AWAKENING: French youth declare war on multiculturalism, social debt, and racism

A fantastic video from French youth who call themselves Génération Identitaire, who are fed up with the current state of their leftist French society. These French youth realize it is up to them to repair their society that has left them with massive unemployment, massive social debt, failing multiculturalism and extreme racism. And now they declare war on the people that brought them here:

You can read the transcript of you want, but I recommend watching the video first.

We are Generation Identitaire.
We are the generation who get killed for glancing at the wrong person,
for refusing someone a cigarette, |or having an “attitude” that annoys someone.
We are the generation of ethnic fracture,
total failure of coexistence,| and forced mixing of the races.
We are the generation doubly punished:| Condemned to pay into a social system
so generous with strangers it becomes| unsustainable for our own people.
Our generation are the victims of the May ’68’ers| who wanted to liberate themselves
from tradition, from knowledge and authority in education.
But they only accomplished to| liberate themselves from their responsibilities.
We reject your history books to re-gather our memories.
We no longer believe that „Khader” could ever be our brother,
we have stopped believing in a „Global Village” and the „Family of Man”.
We discovered that we have roots, |ancestry and therefore a future.
Our heritage is our land, our blood, our identity. | We are the heirs to our own future
We turned off the TV to march the streets.
We painted our slogans on the walls. Cried through loudspeakers
for “youth in power” and flew our Lambda flags high.
The Lambda, painted on proud Spartans’ shields, is our symbol.
Don’t you understand what this means ? |We will not back down, we will not give in.
We are sick and tired of your cowardice.
You are from the years of post-war prosperity,|retirement benefits, S.O.S Racism and
„diversity”, sexual liberation and a bag of rice from Bernard Kouchner.
We are 25 percent unemployment,|social debt, multicultural collapse
and an explosion of anti-white racism.
We are broken families, and young French soldiers dying in Afghanistan.
You won’t buy us with a condescending look,
a state-paid job of misery and a pat on the shoulder.
We don’t need your youth-policies. |Youth IS our policy.
Don’t think this is simply a manifesto.|It is a declaration of war.
You are of yesterday, we are of tomorrow.
We are Generation Identitaire

I have no idea how large this group is, but hopefully it will continue to grow as will the realism of their state of affairs among the youth so that they never lose this vision.

(h/t: GWP)

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  • WOW! These are some French folks I can identify with and wish to talk to! Admirablement dit, grand pour eux et je prie ils font une différence réelle pour la France!

    Le merci Scoop, pour quelque chose de positif et quelque chose pour sourire de!

    • sjmom

      Would you be so kind as to translate for those of us who do not speak French because it sounds really good?

      • lol. Sorry I get carried away. All I said is excellent and good for them, and I hope it does something good for France. Oh, and I said, Thank you Scoop for something positive and something to smile about.

        • sjmom

          Thanks, I knew it was good. 🙂

        • Rightstuff1

          My French is ok, though rusty. I found myself drawn in by the passion, the look in their eyes, the vehemence of their words. It was as if they collectively cried “Enough”. There is a real latent power and it is so tangible it made the hair on my arms stand up.


          Merci Scoop !!!! Incroyable !!

    • stevenbiot

      Nice, young lady!

    • I took a look at their site, but nothing stuck out so I was going to ask someone to translate exactly what they’re about……didn’t know you were from that part of Canada.

      • I’m not from Quebec Stewie… but from Ontario. Kids across the nation are indoctrinated in French all through school though. I’ve lost much of it, but can still remember enough when the spirit moves me 😉

        • sDee

          “indoctrinated in French”

          phrased like a true Ontarian 😉

          • lol yeah!

          • Lee

            6% of the Ontario population speaks French, yet we are bilingual. Makes no sense, especially in Toronto, where practically no one speaks French (or English, for that matter)

        • las1

          When the spirit moves you.. to remember French!!!!

          C’mere girl. Let me walk you through 1Cor. 12. and Gal. 5.

        • It’s got to be problematic that Canada has two languages.

          • Believe me, it was a problem when I was growing up.

            • free4now

              Try South Africa. 🙂 Eleven official languages and children have to all learn at least three with one being English.

              • oy! I readily admit my ignorance and I’d never make it lol. I have a hard enough time with just the bit I know now of spanish and french!! 🙂

    • Cindy09

      Ah ben!! Dis donc ABiC, je ne savais pas que tu parlais français!!!! C’est vraiment bien dit! Esperons que ces jeunes arrivent a reveiller toute la France! Ils le disent assez bien “Ne vous y meprenez pas: Ceci n’est pas un simple manifeste, c’est une declaration de guerre!”

      • Je parle seulement petite Cindy française. Je n’avais aucune idée vous pourriez 😀 Cela être excitant pour voir les jeunes à cet endroit vous réveillant. Bon pour eux! J’imagine que ce sera une guerre de sortes, espérera juste pas violent. Que Dieu vous bénisse soeur!

        • Are we going to need scoop to declare an official language? 🙂

          • LOL nope. I’ve got my french out for the year. I’m done 😉

          • Conservative_Hippie


  • gunclinger

    This is FANTASTIC!

    I hope this attitude spreads like wildfire over there, and then the USA can emulate THAT European country!

    • James1754

      Be nice of the English could catch it!

      • mike3e4r7

        Check out the EDL (English Defense League). They’re a similar group in England who are fed up with having the elites in their government sell their futures to islamic radicals. Groups are finally starting to sprout up in various European nations to try and save their nations and their way of life. Most of these groups are mocked by the elitist media in their countries (sound familiar?), but they are our brothers and sisters in this fight to save Western Civilization.

      • RonaldusMagnus

        There are Tea Party types springing up all over. The Truth cannot be hidden.

        ‘If we are marked for death, we are enough for our country’s loss, but to live–the fewer men the greater share of honour!’ H 5th

    • It seems like the French were once pretty impressed with our system of government. (when we still used it)

      It seems like we got a statue, or something, out of it.

      • RonaldusMagnus

        Wasn’t it a fellow named DeTocqueville………brilliant fellow.

  • Mikeyh0

    Refreshing. Contrast this with the Occupy numbskulls who just yelled for more. [The “Me” generation turned into the “Gimme” generation.] I wish them well. And a lot of luck.

    • SineWaveII

      You know, I think this is what OWS was trying to say, they just don’t realize it yet. They haven’t suffered enough to understand who’s really to blame, but that will change. Both the TEA party and OWS are suffering from and protesting the same affect from the same cause, OWS just hasn’t figured it out yet. But they will.

      • Dukehoopsfan

        Sorry but I did not get that from the OWS movement. Just the opposite. Those French kids seem to want to take their country back from the brink. The OWS folks seemed like a bunch of parasites to me.

        • SineWaveII

          I agree because they don’t see who and what is the cause of their problems. They think that socialism will solve their problems because that’s what they’ve been taught. and they are wrong about that. But they are right to believe that everything is screwed up, they are just wrong about the cause.

      • Mikeyh0

        What cause is that? It seems to me the Tea Party wants to decrease the role of government – less taxes, less regulations, less forced diversity, less spending, no borrowing.. – and the OWS just want what other people have because their claim is it was stolen from the “slave labor” of the middle class. Big difference.

        • SineWaveII

          Yes that’s what they believe because that’s what they’ve been taught to believe. They don’t see the real cause of their problems, yet.

  • deeme

    This is our only hope that the kids finally get it..This is our hope for the future and hopefully our kids will get it as well..Hey ABC, did you have a hand in this..??? That’s American Born in Canada…

    • lol no. But I’m trying to teach some kids here in the US to do something like this! YAY!

      • deeme

        I prefer your influence here anyways, it looks like we need it…bigtime….

  • DavidRobertson

    The very minute their group gets too public, they will paint them as the new nazi party…which is exactly what they are complaining about. So ironic. I hope that they are successful in articulating their real message and grow in numbers.

  • I heard some talk radio callers saying we should let Obama’s policies be enacted then the country will experience true liberalism and socialism and will reject it. Of course, that is stupid. It would take 50 years before our future youth cry out like these youth in France. All this is is a video. All this is is a movement. Of course we as conservatives support movements towards freedom and individual liberty wherever it is blossoming.

    However, their true test is not the formation of their organization. It is not in the production of this video, showing the faces of some of their members. Their true test begins when the government reacts. France does not have a true freedom of expression.

    I offer my prayers to these young people. I pray that they understand where their personal liberties truly come from. France liberated itself from the monarchy in a godless manner, subjecting its people to socialism and calling it freedom, because it was a tiny bit less totalitarian than before.

    I pray that these youth find their true purpose. Not in a financial or social manifesto, but in a true return to God. Their movement would be so much more successful if their members choose to attend church and vocally support Christian principles as the root of their liberty. That way, their movement will not be corrupted by an earthly leader. Here in America, the Tea Party movement has no earthly leader.

    Godspeed, Generation Identitaire.

    • marketcomp

      You are right, Jasper Silvis. But I think when food stamps, welfare, section 8 housing, Obama care, and all other governement programs are significantly reduced, even those that people paid into are reduced or eliminated then people will see that the gravy train is over. Yes, they will protest and break things but that won’t generate more money. Reality is a difficult sell but when once you live it no selling is necessary.

    • las1

      This will not end well. It does not have any Christian spirit behind it but the spirit of the French Revolution. It’s the secular opposite of what America’s forefathers conceived to right a wrong. And of course, it’s already being attacked as “far right extremism”.

      • mike3e4r7

        Perhaps you’re right, but I don’t think so. I didn’t see any rejection of Christianity from them in this video. They are clearly against the dominant leftist culture and government in France, and the French Revolution was the West’s first leftist revolution. I saw a video of one of their protests last month, and they stated their solidarity with Charles Martel, not Robispierrie and the French Revolutioin.

