AWESOME: RNC comes out with new videos mocking Obamacare rollout…

The RNC has come out with several new videos mocking the Obamacare rollout in the old “I’m a mac, I’m a PC” format. And the first one below is by far my favorite:

And here are the rest:

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  • John Bohler


  • PicklePlants

    Now all they need to do is air them. (holding breath……….)

  • These are good. Where are the videos of the GOP mocking Cruz, Lee and Paul? Oh right, those were played over and over in the MSM over the last few months, starring John McCain, Peter King, Hatch, etc. These videos above are a drop compared to the previous buckets dumped on Tea Party Conservatives.

    “…Radical conservatives in this country have an interesting time of it, for when they are not being suppressed or mutilated by the Liberals, they are being ignored or humiliated by a great many of those of the well-fed Right, whose ignorance and amorality have never been exaggerated for the same reason that one cannot exaggerate infinity.” (William F. Buckley 1955)

    This is a sliver of a very good piece in my opinion, from Erik Erickson about how “National Review” has changed into a refelection, much more of the GOP than that of Conservatism. GOP vs. Conservatism…huge difference.

    Why are we in the mess we are now in? Guess. Is this ride not delivering a lurching you can feel down to the very marrow of every bone? Do you notice the centrifugal force which no mere seatbelt seems able to restrain? Is there even a belt at all? The GOP is run by either an oligarchy of cowardly appeasers or willing accomplices.

    Either way, the hill they sit upon must be rushed, with the combined forces of Conservative people. That hill needs to be overrun, taken, and a new flag bearing the word Conservative needs to be planted deeply atop it, and cemented securely in place.

    Let’s not go along for the GOP ride. The destination is devastation. Rather, let’s grab the wheel and turn that thing, away from Serfdom road. See the exit up ahead? That’s the last one. Take it!

    • PhillyCon

      National Review was my “go to” in college for conservative political thought. My, how they have fallen. They have gone from a serious philosophical magazine to a cheerleading squad for the ossified wing of the Republican party. Sad.

      Edit: This says it all. Talk about defeatist, and “Vichy” like:
      There aren’t enough conservative voters to elect enough officials to enact a conservative agenda in Washington, D.C. — or to sustain them in that project even if they were elected.

    • WordsFailMe

      You got it, R! Hey scoop, where’s the compilation of R videos hammering Cruz day after day? Let’s watch Mother McConnell and Sister Pribus eat their offspring!

      Scoop I can’t believe that you used the word “awesome” to describe the castrated attempt of the RNC to attack Obama on Obama’s stomping ground.

      “Awesome? Only the weak-stream whine and the absence of a point was awesome. I can’t believe anyone would waste the money on such a pathetic appeal.

      I’ve seen better political parody and more poignant insight on the men’s room wall at the Denny’s on Northgate Blvd.

  • Pete

    So this is the time for Republicans/RNC to look good and have the people come to them in this ‘gift’ of a moment. However, we decide to create videos in which mock ObamaCare and a website? How is this going to persuade people that we were right all along?

    I hate Obamacare and will mock it with my friends, but to a grand audience we need to act professional and intellectual in which we provide the facts and solutions. Not just silly videos in which people just see us as ‘spoiled’ ‘immature’ ‘child’ (words that liberals have used) playing the ‘we told you so’ game. It will not benefit us. We need to be smart about this, this fell into our lap, like we all predicted it would, now it’s time to turn the tide and convince people that we can fix this and we, as real conservatives, are the right people to have in office.

    • clevonlittle

      couldn’t agree more………….I hope this video finds the round file . If Obamacare is the train wreck on many fronts that it appears to be use the gravity of the problem to make the point . This video adds fuel to those that like to say that conservatives are intellectual lightweights . Let Saturday Night Live do the comedy , not these two .

    • WordsFailMe

      You are so right. I think the problem is that the National Socialist Republican party sees this ham-handed numb-nuts, backroom, moronic Bolshevik-ian method to seize the healthcare industry as merely a prelude to a further consolidation of big government and big industry.

      This Republican Party is the greatest traitor to freedom in the history of the US. They are killing us with the tantalizing prospect the Republican will save the union” as they did in 1865.. THIS Republican party will happily step into Obama’s dung filled boots and continue the march toward socialism.

      Thank you for your honest, concise insights.

      • clockwindingdown

        There is no way you’re talking about the party that brought us TSA & homeland security they are the party of Lincoln, the same party that set people free…

        Boy you nailed the gop in that post!

        • WordsFailMe

          Heard it put it into a nutshell today “I didn’t leave the Republican Party, it left me.”

          • clockwindingdown

            Yep! The GOp of today are the dems of yesterday…

  • sjmom

    All are good but my favorite is the last one. That really shows the difference between the public and private sector and the need to fire Obama and Sebelius.

    • OneThinDime

      A post of Levin saying someone in the private sector would be indicted for lying like Obama is on this site too, well worth the view.

  • miltonbasshayek

    The RNC are tools! Tea Party baby!

  • miltonbasshayek

    I don’t know if the RNC should consider themselves aligned with the private sector.

    • PhillyCon

      This is the best they can do to “fight” socialized medicine. I guess we should be grateful … lol.

  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    Where is the RNC getting the money to make these? And run them? And WHERE do they run them? I think they should make a video about themselves and fire themselves from the top down. I really don’t see a coherent and earnest strategy from the RNC to change course.
    They’re trying to make it a comedy…it’s NOT.

    • Mary

      Amen. It’s absolutely appalling to see them spending money on these stupid ads that nobody watches. In fact, this ad made me want to root for the guy on the floor against the cheerfully chirping clean-cut know-it-all.

