, the anarchy moment — but they were violent. They did damage to property and they did physical damage to people.

The modern anarchists don’t do that — that’s the tea party. But they have the same philosophy as the early anarchists: They do not believe in government. Anytime anything bad happens to government, that’s a victory for them. And that’s what’s happened. We have absolute gridlock created by a group of people who represent few Americans. But it makes it extremely difficult to get things done.

Reid was asked about trying to rise above it to make things work a little bit better, and he said:

The problem is something that was taken as done very, very rarely – filibuster. Lyndon Johnson, he was majority leader for six years. I’ve been majority leader longer than that, but not by much longer. During the time, six years he was majority leader, he had to overcome one filibuster. Me, same period of time, 420. It’s gotten way out of hand.


A little later Reid responded to an upset caller who said he was sick and tired of the finger pointing in Washington, like calling the Tea Party anarchists:

Matthew, let me respond to your little harangue here. I understand why you’re upset. But you expect me to come on this radio program and lie to people? I came here to tell the truth. I was asked what was going on in Washington and I told you. Whether you accept it or not, I defy you to do anything to denigrate the statistics I gave. The House is controlled by the Tea Party. Forty percent of the Republicans in the Senate, Tea Party. They don’t represent America but they are vetoing everything we do. If you don’t like that, that’s finger pointing, get somebody else to talk to you because on this program I’m going to tell the truth.

Listen to the full call:

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  • marketcomp

    Reid is so old and out of touch with real America that he probably does think the tea party started WWII. He’s delusional and we can see that every time he speaks. It is appropriate for Reid and McCain to be best friends because they are both old white men stuck in the 60’s and not caught up with the times.

    • SpikeT

      marketcomp Stuck in the 40’s Wobbly Club.

  • badbadlibs

    If someone wants to pay off my mortgage, I will entertain the thought of listening to reid spew lies with impunity. IF then someone would pay off the rest of my bills I will actually look at the screen with the volume off.

    • Orangeone

      badbadlibs Can we toss in my month health insurance premium, which exceeds most mortgage payments? Can’t wait to see how high it goes when ObamaCare kicks in.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Reid is a dirtbag…has been one for decades….he will always be a dirtbag….he won’t change.  But what does that say about the voters in Nevada?  They could remove him from office by not voting for him, but apparently he satisfies the majority of voters in that state.  The people of Nevada are happy with that old fool so there’s not much the rest of us can do, but wince every time he opens his mouth and says something else stupid….again.

    • Army_Pilot1967   I absolutely could not listen to this man, no more than I can listen to hussein.  
      He’s had to overcome 420 filibusters?  Guess that’s about 415 or so I haven’t heard about.  And this, I suppose, has caused him to actually work?  That’s his real complaint — he’s had to work.  BooHoo!

      • Army_Pilot1967

        jlbs Army_Pilot1967 Yeah, where did he pull that number filibusters from…..his rear end?

        • Orangeone

          Army_Pilot1967 jlbs The same place he keeps pulling the 99% from.

  • HillaryShackley

    dear god is this guy for real?  Help us make it through our lifetimes with RINOS and Democrats in control of the house and senate.  Sickening.

  • Martin2717

    Way to go, Nevada, especially the GOP in that state. You choose this clown over Sharron Angle who would have been a terrific senator.

  • notsofastthere

    Whatever mind Dingy Harry may have had, is gone. He’s confused the Boston Tea Party with WWl, Occupy Wall Street with the current Tea Party, and he forgot McConnell recently removed filibustering and voted all Obama’s Radical Leftist appointments in. He gladly accepts congressional waiver from Obamacare. Dirt Bag doesn’t quite justify his kind of Low Life.

  • welltempered2

    Poor Harry,  would never ever think of doing the same if the Dems were in the minority.

  • Thelmadb

    I am a Northern Nevada resident. It is very conservative. The reason Harry Reid keeps getting elected in Nevada is because of Las Vegas and the Unions and the Illegal Immigrants. His last election he was losing against Sharron Angle until Obama, the Unions and Illegal Immigrants put him back in power. He is disgraceful, and he is known here as the chameleon. We can’t stand him here in Washoe County and the farm areas. He does nothing for the folks in Nevada here. So, the few that are blaming the citizens of Nevada for his re-election, I understand but please don’t blame us all. He is CREEPY.