        • las1

          Thanks for the response Mike….France is a hyper-secularized country. European conservatism, if it exists at all, is not the North American variety which is the last political expression of practiced Christian values and true classical liberalism. Europe does not have this advantage, so European conservatism does not stand on Christian values, but on nationalism and patriotism. That’s the foundation of this movement, as I see from this vantage point. Of course time will tell.

          I hope and pray that there is an “awakening” of Christianity in Europe, but talk to any of the few evangelicals in France and they will tell you that they are looked upon as worse than an oddity, and often their gatherings are monitored by the French State.

          “It won’t end well” is not a statement that there is anything really wrong with this movement (what we know of it as of now), but it’s a statement about what happens to people and groups who confront the culture-Marxists that run the European super state. We see this in Sweden against the Sweden Democrats, in England against the EDL and the British Freedom Party, with mass arrests just a few weeks ago and the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson. We see it in the lengths the Dutch oligarchy went to destroy Geert Wilders. The one thing all of these groups are smeared with by the establishment oligarchs and media is that they are “far right”, “racist” and “extremist”. Since these culture-Marxists already control the narrative and the media, the end result of what they do to these groups never ends well.

          • mike3e4r7

            Thanks for your respoinse and clarification. I really don’t know about the motives behind this group other than from the few videos I’ve seen. One can only hope that they have some appreciation for their country’s Christian heritage.

            Last month they protested by a mosque in Potiers and according to reports, held banners including one that said “Charles martel beat the Arabs at Potiers”. You can’t see the banner in this video but it shows them rallying


            You’re right to say they have a tough road ahead of them. I was outraged to see about the mass arrests of EDL members that took place recently. This is starting to look like the Soviet Union more and more.

      • It was an evangelical President here in the states who opened up the floodgates to us being colonized because “we worship the same God”.

        Of course though, if they’re driven by God, it helps.

        • las1

          Oh man… so true. Christians who don’t know their Bible are dangerous indeed.

          • free4now

            And people who know their Bible and are not Christian are even more dangerous.

            • las1

              Indeed… someone like a Christopher Hitchens for example… but his putative knowledge of the Bible could be easily deconstructed except for the horrible fact that he had plenty of fan boys and girls who believed what he said… that’s when it becomes dangerous for sure.

        • mike3e4r7

          Is that Carter you’re refering to?

          • sDee


            • mike3e4r7

              Right! Dubbya’s “religion of peace” drivel had momentarily slipped my mind.

            • las1

              Ugh! Thanks for that depressing reminder.

            • You’re right, I was talkin’ about Dubya.

  • marketcomp

    Mmm, how do we get this to that target amrket that voted for Barack Obama? This is the future of the US.

  • sjmom

    It is for the youth of this world and our own nation we must continue to fight the evil which is being perpetrated among us. These young French are freedom fighters and would we raise up our own in this country. We are their example and so we must stand firm and not be browbeaten into submitting to Obama’s system………….and if the GOP wants to then let them but they can do it without me!

    • In case you haven’t seen it yet sjmom..
      The GOP has lost me and many others.

      • sjmom

        Many thanks; just what I have been looking for. Praise God!

        • Amen! I have a facebook group I just started this afternoon too if you’re on it.

          • sjmom

            I am but I never use it. How would I find you?

            • Here’s the Constitutional Freedom Party Page- keep in mind I just created it, so there’s nothing much there. If you go on, click that you want to join and I will accept.!/groups/246453535484363/
              We really needed a place to discuss it and brainstorm and this is the only way I could think of right now.
              If you want to friend me, you can find me- same GreenBeret duckie there too- Carolyn Callow Elkins. I’m going to edit this in a few. 🙂

              • sjmom

                I’m all signed up and wrote a comment; please read. 🙂

                PS. you did a great job.

                • Thank you!!! I just sent you a message on your main page! 😀 YAY!

                • Facebook is being silly and slow today. Your message isn’t showing up yet, but I’m sure it will in a bit. 🙂 Thanks sjmom!

                • sjmom

                  Just said you’re going to have to teach me to use Facebook. I don’t know how. 🙂

                  Made a copy of the doc and showing it to my brother. It’s time to get the word out.

                • It’s still not showing up for me sjmom. Is your first initial R? That was the only friend request I got, and also for the Constitutional page. I did write on your wall if it is you. FB not too hard. Much like here 😀 But you can also send messages. If it’s you, I’ll send you a message and it will show up in the upper left corner of your main page. It’ll be a red 1 for message. ANd thank you so much for showing it around. You ROCK!!

                • sjmom

                  That’s me. We’re now facebook friends.

                • sjmom

                  okay, I wrote comment. Does it automatically return to you or do I have to hit something?

                • OK YAY! I got your comment on the page. I’m trying to make a video right now sjmom, but will be checking in here and FB too- I will send you a message later tonight when I get a chance. It will show up and just click on it when you see it. It’s set up so you can reply there 😀

              • Patriot077

                Will this work for me to friend you too?

                • Send a request to join the page, and I will add you, then friend you!! I have the same avatar so you’ll know its me! YAY! 😀

                • Patriot077

                  I tried joining the group; did it work?

                • Is your first initial A?

                • Patriot077

                  yes. Got your confirmation – thanks!

                • I’m going to friend you in a minute 😀

      • las1

        I’ve read it and am very impressed Carolyn (if I may call you that Duckie). Very impressed.

        Two things I might ad in passing, not that I have any right of ingress to impose on your manifesto… but two important things to be considered.

        Firstly… The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of happiness is impossible without the right to property, or properly the right to acquire property. Now that slavery is over, we are free to speak of property being the key ingredient to pursue happiness. For without property, no man if free to realize any of his God given gifts or aspirations. Because without property man has no stake in his future, nor foundation to be free from tyranny nor to repel tyranny.

        Secondly… the Constitution of the United States of America is the fundamental law of the land. And in addition the Constitution of the United States is the ONLY law of the land. This law allows for no other law or imposition of law; that includes any international law which violates or conflicts the the Constitution (you’ve already stated this of course) and that includes any religious ideology outside the Constitution. This would include the codified Mohammedan legal ideology of jurisprudence known as Shariah.

        As the Founders in their day had to address the issues of their day, they dealt with the problems and impositions of natural English tyranny under the despotism of British monarchy; so too must modern America address the legal perversions and predations represented by Islamic Shariah and Global Governance.

        Again ABiC… really good stuff.

        • Thank you las! I’ve got more to add, and I invite others to add to it too. It’s a the people’s document.. not just mine. I messed up my google account last night, so for a couple of days the blog link is down 🙁 the only place now to see it and comment is on the facebook page. I’m workin’ on it. But it will be a few days. I made a video last night too- when google straightens out, I’ll try and post it. Thank you my friend, I will keep your suggestions in mind too because they’re important. I tried to include some quotes and ideas which have to do with property and law, but it will need to be built on. Thank you friend! 😀

        • I got it up on youtube now las1

  • freenca

    Viva la Francais ! Save France for the French people ! These kids are now awake and know they have to reverse the course to save their culture and their country. Wish them much success in that endeavor !

  • p m

    Saw this last week somewhere – good chance it will spread throughout the EU given its citizen’s will to overcome this invasion by islam – no illusions about the so-called leaders who have allowed the invasion either. The fact is that most countries who have seen their way of life taking a back seat to barbarism are mad as he!! about it. Good for these youngsters for taking the lead.

    Their web-site is here, and the commentary is in English:

  • Juan_Rico

    I wish these young folks luck in winning back their country from the cheese eating surrender monkeys. Hopefully it doesn’t take our country getting as bad as Europe before people wake up here.

  • stevenbiot

    Lets mount up and get to crackin! When it hits the fan here, the government will bow down quickly. The French are a tad bit more peaceful and diplomatic than the logical 50% of the United States. Honestly, I can’t wait to help my brothers and sisters discipline our burdensome micro managers.

  • las1

    Of course WaPo being the equivalent of the BBC in terms of setting a “right wing extremist” narrative for American audiences… yet we knew that eventually this would come to Europe because of the secular religion of multiculturalism complete with its sacraments of entitlement, political correctness and rewriting of history, which is all but destroying Europe and replacing it with a people who absolutely hate Europe, The West and Christianity.

  • Don

    This is like looking into the future of our nation with the only difference in our political, parties is how to disguise their incompetence and maintain control of a society of bobble-headed dolls wanting more for less. France is a mirror of what is happening all over Europe and what will be inevitable in our country if liberalism is not held in check. The incompetence and corruption of the present administration is so obvious that it will take years to clean up the destructive attack taking place. The indoctrination is so entrenched that stopping it may not be possible, but slowing it down will make it more palatable.The new culture in France is a breath of fresh air. Lets hope it wakes up a nation in it’s end days.

  • chatterbox365

    I hope this starts to spread like wildfire over there. The folks in these European nations can get beyond crazy when they are not happy and they will burn sh*t to the ground. I do know the French are very proud of their heritage and it sounds like the threat to their culture is starting to resonate. Too bad it had to get to this point.

    I think England will be next.

  • sDee

    I believe in the youth of America if we can get through to them. It is sad to see the inherent and obligatory distrust of government being programmed out of our young people.

    We need paint the true nature of pathetic 60’s generation that is the Democratic Party and the Unions, that have brought us the destructive socialism of marx. Let it all start to collapse then fuel the passion and revolutionary nature of the young people who have been conned, misled, lied to and burdened with debt.