    • OneThinDime

      And why didn’t the RNC defend Cruz and Lee when they fought to defund it. Oh wait, a 2014 campaign issue, again, “We’ll work to repeal Obamacare”

  • Vinnie Vegas

    Let’s not overstate things. Dealing with private insurance companies isn’t all that smooth. They transfer you to other automated systems, sometimes go in circles, and make it very difficult to find an actual human being that can help.

    It’s still better than Obamacare.

    • PhillyCon

      Anything is better than the government. It’s Medicare that denies the most claims, not the private insurers.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Well, I do recall one private insurer I had where I had to wait I believe 5 and 1/2 months of conservative measures before they were willing to let me get the knee surgery I needed. I had both an in network physical therapist and a state disability doctor feel I needed surgery before the insurance company finally decided to approve surgery.

    • PNWShan

      I had the same reaction while watching the second clip. It kind of overplays their hand to say it’s so easy dealing with insurance companies. Although I must say when I had questions about my HSA, the rep was very fast and helpful.

  • Jasper Silvis

    Last one is the best. “That’s the problem”.

  • RobertMahoney

    I’ve seen better acting at elementary school plays.

    • giveususfree

      Come on, they’re way better than Flacco and Kapernick in those McDonalds commercials. They are painful to watch try to act.

    • stage9

      I think you’re just used to watching Obama BS his way through media questions. No one is a better actor than a liberal when he’s lying through his teeth.

      But once you move past the “good acting” you realize that the message was a big joke and that you’re the guy left with the “kick me” sign on his back.

      I would prefer BAD ACTING and straight truth, than GOOD ACTING from a liar.

      • RobertMahoney

        The message I have no problem with, it the method. The message gets obscured by the bad method.

        Remember when the comedy troupe made the funny anti-Obama video talking about kickstart funding a war with Syria? That was an excellent message delivered by an excellent method.

        Here is a simple Apple iPhone parody ad, these folks don’t even have close to the budget as the RNC/GOP and they managed to produce something that is heads and shoulders above what the GOP produced here.

        These videos are crap, pure and simple, all they do is preach to the choir.

        They are pathetic as watching you grandparents put their hat on sideways and try to act cool. You know they are kidding, but it still leaves you feeling embarrassed.

  • rjcylon

    I preferred Ted Cruz’s approach of actually trying to accomplish something.

  • welltempered2

    Several years ago ago Hillary had a book called “It Takes a Village.” With Obamacare and the web site debacle they couldn’t even build a Potemkin Village.

  • mcgurn

    The RNC needs to stop this bullshit “child’s play’ & do something effective. Ted Cruz tried & did & yet they abandoned him. Now these grade school commercials? Give me a break!


    These are terrible, not to mention how lame to riff on practically ancient Apple ads… what… couldn’t think of a play on GOT MILK?

    • RobertMahoney

      Dude, you get the most awesome icon ever.

      This is not a love song.

  • jonvoight’s car

    Obamacare guy? I wondered what it would look like if Jonah Goldberg and Michael Moore had a child.

  • demographicallychallenged

    BFD, why didn’t they tell the people before the election of the mandates included in the law. Just because they didn’t vote for it doesn’t means they didn’t have to read it. Maybe we would have someone else in the Oval Office to complain about now.

  • Don Holleran

    I’m all for mocking ObamaCare… but don’t we have any decent writers? These are so lame.

    • OldmanRick

      One must remember the RNC is attempting to both inform and pander to the dim base – lemmings, sheeple, useful idiots, low information voters, gimmedat crowd, occupy bunch, illegals, MB, communists, totalitarians, and Chicago styled voters.

      • FreeManWalking

        They need to tape it to an 0bamaphone to get it in-front of that crowd.

  • las1

    Great ads… 3rd one is good too there Scoop… and the 4th one as well. Love them!

    Now if all the entrenched “private sector” Obamabot Apple executives started screaming lawsuit against the RNC, would that be called irony?

  • WordsFailMe

    The National Socialist Republican party buys a 30 second spot on Stewart, addressing the core of the liberal lair and makes a pathetic attempt at humor by parodying a commercial spot which itself was never funny (PS vs MAC).

    The NSRP is so transparent. They could have spoken directly and maturely to the 21-34 demographic and chose instead to send a message as is they were silly school girls. Why would anyone want to help the RNC?

    This nest of vipers who run the repub party are simply the left overs of the Nazi party which was once the ally of the communists. They have the same beliefs and objectives as the Nazi’s without the testosterone.
    Seig Heil, National Socialist Republican Party!

    Remember this, Pribus, McConnel and Boener-
    —-Ich ben ein American, you traitorous bast***s!

  • las1

    This is the RNC isn’t it? The RNC establishment that just pissed the floor about Ted Cruz and Mike Lee…. the same RNC that said it’s the law of the land… that RNC!

    More irony.

  • Laurel

    So when do the next round of ads come out about the ‘fix’ for Obamacare?

    That is the RNC track record. Run against it, then run on the fix.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Are you trying to tell us the fix is in?

      • Laurel

        It is with the establishment. It’s been the same pattern since FDR at least.

        Take note that you are starting to see news stories about things GOP likes in Obamacare and wouldn’t get rid of. That is one clue of many.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Other than number three, these ads are focused on the website which the liberal media is already covering rather than the more substantive issues with what’s wrong with the law.
          What they really need to do is repeal the whole thing, then have a time of townhalls with different groups represented- the patients, the doctors, the hospitals, and the medical insurance industry and get suggestions of needed reforms and come up with something intelligent. I heard Roe gave an idea, but I haven’t seen it.

          • Laurel

            What is wrong is the continual interference into the market by government and has been for decades.

            Your comment to me is exactly why we get politicians campaigning on a ‘fix’. Suddenly we need a fix because Democrats decided a long time ago they needed to control every aspect of the lives of the entire country?! A bunch of narcissistic ego maniacs knows what is best for everyone and we then capitalize on that and campaign on the ‘fix’ with town halls etc.