    • Martin2717

      Thelmadb I didn’t mean folks like you. I wish you guys had more control over your state than the groups you mentioned.

      • Thelmadb

        Martin2717 Thelmadb Trust me, we try up North here but when you have a pop of 365,000 and Las Vegas 1 mil, it’s tough. I have been a resident since 1994, it was completely a red state. We got over populated by Californians during the housing boom and , all the libs came and destroyed this beautiful state. My husband and I are looking at Idaho, 2nd most conservative state in the nation.

    • famouswolf

      Understood. Many of us are ‘saddled’ with asses as bad or worse.
      Here in Washington state we can’t shake Patty Murray loose, for instance. Not to mention almost all of our other ‘representatives’ to DC.

      • Orangeone

        famouswolf You could always join me in Minnesota Moronville with Al the freak Franken.

        • famouswolf

          LOL, no thanks. In Washington at least you just have to get away from Seattle to get away from the liberal disease. For the most part.
          Going out in the country here, even twenty miles from the city limits, is like entering a time capsule sometimes. You start seeing lots of churches and American flags again.

        • Orangeone

          famouswolf I live in a suburb and we have lots of flags flying in my neighborhood! New neighbor moved in last summer, his flag pole was installed before one piece of furniture was moved in.  Just a few days later, it was at half staff for a fallen officer (neighbor is also a cop). It’s the first thing I see when I look out my window and the last thing I see at night.

      • Stehekin912

        We couldn’t even shake Maria Cantwell loose.  Union power over the people

    • Stehekin912

      I feel your pain.  The Red State of Washington is controlled by little ponds of blue with their politicians and union masters.

      • famouswolf

        Yep, pretty much like Nevada with Las Vegas. So goes Seattle, so goes the state.

  • BetseyRoss

    Gee, Harry.  If the tea party is that bad, then don’t you think that everyone would be on your page?  If he were smart, then he would not say a word, but he had plenty of words to say and they were all wrong.   This just gets everyone more riled up and makes the tea party stronger.

  • SpikeT

    Harry Reid probably “started WWI”……..He’s an ethical and moral anarchist.

  • Conniption Fitz

    ‘Senator’ Harry Reid has a scrambled brain.   He is an embracer of evil and master of deceit – self-deceit. 
    He and Obama and Pelosi and their ilk aren’t fooling anyone but other scrambled brain victims.

  • poppieseeds

    What is wrong with his voice?  He’s a man – why does he not sound like a man?  Did someone punch him in the throat?

  • notsofastthere

    Some day the Smithsonian may house Dingy Harry’s collection of land deals, his personal safe with his collection of bribes adjacent to Ted Kennedy snorkel collection room and the remains of his original rusted car.

  • medicinewoman2

    He has out lived his purpose.

    • jgilman

      medicinewoman2 What was his purpose?

    • SpikeT

      medicinewoman2 So, there’s a rock somewhere in Nevada  with no reptile living under it!!??

      • medicinewoman2

        SpikeT medicinewoman2 exactly!

  • famouswolf

    You are just projecting, you prune faced dried up d**kless runt.
    You and your b*tt buddies are the ones who are INSURING the nastiest war in human history! I’d say that makes you a hell of lot more like WW1 vintage anarchists than all Tea Party members put together and then some. You are supposed to be a US Senator and are nothing but an illiterate blowhard bully who cheated to get in the position you hold, and which you dishonor.
    The Four Horsemen are mounting up, and it’s largely your doing, pal. There will be a special place in hell for you, one of the greatest evil doers in human history-only outdone by the likes of obama, hitler, and caligula.
    You ignorant fool.

    • Orangeone

      famouswolf Wonder how Harry is going to explain his buddy FDR turning the Jews back to Nazi Germany and the extermination camps.  Or will he blame the Tea Party for that too?

      • famouswolf

        Sure, and for everything else bad that happened in history.
        Don’t you know we set fire to Rome, and Nero fiddled in part time harmony?
        Oh yeah, we are the Ancient Enemy of Humanity. /sarc

        • Orangeone

          famouswolf Well he is partially right about 1 thing, this Tea Party girl HATES the big unConstitutional gov’t we have today.

        • famouswolf

          …and this Tea Party guys roars in their face and says ‘bring it on, and brother you better BRING IT’.

  • jgilman

    Wow, I’m impressed, 10% of Americans were responsible for the largest single party victory since 1928.