    • las1

      It is sad to see the inherent and obligatory distrust of government being programmed out of our young people.

      edit… bang on there sDee

  • Lee

    Wow, white people actually decrying racism against them. I hope it catches on.

    • sDee

      It is coming – believe me it is coming. Not out of hatred nor bigotry but out of the human instinct to defend our property, our families our freedom – for our survival.

      Even the Cubans in our family have been openly called racists and bigots in the last 4 years for simply defending law of the land. I was raised by immigrants in the heart of Brooklyn’s melting pot and the hills of Martin Luther King’s Alabama in the 60’s. We all were raised humble, proud, compassionate, and with a deep respect for all people, never to judge nor to be judged based on anything but character.

      No more. The lives, future and freedom of my children and theirs, are under direct assault by the people who have forged our shared compassion and humanity into our a bludgeon against us.

      Half our nation has been granted special Rights for imagined wrongs, and now use these rights and the bully pulpit of the press to commit the very offenses of bigotry, racism and tyranny that they only imagined in the shadows.

      This is war.

      • Alborn


      • There’s a lot of sorry black people, but there’s a lot of sorry white people too. And these groups like the unions and people like Biden, Pelosi and the Clintons are willing and evil co-conspirators in every part of it.
        The war’s not along racial lines but ideological ones.

  • Landscaper

    This is how the youth of America sees the GOP not the Demo-rats. Rich, old pasty white guys vs the hippster Prez and Nov 6th proved it. Now what?

    • sDee

      It has to break – so hard that reality cannot be ignored.

      I see no other way out.

  • BabyMal

    The Lambda was the ‘sign’ or mark for King Louie XIII of France. Under his rule, France expanded her power across the continent. He’s considered one of the last great monarchs before the philosophically-communist (though not named that) French Revolution.

  • James1754

    Don’t think much of their liberal government or the multiculturalism mess they are in do they?

  • NanNJ

    Ok. I’m liking the French again…their wine, their cheese and oh yeah, Generation Identitaire.

    • iaintlyin

      how about their fries?

  • Sober_Thinking

    I hope this grows and helps France back out of the wilderness.

    Funny how France… let it sink in… how France may lead the way for sanity… as America sank deeply back towards the abyss.

    • sDee

      we are only about 5 years behind them and the UK. The UK has the EDL which the whose leaders, the cowardly British Government is now starting to arrest and hold on trumped up charges.

      • mike3e4r7

        Wow! After reading your comment, I decided to visit the EDL website to see what you were refering to, and saw that Tommy Robinson was arrested. I hadn’t heard about that. What an outrage!

        • sDee

          When stories like that go unreported, it is a true sign of the ability and intent of the global media to rewrite both the news and the history.

          Very few conservative or libertarian blogs covered it either.

      • Sober_Thinking

        You are right. Spot on as always sDee.

        Obama now has four more years (dammit). Hopefully, if America is still around, the new President can stop the damage in 1 year to prevent a similar fate.

        God is in control.

  • Learnedsmtn2day

    It looks like they are on to something but Looks can be deceiving. Arab Spring anyone !

  • sDee

    They have adapted the Lambda of the Spartans

    The same symbol for the Spartan spirit of Molon Labe

    In the colors of the Gadsden flag!

  • puma_for_life

    The youth in our country are open to this type of movement; they are the ones who supported Ron Paul, attended his rallies, and some became delegates to the Republican Party (only to be treated with disrespect, unfortunately).

    • sDee

      I worked on a campaign locally with the Libertarian party – I was impressed. They are young, passionate and organized. The Republican Party abandoned us once their “shoe-in” lost the primary. Sarah Palin warned the elephants to not alienate the Libertarians.

      • puma_for_life

        I couldn’t believe how stupid the GOP establishment was. Did you see all of those young voters from Maine getting kicked out of the convention? Really really stupid. And not announcing Ron Paul’s vote count; really really shabby and small. It does sound like they are starting to smarten up but we shall see in the next few years. they don’t seem to be that smart, those establishment types.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Talking about ron paul, I think they did not vote on election day, they are the ones that refused to vote for the moderate Romney. The Republican Party lost the election on the convention when all the rinos in the Republican Party tried to silence their voice in the convention we can never forget that. You would think that they will learn their lesson but no they are Doubling down on their attempt to out democrat the democrats.

      • keyesforpres

        I have nothing but contempt for Paul supporters who stayed home on election day.

        • puma_for_life

          I have nothing but contempt for all of the conservatives who stayed home on election day.

          • keyesforpres

            So do I. I also have contempt for Paul because he didn’t encourage his supporters to get behind Romney.

    • keyesforpres

      Paul is clueless about islam and he did NOT inform his followers about this 7th century barbaric “religion”. All I ever heard him say was they kill us because we are over there and that Iran had a right to the bomb. He made things worse with his cluelessness.

      • puma_for_life

        If you are the type of person who depends on a “leader” to tell them how to think, then you definitely are not a Ron Paul person. Ron Paul supporters do their own research and make up their own minds and support Ron Paul because he agrees with them, not vice versa. It’s called grass roots politics and/or populism, something the GOP does not exactly encourage.

        • SoLongSong

          Ron Paul sucks.

          • puma_for_life

            You must be a member of “the big tent” party I keep hearing about.

            • keyesforpres

              Oh yes, Paul was a big tent guy wasn’t he? He didn’t get a speaking slot at the convention (most challengers in the primaries don’t get a speaking spot, by the way) so he never told folks to get out and vote for Romney because we can’t let o get back in.

              Paul wanted o to get back in in the hopes that Rand would run in 2016 (he’s already said he wants to run in 2016) so they can have their little revolution. Rand was blathering about amnesty last week. They are both closer to being liberals than conservatives.

        • keyesforpres

          LOL. Boy did you miss the mark with that one. First, I have heard Paul supporters support his suicidal stance til they were blue in the face. No matter what his stance was they supported it or told us what he really meant.

          Paul attacked every candidate that rose to the top, except Romney. It is believed he wanted Romney to be the nominee in the hopes that O would get back in because he wanted things to get so bad in the hopes Rand would run in 2016. There’s one problem with that, there might not be another presidential election.

          Just got an email from a news magazine that Rand is thinking about running in 2016. Guess that’s why he was blathering about amnesty the other day.

          Paul couldn’t be bothered to get informed about the most oppressive ideology on earth. He also supported open borders, but his supporters would tell me what he “really meant”.

          • The disturbing thing for me, and I hate to say this, is that even though he was friendly towards Romney in the primary and brutal with the others, in the general election on the internet his supporters thought Romney was the Devil incarnate. A good number of them I’ve seen on the internet (not all, but still) were actually openly cheering on Obama to win the election. You saw that number with Romney being considerably less.

        • mike3e4r7

          The evidence doesn’t seem to support your conclusion that Ron Paul supporters think for themselves.

          • keyesforpres

            LOL…they do say the same thing over and over, don’t they?

        • You’re supposed to get behind someone who agrees with you.

      • ecosse

        exactly and the #1 reason i could not support that kooky old git.

        • keyesforpres

          Same here. In fact, the first time I’d ever seen or heard of him was in 2007 in the presidential primary debate and he blamed us for 9-11. That was ALL I needed to know about that kook. I said to myself, “That guy is unworthy of being Commander in Chief”.

          Why would anyone who loved this country support a clod that couldn’t be bothered to get informed on the ideology that attacked us?

          Also, he was in Congress for 20 years and what did he ever do to stand for liberty? He was all talk and no action. He used “liberty” and “constitution” like o used “hope” and “change”. Just words to try to get elected.

          Also, the reason why so many of the youth supported him was because they wanted drugs legalized.

          • He did not blame “us” as in you and me for 9/11. If he blamed anything, it was our government’s interventionist foreign policy.

            He was most certainly worthy of being Commander in Chief. He was the only GOP candidate to have served in our Armed Forces, and he would have taken his oath to defend this country and the Constitution with all sincerity.

            He spent a dozen terms in the House, as one member of over 500. If you took the time to review both his voting record and his proposed legislation, you would see his deep commitment to liberty and the Constitution. The fact that none of his work ever became law is a sad commentary on the rest of our representatives in Congress.

            He didn’t need to get elected. He had a successful career as a physician (OB/gyn protecting and bringing life into this world by the way).

            Painting Ron Paul supporters as druggies is low and unfair. Ron Paul supporters are well informed and active members of our democratic republic. I am one and have never done drugs in my life. Besides, the war on drugs is a pathetic failure. Prohibition has been tried and it does not work.

            • keyesforpres

              First of all, there is nothing wrong with trying to stop hard drugs from crossing our border. They just misnamed it. Shouldn’t have called it a war on drugs. I guess we could say the war on catching all rapists and murders is a pathetic failure too, but you still try to stop them.

              Yes, many young folks supported him because of legalizing drugs. I said many, not all.

              Yes, he blamed us being over there…as in OUR MILITARY… he was blaming our military. His words were despicable. He slandered our troops. Please stop with what “he really meant”. Ron Paul supporters were always telling me what “he really meant”.

              He helped get Romney the nomination by going after who ever rose to the top. I saw him wink at Romney in one of the last debates with Santorum. He WINKED at Romney.

              • The way to deal with drugs crossing our border is to legalize them. The drug cartels in Mexico flourish thanks to our drug laws. They have openly thanked us. Rapists and murderers have broken the law and used force against other people. Not really a valid comparison.

                Many RP backers support the legalization of drugs not because they want to use drugs, but because they understand that prohibition does not work, leads to disproportionate incarceration of minorities, and results in massive wasteful spending by government.

                If he had blamed our military he would not have garnered more support from active military personnel than all other candidates combined.