            Nope. Not for me.

            We don’t need Town halls. We need a society that stops expecting their neighbor to foot the bill for their debt…medical not withstanding. When people get over the notion that a third party is obligated to pay their debts regardless of whether it is their employer, insurance company, or government then the cost will come down. Not until then. The laws of supply and demand don’t get suspended in the medical markets.

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              I said intelligent reforms, not society expecting their neighbor to pay the entire bill for their debt.

              How about not being required to treat illegal aliens in emergency rooms, regardless of ability to pay, when they aren’t life-threatening emergencies that they have?

              How about not being allowed to cheat the patient by charging fifty dollars for two tylenol when they are given in a hospital room? How about giving the alternative of the patient’s family being allowed to bring a bottle of tylenol that can be labelled with the patients name the nurse can use for them instead? I think that was the kind of bill many years ago for one of my parents.

              And I think they billed seventy-five dollars many years ago for the use of a reusable IV pole while in the hospital, which seemed pretty high-priced to me for the temporary use of a pole.

              When I think about it, I do feel sorry for people who can’t get coverage because of pre-existing conditions. What happens when their assets run out? Do they become a total charity case- medic-aid perhaps? Or should there be a major risk plan offered for a hefty price for a limited number of patients per insurance company for these folks to be able to pool their money in with other people’s so they too can get the care they need without becoming absolutely destitute and totally dependent on medic-aid (paid for by taxpayers)?

              I think I recall I got coverage at one time under a major risk plan when I was between jobs, which cost a lot every month, but I was glad I had coverage.

              They do assigned risk with car insurance for teenage/inexperienced drivers, where insurance companies have to, by law, take a certain number on. I got my car insurance that way once upon a time… paid plenty of money for it, but was glad to be able to drive with insurance (which was required in California where I lived).

              • Laurel

                You cannot reform a program that isn’t based in morality. You have to have a moral foundation to begin with. there isn’t one entitlement program, including SS that has that foundation.

                Illegal aliens? the law doesn’t specify between life threatening or not so they get treated. How about hospitals being allowed to follow up with collections.

                People aren’t being ripped off on Tylenol. See that is what I am talking about with foundations. Add in overhead, union labor, regulations, taxes at every level, government interference and voila..YOU GET $50 TYLENOL. Hospitals barely make a profit btw…and they are required to give a percentage of services away. If we made every single lawyer in America live by the same standards by golly you would see reform…tort reform as well that is much needed and also adds to the costs! You give out that alternative about bringing in own meds and then hospital become a hotel with more regulations than a hotel thus the doors close.

                I feel little sympathy for people with pre-existing conditions. We all get dealt a hand in life. There have been many options for those with pre-existing conditions such as high risk pools etc. The sheer fact that you made that statement tells me you still expect someone else to pay the bills. What did those great grandparents of those with pre-existing conditions do before this current healthcare mess was invented. Simple fact of the matter is medicine for those people would be affordable if we didn’t have decades of market interference. And take note…pre-exisitng condition wasn’t near the problem until Ted Kennedy with the help of McCain put HMO’s on the market…oh and that was supposed to address those pre-existing conditions.

                Yeah I live in California…born and raised here. I know all about that car insurance. Gotta admit that if I were an insurance company I would charge anyone under the age of 30 more for car insurance. And that price would increase exponentially with each problem self created by stupid drivers.

                This country needs to go back to paying for their own bills. Get a catastrophic plan for that unseen catastrophe. Until the prices will stay high.

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  I wasn’t actually thinking of reforming entitlement programs.

                  I don’t claim to be an expert, but I think that there may be people in health care and patients that think there are some things very wrong in the medical industry they would like to see fixed. I really don’t know what all the problems are, that’s why I think at least the politicians ought to listen to the people to learn if there is anything they can do without getting in the way of excellent medical care.
                  I was more thinking of common sense reform that the doctors, hospitals, patients and people who(‘ve) work(ed) for insurance companies believe are necessary to curb wrong-doing. I believe, based on what I see in Romans chapter 13, that government was intended by God to punish wrong doing and approve of what is good. I don’t believe government should get in the way of what was some of the best care in the world here in the U.S..
                  I do believe there was waste going on of some of the insured’s money in the non-profit HMO company I worked for. I think if they are going to be non-profit they ought to be able to prove to the insured that they are spending the premiums wisely.

                  I think that there ought to be a triage nurse practicioner that could determine that an illegal alien with a common cold, etc. does not have a life-threatening emergency and refuse to treat. They ought not to be required by law to treat non-emergency illegal aliens in the ER. It makes for longer waits in the ER for citizens to get care. The illegal alien also should not have any right to sue for non-treatment of non-emergencies. I don’t think the hospital should have to bother with collections for illegal aliens.

                  I really don’t know how you can say patients aren’t getting ripped off when the hospital charges that big of a mark up on a couple of Tylenol. Yes, the hospital has to make a profit, but I believe there is such a thing as price gouging and I believe that is one example of it.

                  Tort reform where there are reasonable caps on settlements for malpractice, etc. sounds good to me.

                  One of my parents when we moved to TN was not old enough for medicare yet. And no one would insure at any price due to preexisting conditions. There was no major risk plan or catastrophic plan offered by any medical insurance companies to my parent. God took care of my parent and provided a doctor who treated only people without insurance, a unique sort of doctor.

                  My parent didn’t have to get medical care very often for the approximately two years without insurance before medicare, thanks be to God.

                  You asked what did those great grandparents do… I think it was very common for many of them to live much shorter lives.

                • Laurel

                  “I do believe there was waste going on of some of the insured’s money in the non-profit HMO company I worked for.”