    • volsense

      You mention 2010 when the Conservatives let the progressives know they are still around. The next election will be more of the same with RINOs being flushed to the cesspool where they belong.  It took decades for the lies and deceptions of the most corrupt mainstream media in our history to propagandize them into power.  It will take time to correct the proble, but one election at a time will get us there and them out. 2010 AGAIN.

  • DHardy

    It’s going to be nice to kick Reid out of politics

    • 57thunderbird

      DHardy I thought that is what would have happened the last time he was up for reelection.

  • volsense

    Reid is a babbling fool and like all progressives, he is incapable of the truth.  Nevada is the only state where someone this obviously intellectually bankrupt could get elected. Between the unions and casino mobs they need his corruption to bend the laws for a price…that price being elected.  He fears the Tea Party as most progressives do because their patriotism and work ethic is something they cannot comprehend

  • JimJames1

    I wonder if he still gets “comped” at the Casino he denies he visits?  (Yeah, it probably wasn’t him that Dick Smothers played in the movie….but what if? After all, it’s the “seriousness of the charge”, right?)

  • Stehekin912

    Facts?  Facts!?  Harry don’t need no stinkin’ facts!  Like his master, he just throws any old lie out there with suitable drama to elicit sensationalistic emotions, and then sits back and giggles while We The People are put in the position of having to refute them.

  • 57thunderbird

    The truth Harry?You wouldn’t recognize the backside!

    • Orangeone

      57thunderbird That’s probably all he recognizes if you get my drift.

      • 57thunderbird

        Orangeone 57thunderbird Don’t know what happened to that post.I meant to say he wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit him in the backside.It has been a long day.I must have fallen asleep at the switch,but I ge your point for sure. 😀

        • Orangeone

          57thunderbird Orangeone I’ve had a lot of problems with Livefyre lately. If I have more than 4 sentences it spins into oblivian and never does post.

        • 57thunderbird

          Orangeone 57thunderbird Me too.I thought it was just my computer.

  • Not only are you a supreme Jack a$$ dingy, you’re also way beyond delusional.  Time came a long time ago for you to retire, I can only hope next election time, no matter how much you cheat, you’ll be put out to pasture.

    • Orangeone

      AmericanborninCanada I’m personally hoping for a Stage 4 diagnosis for the dingbat long before the next election.

  • subie201

    Harry Reid is a traitor pot to his country! He is an old jackass!

  • JohnQueue

    Sounds like he was talking about the occupy movement to me…

  • subie201

    Harry Reid is an old fart! He doesn’t get Duty, Honor, Country! He is NOT an American! He is a socialist traitor!

  • subie201

    Hey Reid America can’t stand you! Time for you to retire you loser!

  • JohnSchaffran

    Fiscal responsibility, free markets and limited GOVT just like the founders wanted.   Is that an anarchist in your mind Harry?  You need major prayer dude!

  • This delusional demented old bastard needs to retire.   Did this sorry politician ever serve in the U.S. Military?  Has he ever served his Country?  Has he ever done one thing for his Country that didn’t cost working Americans part of their paycheck?    Has he helped to cause the decline of our military?  Does he support Marriage between a Man & a Woman???  I detest this sorry POS liberal.  I think the answer to all of those questions is a resounding NO!

  • RedDaveR

    Do I expect Harry Reid to come on a radio program and lie to people?
    Yes, that is exactly what I expect from Harry Reid.

  • Orangeone

    Harry, is the Tea Party responsible for the beating of this white man August 4th? The man is white. The 40-50 that beat him not white.  Only 1 black man has been arrested so far.  And the TV stations REFUSED to tell viewers the race of those doing the beating.  Guess you think these are Tea Party members Harry. http://www.kare11.com/news/article/1034916/396/St-Paul-man-charged-in-brutal-beating-and-robbery

  • Harry, you pompous fool:
     You are entitled to your own opinion adn like every ass, there’s a toilet seat, but you are not entitled to your own facts. Your math skills denoting the TEA Party only represents 5-10% of the population is certifiable bunk and we now know that not only can’t the roaches that voted for you count, we know you cannot do it either.

  • poptoy1949

    Harry you just pissed me off.  I am a Tea Party kind of guy and I do not like you calling me an Anarchist. I am going to your site and tell you what I really think of you.  I find it hard to believe you are a Mormon.