                He did not help anyone, especially Romney. You are supposed to go after whomever is at the top. However, his strategy all along was to position himself as a clear conservative to the moderate Romney, whom he correctly identified as the establishment’s chosen candidate. It worked until it actually did come down to Paul against Romney, when the media and GOP establishment did their best to ensure that Romney would be the one (even kicking out whole state delegations and changing rules at the convention).

                • Are we talking about the same media that accused Romney of murder earlier that same month?
                  Yeah, they had a really vested interest in promoting Romney.

                • keyesforpres

                  He didn’t garner the most support from the military, it’s just Pual supporters in the military made sure it was known they supported him. Most folks in the military don’t advertise who they support because they don’t want to be used for political purposes.

                  Legalize drugs and more people will try them. Hard drugs are addictive the first time you use them, making people useless. They can’t hold a job and would need welfare….something I thought Paul supporters wanted to reduce.

                  Secure the border (Paul does not want to secure the border….his words…) and kick as many illegals out as possible. Legalize drugs and the cartels are not going to go away.

                  Sorry, but many of the youth supported him because they wanted drugs legalized.

                  Our folks that were over there was our military, so of course that is blaming our military. He slandered our troops. I have yet to meet a veteran that can stand Paul.

                  Thanks again for letting me know what “he really meant”.

                • keyesforpres

                  He didn’t go after Romney. In MI he went after Santorum and said nothing about Romney. He ran nothing but attack ads against Santorum when Romney was ahead of him.

            • mike3e4r7

              If he blamed our government’s “interventionist” foreign policy, rather than “us”, he was still wrong. The fault lies squarely on an intolerant ideology that knows only one way to deal with other religiouns and cultures, that is, through domination. That ideology is known as Islam.

            • “He was the only GOP candidate to have served in our Armed Forces”.
              Sometimes the Paul people mess up on their facts. He did serve in the armed forces, but so did Rick Perry in this election cycle.

              Last cycle their was Johnny Mac.

              • My apologies to Mr. Perry. I had forgotten about him…kind of like how he forgot the three federal agencies he would close down 😉

            • cabensg

              Oh! you the mean the interventionist policy of feeding the poor in the countries that despise us. Trying to keep the peace between savages and Israel. You can support him if you want but the reason the young supported him was because they wanted legalized drugs.

              You could say the Constitution has been a pathetic failure if you listen to the left and yes the war on drugs has not been as successful as needed that doesn’t mean you give in to the immoral and dangerous.

        • jodypear

          I agree.

    • Ron Paul doesn’t focus on cultural issues. He focuses on the Fed and the wars, but immigration is not on the chopping block for him.

      • Yes he does, by eliminating the incentives for illegals to be here in the first place.

    • cabensg

      The youth didn’t flock to Paul because of his small government, constitutional stance. He’s a libertarian who doesn’t believe there should be a war on drugs and they should be available to all. Tell me those kids were conservatives, I don’t believe it. Libertarians don’t believe in forbidding anyone anything as long as it doesn’t bother them personally.

  • This is only a glimpse into the world of “Sick and Tired” of PC and the multiculturalism tolerance that is being shoved down our throats…People can only take so much before they are forced into that proverbial corner and left with only two choices… Fight for your survival or die like a good dog! FIGHT ON!!

  • keyesforpres

    France and all other European countries, along with Australia, New Zealand, etc. need to arm their native citizens against the 7th century barbarians. Cut off welfare to muslims and then tell them to go back from where they came from.

    Turn back to God as well.

    • cabensg

      To late for Australia they went all liberal and confiscated all the guns in private hands. The crime rate immediately went up after the confiscation but I doubt they learned anything by it. How could a citizenry ever rearm after this kind of action?

      They had a conservative PM who told Muslims either obey the laws of Australia or leave. The liberal propaganda machine went into action and they now have a liberal government. It’s still totally beyond me why anyone would vote liberal socialist anti-God people to lead them.

  • 1militarybrat1

    This is amazing. God Bless them. They will need all the prayers they can get. They are having their own Red Dawn. Everyone should read “while europe slept”

  • Marky_D

    Hmmm… to me it sounded a little bit, erm… militant. I totally emphasise with their position – 100% but ‘a declaration of war’? That doesn’t bode well for France.

    Then again, I suppose they have very limited options. France, like most of the West is in steep demographic decline meaning the grey vote is more powerful than the youth vote. For politicians, offering early retirement with big pensions is an easy vote winner – just a pity the youth have to pay the harsh price caused by the national lack of competitiveness.

    Shame on the French for voting in a socialist and condemning their children to a life of poverty.

    • SoLongSong

      Yes, it does sound a little militant and I’m certainly not for waging a war, but look where town halls and “We the people do NOT want OBAMACARE!!” got us.

      I can kind of see their point. Some days I just wanna grab a pitchfork and storm the white house.

    • mike3e4r7

      I may be wrong, but I didn’t interpret it that way. I think they are talking about political and cultural war, just the same as we do here when talking about defeating the leftists who dominate our own country.


    …EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT , EXCELLENT ! ….multiculturalism is a complete and TOTAL FAILURE brought to CANADA by the COMMUNIST LIBERAL P.E.TRUDEAU and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA by the MARXIST PROGRESSIVES who are in power right NOW in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA !

    Bring the VOICE of the FRENCH YOUTH to the shores of NORTH AMERICAN YOUTH and get rid of the OLD GAURD PROGRESSIVES . …. NOW , NOW , NOW , NOW , NOW not to tomorrow NOW !!!!!!!!”

    THANK YOU RS for posting , G-D Bless you .

  • French is my first language (I was born and raised in one of the most socialist country in Europe).

    I watched a documentary about the “Generation Identitaire” group that they posted on their website. They are seen as a group that is at the right of the far right (extremist right winger if you will). They are also seen as a racist hateful group by the left. Every video they release is always seen as propaganda. They’re against massive immigration. It really is like a repeating pattern that when you don’t agree with the left you must be racist/bigot/homophobe and what not. I guess we can all go back to watching that great video from Bill Whittle about Political Correctness to understand the modern leftist tactic. So when are we going to work on finding a way to fight against their marxist tactics?

    • SoLongSong

      I agree, when are we? First with the open mocking of Islam and now this! The French are leading the way. It’s come to THAT!!

    • sDee

      So they get treated pretty much like the Tea Party over here does?

      (A French speaker hopping the ‘zees’. Do you speak Dutch also? 😉

      • They definitely get treated the same way than the Tea Party.

        BTW I only speak French and English. 🙂

    • Repeat this to them every chance you get: only a Democrat (or whatever leftist you are talking to) cares about skin color.

      • MOST of the time that’s the case, but not always. I’m sure you’re aware of some of the white nationalist sites here on the net.

        • Sure, continuing the Democrat tradition. KKK was a Democrat phenomenon.

          Only Democrats care about skin color.

    • debw777

      First we have to take on the main stream media, everywhere in the world. They are enemies of the truth.

  • StandProudNow

    Their parents generation did them in… too late now. The strangers they invited to their country is well on the way of taking over. With their birth rate, there will be NOTHING stopping them from becoming the majority in France.

    France as a muslim state.

  • NYGino

    Thank you Scoop. Encouraging, uplifting, inspirational.

  • I guess being overrun by a bunch of unwanted radical Muslim immigrants who have no desire to assimilate into your culture will do that to you. A bit late to the party, mon ami, but better late than never.

    • SoLongSong

      Let’s hope we heed their warning in advance – before it’s too late. I secretly think we have a Muslim in the white house.

      • NYGino

        Nothing secrete about it anymore. His words and actions have confirmed it.

        • toongoon

          You took the words right off of my keyboard.

  • NYGino

    Are we seeing the seeds of sanity? The beginning of the second French revolution? An attack against that insidious theme of political correctness? A cry for the return of true family values and national pride? Sure hope so.

  • NYGino

    “…so generous with strangers it becomes unsustainable for our own people”

    No comment needed.

    • SoLongSong

      That line was my favorite.

  • iaintlyin

    Shiver me timbers, finally, finally a sign of outspoken National pride coming from the youth of a European country. The kicker…France. Anyone who chooses to acknowledge reality understands the FACT that America is only a few years behind Europes woes regarding the economic and societal issues. If we are ‘a few years” away from those problems, do we not actually have the problem already? Our problem is a liberal, European adoring political party that is contorting, distorting and maligning Americas history, its Constitution, its values and the minds of its youth through an education system dominated by greedy unions. If you’re an American between the ages of 16 and 32 today, the very best chance you’ve had at not becoming brainwashed into a multiculturalism meme, is if you never attended college and/or dropped out of high school and took up a trade.

    America needs a political party that stands for the Constitution, reveres its history, and challenges the American youth (natural born and immigrants) to continue making America the greatest country in the World because of OUR values. Yes we can accept people with open arms, yes we can learn about and respect the country you came from BUT you’d better ACCEPT, RESPECT AND ABIDE by OUR culture, OUR Flag, OUR laws, and OUR Constitution.

    A couple of years ago Frances Sarkozy and Germanys Merkel acknowledged the problems their respective country were having regarding multiculturalism. Specifically, Muslims. Also in the same time period a dude named Anders Brievak decided he had enough of Norways leaders giving his country away to immigrants. Specifically, Muslims. Can we not learn from these leaders and maniac as to what became of their Countrys National Pride or will we show we’re weaker and dumber than them by falling in line to the new world order?

    Blast this story to every College/Campus newspaper and fraternity in the Republic and challenge the students that write those papers to in turn challenge their professors. After all, aren’t these so called learning institutes oiling the skids for those same students to be highly educated (with a price tag to match), government owned robots with a predetermined lifespan. Maybe they’ll (the students) realize the whole scam of how college and its professors are the biggest benefactors of the system they themselves demonize.