                  Right off of the top the key problem right there is ‘non-profit’. Under the laws governing non-profits they have to use that money up even if it is wasted. See what I read here is what I read a lot. culture establishes a narrative of misinformation and that information gets fixed in the minds of people regardless of whether it is accurate. People want a lot of things fixed but they had better first what the real problem is and what originated the ‘fix’ they want to fix.

                  And I am going to tell you as someone who put her way through school as a street medic, and whose husband was once a medic…you tell that five year old screaming with a 101 degree temp that it isn’t an emergency. You then tell his parents. People often say they want to deny care but they are never ever going to be in the position of looking someone in the eye and denying that care.

                  As to your parent…I am sorry about that insurance coverage but the simple fact of the matter is you are overlooking the elephant in the room. Your parent got medical care. Simple as that. There was a need in the market and it was filled. Your parent as well as yourself wouldn’t know what the term ‘pre-existing condition’ was if it weren’t for Medicare interfering in the market. it isn’t my responsibility to cover your parent or anyone’s parent especially when that coverage far outstrips what is paid in. Your parent would have had a much easier time getting medical care if we didn’t have the constant interference of third parties into the market. Why does someone need a broker or an exchange to buy insurance?

                  As to those great grandparent…BS. Pure BS. They didn’t really live longer, they might of in many ways not lived as well but longer…not hardly. Average life span hasn’t really increased that much and that life span wasn’t due to health insurance or lack there of by any stretch of the imagination. Heck my healthy as a horse mother replete with her medical coverage dropped dead at the age of 68 of the flu after being ill for one week. Yet both of my great grandmothers on paternal side lived to be 100. My mother’s aunt is still alive today at 104.

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  You are right, they are supposed to spend the money up but you are wrong about the ‘even if it is wasted’ part. Any money made is supposed to go back into healthcare according to them when I was there. It is not supposed to be going into the kind of waste I was talking about.

                  Regarding your example- I think those in government who are supposed to deport in this country ought to come pick up that illegal family right away, after the NP determines there is no life threatening emergency, make sure the parents pay for the child to get some children’s acetaminophen and give him/her a nice sponge bath as they are deported to their country of origin where they can go to a doctor there, if they still feel a need. Otherwise, if there is a charity hospital, you might take them there before deportation.

                  Regarding my parent- I believe God provided someone unusual at the time, a doctor who only took non-insurance patients on a fee per service type basis. We are not rich folk and it was by God’s grace and care my parent did not have anything major needed during the time without insurance. Had there been anything major, we did not have money to pay that sort of bill.

                  Perhaps it was medicare interfering in the market that brought up the term preexisting condition, but I kind of doubt it. The only one I know they have allowed insurance companies that takes medicare not to cover is for a person with end-stage renal disease. But my parent was not old enough for medicare at the time and I was speaking of private insurers…. it seems to me if medicare came up with preexisting condition as a concept and that I wouldn’t know what it was without them, the private insurer seemed more than happy to run with the idea and expand on it. I recall when I was temping at the HMO I later was a regular employee at a man who called in angry because he was turned down for the preexisting condition of being overweight when he said it was muscle that made him weigh as much as he did.

                  Maybe you didn’t read when I said my parent didn’t need much medical care during the interim as to why you seem to be speaking against my parent being able to pay into insurance with preexisting conditions. I said they were unable to get insurance even on a major risk basis (with high premiums) or catastrophic coverage.

                  May I ask a favor? I’d be grateful if you wouldn’t use minced oaths and crude language in discussion with me.

                  You said:
                  ‘What did those great grandparents of those with pre-existing conditions do before this current healthcare mess was invented.’

                  And I answered truthfully:
                  ‘I think it was very common for many of them to live much shorter lives.’ That’s what I think many of them did with those preexisting conditions back in that time. It was a time where many advances in the practice of medicine had not yet happened and so were not available to them. I think those great-grandparents buried a lot more young babies when they were younger also.

                • Laurel

                  You need to learn economics and practicality, then you need to retrain your thinking because you seem to think that you have to have a third party pay your parents bills….and those bills are so high due to market interference. My, my however did this country get along for almost 200 years without Medicare???!!!! You are caught in the vicious loop that everyone is caught in. They can’t get heath care if they don’t have insurance which is patently absurd. Pre-existing conditions became more pronounced due to insurance market regulations that began decades ago and increased with time.
                  Those regulations stem from the interference of Medicaid and Medicare in the market and reimbursement rates.

                  I’m going to say it point blank blunt…Insurance should be for emergency/catastrophic only. People need to pay for their own care. Now people expect insurance companies to pay for their doctor’s visit, an aspirin, etc. It is ridiculous and it has driven up the cost of medicine.

                  As to your immigration solution…not practical and quite absurd. You are worried about my language but you have no problem shipping someone out after an aspirin in the middle of the night? Child at that?! You do it then! You personally do it!!! Don’t wish it or order that job on someone else. And you pay the phenomenal amount of taxes it will take to expand government exponentially to fulfill your scenario. You would have to have round the clock INS agents in every city in America for starters. If you want to live in police state go to Belarus. I personally don’t want to and I pay enough in taxes just trying to cover all of the entitlement programs that people seem to think they have to have including Medicare. I would settle for the border being sealed but I would never ever deny health care to someone who is sick regardless of their origin. You also seem to forget the slippery slope here which is already happening. If it becomes easy to deny care to ‘illegals’ and deem them unworthy, it won’t be long before it’s easy to do the same to you.

                  Your job at a non-profit tells me that while you worked there you don’t understand the laws in regards to non-profits as well as the loopholes. You are complaining…fix the law then. And yeah the guy got denied care because he was ‘big boned’. Seriously?! I can’t believe you put that up there. Insurance companies don’t deny people policies to be mean and as a private company they are under no obligation to sell or give their product to anyone. Do understand what insurance means? Look up the proper use of the word. At the end of the day insurance is gambling and they are in it to make money. The insurance company is betting they will make money and hedging their bet by setting criteria as to who they will cover. It was never supposed to be about getting a third party to pay the bills of another.