  • iaintlyin

    I think this walking cadaver has mixed up his statistics and reality. The numbers he brings forth are more likely to match  the percentage of Islamists in the democrat contingent of congress and, with that small number THEY are wreaking havoc on our country via the weak minded and ill informed left.

    • Las1

      “Walking cadaver” is a good description.  I prefer “human urinal”… that way he’d still be useful to some folks.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Hey Harry, maybe you ought to read up on history. 😉

  • NJK

    He should be locked up somewhere for the criminally insane.

  • Mack10

    Reid, McCain, Biden ALL need to be locked away.  I’m so tired of their CRAP.

  • dsctxn

    Good Lord. I am so sick and tired of hyper-partisan idiots like Reid calling the Tea Party violent. Name ONE incident of violence caused by the Tea Party. ONE. Not going to happen. Reid has developed dementia and is confusing OW anarchists (which he supported and which committed one violent act after another). They really, truly think we are that stupid. Unfortunately, they are right in that about half the population is that stupid.

  • poorhardworker

    Did Harry forget that the Tea Party was a group of people that initiated the freedoms he has now to call us anarchists?  Harry has forgotten who pays him his salary…and you are pi**ing us off!  We know that you only consider big money and people on Federal Welfare representatives of America.  I would start to worry, Harry, if I were you…because yet again we find ourselves in a position of being taxed without our representatives representing us.


    Dirty Harry is delusional, the way grandma use to put it was, the mans off his rocker.

  • MikeRios

    I sure hope that conversion went on to tell Harry how much he just lied about the Tea Party! Reid is so far from what is true he could literally tell us all he just fell into a hollow tree and met a big cat that smiled and a worm that smoked a hooka and that would be closer to the truth that what he told that audience on that radio show. Give me a break!

  • harryojam

    Reid is a political whore owned by the casino owners and unions. He is the most corrupt Senate Majority Leader in history with the exception of maybe Lyndon Johnson  (a lot of people think Lyndon was in on Kennedy’s Assassination).

  • yazz55

    Don’t forget that Henry Ford blamed the Jews for WW1

  • jdbaird

    It’s called checks and balances, look it up.

  • The Sentinel

    Reid is evil… nothing more.

  • Rshill7

    Dear Hairy Weed, put your head back in it’s holster. You know darn well it ain’t loaded.

  • imatellau

    The tru

  • Laurel A

    I would be more than happy to challenge your facts Senator and straight to your face. You wouldn’t be able to hide behind some phony DJ with me.

    Here is the truth. Tea Party represents the bulk of America  and your own suspicious math supports that. Here is another truth. You have to make dirty deals with McCain so you both can line your own pockets and call it ‘job done’. Here is another truth. Nevada is one of the most corrupt states out all 50 and that’s how you got your seat and that’s how you keep including keeping your pinched face sons in business as well. Your ignorance of WWI is profound but what is astounding is your support of real anarchists in the OWS movement.
    Land deal Reid indeed! You should be in jail.

  • wdobni

    you gotta love Harry….a man straight out of the Josef Stalin School of Public Policy…….the average Nevadan must be brain dead…..suggest they go to Reno and ask for volunteers to get EEGs,  see if any brain activity detectable

  • johnsonenterprises1

    You mean to tell me there aren’t any mafia left in Vegas that would like to make some extra spending money? I live in Florida and would love to take him Deep Sea Diving!

  • Pancake3

    It is likely that Harry Reid suffers from some level of senility or dementia.  The things that come out of his mouth seem to fly in the face of reality.

  • USMC 64-68

    Spoken like a genuine progressive democrat – enemy of the U.S.

  • lawngreen

    Four hundred and twenty filibusters, harry? Wow, how did I miss 419 of them? The one I heard about was front-page news. You demfools were screaming your lungs out about that one. Granted, I no longer pay much attention when dems howl or whine.

    It’s too bad that harry is such a force for socialism. If he had no value to the dems, he’d have been committed to a mental institution or an assisted living center long ago. His situation kind of reminds me of that old Jerry Clower comedy routine, “Settin’ Up With The Dead”.

  • advocatecitizen

    Really , Senator Reid how dare you sir compare honest Americans to anrchisit or anything to due with World War II Nazi Germany.  What are you afraid of the end of your socialist ways?

  • USMC 64-68

    Reid’s engaging in an old marxist tactic:  label your opposition with the tag you rightly own.
    The democrats have the same political ideology as Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini had.  They are all totalitarians.