    Whew, sorry it took so long.

    • jodypear

      “If you’re an American between the ages of 16 and 32 today, the very best chance you’ve had at not becoming brainwashed into a multiculturalism meme, is if you never attended college and/or dropped out of high school and took up a trade.”

      Or went to church and had a good family.

      • Funny, I graduated from Penn State with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and my wife graduated with a BS in Biology, but we both are telling our 3 sons to go to a community college to get a business degree so they understand how to manage their business. Then learn a trade or two so they can start their own business. 4-year college degrees are overrated. 2 years (even in engineering) is all that is needed.

        • I tell everyone I can get to listen to me the same thing. Go to a community college. BONUS: learn a trade, while you’re at it (welding, cooking, body repair, whatever). Those are taught at community colleges, and if you can cook decently, you’ll never starve. After you get out, then specialize if you still want to, by going the the best school for your specialty.

          The regular colleges and unies are an absolute ripoff. Many state-owned colleges are allowed to jack up rates four to eight percent per year over cost of living increases or inflation. EVERY Freaking year. Why? So they can teach “social justice.” In other words, nothing.

          • Many professors – even untenured – earn $200k+ every year at 4-year universities. At Penn State alone, all the employees (from professors to janitors) outnumbers the students!!!! That is where the money is being flushed. That is why the elite see no problem pushing crappy government jobs in place of private sector growth.

            Community colleges are usually staffed by people who have real jobs and are experts in their fields in the private sector that decide to earn extra income by sharing their knowledge. That is why education is better there.

            • Yep. And at our local community college, some of the profs (probably untenured associate profs) from the two big local Unies teach classes there. Add in the internet, and you can easily get a very decent education. Especially if you are careful to avoid the social engineering nonsense.

  • madnessofjack


  • Dana ZZ Garcia

    A few week ago they briefly occupied a mosque under construction at historic Poitiers, where the Muslim hoards were defeated by Charles Martel in 732.

  • PJRodman

    C’mon French…first daughter of the Church…grow up and GROW A PAIR! Pretty much what ABC just said.

  • FuquaySteve

    These young adults realize they are at the crossroads between the past (tradition) and the future AND they have obligations to BOTH. Something the baby boomers didn’t realize – they discarded the traditions and burdened the future for their own financial gain. It is a shame. I admire these people.

  • PAWatcher

    My 24 year old grandson said his generation would fight the fight against the stuck in the 60’s and wanna be hippies of today right after obama was elected. I had hoped We would take care of business before they had to. These French young people are saying what he and his friends voiced a few years ago here in America, don’t know how many are of their thinking, but hope We start hearing more.

  • crosshr

    Goosie, wow, yes. my hair excitingly stand in proudly strongly approval of these young fellas voice and vote of confidence in them-self and their made up mind to control the cause of their tomorrow.

    Precious & Priceless. God help them

  • Bravo! The descendents of Charlemagne!

  • conservativemama

    Wow! Breathtaking to see young people waking up and declaring that they will not have their futures stolen. Their country ruined. Their lives defined in bleak, narrow terms by the decadent, debauched generation that’s brought disaster to France.


  • JettieG

    Yowza, young folks are waking up everywhere. Not only culture issues, JOBS! I pity the French — you cannot travel on Le Metro without a perfume-doused hankie held to your nose. 🙂

  • Love it!

  • sDee

    Here is a link on SOS Racism. No wonder they have had it. This is a UN NGO that is given the power over citizens and businesses to be judge just and sentencer of racist thoughts or actions (which means of course muslim).

    • mike3e4r7

      Interesting. I’d never heard of them before. Is SOS, French for ACLU?

  • JTLiuzza

    “You are of yesterday, we are of tomorrow.”

    Indeed. An apt epitaph for every 60’s generation destroyer.

  • mike3e4r7

    Another good one – “We reject your history books to re-gather our memories”

  • WhiteGuy2

    “We are the generation who get killed for glancing at the wrong person,
    for refusing someone a cigarette, |or having an “attitude” that annoys someone.
    We are the generation of ethnic fracture,
    total failure of coexistence,| and forced mixing of the races.
    We are the generation doubly punished:| Condemned to pay into a social system
    so generous with strangers it becomes| unsustainable for our own people.
    We are 25 percent unemployment,|social debt, multicultural collapse
    and an explosion of anti-white racism.”

    These words are all true of America right now, we are not alone in our disqust of liberalism.

  • Kordane

    Quote: “Condemned to pay into a social system so generous with strangers it becomes| unsustainable for our own people.

    So they’re not against the welfare state; they’re just against immigrants receiving benefits from the welfare state.

    Yeah, forget that.

    Also, the video was massively collectivist with its nationalist undertones.

    • NCHokie02

      C’mon now, they are still French. At least it’s a start.

    • mike3e4r7

      Massively collectivist? Where was that in the video?

      • Kordane

        Their nationalism, their constant use of “we”, their definition of themselves as a “generation”, their talk of “our heritage, our land, our blood, our identity” almost straight from the collectivist playbook, and some other minor things that are too much like nit picking to mention.

        These are not individualists by any stretch of the imagination.

        • Are you serious? Because they want what’s best for their country instead of foreign nationals?

          • Kordane

            When you talk of what’s best for “your country”, rather than what’s best for you as “an individual”, then you are thinking like a collectivist.

            • mike3e4r7

              So you’re saying that being selfish makes you an individual, and thinking of others makes you a collectivists. I’m assuming you pride yourself in being an individualist.

              If you had a chance to steal 10,000 dollars from a stranger and knew you wouldn’t get caught, your “individualist” would do it, because he doesn’t think of what’s best for his country or community – only himself. Of course, your definitioin of what makes one a collectivist is completely off the mark, but accepting your definitions just for the sake of argument, I would prefer collectivism any day.

              Again, as I’ve already said in another comment, you’re using words, like collectivist, individualist, heritage, etc. that you don’t really understand. You have very simplistic notions of what these words mean. To you it’s all or nothing. Either you think only of and for yourself or you’re a collectivist. Kordane, you need to go back to the drawing board and think these things through more deeply. Look at your own life, and honestly ask yourself to what degree you actually practice what you preach when it comes to individualism, etc.

              • Kordane

                Doing what you think is best for “your country” does not necessarily mean that you’re being altruistic. You could be doing what you think is best for “your country” so that YOU specifically benefit; others may not be of any concern in that. Your motivation (selfish or altruistic) is important in discerning that.

                Individualism does not necessarily mean self-interest, just as collectivism does not necessarily mean altruism. They’re different concepts.

                You might think you’re being an individualist by going off to live on a deserted island as a hermit, but it may not be in your self-interest to do that, especially if you’d live a much better life back in civilization, eg. access to medical care, better food, better shelter, etc.

                Likewise, you might think you’re being a collectivist by choosing to live in some communist commune somewhere, never saying the word “I” (only saying “we”), but you may not be being altruistic if you are taking actions that benefit you somehow, eg. eating food to survive, rather than giving it all away to others.

                The fact that the transcript speaks of doing what’s best for “your country”, rather than doing what’s best for “you as an individual”, suggests that they don’t care whether it benefits or harms them as individuals. Sometimes it’s the case that doing what’s best for “your country” is actually harmful to you as an individual.

                Quote: “If you had a chance to steal 10,000 dollars from a stranger and knew you wouldn’t get caught, your “individualist” would do it, because he doesn’t think of what’s best for his country or community – only himself

                Firstly, that’s a fantasy scenario because there is no way you can “know” you won’t be caught for stealing. There will always be some niggling doubt in the back of your mind that you might be caught and imprisoned. Secondly, your premise is false because you’re claiming that stealing money from others / violating their property rights is to “do what’s best for oneself” – I disagree with you because I don’t think violating the rights of others is in one’s self-interest. I think it’s incredibly self-destructive/selfless to violate the rights of others, since like I said, you’ll go through the rest of your life worrying that you’ll be caught. Do you think Bernie Madoff acted in his self-interest when he defrauded all those people out of their money and then lived a luxurious lifestyle on it? No, he wasn’t acting in his self-interest. He spent every single day worrying that he’d be caught. He had to lie to his friends, his family, and everyone else. He could barely sleep because he was worrying so much. That’s NOT doing “what’s best for oneself”. I think it’s totally doing what’s wrong for oneself.

                Quote: “To you it’s all or nothing. Either you think only of and for yourself or you’re a collectivist

                You do think of others, as an individualist. If you didn’t then you’d be banging into them when walking the streets. You wouldn’t be able to trade with anyone because you wouldn’t be able to acknowledge their existence. So no, I disagree that individualists don’t think of others – I just think they don’t LIVE for others. That’s the distinction you need to understand. Individualists live for themselves. I can think of examples of when living for oneself is to one’s self-interest, just as I can think of examples when living for oneself is to live self-destructively/selflessly.

                • mike3e4r7

                  I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree Kordane. No hard feelings.

                • Is it in the self-interest of the citizens of any country to let in millions of foreign nationals? Is multiculturalism in the self-interest of the people there? Isn’t the GOP going enormously against it’s self-interest by pandering to and letting in millions of foreign nations they won’t get no matter what they do? Are the French acting in their self-interest by letting the Muslims take over their country?

                • Kordane

                  The reason that there’s a problem with immigration is because immigrants come over to receive benefits from the welfare state. If you get rid of all such benefits then the only type of immigrant you really get is the productive kind.