                  I know you answered truthfully about your great grandparents…Stats don’t back you up though. Yep they buried a lot more children. Do you know why? It has nothing to do with insurance. It also has little to do with modern medicine either, science maybe, but not medicine as much.

                  And no I will not modify my language. Not now or ever. I do not cater to the “I am offended therefore I am crowd.” Your offense is over the top. You worry about how YOUR offended but care little of sick children and want them tossed sick or not. What about how they are offended?! You fulfill bad stereotype and at heart a progressive that is against illegals…not illegal immigration but illegals themselves. Stunning!

                  Oh and one other thing…how is it those that you deem unworthy only get a NP? My experience with NP is they are notoriously awful. So how about you trust ALL of your care to one.

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  Laurel, catastrophic insurance coverage was not available to my parent due to preexisting conditions- no one would provide coverage in the rural area where I now live. We would have been happy to have catastrophic coverage but no one was willing to make it available. I was not saying I wish my parent could have signed up for medicare early, if that’s what you are thinking.

                  Deporting illegal immigrants when it is safe to do so is the sort of policing our government should be involved in- enforcing our immigration laws, without being a ‘police state’ for law-abiding citizens. As to INS working in the middle of the night- the time agents work should not be a problem, as many illegals are crossing the border in the middle of the night and it would be a good time to have plenty of law enforcement on duty.

                  If I had the means, and a child had been checked over by a triage NP (NPs, who train just one year less than a full blown doctor and I believe at times are more thorough than those with an MD after their name) and that child was determined to not have a life threatening emergency, I’d be happy to make sure the child had some acetaminophen and a wet sponge and transport the family to a charity hospital or down to a hospital in their country (if it was over our southern border) if they still felt the need. Why should the hospital be made to foot the bill, then pass the expense on to law-abiding citizens in the form of higher prices? Why should law-abiding citizens be made to have longer wait times so those who have broken our laws in coming can get free care for non-life threatening emergencies at hospitals trying to make money?

                  I am not a lawmaker but was suggesting that the non-profit HMO ought to be accountable to the patients that make it possible for them to be in business. Charities that are worth their salt provide this information of accountability to donors, telling how they spend the money they receive, why not non-profit HMOs?

                  I guess you aren’t reading what I say very well. I didn’t say big boned. I mentioned a fellow who called who said they were turned down for the preexisting condition of being overweight when he said it was muscle that made him weigh so much (he was into body-building). It points out the fact insurance companies are fallible in judgement at times when it comes to turning down perspective customers because of what they deem a preexisting condition and a bad risk.

                  When I was speaking of advances in medicine, I meant the field of medicine, which I meant to include advances in science. I have a grandparent who died in his early fifties from a benign brain tumor that was discovered to late (had open brain surgery). It had previously been assumed that his problem of passing out, headaches, etc. was psychiatric, perhaps owing to grieving over the loss of my grandmother, who died in her early fifties from stomach cancer.

                  My parent, the one who went without insurance for about two years, was able to get an MRI back when we lived in CA, imaging not available to my grandparent.

                  The benign brain tumor my parent had was discovered early enough to do gamma knife (called bloodless surgery) more than ten years ago.

                  If that preexisting condition, which had been treated when we had insurance prior to moving, had been dealt with how it would have been dealt with in the days of our great grandparents, my parent likely would have gone blind and died because of the tumor.

                  I imagine there were various reasons for early deaths of young children in the days of our great grandparents- things there are now vaccines for, as one example.

                  I am a Christian and that is why I prefer not to read God’s Name taken in vain via a minced oath, etc.. You choose not to respect my Lord and not to respect my conscience while conversing with me. That’s between you and God.

                  Again you attack me when I suggested what I feel to be a caring method to deal with law-breakers who help to suck the life blood out of hospitals trying to make a profit. I suggested a check to make sure they don’t have something life-threatening, a mode of treatment for the fever while they go back to their home country and seek care there if they so desire OR that they be taken to a charity hospital.

                  I actually, until very recently, was having an NP as my primary care provider. She was very nice and thoughtful. I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences with the ones you’ve seen. I do think a triage NP should be trained sufficiently to determine what’s a life-threatening emergency. Ordinarily, I typically have gotten a nurse, not an NP who did triage for me when I’ve gone to the ER.

                  I am not a ‘progressive’ against illegals themselves, I am against law-breaking and if non-life-threatening emergency care is needed, it ought to be done either by charitable institutions if they cannot afford to pay, or if it can wait a little longer, be done in the country where they belong legally. I don’t think hospitals trying to make a profit and to offer prompt care to our own citizens ought to be forced by law to treat non-citizens for non-life-threatening emergencies, regardless of ability to pay.

                  You seem determined to have misconceptions of me as well as seem to have very little respect for me and I think perhaps further discussion on this would not be fruitful.

                • Laurel

                  I didn’t read your novel. Sorry but No. I skimmed it at best.

                  I don’t have any misconceptions about you…just a lot of disappointment.

                  Your whole basic premise is give me entitlements even if you have to deny any all care to others to do so including immigrant children illegal or otherwise.
                  The sum total of your posts is…Do what it takes to get that cost down! Medicine is expensive! That is why we have to have Medicare! I think I got your number all right. In the mean time you ignore cause and effect of why medicine is expensive. You ignore the fact that you resent illegals getting any sort of ‘free’ healthcare but are okay with you and yours getting it.

                  Just as an illegal really isn’t entitled to my wallet neither are you. It is your sense of entitlement and generations before you that have ruined the insurance market and now the medical industry itself. Your understanding of the economics and business side of insurance and medicine is woefully lacking. Your compassion for your fellow man is even more so.