                  As for the stealth jihad problem, when I might add I am fully aware of, I don’t think that stopping immigration is the solution to that. I think that’s just slapping a band aid on the consequence, rather than dealing with the cause. What we really need to do in that case is eliminate the ideology of Islam from the entire world, because that ideology is what motivates Muslims to emigrate to the West and perform stealth jihad. Until that is achieved, yes you could block all immigration from Islamic states, but that again is only a band aid on the problem.

                  To be honest, I don’t really have any problem with open door immigration, so long as the Islam problem is dealt with, the welfare state is eliminated, and that there is proper Israeli-style checking for terrorists who may try to enter and do harm to people. This is pretty much the Ayn Rand / Objectivist view on immigration too.

                • Do we have to be the third world’s nanny or can we look out for our own interests? That’s what Objectivists look at.
                  We aren’t going to get rid of the Islamic ideology. I don’t see how that can be done, they’re violent savages who are stuck in their ideology, so we have to settle for keeping them out of our countries.
                  Mass immigration merely Balkanizes us and lets criminals and leeches into the country.

                • Kordane

                  There isn’t really any problem with immigration per se, but yes, there are issues because of the existence of the welfare state and the threat posed by the Islamic ideology (among other threats). Without any welfare state and without any Islamic ideology out there to threaten us, there wouldn’t really be any reason to limit immigration. You say it allows “leeches” into the country, but I would argue that those are the kinds of people who flock to welfare state nations to get “free stuff”; only “productive” immigrants flock to free nations (without welfare states). In a country without any welfare state, the only way to get stuff is to work for it; you simply can’t “leech”. As for criminals, I would argue that there will always be a criminal element that gets in, but it isn’t hard to minimize that problem if you do proper international criminal/terrorist background checks. As for your other point that it “Balkanizes” us, I don’t really have a problem with that because my individual rights aren’t being violated if someone wants to associate with people of their own race/culture/etc. Quite frankly I don’t give a sod so long as my individual rights aren’t being violated. I long ago gave up the collectivist idea that “my culture” should be the only culture, and that it should be imposed by force.

                  As for how to get rid of the threat posed by Islam, I must simply direct you to the book “Winning the unwinnable war” by Elan Journo of the Ayn Rand institute. That book details how to achieve ‘victory’ against Islam. You think it’s impossible, but I can tell you now that it is not, having read the book myself. The book explains precisely what the problem is and what to do about it. It’s up to you whether you want to check it out or not.

                • The Muslim countries are going to stay Muslim. The best hope is keeping them with a secular dictator like Ghaddafi instead of a theocratic one.

            • Does it help us as “an individual” to cater to foreign nationals either?

        • mike3e4r7

          They used the word “we”. Checkmate. You win, brother. You’re too smart for me.
          And, wow. The use of the word “generation” is the real clincher, as if “we” wasn’t enough of a tip off. People who refer to themselves as Baby Boomers must also be collectivists by your argument. “Blood”, “Identity”, and “Heritage”are the nail in the coffin. Do you have a copy of this collectivist playbook. It sounds fascinating.

          Perhaps the Tea Party is also a group of collectivists. After all, they sometimes hold rallyies “together” and share some common values. Some might call them Patriotic because they talk about preserving our American heritage of Freedom. Thank you for correcting that misconception by pointing out that words like heritage make you nationalistic and not patriotic. They probably had no idea that organizing and sharing ideas with like minded individuals made them collectivists. It’s a good thing you decided not to start nit picking. You’ve already made plenty of great arguments already.

          • Kordane

            Look, that’s just how collectivists speak, OK? Collectivists are very tribal / group-based in their thinking. I can see it quite clearly in the transcript. I think that the clear nationalism in their message is most telling in terms of how collectivist they are in their thinking; the fact that they say “We” 21 times in their script is just icing on the cake, to me. Have you never read “Anthem”? It’s just not about the “individual” to these people. It’s not about what they as individuals want; it’s just what some super-organism group called “the youth” want.

            When you talk of how you think of yourself in terms of your “blood”, your “identity” and your “heritage”, then you are thinking like a collectivist, because that’s precisely how collectivists think. An individualist doesn’t give a sod about what their “blood” tells them. An individualist has an identity, but they shun the notion that there is some identity that is superimposed on them by the nation they happened to grow up in. An individualist doesn’t talk about their “heritage”, because heritage tells them nothing about who they are as individuals, just as if all my ancestors were a line of bakers, it doesn’t tell me that I am destined to be a baker as well.

            • mike3e4r7

              All great nations have a sense of history and identity. That doesn’t make them collectivists. Our own country had a strong sense of and appreciation for itsr history. It is those nations in which the individuals are isolated from one another, and feel no connection with one another that are doomed to civil strife. Multiculturalism itself is an attempt to destroy the natural sense of community that exists amongst a people by creating an opposing, often hostile community in its midst.

              Kordane, you are a unique individual. I’m guessing you’re not spending Thanksgiving with your family today because you are an individual. Maybe you’ll have a hamburger by yourself instead, because you think for yourself. Maybe you’ll invent some new food to eat since hamburgers are too American. I applaud your rugged individualism that has no use for any customs or traditions. Most others, however acknowledge that culture has had an impact on who they are, but that we are still individuals. An appreciation for one’s culture is not incompatible with being an individualist.

              You envision a society where each man exists by himself, where the individuals have no influence on one another, have no shared experiences, and feel no connection with one another or their past. All other societies are collectivist in your mind. The truth is, the society you envision exists nowhere and would be an extremely unhealthy society to live in.

              You have alot of concepts like heritage, collectivism, identity, individualism, etc. floating around in your head, but you don’t really understand them. Your arguments are filled with false choices, like the false choice between heritage and individualism.

              • Kordane

                Quote: “All great nations have a sense of history and identity. That doesn’t make them collectivists

                See, you’re being a collectivist yourself now. Nations aren’t living entities with “senses”. It’s like Margaret Thatcher said how there is no such thing as society – There are just individual men and women. Who is “them”, when you speak of a nation? You’re not addressing individuals. You’re addressing some collectivist tribal grouping.

                Quote: “It is those nations in which the individuals are isolated from one another, and feel no connection with one another that are doomed to civil strife

                That’s utterly false. This “civil strife” you’re on about is NOT because “individuals are isolated from each other” – It’s because individuals are apart of, or have chosen to join various collectivist tribal groupings, and then those tribal groupings fight with each other, just like ancient tribes used to do over resources, territory, etc.

                None of that is helped by the fact that those countries are “mixed economies” – Quoted from Ayn Rand: “A mixed economy is a country in the process of disintegration, a civil war of pressure-groups looting and devouring one another“.

                Get rid those “groups” and the collectivist mentality that created them, switch to everyone being individuals, and then those countries will be much nicer places to live in. Those French individuals need a strong dose of individualism.

    • mike3e4r7

      The Communists believed in destroying a nation’s ‘past (i.e. heritage) in order to acheive their collectivist paradise. You’re arguments are fallacious. You argue, falsely, that nationalism equals collectivism.

      You also argue,, falsely, that the quote “Condemned to pay into a social system so generous with strangers it becomes unsustainable for our own people” means that the people who made it are not against the wellfare state.

  • When I hear the words forced mixing of the races, I think of some of the white nationalist sites here on the net. You guys might be aware of them.

    However, this is France and they’re getting in a bunch of Muslims who are messing up their country. Their situation is obviously really bad.

    We have a problem with multiculturalism here too. I don’t think it involves race-mixing so much though. It’s about promoting racial separatism and antagonism by minority groups.

  • Danny Kelly

    “We are the generation of ethnic fracture,
    total failure of coexistence,| and forced mixing of the races.”

    Read: we are white ethnic nationalists and racial separatists.


    • Really? That is your take? Have you been following what has been going on in France over the past 20 years? They have sections of their country partitioned for Muslims only where natural born French people are not allowed to enter. And no, it is not the slums.

      Some of my co-workers were raised in Italy and France and they tell me personal stories and current stories from their families how Muslims and Northern Africans spit on them and constantly look down at them, refusing to assimilate to any French culture. The police do nothing. But say one little negative comment about Muslim dress or their stupid prophet and they go to jail.

      The French are walking on egg shells in their own country. They are not racial separatists. If France would force immigrants to assimilate to French culture or get out, there would not be a problem.

      • They even have “no go” zones where the Gendermes will not go. That is unimaginable here, and yet we have Dearborn.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Show me one place on earth where the Islam is doing the ‘mixing’.

      The shahada (Arabic: الشهادة‎ aš-šahādah (from the verb شهد šahida, “he witnessed”), means “to know and believe without suspicion, as if witnessed, testification”; it is the name of the Islamic creed. The shahada is the Muslim declaration of belief in the oneness of God (tawhid) and acceptance of Muhammad as God’s prophet. The declaration in its shortest form reads:
      لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله (lā ʾilāha ʾillā l-Lāh, Muḥammadur rasūlu l-Lāh) (in Arabic) There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God. (in English)

  • The French chose to abandon their future by ditching Sarkozy this year.

    Do you think they’d be better off if they had elected Jean Marie Le Pen? Their media called him a fascist. The same media certainly doesn’t think open Communists are radical.

    What’s people’s feelings about the British National Party? They seem to have a racially tinged element but they bring up important issues that others don’t so I think that gives them a following to some as the lesser of the evils.

    • Helen85

      Maybe they didn’t vote Sarkozy out. Maybe their elections were fraud just like ours.

      Seeing the march for marriage in Paris reminded me of our Tea Parties, marching against sin. I LOVE that! God is still on the throne, and His Word WILL cover the earth as water the sea.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Sounds like the Brits need to translate this into French. 😉 😉

  • Moved

  • NCHokie02

    The first girl to speak is smoking hot. So whatever she says I’m for it. j/k but she is hot. Hopefully they have a decent amount of people and can pressure the French gov’t. Good luck with that 75% tax rate though. The french gov’t’s inability to get people to assimilate is treasonous. Look at them now.