                  History is also a guide. The demands for entitlements has also fed the immigration battles of old. When you start handing out product at the expense of others then that product becomes more in demand thus supply cannot meet it. What happens? People turn on each other and you showed a real quick propensity to do so.

                  Every time I hear ‘charity hospital’ out of you I think of Scrooge…. ‘Are their no workhouses?!” Furthermore…what charity hospitals would that be? The ones labeled county and supported by tax dollars? How does that fix anything? Did your parents go to a charity hospital too?

                  The solution to illegals is to seal the border up tight. However if some do make it past the border I certainly wouldn’t deny them health care. I don’t think they should be employed or get any welfare but I wouldn’t deny a screaming sick child attention regardless of whether you think it is life threatening or not. To do so is to wish and inflict misery on others. Take note I put to you a very specific scenario when I asked that question. I didn’t point to someone looking to get a physical or BC. I pointed to a sick kid and you pointedly turned your back.

                  I don’t know where you got your information on NP’s but it is incorrect. They do not even come close to meeting the standards doctors have to including training and medical boards. NP’s do however cut costs along with Physicians Assistants so expect to see more of them and you will see them subsidized through school with tax dollars to meet demands of retiring Boomers, etc. You will see medics take on a broader role in medicine. That is already happening. All of this will come in the name of lowering costs and keeping it ‘free’. what it all equates to really though is sub par medicine.

                  As to respect…you have little for your fellow man and I don’t owe you any respect what so ever beyond basic humanity which is more than you seem to want to give people.

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  You are wrong about my position regarding ‘give me entitlements’, and you are wrong about my position about medicare per say being a must, but I do think individuals and families paying for medical insurance, when costs are so expensive should major medical problems arise, is wise.

                  As to medicare, I did not create the system, but am glad my parent, who had insurance before moving here that both parents paid for, can now pay monthly for a medicare advantage HMO plan, which accepted my parent even with preexisting conditions. I’d be glad if a non-medicare related plan in our area would be willing to do the same on a limited basis.

                  Perhaps you would understand my position better if you read where you would comprehend better and you might ask questions if something is unclear. But instead, you continue to come to erroneous conclusions and attack me based on those erroneous conclusions.

                  I was saying I pity those with preexisting conditions who cannot BUY insurance from private companies. I was thinking it would be nice if insurance companies would provide for a limited major risk assignment per company of these patients, whereby they could buy at least catastrophic coverage at a high monthly premium price. But I am not solid on the idea that government should interfere like that in private U.S. companies to make them have to have assigned risk patients in limited numbers.

                  I do think what has the potential to happen to people whom the insurance companies refuse to insure is that they may become completely wiped out of financial assets and wind up on total government assistance, where they then wind up paying almost no share at all of their ongoing medical costs instead of paying high monthly premiums, which does not seem good to me.

                  Michele Bachman seems to be in support of a different idea regarding those with preexisting conditions (towards the end of the video):


                  Not for profit charity hospitals are places where people can willingly give money to support needy patients who come there for care. There is one I like in India run by Christians as part of the Ramabai Mukti Mission. There is a certain amount of charity given freely by an adventist hospital in our area in this country to those without insurance. And yes, my parent did take advantage of getting blood tests offered freely by that adventist hospital during a time of no medical insurance. This sort of thing is a far cry from work houses and it would be nice if there were more charity hospital work here in the U.S..

                  As a Christian, I believe that all Christians should give to the needy. After Scrooge was transformed from his stingy ways, he gave freely to people in need. I do not agree with government forcing for-profit hospitals by law to give charity to illegal aliens in the ER when their needs are not life-threatening however.

                  Take note, you seemed to deliberately turn a blind eye to the details I listed which demonstrate I do care about a screaming child in your scenario with a 101 fever.

                  One of my parents worked with a guy whose wife was an NP. I also once had some medical training, and passed a state board, obtaining an LVN license. My understanding is that an NP has 7 years of training, a family practice doctor has 8. An NP can prescribe medication him/herself just as a family practice doctor can. A triage NP would have superior training to what I believe the normal triage nurse has in the ER and should be able to determine if a patient’s situation is life-threatening and take them in to a treatment room if it is.

                  Sidenote- a PA has training for only 6 years and has to work under an MD’s license, not able to prescribe medication themselves.

                  You attack me when you don’t know me. But God knows my heart and pleasing Him is what I desire to do.

                • Laurel

                  Yeah whatever. You said what you said and you wrote what you wrote. I can’t change that and you just reiterated it again.

                  I find it sad that you are so devoid of the wrong and right of what it is you are saying. Here is a quote. “As to medicare, I did not create the system, but am glad my parent, who
                  had insurance before moving here that both parents paid for, can now pay
                  monthly for a medicare advantage HMO plan, which accepted my parent
                  even with preexisting conditions. I’d be glad if a non-medicare related
                  plan in our area would be willing to do the same on a limited basis.” No you didn’t create the system but you sure have willingly partaken of it and have done nothing to change it. Start with the thinking that third parties need to pay for your medical bills. Change that one thing, change it in future generations, and then you see reform to start taking place.

                  Why are you giving me charity hospitals in India…especially when the scenario was an illegal immigrant child here in America? Stunning…really stunning. Dear I know what a charity hospital is. There is absolutely nothing practical in your statement in regards to charity hospitals. Maybe it was said in the heat of the moment but it is devoid of any reality. I also know what a PA and an NP is. If you want the 2nd and 3rd stringers to take care of your medical needs by all means proceed ahead. However don’t foist them on the rest of us. I absolutely refuse to pay phenomenal amounts of money to get the 2nd and 3rd stringers. Furthermore I have dealt many times with those 3rd stringers. Your mother’s cousin sister’s uncle or whatever relation you have with an NP or as LVN still has no bearing to the cost vs. product relationship. That’s nice that you know somebody that knows somebody. Really.