    Fav part was when he said “Condemned to pay into a social system so generous with strangers it becomes| unsustainable for our own people.”

    • Psyphurr Lock

      Was that not true of the U.S. as well? Those who are illegal or refuse to work suck dry the benefits so many of us contrribute towards. Time for a change…

  • tinlizzieowner

    There is no such thing as ‘multiculturalism’ under Islam. There is but one culture, the Islamic culture and that’s just a fact. You convert or you die, it’s as simple as that.

  • Psyphurr Lock

    WOW. I actually got goose bumps from reading that. Imagine what would happen if that mentality were a real factor in the U.S.? I can relate to so many of their points. I could be wrong… but they sure do sound like conservatives.

  • Conservative_Hippie


  • Conservative_Hippie

    I wonder what Obama’s administration thinks about these youth. It seems to me that they are all gung ho for youth power, what about these youth!

    • according to our very “liberal” leftisis, they must be:
      “homophobic, racists, haters, etc.”
      American youth – learn!

  • I would be very careful with this one. Remember the Wiemar Republic gave rise to the Nationalist Socialists and the Bolsheviks as competing Left ideologies. The Bols. took their orders from Moscow was their main difference. As well, the Northern league in Italy always gains popularity whenever the economy takes a tank….the Golden Dawn in Greece is a perfect example of this type of ideals. The French have always had a wonderful mix of Nationalism and Socialism…..but lets not mix the two. Thay had had the LePen family for years for whom I have a soft part in my heart for. Full disclosure on myself: I am a Dutch-Eritrean Canadian born in Montreal PQ who is a proud member of the Conservative Party. Welcome to the Canadian Dream!

    • las1

      France lately is beginning to pique my interest… I read with interest that article in Middle East Forum “France Waking Up to its Anti-Semitism”.

      I wasn’t aware that Hollande is not necessarily cut from the typical far-left French Socialist mold. But as the article asks, is France past it’s expiry date? For that matter, is Europe?

    • sDee

      You bring a welcome perspective. This movement clearly understands the ugly socialist, communist and labor factions behind the May 68 movement, as well as the race-based manipulations of their culture, government and legal system by the SOS Racisme NGOs. So of course there is more than meets the eye. But their basic protest is based on a government that is stripping them of their rights, disguised as benevolence and multiculturalism. That is indeed the makings of a revolution.

      I would not argue with what you say but will suggest that historical lessons of socio-political history should also be taken with great caution here. Or to put it another way, all bets are off when it comes to islam and globalism on the scale we now face.

      The march is already on. It is too late to reverse this because Western Governments and media are wholly corrupt – in all ways, far worse than the propaganda of the National Socialists.

      The European’s eternal fatal fascination with socialism and fascism has already given rise to the new seed of destruction: islamic supremacy. But unlike the Parties and armies of National Socialism that visibly spread through Europe, this seed of islamic destruction has been planted deep within the womb of sovereign nations. Combined with crushing debt and the slow erosion of rights, sinister globalism hides behind the smiley faces of multiculturalism and intellectual secularism.

      Here in America, the leftists’ cleverly disguised tools of diversity, racial equality, affirmative action, have done their jobs well – giving special rights to those with perceived grievances, which also gives them power of other citizens. The political power derived in turn form that, has created a permanent Central Government. The Republican Party is window dressing.

      America is now permanently divided between the takers and the makers. The government uses theise “minority” groups and will use it to take the property and rights of the others to sustain that power. Polls in America show blacks, mulsims, Indian (hindu and muslim), “hispanics” and now Asians, all willing admitting they vote democratic because the do not trust white Christians. We have passed the point of no return.

      There is no pretty way out of this. This group in France may be small but they have been pushed into a corner with no way out. So has half of America. We will probably make one last effort to give the rule of law and the Constitution a chance through our state sovereignty. But if it fails, we will not be pushed into a corner by marxists, globalists and islamists. And, unlike this French group, there are tens of millions of us and we are armed.

      Buckle your seat belt, Chose your sides. This is going to get ugly.

      “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains or slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” – Patrick Henry

      • What an excellent reply and a good proper retort. Not really used to that I and have in the past kept my posts simple as to make them assessable.
        The Islamo-Fascist ideal, as ancient as Islam itself, is a proper bi-product, in my opinion, of a failed and violent religion. It has attempted to fill in the holes of history with myth but more so with forced conversion and the blood of anyone who has resisted. Islam and specifically, in my opinion from my readings, is a war journal that tells the tale of a desert middle class merchant who’s life becomes endangered. We follow him and his thinking as he becomes more and more paranoid, lashing out, creating dictum on the fly and finally, a conqueror…..but not all in his life time.
        This is important to understand in the context of the relationships with Christian Europe & Judeo-Christian relations. Don’t get me started between the relations with Jews in ancient Jerusalem, the Byzantium Empire and modern day Europe…Oy Vey, that’s a book.
        America, and your proper concern with it, represents the new Rome in every aspect. They have Europe, whether we like it our not. There will be blood in the streets or minarets over every capital in Europe. My beloved Nederland is a victim of it, Belguim is drowning in it, Germany was the first to raise the alarm, France has poo-poo’ed it for decades and now it’s biting them in the as, Spain has always had the fear of a re-acquisition of Al-Andalus, Italy and Greece have every New North African issue they have ever feared would happen, The Norwegians are seeing more and more, The Swedes have had it for a while but dealing with it better and my sweet sweet Britain can’t even teach the holocaust anymore in some schools, to their eternal shame for bowing to these troglodytes……In Canada, we are seeing and feeling the issues but you guys, “the Great Satan” are the target of choice. Keep fighting but remember: what they WANT you to do is subvert your right, be the bad guy the left KNOWS you are…..stay dignified, don’t go for the cheap route, believe in G-d as your salvation as the old and new testament tells us….

        Sorry for the disjointedness but I was very moved by your post

  • Conservative_Hippie

    I guess this line worries me a little,

    “total failure of coexistence,| and forced mixing of the races.”

    sounds somewhat racist, maybe I misunderstand?

    • sDee

      It is the forced part to focus on. It is deliberate attack on the white French. The UN/EU and socialists are forcing immigration, concessions and appeasement based solely on race. It is designed to push the French people over the 10% threshold where birthrate will take over the rest of France.

      No one citizen should have special rights or treatment over another citizen, under sovereign or EU law, based on the color of their skin or their religion.

      Their race and culture is under direct assault and they know it. Just as it is in America. This is the major tool of marxism, globalism and now islamofascism.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        If it is as you say, then I agree. I just didn’t know if it was a new generation of neo-nazis. Forced nationalism via one race has been known to happen in Europe before.

        • sDee

          could be that too – I wish I could read and understand French and learn more.

          One thing however that I an certain of is that new generation of nazism in Europe is an old one – islam. I also am certain of how the islamization of Europe will end.

          So, until I know that Génération Identitaire, is a worse fate, an evil worse than islam, I will take the words of one of our greatest warriors…..

          “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.”

          • Conservative_Hippie

            Agreed, it was Islam that was in bed with the Third Reich.

    • notebene

      I believe that line refers to the forced mixing of Muslim ideology on the culture of France. Sharia has taken a deep foothold there and it’s not good. I could be mistaken, but that was my initial interpretation.

    • JTLiuzza

      They want to be around their own. What’s wrong with that?

      • Conservative_Hippie

        It’s only wrong if “by their own” they mean their own race. I think that is racism, but I’m not saying that they do believe this. I was just trying to understand the “total failure of coexistence,| and forced mixing of the races.” line. I think sDeen and notebene are on probably on the right track.

  • Kansasrose

    Thank Goodness !

  • jimmer123

    I think we should join forces with these kids.

  • Fireplug52

    Though I am impressed, one must be careful what they represent. The words and the meaning may sound good, but does not necessarily reflect liberty and justice.

    One cannot forget at the same time of our fight in the Revolutionary War the French at the same time were overthrowing their King and Queen. That may to the French be a milestone of liberty and justice , but one cannot forget it was also part genocide.

    Our fight for what has been ours for over two hundred years is not one that will be part and parcel of anything that was near to what the French participated in, but none the less have so much in common to our culture.

    They see it dying just like we see ours dying. I can only hope that it will not lead to bloodshed in France and most certainly not in the United States. This a perilous times and it is trying my soul as well as so many others, but I pray that it will not come to violence.

    • las1

      Agreed… we need to know a lot more about them before endorsing them because of a slick pr clip and organization.

    • sDee

      I do not endorse them. I see the same root cause there that is now growing out of control here. I see them being labeled, smeared and marginalized just as any one here who stands up against a government above the law and against its people.

      Do not assume however that there is liberty and justice anymore in America. It is a hollow shell. After this last election it is clear that we have a permanent central government , infiltrated with communists, marxists, socialists, and islamists – all dedicated to the end of the Constitutional Republic. And white Americans do need to understand that the power has been derived at their expense and will sustain itself at their expense. Just a reality.

      Our Federal Government is now wholly corrupt and self serving. The peoples HOuse has acquiesced. We have a 24 hr propaganda media and an electorate incapable of seeing or learning anything. Nothing will change – the truth has been replaced by a narrative.

      There remains one avenue to reclaim liberty and justice, through State sovereignty. That itself will be an ugly battle that I do not think enough Americans have the stomach for.

      So do you see a path that does not lead to violence?