                  I don’t care what you espouse that you believe as a Christian. What you demonstrated as to what you do in action is what I took note of. Actions speak louder than words. Yeah God knows your heart, of that I am certain, and I do believe he would be less than pleased with you turning away a sick child illegal or otherwise in the name of lowering the cost of entitlements to YOU and YOUR FAMILY. I believe that sincerely but I could be wrong. I’m sure God will let us know. Scrooge in our society is a two way street. Just as we shouldn’t make people too comfortable in their poverty (and I believe that is sinful as well) it is also counter productive too make them too miserable as well. It serves no purpose for the overall well being of civilization. It advances no one intellectually or on a humanitarian basis as well.

                  Look I don’t think you are a bad person by any stretch. Although I do find your statement in regards to illegals questionable but I also think that comes from a place of self defense. I get people are angry and frustrated with illegals. Me too. I am a Californian and have dealt with that issue my entire life. However if we let them take what is good about us away and we fulfill every lie they have perpetuated to defraud us…then they have won anyway. Turning our back on the sick let’s them win. It hands them the victory. the real solution to the scenario is to not let them in in the first place isn’t it?

                  What I do think though is you are one of millions of Americans that through time have come to associate health care with health insurance. I think that you think you can’t have one without the other and due to cost you rely on your fellow Americans to pay for it. That has to change. It is not sustainable and it is exactly what the left has programmed this country to think. It has driven up costs and is bleeding anyone born from 1965 on dry. That debt clock is ticking. Our standard of living and our independence is deteriorating rapidly.

                  I think you are well intentioned but I think you need to realize what third party interference has done to medicine and the insurance industry and exactly how it has changed the thinking of generations of Americans.

                  Have a nice day.

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  I think I take it correctly you are basically anti-insurance? Well, I am not, unless it could be proven that the same medical care could be supplied at the same cost as it is when people all pool our money together for medical insurance. Can you prove that?

                  I don’t think government should be involved, but they are. I wish insurers would cut out the government middleman and take their premium money directly from the elderly and disabled rather than deducting it from social security income. And I am not physically able to change the medicare system, though I do vote conservative.

                  More than one reason why I mentioned the charity hospital in India. One was you compared when I said charity hospital to a work house in Charles Dickens’ Christmas classic. I wanted to let you know I had no such picture in my mind. I also expressed I wish there were more charity work amongst hospitals around here- I’d like to see more like one I know of which is in India besides the kind of work the adventist hospital and other medical and dental professionals around here do, which is heart-warming. I do think that would be the better way to go rather than government forcing by law emergency rooms at hospitals trying to stay in business to treat illegal aliens for non-life-threatening emergencies regardless of ability to pay.

                  I am not foisting NPs and PAs on ‘the rest of us’. Cost versus product? That wasn’t what I was talking about when I was speaking of the idea of a triage NP at an ER examining illegal alien patients to determine whether they have a life-threatening emergency or not. The LVN was me.

                  You know nothing of my actions, you’ve only seen words. How is it you feel you can judge my actions? I was speaking of turning away illegal aliens with no ability to pay with a non-life threatening emergency scenario (if it is) after being assessed by a triage NP (and being given advice of what to do for the fever in the child’s case)…. but only in turning them away from non-charity hospital ER and either having them go to one that treats with private funds on a charity basis or, if the situation turns out not to be all that urgent, to take the child to a medical facility in their own country, should they so choose.

                  You feel the aliens have broken the law to come here. Why is it okay for them not to be allowed to take a job and feed their hungry family, taking the job a citizen could do…. but it is not right for them to NOT take advantage of hospitals which are businesses not funded by private charitable means? Why is it okay to take advantage of citizens who are also in those same hospital ER’s waiting room, forcing those who have a legal right to be there to wait much longer with their extreme pain or injury? Is that humanitary to citizens? This happens to ALL citizens, regardless of whether they are paying money out of social security for medical insurance, out of their paycheck, or something else.

                  I believe individuals giving charity, along with the Gospel, to the poor people legally in their own countries for their medical needs is the better way to go.

                  You are right that illegal aliens ought not to have been allowed in to start with, which would do away with the whole scenario. I do wish those wanting to come in would respect the country enough that they would desire to come in by the right way rather than coming in and taking advantage of the benefits of America without taking the trouble to apply for citizenship.

            • clockwindingdown

              They will also learn to make wise choices or actually suffer the consequences! It was once called “responsibility”, a word once found in the dictionary and a concept passed down by parents to their children.

        • ryanomaniac

          You have a keen eye my friend. Wise, you are.

          • Laurel

            Thank you.

  • 12grace

    Fantastic! Now we need to repeal, obamascare.

  • John Q. Jones

    I have no interest in anything the RNC has to say…well, about anything. They are the enemy and I’m sorry…no amount of comedy relief can deflect what they’ve done and what they still plan to do. Screw them and the donkeys they rode in on…pun intended!

    • Randy Pfeifer

      ummm dems are donkeys…GOP are elephants

      • John Q. Jones

        Hence… “Pun intended.” After all, what is a RINO? My apologies for displaying humor you were unable to grasp I shall dumb it down a couple of notches for you in the future…

        • Randy Pfeifer

          I guess you just have to just be hateful no mater what you say. I guess you cant help it.

      • snarkalec

        I think thats the point .
        I think the dems are riding the elephants though

    • clockwindingdown

      “Screw them and the donkeys they rode in on…” That’s brilliant, exactly what happened and whom they are, especially behind closed doors!

      Ever see a donkey lead an elephant to kool-aid… it’s a circus act playing daily playing in DC!

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Agreed! They have a long way to go to earn my trust!

  • ryanomaniac

    The RNC that are gonna take a piss at Tea Party candidate’s in 2014? They’ve said out loud that they will fight them more than the DNC itself. Come on with it!!! Calling the RNC today and tell them what’s up in the real world where us little folks live. Never a dime from me, friends or my family!

    Any candidate like Lee and Cruz will get the change left in my pocket from Hope and Change.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      I’m with you!

  • Swamp Fox

    Pure uselessness… I’m sick of ignorant videos, cut to the chase…

    Step 1: Sprout gonads
    Step 2: Defund & Repeal
    Step 3: Impeach
    Step 4: Indict

    • Joseph ewing

      And pray tell, how do they do that?

      1. They don’t hold the Senate.
      2. They don’t hold the White House.
      3. Even the Supreme Court has abandoned them.

      But in your world, facts don’t matter, Just Do It!

      The only way we get rid of this pig is to win elections. Complaining on websites, filibustering the House, and infighting with ourselves only helps the other side and ensures that we will have Single Payer Healthcare soon.

      • Swamp Fox

        Persistence beats resistance. Learn it. It is the same theorem that the Dems have used for decades to get things to where they are now.

        The peoples representatives do need to sprout a pair and do the right thing. They do have the control to defund the program and in the interim, I could care less what Barry and the boys try to shutdown… that will come back to haunt them too.

        Then you start working on repealing it. If you haven’t noticed, Democratic voters are starting to catch on to the fact that they were duped and might start putting the pressure on their representatives (who like staying in office) to get rid of the program if someone starts pushing hard for it and making a solid case.

        I’m a conservative, so I am assuming when you say “infighting with ourselves” that you are referring to Republicans. Screw the Republicans… I don’t hail from that team as most of them do not wear a conservative jersey.

        I guess you didn’t like the veterans moving the barricades around various memorials either because the “facts” were that they were not suppose to?

        So while you are waiting for November 2014 and November 2016 to roll around to vote, this dog will be running his mouth to push for more action while regular business is taking place. See you at the polls Mr. Rove.

      • FreeManWalking

        The infighting is coming from McCAINT and his ilk that have been fighting the conservatives before Reagan. They have become democrat lite and will only succeed at reducing the GOP to the Whigs party.

        We have to rid the party of wish-washy moderates and RINOs before the GOP stands a chance.

      • Arnold Whitman

        Elections is not the only way to get rid of them. Bullets work faster and better.

    • GrannyAm

      National Black Republican Association

      NBRA Articles Of Impeachment Against Obama

      contact your reps and ask how they responded to NBRA

  • DINORightMarie

    I think the last one is my favorite. Heh.

    • Vorlath –

      I was just going to say that. The last one is about consequences. Something Obama has never had to deal with.

  • Sentinel

    I like how Obamacare is bloated.

  • PapaLouie

    No one who lied to us about Obamacare has been fired. But the poor woman who told the truth to Hannity got fired the very next day. What does that tell you about this administration?

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      What lady?

      • DebbyX

        The woman who spoke with Hannity when he called the # given out to get info about the insurance. She spoke the truth and was fired the next day. Hannity gifted her a year’s salary and I heard she got a new job already!

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          probably one she’s enjoying much more

      • RighteousCrow_JustCaws
        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Thank you for the link. I wonder if the lady got fired to try to prevent Hannity from calling anymore, knowing that he wouldn’t want to lose anybody else their job and not wanting the bad publicity.

    • FreeManWalking

      As bad as it is, No one was killed from this YET!

      Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi 4 dead and no one held accountable.

  • kong1967

    I like the last one and the first one.

  • SisterMary

    Who is going to see these and why is the RNC wasting money on them? Are they trying to curry favor with the conservatives?

  • NBPS

    These are horrible. Why, oh WHY can’t the RNC make decent videos?? These are bad & embarrassing & unfunny & badly acted & badly written & the production values are pathetic.


    • Conservative_Hippie

      I happen to agree with you.

  • trytothink

    What I want to know is how they got Michael Moore to make anti-Obamacare commercials.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      That was MM’s stunt double. You wouldn’t expect him to do anything quite that strenuous, do you?

    • ooddballz

      Promised him a truckload of big greasy cheeseburgers.

  • Unless they’re going to run an ad APOLOGIZING to Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, count me out. These videos are something they’ll add to the fundraising newsletter or to show at a GOP convention. Ha ha, look it’s like the Windows vs. Mac ad. (And -50 for lack of originality for a parody of a 7 year-old ad–so no, I’m not impressed.)

  • Conservative_Hippie

    RS, with the utmost respect, I think the videos are lame. They can do better!

  • Conservative_Hippie

    This one is much better! Staight from the horse’s…er…um..whatever, just watch!

  • Dr. Strangelove

    That was great, but I’m still not sending any money to the Gutless Old Pansies until they grow a pair.

  • Bekuzikan

    How about running an add that talks to real people effected by this mess. We got our letter last week from our insurance company. We have a group policy at a major Phoenix Hospital and our letter cited $406,000 in additional fees to comply with ACA that has to be absorbed by policy holders. Our Premiums more than doubled. It’s not what Obummer proclaimed! Ouch.

  • Paul Stagg

    When the GOP backs a primary challenger against Dick Durbin (who got the payoff in the debt ceiling bill), I will take the GOP seriously

    • noggindog

      Hey, genius, Dick Durbin is a Democrat.

      • Paul Stagg

        My apologies. Mitch McConnell, who got the payoff in the debt ceiling deal, is a Republican Senator from KY. I got my scumbag senators mixed up; it’s not hard to do, you know. My statement stands, when the GOP backs his primary opponent, I will take the GOP seriously.

        The entire shutdown/debt ceiling fight ended up costing US taxpayers MORE than if they had just agreed in the first place, and the primary payoff went to a pet project of McConnell’s in KY.