  • notebene

    Too bad our short-sighted youth haven’t come to this realization. We are a decade behind France in the progressive idealism, but right there with them on the brink of the economic collapse. Our youth are spoiled and coddled and won’t catch on until it’s way too late. I’ve educated my children about the perils of this false idealism, however a great majority are living in ignorance. I’m sad that my children will have to endure the stupidity of the progressives that have taken over the US. Hopefully, my husband and I will have taught them enough to outwit, outplay, and outsmart the stupid oafs that surround us!

    • sDee

      Our family is preparing similarly. I am of the belief that this will only get worse – half the nation has no representation, is despised and is under full attack by the other and, its own government.

      When the dust settles we are confident who come out on top. Sad, but it would be foolish at this point to ignore.

  • Any sign that the youth are fed up with the appalling results of socialism is good news. Lets hope after 4 more years of our socialist rule there will be a revolt here also.

  • Not4TheGimmeParty

    Amazing. You would think the ADULTS in our own country could see this and understand that we are on the same path.

  • Evaluator3

    While I laud all that was said in the video. It does cause some concern as their tone is highly nationalistic in nature with their stance of WAR rather than the rights of man, freedom, free enterprise capitalism.

    I would be interested to know if anyone know if Generation Identitaire has any ties to the Eurpoean Defense League which is in 11 countries of Europe which are highly nationalistic and radical in fighting Muslim immigration into Europe. (I think these EDL are sudo Nazis in my opinion.)

    I do believe that people of nations should protect, defend, and interenally promote their own cultures, traditions, and people against the progressive world order people. But there is a point when you can take nationalism too far therefore, I am sceptical after seeing their youth video on youtube…(for example see recient history with the German people and the National Socialists.)

    P.S. Yes it is in French et je parle francais.

    • madnessofjack

      You are posting on a site which is very “nationalistic”.
      The American view of what you call “nationalism” is called “patriotism”…..unlike in many “progressive” circles in the EU, the love of ones country is not viewed negatively.
      Even “progressives” in this country lay claim to being patriotic.

      As I watched the video I saw their “declaration” of war as a declaration of no longer being silent or docile, but to actively confront the entrenched leftist “progressive” establishment…..they are doing what the ’68ers did before them.
      The Generation Identitaire is a modern “counter culture” movement.

      I noticed that “progressives” in the EU, especially their press, labels anyone who disagrees with their ideology as National Socialists or Racists……they do exactly the same thing here…..its a tried and proven way to silence people.

      BTW…the EDL is under political persecution in the “progressive” and “tolerant” UK.
      Its leaders are being arrested and held on dubious charges and contrary to popular belief….I have never seen any indication that they are “national socialists”.
      They are anti-immigration to be sure….but they have yet to show themselves as “nazis”

    • JTLiuzza

      madnessofjack is correct. Demonizing patriotism as “nationalism” is a tool of the left to begin sewing the seeds of self loathing in order to subdue a population. Sort of like the cardinal sin of the left, “racism.”

    • madnessofjack

      Your post came across as a bit of a smear job.
      It came across as though you are painting these French young people as Nazis, especially the youtube video references….curiously lacking was context…..something that we know in this country to be a “demonization media campaign”.

      Your post reminds me of something I would see in Pan-European “Social Democratic” political organizations.
      Although you reference “freedom” in your post, the rest of your post betrays something completely alien to “us” in the Liberty Movement of this country.

      Many EuroZone countries have modified their “freedom of speech” legal concepts to be subjected to “Hate Speech” laws. Our supreme court has spoken clearly on this issue….”speech” that is acceptable to all doesnt need protection….it is speech that is “unacceptable” to some that needs to be protected.
      If you dont like my speech, you have every right not to listen to it or you may voice your opposition BUT you may NOT silence me because of your “being offended”.

      Many Eurozone countries dont see “freedom” the way that we do at a fundamental level. The battles we fight here are against a greater and greater intrusion of government in the everyday lives and individual rights of the citizenry.
      Many Eurozone citizens see the government as the “grantor” of individual rights, that the “rights of society” trump individual rights.
      We believe that our individual rights are “natural”, meaning that they exist whether a government approves of them or not.

      • mike3e4r7

        I’ve been surprised at how many people on this site have been so quick to condemn this group. Granted, I don’t know much more about them then anyone else who has watched this video and the other video of their rally at Pontiers, but I’ve seen nothing in this video to conclude that they are Nazi’s.

        The EDL faced and still face similar tactics from their opponents. I didn’t expect so many here to jump to similar conclusions about this group.

        • madnessofjack

          I was thinking that maybe it was people exercising caution, but I gotta wonder.

    • Avspatti

      pseudo not sudo

  • Nice to know that the young people of Quebec are not all rioting in the streets for freebies. Good for them, spread this around.

    • kssturgis62

      Quebec went back and elected their separatist party again. Trudeau the son of the former Prime Minister Trudeau is now wanting to run and be the leader of the Liberal Party.

      He is a very scary man boy. He is as left as Obama. He wants the socialist/liberal policies, he is a Marxist. Makes me wonder why he is not in the NDP party. But his father was a hero there like JFK. so he is going to use his dad’s name, his model body, to become the leader. If he does become the PM, he will destroy Canada.

      Listen to his speeches on YouTube, and his twitter account the girls swoon and faint. He is evil – and I see Satan when i look and see him.

    • madnessofjack

      you should probably understand that these people are French….as in from France.

  • kssturgis62

    Mark Levin had a French Caller – Call into his show, who stated he wanted to start a Tea Party in France. Wanted help, How and what was going to happen to his country. I remember listening to this man and I was crying. Mark told him the system would have to collapse, that they are going to lose their country, it would collapse and start over.

    This is an amazing video, this is an amazing Statement. Do you see the parallels between them and Us.

    I am 50 years old, my children are Conservative/Libertarians. I am an Ultra Conservative, fighting my whole life. This states perfectly what my son has been yelling about. I am so proud of him and my daughter.

  • Send this to Marco Rubio,Krauthammer, Hannity,Senator Kyl and the rest of the GOP Progressive Bush party and tell them no go on any amnesty whatsoever………..

  • maingearinarkansas

    Some years ago I blogged a similar position regarding multiculturism and was met with insults of racism. When you really think about it, racism has been misbranded. I submit the color of one’s skin is not the primary cause of rejection, rather the predominant culture. In many cases the groups majority (or perceived majority) causes one to identify the culture with race.

    For example, I spent a few years working in the Carribean, in Jamaica and Bahamas specifically. These are wonderful and peaceful people for the most part. Like any society, they have their thugs, but far and wide they are wonderful people. The fact they were of African descent was of no consequence. Does this mean that ALL viewed whites or other races without prejudice? No, however they were relatively few. Conversely, in the US a disproportionate percentage of people of African descent have become a culture that is becoming both an economic burden as well as a cultural burden. The same applies to the illegals coming in droves from Mexico.

    There was a time that people immigrated to America to be Americans; to assimilate into the culture that IS Americanism. They wanted liberty and the ability to pursue their American dream, to worship as they pleased, and to taste the sweet taste of liberty. Indeed, they tended to group, as in Italian or Irish neighborhoods, and the heavy German influence in Wisconsin, for example, however they were American through and through. Today they balkanize and resist American values, such as the Muslim enclaves in Michigan where they met Christians exercising their rights with bottles and stones.

    I do not advocate a one race nation. I advocate a predominantly one PRIMARY culture. Americanism. This does not take away anyone’s rights, rather it enhances them.

    God bless these young people. I wish them success.

  • madnessofjack

    Just a “heads up”…..I suspect that bloggers in the EU are making their way on our sites.
    I’ve run into several people espousing VERY “social democratic”…Euro Statist…views.

    A big clue would be something like…… “as their tone is highly nationalistic in nature with their stance of WAR rather than the rights of man, freedom, free enterprise capitalism.”

    To the Euroleft “patriotism” is demonized as “nationalism”….a veiled reference to Nazis or National Socialism.
    Its another tool in their toolkit to silence their opposition….like calling someone a “Racist”.

    • mike3e4r7

      I think you’re on to something there my friend. This thread contains alot more responses “warning” us about this group than I would have expected at Right Scoop. I think most of the regulars here at RS recognize this group as French youth fighting the good fight to save their country from Islamization and Socialism.

      These “reasonable’ sounding voices warning us that they are “extremists” strike me as disingenous. They offer no evidence for their suspicions. It is an attempt, as you say, to try to demoralize and confuse conservatives. We need to stand up to these more nuanced arguments just as strongly and vehemently as we stand up to the more obvious leftist arguments. Thanks for doing your part.

      • madnessofjack

        At you service, sir.

  • debw777

    Wonderful. Everywhere in the world where the left is in control, their policies are failing. They create nothing but misery, but we re-elected the One who will take us in that direction.

  • Hopefully, some of that will rub off here in the States.

  • RonaldusMagnus

    Vive la France! Vive la Revolucion! Tea Rules!

  • RonaldusMagnus

    ‘Large Oaks from little acorns Grow’…………the new French Underground. Worked last tyranny………….

  • Doing some research on the group and found this from Digital Journal: Video: Generation Identitaire occupy roof of mosque in Poitiers:

    “A movement of young, French patriots is starting to take action against the ethnic and cultural genocide that is taking place in France against the French people…

    “…’Our generation refuse to see her people and her identity disappear through indifference. We’ll never be the Native Indians of Europe. From this place, important symbol of our past and bravery of our ancestors, we call to memory and fight!’…”

  • Well they may be fed up, but their country and Europe as a whole are not. So long France, Europe and the West. The West has turned it’s back on God, its culture and history so enjoy being colonized